Top 10 Cool Gifts for 8 Year Old Boys

So, your boy is about to turn eight years old, or they are already 8, and you want to surprise them on their upcoming day. Your boy has probably been invited much time to different birthday parties where they get ideas on what they want for their birthday. Your son at eight is extremely energetic, and they love to give the opportunity to solve the problems independently. They will have better concentration skill compared to the times when they are younger, so choosing gift items that require concentration will not be a huge problem for your eight-year-old kid to handle.

Below is the list of Gift ideas for 8 Year Old Boys

Top Gifts For 8 Year Old BoysBrandProduct DimensionsType 
Nerf N-Strike Target SetNerf2 x 20.6 x 11.3 inchesBlasters & Foam Play
Meccano MeccaNoid G15Meccano2 x 20.6 x 11.3 inches Building Toys
Space Rocket with Launch SitePLAYMOBIL®15.2 x 20.3 x 4.9 inchesBuilding Sets
Blast Pad Missile LauncherMarky Sparky14.2 x 15 x 4 inchesOutdoor
OYO NHL Backyard Rink SetOYOToy Figures
Magnetized Wood Chess SetTrademark Games9.9 x 9.9 x 1.4 inchesBoard Games
Nerf Vision Ignite FootballNerf4.9 x 8.3 x 10.2 inchesToy Football
Zoomer Meowzieszoomer8 x 5.4 x 7 inchesNovelty & Gag Toys
Zing Air Z-Curve BowZing23.5 x 7.5 x 4 inchesBlasters & Foam Play
4M Doodling Robot4M6 x 6 x 6 inchesRobotics

Your kids will be able to concentrate, but still, needs a lot of adult assistance when it comes to completing more difficult tasks. Your eight year old will be able to demonstrate more developed skills when it comes to solving different strategies and language skills. They are now going to school, so buying a gift item that would reinforce their learning in school would be a wonderful gift item. Your son will continue improving his skills and will strive for academic achievement. So, try choosing items that would help your child in boosting their learning. This a cool stuff that your 8-year-old son would love have.

What to expect for an 8-year-old child?

There’s a big relation when it comes to knowing what your 8-year-old child needs versus than buying the stuff that they want. As parents, it’s important that you take time checking the products that your child is about to purchase. Your child will become more responsible, thus will ask more privacy and independence from you, they are still very young. So, your strict supervision is crucial. One of the most important things that you should consider is the gift they should be having must be ‘age-appropriate,’ which means don’t give items that are 7 and below, labels that say “7+ or 8+” is fine.

If you don’t have spare time checking every product you encounter, you can take a look at the top 10 best and coolest toys that we have compiled. We have made sure that they are for kids who are 8 years old. We’re not toy experts, but we do base our list from a criterion which includes quality, affordability, durability, age appropriateness, and educational value. We do pay a lot of attention when it comes to educational value since we want your child to be ready for his school lessons and if possible he will be confident about taking on something first before his classmates for he had already learned the skill in school.

All parents want their children to feel comfortable in their skin and just be confident in everything they do and share what they have others. So, it’s extremely important to relate the things he will learn in school, and the items your son have at home. It does not have to be so accurate for instance; your son can own a basketball that would keep him fit if he plays with it. It will also build his confidence effortlessly every time he scores in the ring. Getting physically fit is extremely important for your son to cope well in his Physical Education classes.

Your son at 8 will be able to read fluently with meaning and purpose, so giving him gift items that require reading the instructions or a short story, then he will be happy to have it. In reading, they will apply their comprehension and vocabulary strategies that will help your kids to improve their confidence in reading. Your children will start to engage in meaningful conversation with you as their parents; it might as well a good start if you stop doing ‘baby talk’ to your 8-year-old son and start talking meaningfully with he is in the mood. When it comes to their physical state, your son has improved their motor skills and will be able to balance, roll, bat, catch, throw, and approach something. The age of 8 is a great way to awaken the ‘athletic’ skills within them.

1. Nerf N-Strike Target Set

Nerf boy gift idea review The Nerf N-Strike Elite Precision is a great shooting item that would further improve your 8-year-old son’s focus. We have aforementioned before that child at eight will have better concentration compared when they are younger to help them to enhance it further, this Nerf Elite target set will be a good item for them. They will have to hit the target, so they better concentrate on it. This can play solo, or your 8-year-old son can create a little competition.

