Top 6 Best Kids Bow and Arrow

Below is the list of Best Kids Bow and Arrow

1. Barnett Outdoors Compound Bow

Barnett kids bow and arrow review When kids are younger, they are easier to teach newer things due to their boundless curiosity. You can show any new stuff to a kid, and they will be interested in it. If you want your kid to be an expert archer when they grow up, then there is no need to wait when they are big enough, you can teach them right now. Of course, you still have to choose the right bow and arrow according to the kid’s age and abilities. With Barnett crossbow, you can easily catch the attention of your kid.

25-pound draw

Yes, it does require a good amount of strength from your child. Kids aging 9-12 can handle this drawing as long as they are in the proper size. If your kids are younger, then you need a different bow. However, if you can observe that they can handle this type of drawing, you can still pick this bow for them.

It is still advisable to start with a lighter draw so that they can concentrate more on developing their accuracy than on pulling the string. Keep them interested in this activity since some kids have a very short attention span. If you are not careful, they might put their eye on playing video games or watching their favorite movie.

Ambidextrous reinforced handle

Is your kid left-handed or right-handed? Well, if multiple kids are going to use this bow, and some are left-handed while others are right-handed, then you may need an ambidextrous bow.  There will be no need to buy many bows; it can fit both right-handed and left-handed kids.

The handle has a soft-touch grip, which makes it comfortable to use. Your kid’s hand would not go sore quickly after a day-long practice. With all these features intact, I bet you would not mind giving this bow a try.

Things We Like

Comes with two target arrows.

Stronger shots.

Ambidextrous reinforced handle.



Things We Don’t Like

Difficult to pull for younger kids.

Strong shots from this bow might be serious.

Moderately high price tag.


Will it work for left-handed users?

Yes, the grip is ambidextrous.

What is the dimension of this bow?

The width is 39, the depth is 9, and the height is 2.

Will it work for a seven-year-old kid?

The draw needs a good amount of strength; it is advisable for older kids.

Final Verdict

With a lot of bows to choose from, it is normal to get confused. No one wants to jump right into the ship and then end up disappointed. However, you can start with cheaper bow and arrow for kids and work your way from there. Focus on determining the right draw weight for your kid. If they tend to be bigger or stronger for their age, then you can move on to bows with higher draw weight so that they can immediately move on to practicing with further targets. It is quite a sigh of relief that this bow’s handle is ambidextrous. Whether your kids is right-handed or left-handed, they can easily this bow with no problem.

2. Disney Merida Archery Set – Best Kids Bow and Arrow

Disney kids bow and arrow review Some kids would not even lay their hands on something that looks dull. That’s why designing a bow according to a character for kids will surely catch their attention. It will stir the imagination with this stylish bow specially designed for younger kids. For those of you who have trouble getting their kids into archery, consider your problem solved. It will work most on female kids who are fans of the Brave cartoon. Disney Store Brave Merida Archery Bow and Arrow comes with costume accessories kit.

Comes with a quiver with belt

Although it has nothing to do with the actual performance of the bow, it is still a wonderful addition to the purchase. Kids are not taking anything seriously since they want to wander around and discover new things. They don’t want to get stuck into playing a bow. They are bored quite easily. However, with this bow’s cleverly designed quiver, it will help get their attention. It will be a good role-playing experience for your kids while they are practicing their skills. The parents can also join the fun and also improve family bonding.

Arrows have suction cup tip

Younger kids can get very excited and aim the arrows at their peers. With this as a possibility, playtime can get very dangerous. That’s why don’t even think about arming your kids with sharp and pointy arrows. Their safety always comes first. We know that you are already aware of that, though.

Disney Store Brave Merida Archery Bow and Arrow have arrows with suction cup tips. It is very safe to use while your kids can still practice their archery skills very effectively. The suction cup tips will not bring harm or cause major injuries to the kids involved. It’s another perfect bow and arrow for kids.

Things We Like

Attention-catching design.

Attention-catching design.

Low draw weight.

Comes with four arrows and a quiver.

Good addition for any Merida Costume.

Things We Don’t Like

Paint washes off quite easily.

Some reviewers point out that it made of low-quality plastic.

Might be too small for some kids.


Can a 6-year-old kid use this bow?

Yes, it is easy to pull. Young kids can use it with no problem.

Can a grown-up use this bow as a costume?

It would look small for them, but teens can give it a try.

Final Verdict

If you want to have a role-playing game with your kid while improving their archery skills, then this bow will work fine with you. The bow is very easy to use. Little kids will have a little problem pulling the string and shoot the arrow. Also, the arrows have suction cup tips that help ensure their safety. Overall, as this price range, Disney Store Brave Merida Archery Bow and Arrow is a wonderful and smart choice. It comes with a quiver, which helps enforce role-playing games that you might want to do with your kids. Perfect for parents who want to introduce archery to their kids early.

