Fun Outdoor Games for Kids: They Gotta Love These!

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What’s up dads and moms out there? Have you noticed that your kids are a bit little down these days? Running out of energy can happen. The good news is you can recharge them with fun outdoor games. Today, in this article we will be talking about how blessed you are to enter the parenting stage of your life. It’s where you will be able to see your little people grow up and the things you can do for them.

Why give time for your kiddos?

They’re cute, we admit, and they’ll look even cuter when they have huge smiles on their face, we know you all agree when we say this one. The most precious gift you can give to your children is your time. Remember this; they will not remember the toys you will give them. They will not remember the how much cash you carry, and they will not remember how much material wealth you possess, no matter how many. Do you want to know what they will remember? –the love you have for them. Love felt it cannot buy. But can be given.

That’s why we have taken the time to discuss with you how to build a stronger relationship with your kids. The bond is the name of the memory you kid will remember when they grow up, make sure the relationship you create will be remarkable. If you find it difficult to set a time for your family, then We can help you out, no worries. The things we are going to share with you are the most useful tips you’ll ever encounter.

How to give time for my kids?

If you have this type of questions going in your head, you might probably think that you’re a horrible parent. No, you are not. You are just asking the wrong question. Instead of asking how you can give time to allocate for family bonding with your kids. You should ask yourself, “What are the events I can crush out to have time with my kids?” This is the right question to ask. After doing so, carefully evaluate yourself. What are the events that are unnecessary that you keep on doing- these are one of the reasons why you can’t keep up with your kids. Take our advice, eliminate it.

If you’d ask us, what’s the perfect day to allocate for the family, it would be Sunday. Oh, we love Sundays. It’s where you can to places and goes to church together. When you arrive home, you can play arrange a surprise your family with min-games. They will thank you for it that’s for sure.
Got it. Organized games, but how could I make it even more entertaining?

We understand if you are not the type of person who loves games. If you are 3 or 4 in the family, you don’t have to restrict yourself to play with such little number of participants. The best option we can give to you invites your relatives. How about your brothers and sisters’ family. We are confident that the more participants, the merrier it would turn out to be. Do take notes, we have just revealed the first tip we can give to you. Invite your uncles and aunts; they’d love to see your kids. And oh, you can’t afford to forget about your mom and dad. Trust us; games are more fun when there are many players.
What kind of games should I implement?

Games are creative ideas, in which there’s competition so that there will declare as a winner. Another we can share with you is to organize prizes. Yep, prizes are like spices for the food. They add flavor to the game. It helps to motivate the players to do better in the game because they want to awarded.

Don’t go for boring games, such as sitting and playing with cards. Choose something that would promote cooperation, teamwork, and motion transfer. Believe us; physical activities develop the psychomotor of your kids thus giving him/her the huge advantage to have stronger bones they grow up. Another tip you should choose is games that give value. The one that can make your mini kid realize concepts like, “If I help her win, I’ll win, too since we are a team” or “We should work together to win!”

This mindset will help to become better children and to have a greater understanding of various scopes in life. Another thing you should take note is to go for newer games. Just like clothes games can be worn-out. When overused, they become shabby. Always look for newer and more updated games. They will love it.

I’m not good at giving instructions, what now?

This is one of the most common complaints of parents; they don’t how to give the mechanics so, the game will be executed well. That’s not a problem at all for the games we are about to share with you are new and has simple instructions along with it. If you want to improve at how to give game instructions, we can also help you out. Tip number one keeps your instructions short and crystal clear. Though they may get pretty excited, just tell them to hush and to listen, then you may proceed.

If still, you feel like you’re not comfortable when giving instructions. Let others do it, ditch the problem and have fun with your kids. If you can’t inform them on how to play it, then becomes one of the players.

List of outdoor games

At this point, we are going to talk about activities or games you and your kids can do to keep the energy vibes going. We have a list, and they are pretty well-updated. So, feel free to browse on them and see if there’s anything you’d like for your kid to try. We got plenty, so for sure you’ll have one that’ll work for you.

