How to Choose Baby Thermometers

Choosing the best baby thermometers is not as easy as it seems. There are so many to choose from, and it is important to choose the right one. It should be able to do its work efficiently and accurately. If it is the first time that you are going to buy a baby thermometer, it is understandable if you have your share of confusions. Picking the one that we can trust is not very easy. There are differfent types of baby thermometers available so picking the best one is tricky. It is alright if you have no knowledge about baby thermometers, we will discuss it here.

Different types of thermometers

Oral Thermometers

This is probably the thermometer you commonly see. An oral thermometer as what its name suggests put inside the mouth of the patient. It has some disadvantages too if we talk about hygiene. You can clean the thermometer first before putting it in the mouth. It is a lot better if you clean an oral thermometer first. This type of thermometer is good for children who have ages of at least 4 years old. They should be capable of holding the thermometer under the tongue long enough for getting the correct reading.

Under-the-arm thermometers

This one is more convenient than oral thermometers. It is easier and faster to use. You don’t have to worry about hygiene too much since it will be used on the child’s armpit instead of inside the mouth.  Also, it can use on a child of any age. You don’t have to consider the age of your child when buying an under-the-arm thermometer; it will surely work for your child. If it is your first time using a thermometer on a child, it could be good if you pick this type of thermometer.

Temporal-artery thermometers

If you want a thermometer that is easy to use and picks up temperature quickly, temporal-artery might be the best one for you. It is an advanced thermometer that uses the infrared scanner in measuring the temperature of the temporal artery. The process is quick and will instantly give you the accurate temperature. It is swiped across the forehead when used. However, this temperature is more expensive than other choices. It can also use by children of any age.

Ear thermometer

Ear thermometer will get you a quick and accurate as long as you are using it correctly. It is harder use since you have to insert it correctly so that you can get the right temperature reading. You have to read the manual so that you will know how to use it. This type of thermometer uses infrared ray when measuring the temperature. It is good for children aging six months and older. This is also an advanced type of thermometer.

Smart thermometers

This is the newest type of thermometer that you can find. Thermometer technology has caught up to the modern times indeed. Smart thermometers are advanced and can synchronize with phones or other devices. Some smart thermometers come with a wearable patch which can put on the underarm of the kid. The readings can wirelessly transfer to a device. Also, other smart thermometers can be used orally, on the rectal, underarm, or through ear reading. Then afterward, they can plug into the phone or send the data through Wi-Fi.

Deciding on which type of thermometer to pick will depend on your budget and your need. If you want to have an accurate and modern thermometer for your baby, you can choose smart thermometers, temporal-artery thermometers, or Ear thermometer as long as you have the budget for it. But, if you don’t have much money to spare, other types of thermometers which are less expensive will also work well on determining the body temperature of your child.

Choose Baby Thermometers

What to look for in a thermometer when buying

Appropriate for the age of your child

Of course, you have to know if the thermometer that you will use is appropriate for the age of your child. You will need the most accurate reading of your child’s body temperature so that you can properly determine their current health condition.

For newborns, it is recommended to use a rectal thermometer or multi use thermometer since they are very accurate. The most accurate thermometer of a baby is essential for every doctor. But, a rectal thermometer is sometimes uncomfortable that’s why you have to pick the right one too.

The price of the thermometer

Setting a budget for your thermometer is one the first things that you should do. As the thermometer gets more advanced. It will also get more expensive. Some types of thermometers are speedy when it comes to reading the temperature of a child. However, advanced or modern thermometers are not very expensive. It would be better if you would just save money and buy the best thermometer available. You would be using it for quite some time so it would be worth it.

You can get a smart thermometer for $15 to$70. This price is not bad considering how useful they are when it comes to the health of your child. For the rectal, oral, or under-the-arm thermometer, you can get them for less than $10. Temporal-artery thermometers, which are the more expensive type of thermometers, would most likely cost you $25 to $100. These prices are not that heavy in your pocket.

Accuracy of the thermometer

As what we’ve been mentioning, it is important for a thermometer to give the most accurate reading possible. Babies are susceptible, so you need to be careful when dealing with them. They are hurt very easily. Rectal thermometers are said to be very accurate. However, they are quite hard to use, especially on a squirming baby. You will have to hold them properly without hurting them. Ask help from other people if needed. It should be able to read the temperature in a matter of seconds. Other types of thermometers are also highly accurate, so you also have them as options. By the way, Don’t forget to check our reviewed best baby thermometers.


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