Top 10 Gift Ideas for 2 Year Old Girls

So, your 2 year old girl’s big day is just around the corner, and you want her to make a splash on her big day. We always wanted our young girl to feel happy and special. We strive to provide them that “perfect childhood” thing. Your 2 year old toddler can speak now, but not that lengthy sentences. Just a few words. Your young 2 year girl will be facing a lot of compelling tasks and development at this stage. Your young girl can be temperamental at times and will find it difficult to complete tasks on their own. But that’s just completely normal. They are still going through a lot of changes and development, so let your toddler develop at their own pace.

Below is the list of Best Gift Ideas for 2 Year Old Girls

Gift For 2 Year Old GirlsBrandDimensionsType 
Kids Play Tunnelviciviya
128 x 31 x 36 inchesOutdoor
Mickey Mouse DeskDelta Children
235 x 205 x 215 inchesKids' Furniture
Play and Fold Kids SlideStep2
17.8 x 43.5 x 25.5 inchesIndoor Climbers
Little Apps TabletVTech
9.3 x 7.3 x 1.3 inchesKids' Electronics
Toy and Activity WalkerMelissa & Doug
15 x 15 x 11.8 inchesPush & Pull Toys
Smart Wheels Ride OnVTech
11 x 25.6 x 15.8 inchesKids' Electronics
Cruzee Ultralite BikeCruzee
28 x 6 x 13 inchesBalance Bikes
Roll 'n Ride TrikeFisher-Price
12.5 x 15.2 x 27.1 inchesCycling
Seas Water TableStep2
27 x 42.2 x 30 inchesSports & Outdoor Play
Easy Steer SportsterStep2
19.5 x 47 x 36.8 inchesRide-On Toys

Your 2 year toddler would want to do the things that they want. They will run in the garden when they want to. Your young girl still needs a lot of supervision from you as their parents. That’s why taking care of your 2 year old toddler can be a roller coaster. There will be ups and downs, but it will be worth it. You can’t expect that your toddler is going to be inflexible and easy, they want to have the exact thing that they want. And when they don’t they throw tantrums because they want to get the particular item. It’s challenging on your part, but you’re it’s going to be worth it.

Why do I need to understand my 2 year old girl before I buy her gifts?

You’re probably thinking right now, why should you even bother to read this whole stuff when you can just pick a gift easily that purposely designed for 2 year old girls. True it is, that you can do that. But, it’s important to understand for you to understand your toddler’s 2nd milestone, so you can easily tailor her gifts to the skills that she needs to improve. Your child will want a lot of pretend play, so why not buy her a kid-size house, where she can go inside and out.

There are many options in the store and looking for the section that is for 2-year-olds will just add confusion. It’s better to plan. Take some of your time to decide the best possible gift for 2 year old girls . The more choice that you’re going to face in the store, the more confused you will get. So, just a quick buying tip make sure to plan. List the possible gifts that would help your 2 year old toddler develop the skills that every 2 year old girl should learn.

What should parents expect having a 2 year old toddler?

It’s going to be fun. Her smiles and laughs will give colors to your life. There will also be tough times where your young 2 year old girl will become difficult to handle. They don’t have that much patience to wait when it comes to having the things that they want. If they want it, they will do all it takes to get it. Your toddler might make orders; they want to rule and take over the house. This can be a bit challenging for parents to control, but don’t lose your focus because it’s going to be worth it at the end. Even when you incorporate or implement routinary rules and activities, they will still give orders to change it.

Don’t worry; they will be able to control their behavior as they continue to develop their emotional development. You can cope with this matter by placing a rigid and strict sequence of everyday routine. They might not follow it, but if you continue to make them, they will do it. Your toddler might demand you to dress her, and when she wants her mommy to do it, you can let others do the job for her or calling your partner to do the thing. And then says she wants to do a particular activity on her own, you will not be able to help her no matter how incapable the may seem to complete it.

Your young girl at the age of 2 will start to display violent emotions.They will be able to perform little modulation to their emotional development, but they will not be able to take control of it fully. Your young girl might confuse at most times. You will probably start to notice that when you say, “What dress you want to wear, today?”. They will show indecisiveness, and they want the pink one and the say, they hate the next. Young toddlers at the age of 2 just find it difficult to take charge of their decisions, so as parents you will have to get the longer patience to handle it.