The target can be positioned to stand up or can be hung on your little kiddo’s door. This is an amazing gift item that every eight years old would love to have. This blaster gun can activate a light beam when triggered. The item comes with other accessories such as the target board, ten suction darts which are present in two different colors and of course ‘instructions’. We always remind our readers never to buy an item that does come with any booklet that comes with instructions. As much as possible, it’s extremely important to pick a product that comes with understandable guidelines.

What we like about it

This Nerf item does not only teach your 8-year-old son to hone their concentration further to hit their target but also teaches them patience. They will not be able to win the game nor hit the centerboard if they’re not patient enough to learn the different strategies. They must relax before releasing the dart, which is a good thing to learn about. A lot of kids feel rattled or uncomfortable when doing something they have never done before, if they are taught how to relax while they are still young and taking pauses/breathes, they will be able to make it effortlessly.

Another good thing we love about shooting a gun is that it helps your son to improve your his accuracy. The darts have a suction feature which means that it sticks or stays in place to the target, so you can see if you have improved your accuracy or not. If your son feels like they need to sharpen their dart-blasting skills, then this will be a cool gift idea to consider. We’re quite sure that your eight-year-old son will love the blaster and the suction darts.

2. Meccano MeccaNoid G15

Meccano boy gift idea review The robot can stand for about 4 feet tall, which is quite cool. We love seeing big robots, and they will be closed at the same size with your eight-year-old son, they will be able to move to your son’s command. Simple commands like, “move forward,” the robot will be able to move. This is like a personal robot that your son can have, they will treat it like a best friend, but even if they have a big robot with them, we still do recommend that you have time to spend with them and that your kids should interact with other kids around him.

Your son can easily download the free app from the Google Play or AppStore, as long as your son has an iOS or an Android device, he will be able to program and play with this big robot. It’s 4 ft. Tall robot and power by ten motors for realistic movement. It’s a cool gizmo to have, and we’re quite sure that your eight-year-old son will fell in love with this robot. It comes with life-like articulate limbs, which means that it can perform real-like movements.

What we like about it

It’s like a personal robot that your eight-year-old son can talk to, and it will follow. It can also perform basic movements such as walking and roll. It is rechargeable, so in case if it runs out of battery you can easily recharge it without haste. There will be a module where you can read the instructions. There are 100 pre-programmed voice commands that you the robot can do, and their robot can also tell you eight-year-old son some good jokes. It’s a cool gift, and it’s something new.

The Meccanoid also knows some fun facts, can start conversations, can play games, can remember birthdays, can remember names, and can ask questions. There is much stuff to do with this robot which is quite cool to have. The movements that your kid have programmed can be played back in a single push of a button. It is such an amazing robot that you can play with anytime. There’s also a cam that is mounted on its chest; it can capture motions and copy them. You can move, and it will mimic that movement.

Your eight-year-old son will have some quality fun time with this robot. Your son can also command the robot to move in the comfort of their phone without even having to speak. It’s no wonder pill why many parents are into this robot, and we see no reason why you should not get one, too.

3. Space Rocket with Launch Sitef

PLAYMOBIL® boy gift idea review Does your son love to study about space and have some galactic adventure? Then this space rocket is a good gift item to give to your child. The set that you are going to buy comes with two figures, launch structure, mechanical tools, computer, and other accessories. This is a cool stuff that would let your eight-year-old son see how space rockets take off from the launch site. It comes with realistic sound effects and lights that will add in giving the real feels while your children are playing.

What we like about it

There’s nothing better than seeing your kids trying out something new. A galactic adventure is fun; they will be able to set up the spacecraft for liftoff. With its real and bright lights that are cool to look, your eight-year-old son will love looking at it. As blast off into space, this gift item will start to glow and display lights and sounds. It’s an amazing and cool stuff that brings your children to newer heights of intergalactic adventure. Another thing we love about this item is that your son will be able to invite friends over to play with them.

