Best Kids Electric Guitars 2020: Updated Review!

Below is the list of Best Kids Electric Guitars

1. BCP Electric Guitar with Amp

BEST CHOICE PRODUCTS kids electric guitar review The principle, “the sooner, the better” is applicable when it comes to teaching your little people on how to strum the guitar. Their talents and passion for music most likely uncovered once it initiated at an early pace. This guitar has a dimension of 39.5” in length, which means it has a standard size of a guitar. We firmly recommend this one for kids aging 12 and up, and we do not recommend this if you’re eyeing for a guitar for 11 or younger kiddos. When buying, it’s more than just the sounds feels, but the comfort as well. The full size blue electric guitar with the amp made from durable wood construction with an attractive and smooth finish. This will look perfect for kids who are in their 12th year since their hands longer compared to the younger ones.

Portable Amp & Cord.

Not all product has a portable amp and cord with it, for others, this is an additional accessory to buy. You don’t have to worry regarding that matter anymore if you decided to buy this guitar for it comes with an amp and cord. What’s good about it is that it is portable. You can carry it around your house or in the studio- wherever as long as you are comfortable practicing in that place. If your child loves the electro music, then there’s no reason why not get him this one. It comes with an amplifier for a price that is less than a hundred bucks. The 10W amp in it is loud for its size and runs on bats for easy accessibility and portability. Another good stuff freebie we’re sure you don’t want to miss is the 8ft guitar cable.

Nylon Gig Bag.

Take your music box with you; it’s always made easy for this guitar comes with a nylon gig bag. Just zip in your guitar and take on your next adventure. With its zip closure, rest assured that your guitar sealed safe and close. Not only that, but the bag also helps in extending your guitar’s quality. So, if you are looking for easy guitar storage and high portability. This guitar will surely work out best for you. It will surely be annoying to have to look for a music store and check if they have a guitar bag that is suitable for your music box, right? It’s not just how easy access and portability works- this is the real version of ease and sound power. It owns our first spot for many reasons.

Solid Wood Body.

We all want the production of the good sound, but do you know what is one of the factors that makes this feature possible? It’s the wood construction of the guitar’s body. You have to be extra careful in looking at this feature. Considering this product, you’re going to get a solid wood body. It has a sturdy and durable top, not to mention all the little arches that aspiring musicians would love to play. This mainly made for easy control during play, so your kid will find it fun and engaging while learning how to strum the guitar.

Complete accessories.

Probably you have experienced that you have to visit another store to complete the parts or accessories of a particular product. It could be tiring since you need to look for the specific dimension that would fit on that particular product. In case you have bought and brought home the wrong one. Buddy, you will be in the dead end, and you need to return and product, facing all the papers, whether for an exchange or a refund. It can be cumbersome, so we highly placed this one on the number one spot, since it comes with an affordable dangling price and it comes with complete accessories. You need to slide that guitar out of that gig bag, connect it to the amp, and- boom! You’re ready for your child’s concerto.

Things We Like

Price is less than hundreds.

Good sounds.

Comes with complete accessories.

Recommended for kids aging 12 and up.

Things We Don’t Like

Standard size, not recommended for kids aging 12 and younger.


Will you recommend this product for my seven-year-old kid?

No, what we recommend for kids aging 6-9 is 34” in length.

Can you attach a whammy bar to it?

Yes, and it comes with one as one of its accessories.

Final Verdict

It’s a good buy, it’s complete, durable, and has a stylish, excellent finish. It has all the qualities that would make up a perfect guitar. It’s a good instrument for kids who are just starting; it is standard size, so you may also find it comfortable to use this one while showing your kids how to play it. Create more space for a family bond, while engaging them to have a love for music.

2. Squier Beginner Electric Guitar

Fender kids electric guitar review If you’re looking for a shorter guitar that will be suitable for kids aging 7 to 8. You’re looking straight right to it. Well, we’re not closing this guitar for kids alone. Being a kid is not a requirement when you’re trying to appreciate its beauty. It has a shorter dimension length of 22.7”, which more likely the type of guitar children would love to play since the size is in their pace. For adults who want to spend time on a bench- practicing their skills in playing the guitar, this could be a great choice to buy as well. This requires little space, so there’s nothing much to worry about when you have plans to make it as a travel companion, for it will surely be possible.

Vintage-Inspired Hard Tail Bridge.

