10 Best Toys & Gift Ideas for 2 Year Old Boys

So, your two-year-old boy is about to celebrate his big day, and you started to think about the best gifts that you would leave him surprised and happy. Your two year old will always be appreciative when it comes to their parent’s gifts. They love their parents and see them as the best people in both worlds. It’s no wonder that whenever they see you, they all have that big smiles on their faces. How much more if you have put the effort to buy him a gift? He would be more than happy.

Below is the list of Gift Ideas for 2 Year Old Boys

Gifts for 2 Year Old BoysBrandProduct DimensionsType 
VTech Learning WalkerVTech16.5 x 14.2 x 18.1 inchesPush & Pull Toys
Little Tikes Giraffe Ride-OnLittle Tikes22 x 15.5 x 16 inchesRide-On Toys
VTech Dump TruckVTech7.6 x 9.9 x 5.4 inchesToy Gift Sets
Little Tikes MowerLittle Tikes21 x 11.2 x 20.5 inchesGardening Tools
Think and Learn Code ToyFisher-Price16.1 x 4 x 13 inchesRobotics
Wooden Musical ToyHape9.4 x 5.9 x 5.3 inchesBaby & Toddler Toys
VTech Write & LearnVTech12.1 x 14.4 x 2.8 inchesElectronic Learning Toys
Laugh & Learn Piggy BankFisher-Price10.5 x 6.2 x 9.5 inchesToy Banks
Little Tikes Shopping CartLittle Tikes16.5 x 12.5 x 23 inchesShopping Carts
Paw Patrol Ryder's RescuePaw Patrol3.1 x 6.6 x 4.9 inchesPlay Vehicles

When it comes to choosing the perfect and gift for your toddler, it’s more than just picking the latest and coolest Gifts for 2 Year Old Boys that just went out from the kid’s magazines or from the ads that you have seen on the Television. Your kid got a lot of learning and development stages to go through, so buying them gifts that would help them development is something that they would thank you for. Every parent would feel thrilled and proud as they watch over their son going through a lot of improvement in every of their milestone.

What can I expect from 2-year-old son?

Your son is currently going through a lot of developmental milestones, as parents, it would be best if you could help them to achieve the skills that they can learn at their young age. When picking your gifts, you’ve got to have a groundwork on the things that your two-year-old son can already perform so that you can pick the best gift items for them. Your baby will be able to walk and can talk a little. He is still improving his vocabulary and language skills, so you can’t expect that they can perfect their sentences. They would love to go outside your house and play a lot. They are still coping with their environment, so you can then tell that exploration is their best friend.

Your son at two would have the ability to crawl vigorously and will love to perform a lot of physical activities. Toddlers have a lot of stored energy, which lets them do a lot of activities. Here are some of the skills that your son will be doing at the young age of 2. Toddlers will always love to show out their newly discovered skills to their parents, so you can expect this event to happen anytime soon. Your son will be able to walk alone and will be able to pull toys behind his back.

He will be able to carry toys while he is walking as well. As much as he wants to make it happen, he will not be able to perfect run yet, but he will begin to learn it. Tiptoeing is one of the skills that he will love to do at the age of 2. He will be able to kick the ball, but can’t control to which direction should it go. He still learning how to balance and how he could improve his hand-feet coordination. He would love to climb onto furniture without assistance; you can tell that you’ve got a lot of ‘look after’ duty to do for young and growing adorable two-year-old son. He will step up on stairs and go up and down while grasping and holding on to support.

Try considering buying building units as gift items

Your two-year-old son will love to build a tower by putting blocks together. So, buying some building units from trusted brands is something that your son would love to have. It’s important that you encourage your son to engage himself in physical and hands-on play, where he could make use and improve the dexterity of his finger on how he holds on to things. Putting pieces together would occupy a lot of their time especially if what they are building interests them a lot. Your young boy would love building units as gift items for their big day.

You will also start to notice that your son is using one of his hands frequently compared to the other. HE will be able to say 2-4 sentences, but they will not be able to talk a lot. Your son at their two-year-old milestone can follow simple instructions. They still can’t read, so you can simply lay out the instructions to them, and when they understand it, they will do as instructed. Your son would love to perform make-believe play where he could improve his language and artistic skills. Buying gift items that would boost them to learn as many skills as possible that he can learn at this two-year-old place is what every parent should look for.

