Best Smartwatches For Kids: Updated Review!

Below is the list of Best Smartwatches For Kids

Best Smartwatches For KidsItem WeightProduct DimensionsRecommended age 
VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch1 pounds8.8 x 0.6 x 1.8 inches4 - 9 years
MX-LOCare SmartWatch for Kids0.4 pounds4 x 3.9 x 3.1 inches7 - 9 years
VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch1.28 pounds0.6 x 8.8 x 1.8 inches4 - 9 years
Orbo Kids Smartwatch0.4 pounds5.1 x 4.1 x 2.9 inches4 - 9 years

1. VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch

VTech Smartwatch For Kids review The VTech Kidizoom has always been one of the best makers of smartwatches for kids for ages ranging six to twelve. It gives updated info to you as the parent or the guardian of the kid. It has large memory storage for funny games and images. If your kids love to take photos, this smartwatch should empower her love for photography. It can also track your child’s current location in a real-time manner, so you don’t have to waste time guessing and checking places of where she might be staying.


Kids are fascinated to have a capture of the things they love to see. They love music, games, and recording. They simply want to enjoy life, while discovering. This smartwatch helps in educating your child and allows her to have more room for fun at the same time. It’s a 1.4-inch color touchscreen display, not a bad size for a photo. It has USB port that allows you to send or transfer remarkable files on your computer. The camera of this watch also supports video recording, so capture every moment whether it’s a still picture or live action.

Splash Proof.

For some smartwatches, they don’t usually come up with sweat and splash protection, so we ditched them. But, this one has. It’s an excellent feature since kids naturally love to make moves and take action. So, instead of restricting them, it would be better if you support them with the activities they love to do. It’s not waterproof, so basically you can’t dive in the swimming pool with it. It can withstand splash and sweat.

GPS tracker.

As a parent, we just can’t have the peace of mind when we can monitor our kid’s location 24/7. Although, there are several books that talks that children should be trained to be autonomous at the very young age. It is still our responsibility to look after them. The GPS tracker feature will help you do real-time tracking, so you never have to snap your fingers trying to guess the best location where your child could be. Wait, until “hide and seek” and the game becomes a piece cake of you. Your kid will surely be puzzled why you know her current location.

  • The camera can be for photos and video recording.
  • USB port available.
  • GPS tracker.
  • Five fun games.
  • Not recommended if your location don’t have a good satellite reception.


Is this rechargeable?

Yes, it is.

Can my five-year-old kid record videos with it?

Yes, your adorable kid can.

Final Verdict

It’s in our number one spot because we obviously want you to get it. Everyone loves it and we know for sure your kid would love it too. Its price is higher than a hundred bucks, and they have highly responsive customer service to back you up whenever you have questions. If you are living in an area where good satellite reception is based, then this one will be a perfect pick for you.

2. MX-LOCare SmartWatch for Kids

MX-LOCare Smartwatch For Kids review The safety of your kids will always be number 1 on your list, and MX-LOCare Mobile GPS watch is there to cater you and your needs. It has a panic button that calls your attention whenever your kids encounter something that displeases her and so you can come to him/her and check what could be the reason for her panic. It also gives you update if ever your kiddos pass restricted areas like going to the street or going outside the house. The battery is rechargeable, and it allows your kiddos to make calls, so they can reach out to you when they need your assistance.

Perfect Safety Device.

It’s an ideal smartwatch for your kids when it comes to strong security. You can set it to alarm whenever your kiddos go beyond the locations you permitted them to enter. It’s a great feature, so you know where exactly they are going. The GPS and WiFi and cellular technology help provide accurate and real-time tracking without distance limitations. As a parent, there’s nothing more satisfying than the feeling of having the peace of mind in regards to your children’s safety.

2-way voice calling.

This GPS watch lets you hear your kid’s voice and the noises that surround her. So, you can check if he/she is telling the truth about her location. Now, it’s not about restricting your kids but making sure that he/she is in the safe area. You can exchange voice messages and listen- in the mode of hearing her voice alone or hearing the noises that surround her.

Free Smartphone App (iOS & Android).

It also offers an app in which you can do one-minute update live tracking. Get more peace of mind as you can check the history of places he/she has been. It can use for geofence, bread crumbing, fitness tracking, instant notifications, and much more. You will love this app. The downside is that you have to pay $29.95/month or $299.95/year for their service plan. $50 for activation of SIM Card.

  • Real-time tracking.
  • Comes with a free app.
  • Two-way voice calling.
  • Five days battery life in between charge.
  • Costly service plans for installed sim.


Is the $299.95/year payment for the app?

No, the app is for free. The payment is for SIM installation.

Is it rechargeable?

Yes, it is.

Final Verdict

It has amazing real-time tracking updates, and it comes with an affordable dangling price. If you are living in an area where the good satellite signal is based, then this would be a great one for you. Just do note that their customer service is highly responsive, so whenever you have further questions about their service plans, you may ask them regarding the questions you have in mind. It has shortly battery life, and it has a stylish black finish, so they can surely use it even when they grow up.