Restringing to intonation can be a bit tricky- this can lessen through if the guitar has a hardtail bridge. This feature provides many unique benefits in which it can be a perfect instrument to lend to for aspirants or for kiddos who are just starting and trying to understand the loops and cuts of guitar playing. Aside from that, the tail bridge also provides better and greater sustainability of sonic transference of surface area contact. You may have some adjustments to get to the tune, especially for the string height and intonation. But you don’t have to turn hysteric, for this case can also be true to even more expensive guitars.

Small Strat, Big Sound.

The Squier Mini purposely designed for young guitar players; it features a 22.75” inch in length, thus creates lesser tension on the guitar strings providing you easier and fuller guitar playing experience. We are sure that you will love the sound this guitar can produce- no noise from the pickups at all. This feature is amazing. It also creates a shorter reach between the frets, thus giving you the big sound feels in the ears. This guitar has the traditional three single-coil set up with 5-way switching. Just the standard guitar might not in Bon Jovi’s guitar line, but it can bring true sound power to the listener.

Guitar’s Body.

The construction of this guitar is solid, of course, which makes it a top-notch quality for the masses. Especially that millennial kids of today are tough to manage, they need something solid and durable to go with them whenever they are in the mood or not to do guitar playing. Aside from that, a solid guitar body construction is necessary, for it also foretells the quality of sound that comes out of it. Of course, everyone would love the guitar’s body to be solid; even your kids can tell if you are giving them the toy grader or the real stuff. Try handing this to them; you will surely witness a huge improvement in your kid’s guitar playing skills.

Designed for Comfort.

Kids love to have fun while learning things. Why not make it easy for them to get to play the guitar? This guitar features a comfortable ‘C’ shaped neck profile that is purposely crafted to make a vintage-style playing feel. If you are not aware, the ‘C’ shape is one of the most conventional styles of most modern Fender guitars. It’s more inspired to have an oval shape so, players who have smaller hands shouldn’t make much of an issue. This one of the reasons why this guitar is suitable for any playing style. It’s another best electric guitar for kids.

Things We Like

Has ‘C’ shaped neck profile for best comfort.

Solid guitar body construction.

Big sound.

Suitable for kids aging 7-8.

Things We Don’t Like

Not suitable for kids aging 6 and younger.


Does this guitar come with strings?

Yes, it does.

Will you recommend this product for my eight-year-old kid?

Yes, absolutely.

Final Verdict

It is priced just right for the quality it can lend to the kids. Laughter can borrow, but everlasting joy can only achieve if your kiddos’ heart has felt the value of this guitar in their hearts. May sound like a cheesy line, but really. This guitar works well for 7-8 years old children, no matter what style they are at- this guitar will always be ideal for them.

3. Rise by Sawtooth Guitar

Rise by Sawtooth kids electric guitar review If quality is in the center of the purpose of investing in a guitar for your kid, then we suggest you take a good look at Rising by Sawtooth Kids Electric Guitar. This is more than just a simple guitar. It comes with exceptional quality; it is well-built and has the sounds that come out from it and have good quality. We do not doubt that your child will love this guitar. This will be a perfect game setter for beginners. The guitar looks awesome, and the paint job is impressive, as well. It comes with an adjustable bridge, and it features 25.5” scale length. We highly recommend this product for kids aging 6-9. This will be just in the right shape and right size for them to learn more about guitar playing.


The guitar is priced seemingly less than seventy bucks, it’s quite less expensive compared to the Full-Size Blue Electric Guitar for kids, and this guitar also has an amp along with it. So, it’s sure makes everything well-worth with the price you’re asked to pay. It’s good stuff if you’d ask us. Especially if your kid is starting and wanting to learn guitar fundamental.


This sounds like ideal stuff to hand to him. It comes with durability and high quality, so you don’t have to be bombarded with thought, thinking that what if it would not just work as you expect it to be. Rest assured that this guitar is known to have superior and clean sound feels. Don’t expect, though, that the strings will come from the finest quality, to give you a straight honest review; it’s not going to work that way. But rest assured that you will get what you pay. And your child will love to play this guitar for it can surprisingly loud, regardless of the small amp it runs.

Sound quality.

What could be worse than ending up with a guitar that sounds like an unbearable music source? Aside from confirming that you have wasted your money and you have also wasted your time. Although you can perform some moderations to make it sound good, a guitar that is well-toned at the very first time you use it is way at vintage compared to the other ones. We have read from the customers who have experienced using it that the sound quality is superior and clean. The guitar’s body is well-built and seems like everything put in the right place.

Fine Finish.

Your kids at their curiosity stage, they will always be fond of bright colors and smart colors. As for this product, it’s not typically like a matte black, as it appears to be in the photo. When it reflected with the proper amount of light, the color turns to be purplish. It creates an amazing effect. Thus your kids will love playing with a guitar that comes with a good finish. We have read a lot of reviews, and so far a lot of them are very satisfied with both the performance and the kind of job paint that has done for this product. We consider the fine finish as a great feature for kids will always be fond of fascinating colors.