3. Bear Archery Scout Bow

Bear Archery kids bow and arrow review Bear Archery Scout Bow Set is one of those bow sets available in the market, which doesn’t cost that much.  The quality of this product is undeniably high and made by a company with a good reputation and experience. Kids are very keen on learning everything. They are, to some extent, more open-minded than grown-up people. If you are wondering when is the right time to teach your kid about the basics of archery, you have an option to teach them while they are young. While they are not fixing their focus on something else.


Practicing how to shoot with a bow properly will probably take hours. If the bow is too heavy, then you wouldn’t be able to hold it for long, causing a halt to the practice session. This will naturally affect the consistency of the learning process. There is no sense of having a heavy bow when lighter bows work just as the same. Also, remember that you will be giving this bow to your kids, which most likely are still new to this activity. Naturally, they will have a weaker arm to start with. It is important to develop their accuracy skills first before giving them a heavier and stronger bow.

Usable for right-handed or left-handed users

Is your kid left-handed or right-handed? This is one of the questions that parents ask when buying a bow for their kids. But with Bear Archery Scout Bow, you wouldn’t need to find the answer to this issue. This bow is used to both right-handed and left-handed users. So if you are not sure about which hand of your kid is dominant, then you can pick this bow and observe him/her while practicing. Also, if there will be a lot of kids that are going to use this bow, you can rest assured that it will fit all of them with having to worry about arm dominance.

Easy to draw

It is almost a requirement for every beginner to start with a bow that has a lower draw weight. They will be able to practice more comfortably if they don’t have to pull the string as hard as they can. Much more if you are going to teach a kid, for sure, a bow that is easy to draw needed. It has a draw weight of 8lb to 13lb and a draw length of 16in. To 24in. This is usually enough for kids aging 6 to 8 years old. However, always stay beside your kids, since the arrow might be dangerous.

Things We Like

Easy to draw.

Made by a company with a lot of experience.

High-quality materials used.

Usable for both right handed and left handed kids.

Sight pin for aiming.

Things We Don’t Like

Not adjustable.

Arrows might be serious for kids.

Quite small


Will it be good for anyone who wants to learn for the first time?

It designed for kids, so grown-ups who want to learn archery should buy a more powerful bow that can use for hunting or sports.

Is it totally safe for kids?

Not 100% safe for kids, you need to watch them while they are practicing.

Final Verdict

For a kids bow and arrow, Bear Archery Scout Bow exceeds expectations. The bow is excellent to have if you start taking into accounts the items that come with it. Yes, you are buying a set. It comes with a quiver, which is quite nice to look at. A finger tab and an armed guard also come with the purchase.
Regarding performance, it indeed made of high-quality materials that will not break easily. Just avoid pointing it to something hard, like a wall or a tree. This bow and arrow are for kids after all; it not designed for hardcore used, like hunting.

4. Bear Archery 1st Shot Bow

Bear Archery kids bow and arrow review Another bow and arrow from Bear Archery. This made by a company with a good reputation and experience. They are in this field for like 50 years already. It founded by Fred Bear, an expert craftsman and marksman. Anyway, they can make high-quality bows due to that experience. Purchasing from this is smart. As they say, “experience is the best teacher,” so it is safe to say that this company has learned a lot of valuable things, which naturally reflects their products.

Low draw weight

Lower draw weight is what most parents are looking for in a bow. Having this feature allows their kids to use the bow easily. Of course, the lower draw weight is usually equivalent to a weaker shooting power. But, that is not the primary concern of the parents, especially if their kids are still very young. It is safer to have a weaker shooting power since it will help avoid any possible injuries. As long as it will help the kids get familiar with the basics of shooting an arrow, then it should be enough.

Comes with extra accessories

Beginners, especially children, are quite prone to injury. Like when you are trying to learn how to ride a bicycle, you will stumble down sometimes before learning. Learning how to use a bow is the same, although at a much lesser magnitude. Using a bow is not as injury-prone as when riding a bike, but it is still better to have protection. Bear Archery 1st Shot Bow Set comes with an armguard, tow safety glass arrows, and arrow quiver.

Things We Like

Ambidextrous feature.

Made of quality materials.


Comes with protective accessories.

Easy to draw.

Things We Don’t Like

Arrows are possibly dangerous.

The arrow rest is not very impressive.

Weaker shooting power.


Does a target come with the purchase?

Yes, this is a set; it also comes with a finger tab.

Is it too small?

Since this bow and arrow set intended for kids, it shouldn’t be too small.