3. VTech Kidizoom Smartwatch - Best Smartwatch For Kids

VTech Smartwatch For Kids review Earning our 3rd spot is coming from the VTech Company, this is a not tracking device but a full-featured smartwatch. It has 3 action challenges and a motion sensor, three fun activities, and five games. It lets you take tons of photos and video records with voice-changing effects. It gives your child an open space in which he/she can discover things while having fun it. It’s an even smart choice you’ll ever make for your child. There is much underlying value in it, in which your kid can use the calculator in it.

Motion Sensor.

Let your child have more fun with the motion sensor that comes along with this watch. Let her know if he/she is moving the right way to complete the fun activities that come with the watch. What’s more? It also has 3 action challenges, in which he/she has to copy. It’s a perfect partner as your kid develop his/her physique. It said that it is better to let your child play when they are young since that will help them develop stronger bones. Prepare yourself to watch your kid having fun with it while learning. Don’t forget to teach her and guide her on the stuff she still needs to learn.


This feature will inspire your kids to have the young photography spirit within them. It also has a voice recorder and voice changing effects. It’s a great thing to create positive memories for your child. Let her take tons of pictures and live moments and let her watch it when she grows older. It’s a real cute device, and you can send in the files to your computer. So, you can have a back-up in case if it gets deleted accidentally. It’s a durable smartwatch; every kid would love to have.


Geez! How we wish we have learned Math at three. It’s embarrassing, but we’re not good at numbers. On the other hand, we are for sure that the calculator feature of this smartwatch will help your kids know what’s right and wrong when he/she does equations. This will help him/her elevate his/her learning so that by the time he/she enters preschool. He/she will feel more comfortable solving with numbers. It’s fun when you have this watch around your kid’s wrist.

  • It has calculator.
  • Good for photo and video recording.
  • Motion sensor.
  • Fund ad games.
  • Motion transfer.
  • affordable
  • Good battery life, but not great.


Is it rechargeable?

Yes, it is.

Would you recommend it for my 4-year-old daughter?

Yes, it recommended for kids aging from four to 9. It’s the right size to fit them.

Final Verdict

If your kid does not stay out for very long hours, this could work for you. This may need frequent recharge because of the many functions it offers when it’s up and running. Overall, it’s still a good buy for a price of below fifty. It’s a great tool for your kids to have so that they can learn while having fun.

4. Orbo Kids Smartwatch

Orbo Smartwatch For Kids review If you are looking forward to your kiddos learn how to read, this smartwatch can help you in facilitating. This provides entertainment while letting your kids have reading hours. It displays story menus in which your child can choose. The stories are made perfect for little learners; the screen can dictate through a touch, this feature will save most of your time trying to teach your kid what to button to push. The menus are highly intuitive, so it will be 10x easier for them to know what to click when they want to take photos or read stories. It’s a seasonal wristwatch that for sure your kids will fall in love using.

Easy Menu.

The latest new invention of having a smartwatch for kids lets your kiddos learn academic things while they are having. Buying one is a good investment to consider, so your child will receive more advance in coping with real life situations. It would be difficult for the child to choose what to touch when the menu seems to be so small or not highly intuitive. In this smartwatch, if your child wants to unwind and listen to songs, the menu for it will look like a microphone with notes above. In other words, it’s very easy to tell.


Most of the smartwatches you probably have encountered don’t have the Bluetooth feature. This feature helps you out to connect this one with a cellphone, in which you can send files, whether it may be a video or a recorded sound of your kid. Your kid will also have the easiest access to make a phone call when he/she wanted to. Just do note that the watch can only be used to answer calls, but not to make calls. It must connect to a cell phone. This is a little downside of their gizmo creation, though, but overall it’s a great smartwatch for kids.

Built-in tiltable camera.

It enables your kids to take photos or videos and save it. It comes with 1GB memory, and it can be expanded up to 32GB. It’s awesome stuff, which allows your little people to discover what’s out there using their little gadget.

  • Affordable.
  • Built-in tiltable camera.
  • Micro USB cable.
  • Bluetooth.
  • Easy to use
  • Cannot make calls.


Does my son need to connect it to his phone so he can call me?

Yes, but if you call him, he can directly answer it using his smartwatch.

Is this rechargeable?

Yes, it is.

Final Verdict

Overall, this smartwatch makes out a shortly and reliable product. Your 3-year-old kid can even use it since it is made easy to navigate. There are a lot of awesome stuff you can do with it, and its price won’t hurt your pocket that much. For the easy and uncomplicated way of learning things, this could be a perfect gizmo for your adorable kiddos!
This wraps our review regarding the best smartwatches for kids, hope you have found it helpful, and we are looking forward hearing your comments. If you have questions, you can leave them below, and we’ll surely get back to you. There are thousands of choices to pick from, but these four are the best. Investing for a smartwatches for your kid is a good concept to gauge him/her with skills for sure he/she will need shortly. Happy picking to all dads and moms out there!

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