You can also expect that your young toddler wants to stick to routinary activities. They will find it hard to understand when you introduce them to new things like food to eat, items to use, furniture piece they can use, and wear new clothes. There are times that your young toddler would want to stick to the things that they did yesterday. For instance, if you have read him three stories before bedtime, she’s going to ask you to do the same the next day. It’s even going to be tougher to manage when your daughter tends to become violent when things don’t happen as they want it to go.

Your job as a parent of a toddler is going to be a roller coaster. You are going to experience some ups and downs. Of course, your daughter is not going to throw tantrums at you every single day. There will be times that she is calm and would want you to play with her. You can also start to expect that your daughter can be sweet at the moment and violent at the next hour.

Managing a two-year-old toddler’s behavior.

Parenting a toddler can sure be a rocket science. You will have to understand that she is still undergoing a lot of changes and development in her brain and body, so it’s completely understandable that she could slack and be acting all so unreasonable sometimes. Offer her choices that are both acceptable to you. Here’s thing catch, your young toddler might not stop playing even if you tell her that it is past bedtime already. You can tell her that if she does not go to bed in 10 minutes, you are not going to read his bedtime story.

This method works, she will go with you and listen to your story. Almost all kids want to hear stories before they go to sleep anyway. Have a read understanding and patience. You can’t act all angry to your toddler when she’s misbehaving. You just have to be more patient. Yes, she’s going to be stubborn and ill-tempered sometimes, but she will gradually improve as time goes by. Probably, when your child is at his 4th age, she will have more understanding and control over her feelings and behavior. Every child develops at his/her own pace, so don’t rush your daughter and just let her take her time.

1. Kids Play Tunnel

viciviya girl gift idea review Looking for a great way to occupy your toddler’s time? Then, try this Play tent tunnel. Your young 2-year-old girl would be happy to spend most of her time on this item. This item is safe and eco-friendly, which makes it perfect for kids to play. They can crawl through the tunnel and play with balls. We know how much 2-year-old girls want to get active and this would be a great and an awesome gift item that we’re quite sure will satisfy your young girls crave for some adventure.

It is a 3-in-1 designed tunnel; there will be three tents that you can put together or place them separately. There will be a square, tunnel, and a triangular tent. Your young girl can either choose whether she prefers to play in a single tent or she wants o put it together. Another great feature this item has is that it’s portable. It’s super simple and easy to carry around. You can bring the carrying bag conveniently when you’re going to places. There are no tools required, you can just easily set up this tunnel, and your young girl is ready to play with it.

What we like about it

We like it when your girl has her fun time with this tunnel. This fosters physical exercise which is a good thing for young toddlers. It is made from Polyester cloth and comes with washable fabric. The fabric is highly resistant to tear and war which makes safe and friendly for young toddlers to play with. It’s amazing item, and we’re quite sure that ever 2-year-old girl would love to see this in her childhood photos.

It’s multi-purpose toddler tunnel toy that you can easily bring with you when you go to picnics, backyard, parties, BBQs, school, carnivals, and other outdoor play. This also encourages your young toddlers to engage herself in physical play which is a good thing. This would make a good surprise gift item for your toddler’s big day. It is quick and easy to assemble. As parents, we exactly know how frustrating it could get when we are trying to assemble an item that is just too difficult. It is easy to carry around with its zippered storage bag. Your 2-year-old girl would love this!

2. Mickey Mouse Desk

Delta Children girl gift idea review Tired of looking at your child’s clutter after they have played their toys? Then, this storage bin item would be a great aid to solve your problem. This can hold things that weigh 50 lbs. It’s easy to open and easy to clean as well. Now, what your toddler has a bin to store her toys, she knows where to keep and find them.

What we like about it

We like it since this teaches your young toddler some organizational skills even if she’s still very young. We also love the fact that this item is scratch resistant, so you can make sure that the color graphics won’t fade away.

3. Play and Fold Kids Slide – Best Gift for 2 Year Old Girls

Step2 girl gift idea review Does your young daughter love slide? This slide is super simple and easy to assemble, a huge check for parents who have experienced putting difficult items together. It has a colorful adds life to your backyard.

What we like about it

We like this slide since it’s easy to assemble, there is even no tool required, and the instructions for assembly is quite easy to understand. The slide can easily fold for easy storage and transport.

