10 Best Toys & Gifts For 9 Year Old Boys

So, your son’s big day is around the corner, and you are starting to think about the best gifts that would be most suitable for your nine-year-old son. When it comes to choosing a gift, it could sometimes sound easy. Just give them the newest and coolest toys ever, and they will be happy. The art of giving a gift is all about giving love to your loved ones, but we do suggest that you take a bit time when picking the next toy your nine-year-old kid will receive. It will be great if you could come up with a gift that would improve your nine-year-old son’s brain and bone development.

Below is the list of gift ideas for 9 year old boys

Best Gifts For 9 Year Old BoysBrandProduct DimensionsType 
Ozobot Bit Extra BotOzobot1 x 1 x 1 inchesEducational
littleBits Electronics GizmoslittleBits12.2 x 7.5 x 3 inchesEducational
Hockey Game TableHarvil50.8 x 27.1 x 4.9 inchesSports & Outdoors
Smart Soccer Balladidas miCoach8.7 x 8.7 x 8.7 inchesBalls
NHL Hockey ArenaPLAYMOBIL®23 x 3.7 x 19.7 inchesBuilding Sets
X-Wing Fighter Building KitLEGO18.9 x 11.1 x 2.4 inchesBuilding Sets
Bounce-Off GameMattel Games10.5 x 2 x 10.5 inchesBoard Games
ZOOB BuilderZ ChallengeZOOB14.2 x 2.9 x 14.2 inchesBuilding Sets
Tyco Terra Climber VehicleMattel6 x 15 x 16 inchesToy Remote Control & Play Vehicles
Inflatable Water FloatIntex11.5 x 4.1 x 13 inchesSwimming and outdoor

At this very young age, your body is a major development where they start to enter the adolescent stage. At some point, you will start to notice that your body is becoming independent and mature when it comes to making decisions. They will be able to handle responsibilities way better than they were young, but still, they require minimal adult supervision. Your kids would love to fill their schedule with engaging activities, where they can sweat out and have some fun.

Your nine-year-old kid will need care, so you will still have to remind them to go to sleep. They still need 10 to 11 hours of sleep for their development stages. As parents, you can expect that your nine old children will go to pass his bedtime, a clock that can remind him to go to sleep at 9 pm will be cool gift idea, but all depends on your child’s needs.

What do nine-year-old kids need?

Picking gifts that are on their ‘wishlist’ are different from buying items that could help them develop. If you could afford them a gift or two, then this will be better than just buying the gift that they want. At this young age, your body still needs a good role model to follow and this all start with what they see on you as their parents. Most of their kids will become more responsible with the household chores you have assigned to them. Continue to portray a good example to your kids and show them how to make a few exercise moves that would help them to improve their physique.

Practice healthy eating habits in the house and make sure you provide them with foods that suit their daily nutrition needs, this will help them to grow to be responsible adults, and they will be able to supervise the food that they are eating. Buying them smartwatches that could incorporate different apps about fitness and health will help them to keep track with the number of calories they have burned in a day and some healthy foods that they can eat.

Your child at nine will start to build relationship other than you as their parent; they will start to have people which they refer as their ‘friends’ or ‘best friends.’ Your child’s behavior is greatly affected by his parent’s example. If you treat him right, he will grow justly. Just a quick tip, take your time when it comes to picking your nine-year-old child’s next gift. Items that would help them to stay active and appreciate the beauty of fitness and health will be a great idea.

1. Ozobot Bit Extra Bot

Ozobot boy gift idea review Are you son into coding and programming? Then the robot will become one of his fave items; it’s one of the coolest robots out there that your nine-year-old son can manipulate everything it does. There will be an app, where you son can code moves like ‘spin’ ‘move right’ ‘move left’ and a lot more. Once your son has coded the robot to move in such way, the Ozobot will automatically follow the command. Your son can set blocks and let the Ozobot go through it like it’s a maze. Creating a real game will be a good hobby for your child to play.

Because technology ages continue to spin, it will be a wise decision to have your son learn the basics of robotics while they are still young. There will be instructions provided, which makes it super easy and simple to get started. The codes are simple to drag & drop where your kids can have fun letting the robot do a lot of fun. It’s one of the best items that would be suitable for every nine-year-old kid that would love to learn more about robotics.