Things We Like

Impressive job paint.


Recommended for kids aging 6-9.

Superior sound quality.

Things We Don’t Like

Not recommended for 5 and younger kiddos.


Do you recommend this product to my seven-year-old daughter?

Yes, absolutely. If she loves the purplish color, go ahead and get it.

Can I use headphones with it?

Yes, you can.

Final Verdict

There are hundreds of very satisfied customers of this product. So our voice will be with them, though its strings not guaranteed to make from high quality, it does make an ideal guitar for starters, which we think is a good one, especially if your kids are starting out practicing guitar playing. We highly recommend this product for parents who have kids aged in between 6-9. This will be an excellent suit for them.

4. Schecter Electric Guitar – Best Kids Electric Guitar

Schecter kids electric guitar review Yep, you’re staring at the amazon’s choice for a great beginner electric guitar; it’s more than just business or a great ad. We have done our extensive research for us to know in which rank this product should end. Ends up to be, it has earned our 4th spot. Out of hundreds of products evaluated, we have spent 30 hours so that we could come up with a ranking that comes with great value. It comes with a gig bag, so if you have plans to make it as one of your son’s travel buddies- it’s possible. It features a maple neck with a rosewood fretboard. This product does not only stand out when it comes to durability but also for ease and comfortable use. We highly recommend this product for kids aging 12 and up, since it is a standard-sized guitar.


When eyeing for an excellent guitar, it’s more than just going over and scanning on the features. You also have to check out the company or the seller’s reputation, so you can get a good head start of the possible things you are trying to get yourself and your money. The Schecter Guitar Research the seller and founder of this great guitar, if you have been hanging for some time about guitars.

Schecter Guitar Research’s Product.

This may not be the first time that you have heard about the company’s name. The Schecter Guitar Research of the SGR has been around in the industry for decades, which can be good stuff for they are well-built and well-established deliver guitars with high quality. They are one of the companies, and their huge asses are growing high-profile artists. We firmly suggest that your son will love it; it is durable and trusted by many.

Included Gig Bag.

Playing the guitar inside the house regularly can sometimes bore you’re out. If you need to go outside and get some nature inspiration while playing. You’ll need something that will seclude your guitar safe and sound. The answer to that is the gig bag, it comes with a compactable zipper, so it’s an easy store. Way to go for players who want to take their passion for music outside. If you’re working for a gig music comp, this can be a very powerful aid for you do just that.

Black Chrome Hardware.

The guitar along comes with the relatively fine finish, adding to its smart and sleek design is the proper and well-polished black chrome hardware. Your kids will love the color and how shiny it is, especially when it directly faces a light source. It’s a remarkable upgrade detail that improves its overall look. Not to mention, that it comes with decent pickup features, which makes the sounds clean and superior when produced. It’s a particular combination of style and power.

Things We Like

Great pick ups.

Has black chrome Hardware.

Included gig bag.


Things We Don’t Like

Not suitable for kids aging 11 and younger.


How man frets does it have?

It has 24 frets.

Can my 9-year-old daughter have this?

The recommended age is 12 and up since it is a standard-sized guitar. For the comfort of your child, we highly suggest that you go through other products that intended for kids aging 6-10.

Final Verdict

We can say enough praise about it, aside from it’s worth the money. We’re quite sure that the product made from high-quality materials. Resulting in better durability and long-lasting use.

5. BCP Acoustic Guitar With Digital E-Tuner

BEST CHOICE PRODUCTS kids electric guitar review If you have the gig here and there and you want your child to know how to play the guitar at the same time. This 38” black acoustic should do the trick; it’s a standardized guitar. So, we can only recommend this one if your kiddo is 12 years old or up. This is because he/she is younger, he/she might find it difficult to reach and hit the right chords, and she might find string adjustments to intonation very complicated. When picking up for your guitar, you have to give extra care not only to the features but considering the budget you have put aside for it as well.

Solid Wood Topped.

Everyone loves the strong top with smooth curves, and this guitar exactly has the things that you are looking for. The curves feature comfort that you will find extremely beneficial during guitar playing. The solid wood also is known for producing a smooth and rich sound that is most ideal for rock, country, folk, and every genre in between. Not only that guitar body made from solid wood is known to produce a superior and clean sound. Who wouldn’t love to hear that smooth and rich, clean sound? We are 100% sure that you will love this solid wood topped guitar, and you’ll always bring this one whenever you want to sing your heart out.