4. Little Apps Tablet

VTech girl gift idea review This VTech gift item idea is a table that is the pink color. It comes with a color changing screen and helps your young toddler to learn math. It’s a great item that comes with an app where your toddler can play with pretend camera and other educational stuff. It’s another good gift ideas for 2 year old girls.

What we like about it

The item does not only provide entertainment for your toddler but provides her with educational learning. It will help her to be entertained and learn to count as well. Every 2-year-old girl would love to have this item; you should get one for your child as well.

5. Toy and Activity Walker

Melissa & Doug girl gift idea review Learning how to walk is a fun time for the parents and the toddler. This wooden walker helps in keeping your young toddler to be on the move. At the age of 2, your young girl is still undergoing a lot of physical changes and improvement. This gift item made from durable materials which is a good thing. It comes with an excellent craftsmanship that perfectly suits their young minds. We think that your 2-year-old girl would be happy to push this item in front of them. Keeping your young toddler to engaging activities will help her in her continuing growth milestone.

What we like about it

We like the fact that item comes with three chomping alligators and fish on the wheels. It’s like your toddler is on the lake or gives that water feels. It makes noises every time your 2 year old toddler pushes it. It’s a good item that introduces animals to your young girl. What a joyful way to learn this first steps!

6. Smart Wheels Ride On

VTech girl gift idea review Are you looking for another great gift item that would help your young girl to enhance her gross and fine motor skills? Then, take time to look at this Launch and Ride item. It lets your aspiring little rider to pretend as if she is a race drive as she scoots across the floor. This practices their leg muscles which is a good thing. At the same time, your young daughter will be able to learn how to balance herself. There’s more with this item it’s more than just a ‘scooting buddy’ that your young girl can play with. It comes with a twist key, and when she presses the buttons, she’s going to hear realistic car sounds and encouraging phrases.

What we like about it

We like this item since it helps your young girl to learn how to balance herself and at the same time be free and imaginative. She will think as if she’s a real race with this ride. There will make car sounds and 23 melodies. There are even seven sing-along songs that included. This is a good item that you should consider buying. It targets to improve your young daughter’s physical, imaginative, and language skills. It’s like your hitting three birds with one stone. This s a wonderful item what we’re quite sure every 2-year-old girl would be happy to have.

7. Cruzee Ultralite Bike

Cruzee girl gift idea review Your 2-year-old girl has a lot of things to learn when it comes to balancing. This is a good item that we’re quite sure your girl would love. It lets her learn how to balance first on two wheels. The Cruze bike aims to introduce young toddlers and children to balancing before they proceed on riding on traditional bikes. A lot of parents use to give their toddlers with bikes that come with training wheels. It’s crucial that before your young girl even steps to having a tricycle, she will have to learn how to balance first, and this will be a perfect item to get the job done.

This item made from durable materials, which gives it the functionality to grow with your child until they reach the age of 5. It’s a good item that we’re quite sure young girls would love. It is a rust-free item which means that this will tarnish even after years of usage. Investing in this balance bike will be an excellent decision to consider making. IT comes with a wide seat, and the handlebar can be easily adjusted. So, by the item your young girl reaches the age of 3-5, she can still play with this item.

What we like about it

We like this item since it introduces new approach when it comes to learning how to ride a bike. It’s essential for your young girl to learn how to balance herself in two wheels and then maybe she could proceed to ride little bikes that come with training wheels. When it comes to learning how to cycle, the weight of the bike matters. Lightweight allows your young girl to perform efficiently and safely. The good things about this ride bike are that it is the lightest balance bike in the world, which makes it perfect for young toddlers to ride on.

Another great group of features we like about this Cruze bike is that comes with soft grips, which makes it comfortable and easy for your young toddlers to grip. It comes with a comfortable seat, which is an amazing. There are thousands of parents who fell in love with this product, and we’re quite sure that you are going to fall in love with this one too. It helps your aspiring small rides to build confidence which is important.

8. Roll ‘n Ride Trike

Fisher-Price girl gift idea review What’s to your little riders who want to learn how cycle with a trike? Your young toddler has probably seen young kids who are happily riding on their ride trikes and now that she wants to have it, except that she’s going to ask you to buy her one. You can spend time looking for the perfect trike that is going to suit your daughter, but we have done the job for you. Take a look at this Fisher-Price Rock trike. We’re quite sure that this is not the first time that you have heard about this Fisher-Price brand, they’re quite favorite when it comes to kids’ toys.