4. Blast Pad Missile Launcher

Marky Sparky boy gift idea review Thinking of some innovative and creative ways for your 8-year-old son to have fun while getting fit? Why don’t you give this blast pad missile launcher a try, it’s a cool pad where you can jump over to make the missile launch. Your son can play this with his friends and see who can fly the missile the highest. This is an outdoor game, so they will be enjoying the Vitamin D coming out from the sun while getting active. They will have a lot of fun hours during their playtime.

What we like about it

We love it when your son is growing in the fitness and healthy side since the blast pad is an outdoor game, your son will be getting a lot of sunshine that would help them boost their bone growth. It’s easy to assemble, and the instructions that come with it is straightforward to comprehend, this is a must-have item to keep your eight-year-old son active while having fun.

5. OYO NHL Backyard Rink Set

OYO boy gift idea review This toy is one of the best gifts that you could give to your kids if they are fans of the game. It will be a good addition to their collection. Although there are better options, we highly suggest this toy as a gift. It looks amazing and comes with 100 pieces. Your kids will surely enjoy this toy. The players look cute and colorful. It is quite durable since it makes of high-quality materials. We all know that kids tend to get very excited when they saw a new toy. They will quickly play with it aggressively. Thanks to its durable design, you don’t have to worry that the toy will break right away. Still, proper usage will make it last longer. It is perfect for your young kids.

The set comes with a team mini fugure; there are one team goalie and one goal. Even with its small size, it looks really fun and cute. There is an authentic team logo located at the center of the ice. The price is quite reasonable. You can easily save for it if you are planning to buy it for your kids birthday. There is not much to talk about this toy other than the fact that it will be worth the money you will be spending. Also, your kids will be delighted if they are big fans of NHL.

What we like about it

We have mentioned this toy on this list because it will give a lot of fun to your kids. If they are fans of NHL, they will appreciate it even more. Its design is one of the best. It is detailed and colorful. Even with its detailed and realistic design, it maintains its cute appearance. It designs for kids. They will attract this toy at first sight. Now, all you need to do is get this toy and wrap it with a gift wrapper.

6. Magnetized Wood Chess Set

Trademark Games boy gift idea review If you are planning to teach your kids how to play chess, this could be the right time. They will develop a lot of skills while playing this game. Also, if they already play chess before, they will have no problem having fun with this chess set. However, if they haven’t played chess ever since, you will have the task to teach them and get them interested in this game. Unfortunately, not every kid will be interested in this game. Some kids will get bored by this game easily. That’s why you to motivate them so that they will be able to enjoy this game and avoid getting bored.

With the help of this chess set’s awesome design, your kids will surely attract. There are also instructions included so that they can understand the game easily. However, it is usually better if you will teach your kids how to play the game personally. That way, they will be able to understand the game faster. The pieces of this chess set are detailed and accurate. Their sizes are also sufficient.

What we like about it

This gift is best suited for kids that have already played chess before. They will be glad to have this classy-looking chess set. The pieces are detailed and polished, so it looks elegant and luxurious. However, if your kids are not into chess, they might get bored by this gift. If that is the case, you will have to teach them how to play it and assure them that they will enjoy the game. The game is quite enjoyable if they can play it with their siblings and friends. The pieces are also magnetized so they won’t fall easily.

7. Nerf Vision Ignite Football

Nerf boy gift idea review If you are looking for a gift that is quite affordable, then this one is for you. You don’t need to spend so much just to make your kids. Although it is good to make the gift special, simpler toys will usually suffice. Nerf Fire Vision Ignite Football is a cool gift idea. It will surely give a lot of fun to your kids. If they love to play with balls, they will attract with this toy. It also has some cool features which add more to the fun. So, if you are tight on budget, getting this toy is one of your best choices.

One of the main attraction of this football is its ability to ignite. It can light itself up as it flies in the air. That will be awesome if you kids are playing this ball at dawn or an area with low-light. However, don’t let your kids play in an extremely dark area since that will surely attract injuries. So, if your kids like to play football, give them this toy, and they will surely have hours of fun. The price tag is not something that will put a dent on your monthly budget. One of the disadvantages of this toy is that it needs charging to continue its light effects. Overall, it is a solid choice for every parent.

What we like about it

This toy made into our list since it suits young kids. It is perfectly safe to use and have a cool lighting effect which will surely entertain the kids playing with it. This football well works best if it used in an area that doesn’t have a very bright light. The price is not so high so every parent can surely afford it. This ball’s lighting feature looks very cool. Kids love to see this effect. The quality of the ball is also worth mentioning. It is quite durable and soft. Get this toy and make a gift for your kids.

