Benefits of Having Wooden Toy Chest for Your Kids

Parents would want anything best for their kids, you might think that a wooden toy chest for kids is just merely for keeping their belongings in one place, but it’s not- there are many vantages that you are putting your children into when you buy them on. Did you know that it can help them develop they’re the fine motor and early language skills? When they are placing their stuff in place, they are encouraged to communicate with the people around them. When you say, “Teddy must be placed in the red container.” Your kids will be encouraged to repeat what you just have said, thus improving their early language skills.

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We highly value your time; if you are in a rush to read about the different benefits, you can skip the following parts of this article and scroll down to the different benefits of a wooden chest toy.

What’s so special about stacking toys?

There’s nothing exceptional with these chest toys, but they can be quite helpful when it comes to your children’s early learning environment. You’ve probably seen your married brother or sister have this one for their kids, and you’re wondering whether you should invest one or not. Understanding the importance of wooden toy chest for kids is no rocket science. You’ll get the gist of it after reading this article.

The Benefits of Wooden toy chest

At this juncture, we’re going to discuss the different uses of wooden chest toys. You may want to get a pen and a piece of paper to take note of some since these skills can only boost if you guide your kids in doing this kind of activity. You must also pay special close attention when picking the right design and quality for your kids, so don’t rush yourself when picking one. For you to make an educated decision when picking one, you can read some reviews about the best stacking toys for kids. If you’re interested to know the different benefits of having a stacking toy, without further ado, let’s get started.

Wooden Toy Chest for Your Kids

1. It improves fine motor skills

Exercising both small and large groups of muscles is important for the children’s fine motor skills. What’s amazing about letting them play with toys is that it practices they’re fine motor skills, which mainly focused on their smaller group of muscles. This ability requires the coordination of the arm, hands, and finger purposely. The task included here is squeezing, picking, pounding, opening, and holding toys. When they are opening their toy chest, it helps them to practice smaller groups of muscles.

2. Improves self-help skills

It also improves their self-help skills; you might probably asking how? Children naturally love to use their energy; in other words, they like tiring themselves out. Skills such as they are acting to comb their hair or dressing their dolls with tiny clothes practices their self-help abilities. As they button or unzip the clothes of their dolls, they will able to do dressing in no time. Combing and brushing their hair will also encourage autonomy.

3. Improves gross motor skills

Gross motor development refers to acquiring skills that involve large muscles. These gross motor skills categorized into three: locomotor, non-locomotor, and manipulative skills. Locomotor skills are that involves moving from one place to another like crawling, walking, running, climbing, galloping, dodging, hopping, and creeping. Non-locomotor ones are those where the child stays in place, like turning, swaying, stretching, and turning. Manipulative skills are those that involve projecting and receiving objects, like striking, throwing, bouncing, catching, and dribbling.

4. Visual and spatial perception

Stacking their toys encourages hand-eye coordination. They have to understand where to put the body (toy) in the space (container/chest toy). Toys naturally come in different sizes, styles, designs, and shapes, thus practicing their visual ability on different sizes and shapes that they can later apply when they are in school.

Your kids naturally enjoy being active; they are also interested in working out their fingers. So, guide them in whatever they do, but do not do everything for them. Minimal supervision would advise; kids also have to learn things their way.

5. Balance and trunk control

Toddlers have their center of gravity at a high level, about the chest level. This is why they have difficulty doing sudden movements without falling. As they reach 6 months- they will start showing displeasure upon losing a toy. When they reach their toddler years, they love to do everything, including dressing themselves and eating by themselves. Toddlers are still learning to coordinate their movements, so when they climb and sit on the top of the wooden stacking toy. It encourages them to balance themselves in order not to fall.

6. Encourages creativity

Kids naturally want to explore everything, and they do whatever they have in mind. They can pretend he/she is a commander or a leader trying to lead a group of toy soldiers to put an end to an evil mastermind. They can also pretend that they’re riding a horse or a spaceship; there’s no limitation when it comes to a child’s imagination. Don’t be surprised if they don’t want to be disturbed because they’re trying to save the world before it’s too late. It just shows how creative and imaginative they are.

7. Language concepts

They usually have a natural ability to play almost for long hours; they are more likely more communicative and chatty with their parents or with other siblings so that it will practice their language speaking skills. Also, encourage them to repeat what you say. You can also let them dump toys and let them choose which size should fit. For instance, start by placing toys from smaller to a bigger group of toys and let your kids do the rest. It will also be a good chance for you to teach your children how to count a simple sequence of numbers from 1-10. This will surely help them prepare them before they go to school.

 Be entertained, and enjoy it! By the way, Don’t forget to check the article: benefits of having Wooden Toy Chest for Your Kids.

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