Comfortable String Height.

This guitar has low action strings; these are purposely attached so that beginners will find it extra light on their fingers. They are still building hand strength, so it will always be a good idea to exercise or undergo them with low action strings the same as the ones this acoustic guitar has. We say this will work perfectly for beginners or for starters who are new to guitar playing. This creates a larger space for them to endure the practice. You can also put extra sting for more playing time.

Smooth Tuning Pegs.

If somehow you don’t recognize what’s a tuning peg or what are tuning pegs? These are simply the machine heads or the tuners. A good set of these can determine a guitar’s quality. The pegs of this guitar are relatively smooth, thus making it easy to adjust to keep your guitar in regular or appropriate tune. You don’t have to worry a bit if the tuning will be difficult, especially if you or your son are starting or warming up. This intendedly made, so you will feel at ease whenever you want to tune up your guitar.

Includes Gig Bag.

If you want to take your guitar lessons other than your house as the main venue, feel free to do so, with the help of this gig bag. The gig bag is made from nylon and is with zipping closure. You don’t have to feel the pressure that what if suddenly the zipper breaks and your guitar will fall break. That is least to happen since the bag made with quality. Aside from that, it also helps your guitar to have longer life quality.

Things We Like

Easy tuning.

Included gig bag.

Comfortable string height.

Solid wood topped.

Recommended for kids aging 12 and up.

Things We Don’t Like

Not suitable for very young guitar aspirants.


My son is 13; he is left-handed. Will this work for him?

Unfortunately, this guitar exclusively made for right-handed people. But there are for left-handed handed guitars, so can browse through.

Will this work for my 8-year-old son?

The size is 38”, we suggest you get you a smaller guitar first so that he could learn well.

Final Verdict

This guitar purposely made for the beginner; it features easy tuning and solid wood topped for comfort. We do highly think that this would be an excellent choice for anyone who is looking forward to buying a guitar for their little people. Just do note that this works great for kids aging 12 and up. Otherwise, if your kids are younger- get them something more suitable for their young age. More so, this guitar is something you will not regret buying it could last for 3-5 years.

6. Squier Electric Guitar

Squier kids electric guitar review Owning our 6th spot is another Fender guitar from Squier company. This comes in blue color, thus works more so if you have sons to give it. This guitar if you could notice a smaller neck scale compared to the acoustic guitar. This is purposely designed to give extra comfort to the player of the guitar. It provides easy tuning, so you don’t have to spend hours or even days trying to figure out what sounds right and what sounds awful. We recommend this product for kids aging from 6-12.

Start-up Friendly.

Especially if you’re a beginner, you don’t’ have the ability yet to recognize answers to what’s the appropriated string height and how much force should I give to turn the tuner to its appropriate sounds. Whether we like it or not, tuning can be tough. Thanks to this guitar, it is made 10x easier.

Rosewood Fingerboard.

If you’re a huge fan of country or soft music, this guitar can be a perfect company for you as you play along. The Rosewood features a warm and melodic tone that well complement with the chimes of a single coil. Everything will sound magical and majestic when everything played accordingly.

Great Sound Quality.

The kind of twang of this 25.5” scale length is more on the traditional tone. Thus this could be used for players who are into having an organic and tactile experience. We are quite sure that this will take your music to the next level and will soon improve your guitar playing skills in no time.


As a guitar aspirant, it can be tough to deal with finger fatigue. It’s like you want to practice more, but your finger is not cooperating. You may also feel some shoulder pain issues. However, with the ‘C’ shape of this guitar and with a slender neck, you are less more prone to encounter these issues anymore. Huge thanks to Squier!

Things We Like

Easy tuning.

Rosewood fingerboard.

Great sound quality.

Has ‘C’ shape for comfort .

Recommended for 9-12 years old kiddos.

Things We Don’t Like

Does not come with any other accessories.


For the over $100 price, do I get a cable?

No, just the guitar.

Does this guitar have regular pickups?

Yes, it has indeed. They’re not the most high-end ones but works just fine.

Final Verdict

It’s a good product, to say the least. It’s worth the money, and it sounds like the benefits justify the benefits you will get from it. If you’re looking for a great startup guitar that does not require a lot of tuning, this could be your viable solution.
So, this wraps up our review of the best electric guitar for kids. Every second or every penny spent on your child’s future is always worth it. Just do note that toys or even high-end guitars can’t replace you as their parents. Always have time to practice it with your kids. They will thank you later. We do hope you have found our review helpful, and we’re looking forward to hearing from you. Happy picking, parents!

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