How To Be A Good Parent

What makes a good parent? Does it mean you have to be fun-loving and extremely considerate at all times? Or do you have to be strict when it comes to raising your little people? If you’re new to the parenting world, it will always be a challenging part to figure out what makes a good parent. You have to be in between being strict and considerate. Sometimes you have to hear out your child’s opinions and reasons. You can’t just keep saying, “I’m your parent, and that means I’m always right!” that will grow a rebel personality on your children’s side. If your children are both disciplined and happy, then you have a good chance that you’re a good parent.

Being a parent can be both frustrating and rewarding. Of course, there will be tough times when you feel like you can’t gain control over your kids. The truth is you don’t have to control them; you need to guide them on the right path. No matter what your child’s age, your duty as their parents will never get done. To become a good parent, you will need to make your children feel loved and valued and guide them to understand the difference between right and wrong. In the end, it will always be important that you bold your children to become independent, caring, and confident adults.

1. Show them You Genuinely love them as they are

Most parents compare their children with their siblings. You’ve probably have encountered this when you are still a young child. We often hear things like, “Why can’t you just be like your elder brother?” When it comes to parenting, you have to understand that every kid is different from another. Just like John can’t be Ricky. Comparing your child is not a good quality to have if you’re striving to become a good parent. You can encourage them to be, “It’s fine, you can do better next time. I bet you will!” Let them grow in an environment where they don’t feel pressured and confused at the same time.

Next time you feel like comparing your child’s failure to his/her elder sibling’s success, think twice before doing it. Just imagine that if all of us can sing, then all of us will be singing artists. There will be no other talents that’ll exist. Now could you imagine that way? If the mic broke, who will fix it? If one of your children is good at singing, you can’t expect that all of them can do the same. There are countless talents and skills around the world, so you don’t have to feel bad about it. Children love to care, so give them some love. Show them that they’re important and special for you.

Buy them gifts that show love, not extravagant things that might grow them to become spoiled brats. If your child wants a teddy bear, you can try Do-It-Yourself teddies. It does not only improve your craft, but it lets your child see that you’re effective when it comes to delivering what they longed for.

For some parents, they love their children too much that they grow too dependent, which is a minus of a good parent character. We’re not trying to tell you what to do, but we’re giving you an idea that too much of anything is extremely dangerous. So, you’re probably asking, so how can I show that I care for your children? Spend time with them? We get it; you go to work, get home tired, and want to sleep. That’s fine because you still have weekends to spend time with your family. Prepare games that you know everyone in the family will love to enjoy.

Giving them a warm hug at night or providing them a hot chocolate soup will surely energize them and see you as a loving parent. When children feel loved, they’re most likely to grow to become a responsible and respectful adult. Physical connection plays an important role for your children to feel love affection. Give them praise when they do something right; it’s about pointing everything mistake deed they commit, thinking that this will mold them to be responsible. Praise them, if they get an A+ on their favorite class, give them that gentle cuddle. Every child dreams of being cuddled by their parents; it just shows that they are important.

Be A Good Parent

2. Smile a lot

When they see their parents happy, they will be inspired to be the same. But don’t overdo this, smile when it is reasonable to do so. You must give them cues and actions that show that you approve whatever they are doing, and one of that is through smiling. Tell your children that you love them very much, even if you are angry over something. Gently explain that you are doing this because you love them very much.

3. Avoid favoritism

Most parents have their favorite kid in the house, and a survey proves this. If you’re up in becoming a great parent, then you have to avoid favoritism. This will make the other siblings get inferior about themselves, thinking that they will never be good for their parents. When your children are quarreling over something, whetted it’s a big deal or not. Always stay in the center and don’t choose any side. In this way, you will able to offer a better solution. Encourage them to take responsibility and to have self-reliance. This can be challenging, but you can always figure your way out, as long as you remember that you should not take any side.

4. Listen to your children

Let’s be honest; you’ve experienced how it felt when no one wants to listen to your opinions. Now, you don’t want that to felt by your kids; that’s why you must listen to them when they have something to say. Provide them the type of atmosphere that they can pour their problems, so you as their parent can offer a viable solution.

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