Your son will start to show independence on simple tasks that you had assigned to him when he was younger. He will start to understand that the must keep his toys back to the container after he is done playing. If you are planning to buy gift items that would boost the growth of his physique, then you should understand that your son will love items that would improve their leg and feet muscle. A bike with training wheels would be a good idea.

1. VTech Learning Walker

VTech boy gift idea review This gift item will help your son to sit and stand, which helps your son to develop his fine motor skills. This is the smaller muscle groups in his body; your boy would love to have some interactive learning with this baby walker. There’s a removable toddler play panel that would aid your son to play with the three piano keys that function to play music. The item does not help your son to improve on the physical side but actually, enhances his creativity. The wheels work on hard floors and carpets. There are a pretend-play telephone handset and mechanical elements that encourage role-play that your son can play with his siblings or cousins.

There are over 70 sing-along songs for kids that would help your son to practice their language skills. As your son continues to hear same words, they will be able to add them to their vocabulary. When a work is so striking to them, they would ask their parents the meaning of the word. Thus, thus this gift item help them to expand their vocabulary. The gift item requires 2 AA batteries to run which included when your buy the item. There will also be creative sound effects and fun phrases that would entertain your toddler.

What we like about it

We like the fact that this gift item helps your two-year-old toddler to develop from an expert crawler to a walker with the use of techie gift item. Your little boy will have fun while he is learning how to walk. There are three light-up buttons and a telephone handset that would help your two-year-old son to learn a lot of skill while he is still young. The toy facilitates your son to learn about the different shapes, music, colors, animals, and more by inculcating fun to your kids. Your son would learn a lot from this sit-to-stand learning walker.

There’s a standalone activity panel on the floor that your son can make use of while discovering the different numbers, shapes, music, colors, and animals. Your boy will not be able to learn them fast, but familiarizing is one of the key sauce that would help your two-year-old toddler to find it easy to learn the basics of math lessons in the future. Another great feature that we love about this gift item is that it helps your kids to learn while they are moving along. This gift item targets a lot of developing skills of your two-year-old son which is a ‘winner’ gift for his big day.

2. Little Tikes Giraffe Ride-On – Best Gift for 2 Year Old Boys

Little Tikes boy gift idea review With the help of this Giraffe Ride-on, your two-year-old toddler will be able to learn and build balance, coordination, and improve his large motor skills- this refers to the larger group of muscles he has in his body. Give him a friendly giraffe ride where he could scoot. The set is extremely easy to adjust, so your son may feel comfortable while riding on this giraffe. You don’t have to worry about your two-year-old toddler falling from his joyful ride; there’s an over-sized back wheel that helps in providing stability. There’s a wheel guard as well to further ensure your two-year-old son’s safety.

Young kids are always huge fans of rides, especially if they are familiar with the animal. This is adorably designed and comes with attractive colors, so your young toddler will not get bored playing being atop on this toy. There’s a wide front wheel base that helps in stabilization and balance; your son would love having this ride with him for a longer time. The maximum weight limit it can support is 50 lbs or around 25 kg. A little assembly is required, parents can simply follow the instructions and get the ride up and usable for you’re two-year-old toddler’s fun day.

What we like about it

We like it when your son can learn the skill of balancing even at his young age. He will not be able to perfect it until he is 4 or 5 years old, but the sooner he is introduced to the skill, the faster he could learn it when the other parts of his body have improved. This ride can use indoors or outdoors, so you can have some fun ride time even if it’s raining or not. This will keep him occupied for a longer time and will improve his leg and feet muscle as he tried to scoot his way towards a particular direction.

There are so many memorable events that you can create with this giraffe ride toy; you can take some pictures and show it to him. He will value until he grows older. Also, encourage your son to play with this ride early in the morning, so he could get some Vitamin D coming out from the sunshine rays from the sun. There’s a controlled steering radius, so there’s nothing to worry about your son falling or going to the wrong direction. Your supervision still advised this can be a great ride for your son and establish some bond and closeness with him while you are guiding him how to ride it.

3. VTech Dump Truck

VTech boy gift idea review Another product from VTech is the Drop and Go Dump Truck; this is a fun toy that your son can push or pull along. If your son shows a huge love for construction or he’s an aspiring builder, then he would find this gift item interesting to play with. There will be boulders included, which he could put on top of the truck adding weight while he’s pulling the truck. He would pretend-play that he is a builder and he is about to bring the boulders to the construction site. He will have some time watching the bucket shakes ad rumbles the boulders around.