1. Dunk Bucket

This game is looking good especially when it is summer. It is quite similar to playing with hot seat. You are going to let the player sit down, ask them question if they can’t answer it. They’re going to say, “The seat is too hot, dunk me the bucket” then you’re going to pull a rope then the pail of water will pour over him.

So, that would be it for the first game. It’s easy to execute; the instructions are easy. We are sure that your kids will giggle playing with this one.

2. Cup racing

Any form of the running game is naturally exciting. It is also fun. Your family will surely have a great time playing it. It is super easy to set up, and the mechanics are simple. Even small kids can play it with no problem. It is a great past time for kids of any age. You as a parent will be able to teach the kids how to play it quickly. It can be put into place anywhere, both indoor of outdoor.

The materials for this game can easily found in your home, so you don’t need to spend a dime just to get it going. First, you will need water guns. Next, are the plastic cups and strings.

As you may have figured, the water gun will have to push the plastic cups attached to the strings. So to set it all up, you need to bore a hole on the plastic cups. Put the strings on the cups then tie the strings from one wall to another. Make sure that the strings are positioned parallel to the ground, to make the game more exciting.

After setting these things up, your kids can now start playing. Competitors will have to push the cups using the water gun. The first one who will get to the other end of the string wins the game.

3. Pop his balloon

Kids love balloons. We put them on their birthday parties or just about any parties in which kids are involved. So it is safe to say that they are going to like this game. This game involves popping balloons. No kid wants their balloon to get popped by somebody. In this game, the kids will have to defend their balloon.

Of course, it should do in a fun way. Not in a very competitive way where kids get personal. Orient your kids first before engaging in this game. You don’t want them to end up fighting each other over their popped balloons. But if done right, this could be a great source of fun as well as exercise.

This is how the game works. The kids will tie a balloon on one of their legs. This is the balloon that they will have to preserve. The other kid will have to step on the other kid’s balloon to pop it. They will around the backyard stepping on each other’s balloons. The kid who managed to preserve his balloon wins the game.

Monitor your kids from time to time since there is a possibility of injury. If they get so excited to playing the game, then this is a great outdoor game where your kids will have a lot of fun together.

4. Kid on a blanket race

This is another racing game where the parent and the kid will have a lot of fun. It is also very easy and the materials needed are found in your home. In fact, it only needs a blanket. Yes, only one blanket big enough to be used in this game. The parents will do all of the hard work which is quite nice since there is no need to give a lot of instructions to the small kids.

The first thing to do is to draw two lines across the ground. This game is preferably done in a grassy area. The first line serves as a starting point while the second line serves as a finishing point.

Let your kid sit on the blanket. Ask them to hold on tight. Then once the signal announced, pull the blanket to the finish line while your kid is riding it. This will surely bring a lot of fun and excitement to your kid. Although, you as a parent will have to do all of the hard work. The first one to reach the finish line wins.

It is better to use a thicker blanket to keep the child safe from the friction caused by the dragging motion. Smaller and lighter kids are also preferable.

5. Cardboard matching game

The matching game is an excellent game for kids. It is more awesome if it did in a big way. Yes, this game involves the use of big cardboards which have logos or pictures posted on them.

This game will enhance your kid’s imagination and motor skills since they have to recognize pictures and look for their match. It surely brings smiles to your kids as they win this easy game.

First, you have to make the large cardboards. You can use cardboards or used folders where you can paste the pictures. It might be better to use logos instead of multiple pictures so that the kids will not find the game hard. Making the game hard might take away the fun factor.

After making the cardboards, place them on the ground and tell your kids to get ready. This is a timed game so the kids should finish the game as fast as possible. Once the signal announced, the timer should start running as your kid starts playing the game.

Those are some fun games that your kids, together with the entire family, will surely enjoy. They can be done outdoors under the sun. Spend their summer time playing and bonding with you. Have a lot of laughs and a couple of hugging as your kids grow closer to you. Allocating some time for your kids is part of a good parenthood.

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