8. Zoomer Meowzies

zoomer boy gift idea review Are you looking for an adorable gift for your kids? This toy is the right one for you. It has a lot of fun features which are very exciting. Viola is a good playmate for your kids. If you have a young girl, they will surely like this toy. It has interactive games and cute kitten sound which can keep your kids entertained. The more you play with this toy, the happier it becomes. It is a perfect gift for your kid’s birthday or any special occasions.
There are also other zoomer meowzies characters that you can collect for your kids. Once you can collect all the characters, your kids will surely have more fun with them. They can socialize and play games. It is basically like a real pet. The three pet’s name is artists, patches, and viola. Collecting all of them will be worth it. Their names sound very cute. Batteries needed running this toy so you would have to buy them later on. It is perfect for kids aging five years and above. This toy is also safe.

What we like about it

One of the things that we like about this toy is the fact that it interacts with the kids. The more they play with this wonderful toy, the more that it reveals more fun stuff, which is cool. It also features some interactive games and secret tricks. Your kids will not run of things to have fun with. One problem that you might encounter is when it runs out of battery. It needs three aaa batteries. However, that downside is canceled out by the fun aspects of this toy. This is a good gift idea for your kids.

9. Zing Air Z-Curve Bow

Zing boy gift idea review Does your eight-year-old son love the archery sport? Kids could have seen some arrow shooting on TV, and they wanted to try out the fun for themselves. This will be safe bow where your 8-year-old son can start enhancing his archery skills. This item includes the bow, some red arrows, and a single suction cup arrow. The long-range red foam tip arrow can bounce back from targets and walls. If your son wanted an arrow that would stick to the target, then he will have to use the suction cup tip arrow. Arrows that bounces back is a great feature, so your son can pick them up without anyone’s assistance. The arrows are made from safe foam, and they are soft.

The arrows are purposely made soft, so your kids have no chance to hurt someone. The Z-curve bow has pinpoint accuracy, which means that your son does not have to set or adjust the string and the boy’s body just to get the accuracy that he needs. There are additional sets of arrows available in case if your son accidentally lost some of his. This is a gift something that they would find cool to play with. It might take some patience and some good practice when it comes to perfecting the loading stuff, but it’s going to be worth it.

What we love about it

We love it when the toy functions more than just a mere outlet for fun but can provide a lot of valuable skills that your 8-year-old son can use when they grow up. Another great feature that we like about this Z-curve bow is that it makes whistling sounds like your son release the shot. He will find this feature cool. The arrows can soar over 100 feet which is far enough to improve your son’s archery skills. This is a good sport that your son can never outgrow; he can play this still even if he becomes an adult, that’s why we don’t see any reason why a kid won’t love this Z-curve bow.

Another good point to mention about letting your son play archery is that it helps them improve their focus and concentration skills. In real life, even by the time they go to college, your son will start to realize that focus is an important skill to succeed in life. The arrows are made durable and can last for few months; it’s cool stuff that we’re quite sure that every 8 years old would love to play at any given time of the day. They are learning a lot of valuable skills while having fun- this is a good way to spend their childhood. Learning things while having fun at the same time.

10. 4M Doodling Robot

4M boy gift idea review The 4M Doodling robot is a cool gift item to consider if your boy is into robotics and all related stuff. The robot will challenge your kid’s imagination and awaken the scientist side of your children. The doodling robot can create arts and painting. Your son will just have to control the spin and vibration that robot must apply. Your 8-year-old son can simply adjust the angle and the height of the robot’s colored pens to draw new patterns. Aside from this creative kit function, the robot can do, it can also show your kids how toys are assembled to function.

What we like about it

There are many aspects that we love about this robot and the fact that it has the function to make creative works of art is simply amazing. It requires a single AA battery to function. When it comes to assembling- an adult supervision is needed. It comes with an easy to follow the instructions that will guide your 8-year-old son to learn about robotics and toys. This is a great and a creative way for kids to learn about science, arts, and robotics. Your son we learn a lot of things which they could use shortly. Let us know what you think about gifts for 8 year old boys. Comment below and let us know your pick!

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