There will be three boulders included which come in different colors; we know exactly how kids love it when they see something that comes in many colors.The hinged bucket could lift by your two-year-old toddler, and he could watch the colorful boulders falling off from the bucket. This is a perfect gift item that you every two-year-old toddler would have some fun time playing with. We love the features that come with this product, and we can’t wait for your son to have fun with this.

What we like about it

As aforementioned before, your son will be able to push and pull toys behind him. This will make a good gift item that would help him to enhance and improve his balance and coordination. Your son will be able to make smart responses as he watches the boulders falling out from the bucket, he could count from 1-3. If he continues to do this, he will be able to increase his counting skills. There are also three colorful buttons that your son can press. He could hear melodies, tools, colors, and phrases. He will learn while having fun with this item, so why not get one for your two-year-old son for his big day? He’ll love this!

4. Little Tikes Mower

Little Tikes boy gift idea review Your two-year-old son would love to copy you as their parents when you mow the yard. They would love to do it with you, with this little tikes Gas ‘n Go mover; your toddler will be able to mimic the activity that they see you doing almost every day. There will be sounds and hands-on feature of this mower that would encourage some pretend-play that you are getting your kids to move and move to your yard. This is a fun item that comes with realistic sounds. Your 2-year-old son would love the feels of having to successful copied one of their parent’s cleaning routines.

What we like about it

This item comes with mechanical sounds that give the real feel to your children. There will be no batteries needed. There’s a removable gas can; your 2-year-old son can pretend that he has opened the can and fulled up the lawn mover. When your son pushes the toy mower, there will be beads that pop up. This will make a great gift item that encourages your kids to engage themselves in physical and active play.

5. Think and Learn Code Toy

Fisher-Price DKT39 boy gift idea review In this gift item, your 2-year-old son will be able to learn about categorizing objects and identifying letters while having fun. Your son just have to connect the segments to complete the Coda-A-Pillar, it can move to the right, to the left, or go forwards. Each segment will light up ever time the Code-A-Pillar takes some action.

What we like about it

We like the fact that your son can develop a lot of skills while having fun. The more your son can develop a segment, the more lights he will see. He will be able to improve his problem-solving skills which are good for him. He will also be able to improve his sequencing and planning skills through rearranging the segments in many attempts. This is a fun way of learning things; your son would love this item. Why not buy one, today?

6. Wooden Musical Toy

Hape boy gift idea review If you are planning to give a gift to your kids, you need be more careful. You have to choose those toys that will not harm or injure them while they are playing with them. Luckily, Hape Pound and Tap Bench made for kids aging 12 months to 3 years. The paint used on this toy is non-toxic, it is safe for young kids. There are no sharp objects or corners that could cause any injury to your kids. So yes, you have to nothing worry about with this toy. It is a great gift idea for your young kids.

Hape Pound & Tap Bench does not only gives fun to your kids but also improves their musical skills. While they are pounding and tapping with this toy, they will hear different sounds and notes which are pleasant to their ears. The more that they play with this toy, the more that they familiarize themselves with the different notes and sounds. They could grow musically inclined. Your kids will surely have a lot of interest on this toy since kids are usually curious. You won’t have any problem convincing them to play with this toy. Kids could either play with the different notes produced from the keys or slide out the xylophone. It’s another perfect gift ideas for 2 year old boys

What we like about it

Hape Pound & Tap Bench will help awaken the musical talent of your kids. While kids are still young, it is important to expose them already to music so that they will be able to appreciate its beauty as they grow older. Kids are always curious about everything in the physical world. They want to learn as many things as they could learn. Take advantage of this traits and expose them to beneficial experiences which will help them develop their skills. As everyone says, kids are the future. So, it is essential to help them grow into a smart and kind person.

7. VTech Write & Learn

VTech boy gift idea review Even if your kids are still very young, it will be good to prepare them for school already. Teach them the basic of drawing and writing so that they won’t have much hardship learning it when they are about to school. VTech Write and Learn Creative Center is one of the toys when it comes to helping your kids familiarizing the letters. The Pre-K learning toy features animated demonstrations which allow your kids to follow along. It slowly familiarizes them with uppercase and lowercase letters. Encourage your kids to write all the letters perfectly. Let them practice writing the letters frequently. It takes a lot of practice for them to memorize the letters. However, don’t force them to learn all the letters, just allow them to have fun while doing the activity.