Final Verdict

One of the things that consumers always try to look at when buying a product is the brand. If the product comes from a brand with a good reputation, consumers will be more confident that it will fulfill their expectations. Luckily for this product, it does come from a company with a lot of experience in the field. This bow has a good performance even though it is just for kids. Bear Archery 1st Shot Bow Set comes with a target, finger tab, two safety glass arrows, an arrow quiver, and an armguard. Overall, it is a good deal to have.

5. Nerf N-Strike Blazin Bow

Nerf kids bow and arrow review As said earlier, children will choose to play rather than practice how to shot with a bow and arrow. But how about if you let them play with a bow? Yes, Nerf N-Strike Blazing Bow Blaster has a brilliant design, which makes it look like a toy rather than a bow. The design will attract the attention of your kid and keep them occupied for a while. The fun part of this bow is that the tip of the arrows made of foam, which makes it very safe. It is almost impossible to cause any injury to any kids playing with it.

Blaster-like design

Perhaps the main highlight of this bow is its unique design. It is quite creative. I bet most of the children will trick that it is a toy blaster. Although that is a good thing. Since it will attract their attention and activate their curiosity. At the same time, it will also develop their archery skills. It hits both points at once. It acts as a toy and also as a bow for learning the basics of archery.

Foam arrows

If you are afraid of the idea of giving your kids the privilege of using a bow with pointy arrows, then you can turn to Nerf N-Strike Blazing Bow Blaster. It fires for about 40 feet speed second, which your children will surely love. The foam arrows are gigantic, and they are purposely created point-free for more comfortable shooting. It’s an amazing feature that keeps your children safe at hand while they are enhancing their skills for bow shooting.

Things We Like

Comes with 3 gigantic foam arrows.

Great outer appearance.

Shoots at 40 FPS.

Child-friendly materials.

Easy to adjust.

Things We Don’t Like

Not recommended for 6 years old and below.

You have to buy dart refill since it only comes with 3.

Accuracy could be better.


Is it hard to pull?

No, it’s not difficult to pull.

Do regular nerf darts work with this?

Unfortunately, no.

Final Verdict

This is amazing shooting kid bow and arrow for kids, it shoots well, and it has a high-security system that protects your children from getting hurt. It’s super amazing, and we can’t wait for you to try it. The outer appearance itself attracts kids to play with it. If you have this nerf bow, we’re sure that you’ll love it!

6. Bear Archery Titan Bow

Bear Archery kids bow and arrow review The Bear Archery Titan Book is a great starter for young archery aspirants aging from 12 and up. The draw length ranges from 22 inches to 28 inches, which gives it the ability to perform powerful shots. It’s an amazing feature that you’ll surely want your kids to have. It’s durable and easy to shot- all the good stuff that you’ll children will love.

Easy to draw

Kids have the weaker arm strength.  They won’t be able to drawstrings that have draw weights of 24 pounds and 25 pounds. If they can’t pull the string, then they won’t be able to use the bow for sure. That’s why a bow with a much lesser draw weight should be preferred. Bows like this how a weaker shooting power, too, and that is an advantage. Your child will remain safe from possible injuries while still having a lot of fun.

Usable for right-handed and left-handed users

It is quite a significant feature on bows since left-handed users have trouble finding a bow for them. With this bow’s ambidextrous feature, every kid can practically use this bow. Provided that they have enough arm strength for pulling. Right-handed kids can also use it with no hiccups. This certainly a great feature so that you won’t need to figure out the dominant arm of your kid. Some kids are not even sure about which arm of them is more dominant. So you can pick this bow and observe your kid, so finally determine the more dominant arm.

Strong shot

Due to its draw weight, it can shoot stronger than those with lower draw weights. However, it might bring danger if not handled carefully. But, with the right guidance from grown-ups, it shouldn’t be a problem. Now, with a bow that releases stronger shots, your kids can practice with further targets, which will naturally improve their accuracy skills. Provided that you will give them enough guidance, everything should go well, and your kids will be well on their ways of becoming expert archers.

Things We Like


Easy to shoot.

Strong shots.

Works with left and right handed hunters.


Things We Don’t Like

Item not available for some zip codes.

Outer appearance could be better.

The string could be better.


Does it come with arrows?

No, you only get the bow.

Is it durable?

Yes, it is

Final Verdict

It’s something that your kids will surely love, the bow itself works perfectly. Though you have to purchase the arrows separately. It’s a great starter bow, and it’s inexpensive, so you will surely have a fuller bow shooting experience within such affordable price.
There you go, our top pick for the best bow and arrow for kids. We have made a comprehensive review for you to carefully identify which bow is more likely will become your son’s favorite partner in the shooting land. I hope we have helped you in some way; don’t let any feature or con sway you off from your buying purpose. A product that bought by your needs is always the best buy! Happy picking parents!

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