How to Stop Baby Crying: Steps to Calm A Crying Baby

How to Stop Baby Crying

If you are already a mother, you have probably experienced having sleepless nights taking care of a crying baby. It is one of the most common problems for mothers. They need to endure having less sleep to be always available for their baby. Although it is a rewarding experience, in the end, it will put a lot of stress on the mother. They may also cause some damage to their health too. Having little sleep is surely not a good thing for the body. That’s why, if you are a mother, you should also put some attention on your health too. If you are sick, no one would be able to take care of your baby anymore.

To make your load lighter, we collect some of the most common reasons why a baby will cry. With these common reasons, you don’t have to scratch your head whenever the baby starts to cry nonstop. The hardest part of making the baby stop crying is figuring out the cause. If you already experienced in parenting, you will probably find it a bit easier. Here are some of the most common reasons why a baby will cry.

1. Hungry

This is what you will probably have in mind first if you see a baby crying. A hungry baby will cry hard and loud. Now, this problem is easy to take care of. All you need to do is grab their food and start feeding them. If they are still breastfeeding, that is even better. You can solve this problem right away. However, hunger is not only the reason for a crying baby. So you have to know the signs of a hungry baby to able to point it out. If your baby is lip-smacking, fussing, putting their hands on their mouth, and rooting, these are indications that they are hungry.

2. Needs sleep

This is probably quite confusing. If a baby is sleepy, then they can close their eyes and sleep right? Well, for them, it is a lot harder than it looks. Babies can have trouble sleeping sometimes. Even if they are very tired and want to take a nap, they can choose to cry aloud. This is an indication that they are uncomfortable.

Maybe there is a lot of noise in the surrounding that is quite irritating. Bring your baby to a peaceful room and put him/her on a comfortable bed or crib. Furthermore, it can be hard to put them to sleep. You can talk to them and tell them to close their eyes. Your baby will most likely respond and start relaxing. Making a loud “shhhhh” sound will do too. The point is, you should make your baby feel comfortable so that they can go to sleep.

3. Wants to be carried

Babies can get insecure if their mother does not hold them. They may also get scared if their mother gets out of their sight. That’s why the most mother would let their baby sleep before doing something else. If your baby is crying nonstop, they might ask to be held by their mother. Well, this is an easy problem if you are not busy doing something. You can pick up your baby and carry him/her for a while. Babies like to see their parents all the time. They want to hear their voice and see their face. Babies can even detect the smell of their mother. We experienced being a baby so that we can relate to this one.

4. There is something painful

Your baby might be experiencing some discomfort on some parts of their body. Like if there is a minor cut that is hard to notice. Minor cuts can be painful for babies. Also, if an insect bites them and it starts to itch or hurt, they will also cry loudly. Spot the area where the insect bite located and apply proper medication. This should provide them with some relief and stop crying after a while or after the discomfort disappears. Other things that might seem nothing to adults but cause discomfort to babies are also worth noting. A single hair strand wraps tightly around their toe is already uncomfortable and will cause them to cry.

5. Feeling ill

Well, if your baby is feeling ill, there is the reason for them to cry. Try to determine if your baby has a fever or cold. If you notice that your baby is crying endlessly or wouldn’t stop even if you have taken certain measures, you should bring him/her to a doctor. Now, if you’re taking care of your baby for a while, you would be able to determine if their cry is normal or not. If the cry is unusually loud and serious. Well, it could mean that something serious is going on.
How to Stop Baby Crying

What to do if your baby won’t stop crying at night

We have already highlighted some of the most common reasons for a crying baby above. Of course, that is not complete, and some causes are not mentioned above. So, if you notice that your baby is crying nonstop during the night, you should try to accommodate them accordingly. We all know that this is highly stressful and will surely shave some sleeping hours on the mother’s side. Of course, we can’t leave our baby crying. The sound of their cry can be annoying to other occupants in the house too. Here are some of the things that you can do if your baby cries at night.

Determine why they are crying

The first thing that you would want to do is point out the reason why they are crying. We have talked about those reasons above. The problem is that it can be hard to determine the reason why your baby is crying especially if you are still new to motherhood. But, as time goes by, you would be able to understand your baby more and begin to see some patterns. Once you are tuned in to the needs and wants of your baby already, things can get easier. However, you will still get sleepless night during the first few months of your newborn baby.

Give them what they need.

Once you already know what they want, it is time to give it to them so that they will stop crying. If your baby is hungry, you can give them a breastfeed. This is good since milk production is more stimulated by night feeding. However, you will get less sleep. If an insect bites your baby, it will help if you apply for some medicine on the area. Babies have sensitive health, so you have to be more attentive during the first few months. Once, you have given what the baby wants, he/she will start sleeping.

Is it alright to let your baby cry

Some people believe that letting your baby cry is alright as long as you know that they are fine. This is like training your baby of not getting any response every time they cry. When a baby cries, they expect a response from their mother. Maybe they want to get cuddled or held. Some baby will cry to get their mother’s attention. Now, if you can let your baby know that they won’t get attention every time they cry, they will probably stop crying out of unnecessary things. This is like keeping your baby from being spoiled.

You should stay beside your baby while they are crying.

Even though you are going to do nothing while your baby is crying, you should always stay beside them. This will give them reassurance that you are nearby. They will probably stop crying if they notice that you are not giving any response.

However, the fact that you are nearby will give them some comfort without getting them spoiled. Of course, you also have to point out if something serious is the cause of your babies’ cry. If they want to be held or carried, you may choose to pass and wait until he/she stop crying. Do this only if your baby is already a couple of months old. Around four to six months old is alright.

So, those are the things that we could share with you. We hope that you find the information useful. Babies can even cry for no reasons at all. This can make things complicated. Of course, as a mother, you would be able to know your baby well the longer the time you spend together. You will begin to see some pattern which would be highly helpful.

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