VTech Write and Learn Creative Center does not only help kids learn how to write letters, but it also teaches them how to draw. Although they won’t be able to bring detailed and accurate images, it is always good to develop their skills early on. The Stencil toy allows them to learn how to draw by teaching how it did in a step-by-step manner. They will star by drawing simple lines and shapes. After they have perfected this step, they will move on to drawing objects.

What we like about it

We like that this toy is very beneficial to every young child. It is important that kids are already familiar with writing the alphabetical letters properly while they are still young. When they are about to go school, they won’t have much difficulty learning how to write. They will have an advantage against other kids. Overall, getting them toys that have educational benefits is always a smart idea. Aside from your allowing your kids to have fun, they are also learning something in the process. This toy also teaches kids how to draw. It comes with a stylus that can use for drawing and writing.

8. Laugh & Learn Piggy Bank

Fisher-Price boy gift idea review With the cute and fun look of this piggy bank, your kids will surely get interested in playing with it the first time that they see it. There are ten colorful coins that can put into the piggy bank’s back or belly. It put your child’s into play. They will have a lot of fun imagining that they have a real piggy bank where they put their savings inside. Although kids are not aware of money yet, it is a good way of introducing to them how they can save money. Additionally, this toy comes with 40+ songs, phrases, and tunes that you can sing with your young child. This toy is adjusting itself according to the age of the kid. It has the Smart Stages technology which changes its content as the child grows.

The colorful coins are not simple coins. They have imprinted animals on one side, and number on the other side. You could use the coins to familiarize your young kids with the different animals and numbers. Test your kids if they can already recognize the colors properly. Let them identify the color of each coin and see what they have learned.

What we like about it

This toy is a perfect gift for your two-year-old kid. It is simple but gives a lot of fun. They will also a couple of things while they are playing with it. The Smart Stages technology that they toy features is quite interesting. It adjusts the contents according to the age of your kids. So as your kid is getting older, this toy will have the right content for them. Also, don’t forget about the 40+ songs, phrases, and tunes which you can sing together with your kids.

9. Little Tikes Shopping Cart

Little Tikes boy gift idea review Your son at 2 years old would love to push items with them, one of the best items that would help them improve their muscles is the Little Tikes Shopping Cart. This is a deep basket that comes is made with sturdy materials, so you can expect that the sturdy walls will keep all the small items in. This will encourage your kids for some creative play where he could imagine as if he was shopping in a mall. There’s storage underneath the basket where your child can store his favorite things and carry them where ever they go. This product made in the USA.

This is a good item that will be good for imaginative pint-size shoppers; this gift item comes with a colorful design, so your kids will always fall in love playing with it. There is a fold down features where the seat could be used to let your two-year-old son’s favorite toy. The simple-to-push cart will be a wonderful gift item that we’re quite sure every two-year-old kid wold love to have. This comes with easy-rolling wheels which makes it extremely easy to push over.

What we like about it

We love the fact that this product can help your son to improve his gross motor skills, it also engages your son in the imaginative play. This will help your son to become a walker in no time while having fun with this item. There are seat and storage features that we’re quite sure your son would love to have. He could carry his snacks in a while pushing this item inside. The wheels also work outdoors on paved ways. The walls of the basket purposely made with durable walls, so the toys and the items that your son have put in will not fall over.

10. Paw Patrol Ryder’s Rescue

Paw Patrol boy gift idea review If your son has had a patrol collection, this would be a great item that you can add to his side-dish collectivity. There will be a 1 Ryder figures and one vehicle that your son could imagine that he was up for saving a situation. The vehicle has a cool design that we’re quite sure your son would love to have. Ryder is a ten-year-old boy who works with other characters to defeat and catch villains. This encourages creative and imaginative play that your two-year-old son would love to have.

What we like about it

The Ryder figure is so easy to fit in the vehicle, and even if your son pushes or pull the toy, Ryder figure will stay in place. Your two-year-old son would love to push this vehicle around improving the way he grasps on things. This gift item is in the perfect size for your son to play with. Let us know what you think about Gift Ideas for 2 Year Old Boys. Comment below and let us know your pick!

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