What we like about it

With the Ozobot, your kids can build DIY activities and create challenges that would encourage creativity on the side of your child. There will be interactive games that your nine-year-old son can freely play which is quite cool since they come in different levels. The app is compatible with IOS and Android tabs. Your child will be able to meet new friends from the Ozobot community where a group of people shares their ideas when it comes to playing with their Ozobot.

We love it when your son is learning more about robotics, they will not be only having fun but at the same time learn about cool stuff about coding. He will introduce to the so-called block-based programming, which is one of the subjects that will be taught in the STEM curricula and is being used in 2,000 schools nationwide. If your nine-year-old son happens to go one of these schools, then it will be a huge bonus for him to learn this kind of stuff in advance. He will find the lessons easy to comprehend. This will make a wonderful gift for your nine-year-old son, and we see no reason why you should not consider this gift item.

2. littleBits Electronics Gizmos

littleBits boy gift idea review How fun and cool could it get when your son can make innovative inventions right with this box? It would be exciting, right? The littleBits kit comes with 15 electronic building blocks and a mounting board where your nine-year-old son could put the pieces together and build cool stuff. This item comes with detailed instructions which written in a book. There will be 12 projects that your son can choose from. This is a good way to spark the imaginative mind of your kids while improving his art, math, and technology skills. Learning about science and electronic stuff is cool, too!

In this gift item, your kids will be able to remix, play, and create fun games that enhances their creativity skills. Your son will make use of this as they continue to gain age. The board is newly improved, that’s why it’s incredibly easy for your son to keep the circuit well-intact and your son can move every of the piece easily. It’s a cool gaming stuff that you would anyone would love. It comes in one kit with 12 projects; it’s easy to keep things back in place when there’s a kit to hold.

What we love about it

We love it when your son could take a break from facing the phone screen; this is a hands-on, engaging activity where they have to think, so they will be able to complete the project. This also encourages cooperation, especially when they are playing with their peers and friends. This is a good item for the next-generation thinkers, tinkerers, and designers. There will be no soldering nor programming required; it’s a pure manipulative tool where your son and his friends will have to put the right pieces together to accomplish the project.

Another good thing about this product is that it empowers innovation and invention. Your nine-year-old son will be able to build a strong creative confidence where he continues to improve his building and critical thinking skills. As the time goes by, your son will be able to build cool projects not based on the instructions, but based on their imagination. They will feel proud showing the world the thing they have created. It’s a cool and creative gift item that we think your nine-year-old boy would love to have.

3. Hockey Game Table

Harvil boy gift idea review If your son is a fun of game room tables, then this hockey game table would be a wonderful item to consider. It comes in a compact design, which means that you do not have to give up any indoor area in your house just to play hockey. Your son can still enjoy the game by playing with this hockey game table. It does take too much space, and it’s cool to have. Not to mention that this item also comes with an electronic scoring unit that automatically reminds the opposing players with their current scores.

The overall aesthetic look is amazing; we love it when the item looks more expensive than it is. The design and the graphics do not look cheap, which is a huge plus. This weight around 28 pounds, so you can move this around if you want to. It comes with 2 set of orange paddles and pucks for free; your nine-year-old son can play awesome game sets with friends with this hockey game table. It comes from Harvil, which is a reputable brand name. All the items from Harvil are created by the people in the US so that you can trust their label.

What we like about it

The item does not take too much space, and your nine-year-old kid will love playing with the item while moving his body a lot. Another good thing about this product is that it offers a refund when you are not satisfied, we love it when our consumers are on the safest side of the transaction, and we even love it more when you and your kids will have a precious bonding moment and getting fit at the same time. Every parent knows how important it is to look after their child’s health, so encouraging your kids to stay at good physique is something that hey will thank for when they grow up.

The hockey game table comes with a steady and even airflow that enables the electric blower to give sufficient airflow to the table. This allows your puck to slide well during air hockey tournaments; it’s cool stuff that your son can play with his family, loved ones, and friends anytime and anywhere. We have to say that this item is absolutely a go-buy for your nine-year-old son’s big day. It helps him to stay in shape while playing his favorite hockey game; it is such a big bonanza that your son does not have to take too much space playing the sport he loves.