The trike can use for three stages. It can sue when your young toddler wants to rock the trike for fun. If she wants to roll along, then you can easily convert the rocker base into an extra-long parents push handle. If you feel like your young girl is ready for independent pedaling, then you can easily fold the handle. There are no tools required when you are going to convert the item, which is a good thing.

What we like about it

Looking for a perfect birthday gift for your 2-year-old girl? Look no further, this trike is known for letting your young girl to experience and explore her environment. At the young age of 2, it’s no surprise that your young girl is passionately curious and active. We’re quite sure that your 2-year-old girl would love to ride this trike. She might find it difficult how to paddle at first, but she’ll gradually learn how to do it. The item is super easy to assemble and to convert, what a complete breeze for parents!

9. Seas Water Table

Step2 girl gift idea review Does your young girl love be on the water? Then, try to consider this Splish Splash water table that has slides and a diving board. This aims to encourage creative and imaginative play. Your young kiddos will have the best times of their lives as they watch the water bucket fill the tidal pool. This is a cool stuff since it introduces science behind it as well. When the object (water) put on the top of the slide, it will go down effortlessly. On the hand, if you are trying to make an object go up, it will require a push or pull from a particular direction. This is a cool gift item that is perfectly tailored for multiple kids to play together.

The height of the table is elevated, so your young kids will be able to find it easy when they are playing with it. The size of this water table is huge enough, so if your 2-year-old young girl has young siblings, they can play with this item together. There are multiple of features that this item comes with. There’s a whirlpool spinner where the water could get writing and whirling. You young kid would have a fun time with this item.

What we like about it

Your young toddler has a lot of changes and development that are going on inside her. It comes with springboards and some of your swimming figures that you can play with. They will be able to do flips on the water tables which is quite a good thing. This gift item is perfect for 2-year old’s cognitive development since they will be going to imagine things. Let your young girl feels as if she has some real and huge splash in the water with this water table.

Whether it’s summer or not, your young girl will feel close to the water with this water table. This can display in your backyard. Another thing we love about his gift item is that your 2-year-old girl can play with other kids. This encourages and introduces kids to having the cooperation skills. When they are playing together, they cant’s just push the water bucket together, so they will have to compromise and deal with that matter. They will learn how to give and take turns.

10. Easy Steer Sportster

Step2 girl gift idea review At the young age of 2, your daughter will be able to push and pull stuff. With this easy steer Sportster, your daughter will be able to have a fun time and at the same time enhancing their physical skills. This is a wonderful gift item that we’re quite sure is going to occupy your kids for a longer time. It features whisper wheels that allow your 2-year-old girl for a smooth ride. There’s a steering wheel that once pushed will make that unique beep beep sounds. There are seatbelts included for your toddler’s safety. This is a wonderful gift item that we’re quite sure every two years old would love to have.

The caster wheel engages your young girl to physical activity which is a good thing. The castor wheels are good for steering and also good for tight corners and when your 2-year-old daughter is playing around the neighborhood. It comes with a 360-degree turning, which allows for parents to push the car to do a complete 360-degree turning. This is quite a fascinating toy that we’re quite sure will occupy most the time of your 2-year-old girl. At the young age of 2, your daughter will become curious and active.

What we like about it

We like this product since it practices your young daughter’s hands and leg muscles when she’s steering. It can be sometimes difficult for parents to carry water bottles or car keys or even a smart device when they are playing with their young toddlers. Another great feature about this parent push handles is that it can extend where you can store your items that you have to keep when you are playing with your young toddler.

We also love the fact that this item is super easy and simple to take for transport. By the time when your stroll is over, you can easily fold the handle, and the item automatically collapse, so you can finally make storage and transport as a breeze. As parents, you’ve probably had some serious issues and problems when it comes to item’s portability. It can get frustrating and at the same times confusing on how you can bring the item along with you when your toddler wants it. With this item, you will never have encounter those problems ever again. This is a good item to consider. It targets their physical and cognitive development. When they’re riding on rides, your young girl will tend to image a lot of stuff. Let us know what you think about Gift ideas for 2 year old girls. Comment below and let us know your pick!

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