4. Smart Soccer Ball

adidas miCoach boy gift idea review Is your son into the soccer sports? Then this smart soccer ball can aid him every step of the way. It is compatible with iOS and Android devices; your son will be able to monitor his speed, power, spin, and strike point as he plays with this ball. It’s cool stuff, and the ball is rechargeable.

What we like about it

Your son will be able to get pro tips and guidance on how well he could play the ball. The ball needs to charge for an hour, so your son can play with for long hours. This smart soccer ball will help your nine-year-old son to learn about different techniques that would help him to become a pro soccer player. It’s a cool training tool that every young soccer player would love to have in their training.

5. NHL Hockey Arena

PLAYMOBIL® boy gift idea review There are a lot of gift ideas that you could come up. If you go to a store, you will see a lot of items that you could make a gift. However, that is the exact problem; there are so many to choose from that’s why you get confused and end up getting nothing. That’s the reasons we created this list. It will narrow down the choices so that you can come up with a gift idea more easily. This Playset is one of the gifts that we recommend.
Even if your kid is already nine years old, they still love to play with their toys. Giving them this Playset will surely make them happy and satisfied. Yes, there are a lot of entertainment platforms for kids nowadays. They can play with their computer or with their smartphones. They can also watch their favorite shows on the TV. But, this Playset will surely catch their attention. It is fun and exciting to play. The design is colorful and detailed. It is even better if they are hockey fans, they will surely like this gift. Your kids can also customize each player so that it will represent their favorite teams. It is certainly a good idea to give this toy on your kids. It’s another gift for 9 year old boys.

What we like about it

Like what we’ve mentioned, there are a lot of gift ideas that you could come up with your kids. It is quite confusing choosing the best one for your kids. That’s why it is always good to narrow down the list so that choosing the gift will become more efficient. PLAYMOBIL NHL Hockey Arena Playset is a game that is fun and easy to play. They will work great if your kids are hockey fans. But, even if they are not fans of the game, they will still enjoy it. One of its features is that it allows the kids to customize the players so that they will look like there favorite teams.

6. X-Wing Fighter Building Kit

LEGO boy gift idea review Being a kid is a nice experience. You have a lot of things that you could enjoy. There is so many fun stuff available for kids that choosing the best one becomes confusing. As a parent, you always want to get the best for your kids. But, it is not necessary. As long as you are choosing the gift that will make your kids happy, that is already enough. There is no need to get the most expensive and most fancy toy in the store.
Well, we do have a lot of memories of our childhood. Probably one of them is Star Wars. This movie series is very popular worldwide it is hard not to be a fan of it. With its latest movie, kids nowadays are probably fans of Star Wars too. If your kids are one of them, this toy is a perfect gift for them. It is a toy model of Poe’s X-Wing Fighter. If you have watched Star Wars, you are probably aware that the X-Wing is one of the most popular jets on the movie. The iconic design of this toy will help you relive the scenes from the movie. It has a detailed design, which makes it perfect for display in your kid’s room.

What we like about it

One of the reasons why we included this toy on our list is due to the popularity of Star Wars. It is hard to deny that the movie series loved by most kids around the world. That’s why we are quite certain that your kids will like it as a gift. It is also a bonus that it resembles the infamous X-Wing. Most kids will be amazed by its detailed and realistic design. Every Star Wars will be happy with this toy. Even if you are giving this to an adult, they will still love it due to its iconic design.

7. Bounce-Off Game

Mattel Games boy gift idea review Giving them a toy that they can play with their peers is a good gift idea. As they grow older, they tend to spend more time with their friends. That’s why if you can give them a toy that they could play with other kids, they will be very happy. Bounce-Off Game is fun to play. It can give your kids a lot of laughs and thrills. Learning to play the game is very easy too. You don’t have to spend a lot of time explaining the instructions to your kids, or your kids explaining the instructions to other kids.
Even with its simple instructions, it will be able to give a lot of thrills to the players. They will surely feel competitive once they start playing the game. Another fun part of this game is that the whole family can play it regardless of their age. That means that you can play it with your kids during weekends. It is fast and easy to setup. Everyone can play right away. The players have to recreate the pattern that is on the challenge card. To do that, they have to bounce the balls to the grid. Three cars are needed to win this game. There are nine challenge cards included on this set.

What we like about it

First off, we like this toy because it is very easy to play. Everyone can play it without having to read complicated instructions. It is perfect for young kids. Also, every member of the family can have fun with it. It is perfect for spending quality time with your family. Even with its simple instructions and gameplay, it encourages competitiveness on each player.

8. ZOOB BuilderZ Challenge

ZOOB boy gift idea review The Zoob is a building set which lets your nine-year-old son get the pieces together to build something; it can be a ball, robot, zip line, catapult, or a trampoline. It comes with instruction guides that lets your son refer in case if he can’t build something on his own. With consistent practice, he will be able to accomplish projects on his own without the need of the instruction guide; it is such a huge plus that he will be able to create his projects with the use of his imagination. We know, parents would love it when their kids have enhanced their imaginary skills.

It also improves the problem-solving skills of your children; they will have to get pieces that fit together so they can build and complete the project. This is a great tool where your children can design and build cool wacky creations of the lil ball, robots, and more. In the item, there will be four wheels included and 24 rubber bands. The Zoob comes with five different styles of pieces that your can snap together in 20 ways. It is such amazing that you can make a connection where you can make the final output rotate, spin, extend, and axes. Your nine-year-old boy will be blown having this product as one of his toy collections.

What we like about it

We like it when your kids can have screen-free time, taking their eyes off from the phone will benefit them a lot. It is such a good thing that the Zoob item is a hands-on creative play where your nine-year-old son can manipulate the pieces that he has created. Your son will get an education value since having good imaginary skills is a necessary tool for art and creation classes. This is such a good advantage and fun to build as well.

Another cool stuff about this toy is that your son will be able to build larger pieces of buying another set of Zoob pieces. The robot or the ball could be bigger, and they will be able to move some of its pieces. It’s a cool toy that your nine-year-old son will love to play with. It’s a building set, so if your son is an aspiring Lil’ builder, then he will find this gift item amazing.

9. Tyco Terra Climber Vehicle

Mattel boy gift idea review Is your son a huge fan of RC vehicles? The Tyco Terra climber is a terra that could climb up to stairs that are not above 8 inches. Your nine-year-old son will have fun playing this with Terra both indoors and outdoors. It can conquer obstacles like rocks, logs, and stairs. It’s a cool green stuff that your son will have fun manipulating. This will teach your son how to be patient, since controlling and learning all the tricks it can perform does take time. The tail of the terra can use for climbing even higher obstacles, ain’t that cool? Your nine-year-old son will love looking at this stuff.

This is the “Toy of the Year” winner when comes to providing fun to every family. It is a radio controlled terra that could climb certain terrains. It’s a great RC climbing creature that comes with 9.6v rechargeable bats. The charger will include in the item. Your nine-year-old son will no longer be bound playing indoors where some RC cars for younger kids could only run over the smooth red carpet; this RC terra could play both indoors and outdoors. Just take note that your son still needs some supervision or look after while playing outside.

What we like about it

We like it when your son will be able to practice patience and can go almost anywhere with this terra climber; he gets to learn valuable skills while engaging himself in physical activity. By following the climber, he will be moving his body. He is not only having fun but improving the overall state of his physique as well. This is an amazing item, and a must add to your son’s toy collection. Your son will be able to have an epic and long hours of fun while getting fit. A lot of kids are into this climber and parents love the toy.

It’s an ultimate climbing creature that any nine-year-old kid would love have. It’s fully functional, and it is such a huge plus that your son will be able to enhance his fitness while following the climber conquering obstacles, this Terra climber can even go up on hills. Just look after your son while playing he might be following the climber to the road, which is dangerous. If you can’t monitor him 100%, you might as well let him play inside your house.

10. Inflatable Water Float

Intex boy gift idea review Does your nine-year-old son love the water? Then this Intex inflatable water float tube will blow him away on his big day. This is a must-have item when they go to the river, it such a huge plus that you don’t have to pay for tubes just to have a splash and extra fun on the blues. It is extremely easy to inflate, which is a good feature since nine years old like tubes that are easy and fast to inflate.

What we like about it

It’s a fun item, but it can be small to ride on the beach. But this is a good choice for the river, you might want to inflate this tube before leaving your house, so you can check if there are no leaks. Let us know what you think about gifts for 9 year old boys. Comment below and let us know your pick!

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