Predicting What Your Baby Will Look Like: Couldn’t be more excited!

There’s nothing more precious than having a baby.

Even if the baby is still in the mother’s womb, we can’t help but feel excited predicting what he/she will look. For sure, your husband will argue that the baby will look more so at him, and you will insist that the baby will look like you since you are the mother. It can be equally fun and to give you one truth. What the baby will look like will be mainly based on the genetic side. The child’s eye color, hair color, facial features, and height could be recognizable, basing it from “what runs in the family.”

If your family is composed of heavyweight people, there’s a tendency that your children will be big kids as well. But not 100%, just most of it. The same principle goes to if your family comes with great genes; there’s a high possibility that your offsprings are going to be tall as well. While you hold your baby in your womb, it’s normal to think and to feel the adrenaline coming when it comes to predicting your child’s facial features. We all love those cute dimples when we see someone grins. If you don’t have them and you’re asking, “I’ve been jealous of people having those attractive smiles, is it possible that my baby could have it?”

 Predicting What Your Baby Will Look Like

Yes, it can be. Doctors explained that having freckles and dimples is possible if one in your family has it. Try checking if your husband has it, or do your grandparents have dimples? If one of them has, there’s a good chance that your baby’s going to have it. I couldn’t get any more excited to speak more of so. There are a lot of sites and apps that you can check on how your baby will look. If you prefer to read the info away, this article will be of excellent service to you.

But first and foremost, we would love to congratulate you on having your future adorable little people. We know that this event in your life could get very excited. You might probably have already bought items for your baby even though you do not know what will be the gender, yet. You could have a unisex color, which is white, yellow, and baby blue. Both colors work for both genders. The greatest tip we can hand out to you in predicting is that the face of your baby will largely base on the parents.

Eye and Hair Color:

What eye color do you have? What eye color does your husband have? If both are you are brown-eyed, is it guaranteed that your babies will have dark eye color as well? The answer is no, though this fact is less common, did you know that a two dark-eyed parent can have a blue-eyed baby. So, the answer will be no, it is not guaranteed. The dominance of brown eyes is familiar and conventional with millions of people around the world, it’s the most common eye color from biology class, but do bear in mind that is determined by many genes. A single gene might say, “let’s add more blues,” and the other gene might say, “let’s add more brown” It’s more like they are working together to lay out different crayon colors.

Meanwhile, one gene may dominant to the other. Other genes control the amount of pigment. Thus blue pigment could emerge, or the brown will or the hazel color might. The dominance is not predictable; it’s just that genes could either have stronger or lesser effects. Now that you’ve heard of it. You should know by now, that’s the eye color not based on the father’s eye color or the mother’s.

Since it can derive from both, predicting the eye color can be so much fun; you can browse and check online apps in which you can input you and your husband’s eye color and see what eye color your baby will have. It’s going to be fulfilling to take time trying to draw what your baby will look like. The same principle goes for the hair color; two dark-haired parents can have a blond-haired child. It all depends on the genes and how they dominate.
Predicting What Your Baby Will Look Like

Height and Weight:

You might be at average height, and you have a tall husband and is wondering if your child will either be a basketball athlete, somewhere in the middle of a little pixie. The truth is height is a polygenic trait; this means that no one gene acts alone. So, you can’t say that my husband’s 6’1- my child should be 6’0 up or something. It does not work like that; Height will be based on the height you and your husband carry. Do note that other factors can affect the growth of the child. One is poor nutrition; if they don’t eat with proper nutrients, they’re not going to reach their tallest height potential.

The most common rule to predict the height of your child is to calculate the average height of the parents, add 2 inches for a boy and subtract 2 inches for a girl. Surprisingly, this method does work. And you can predict the potential of the height of your kid when he/she grows up. In regards to the weight, we have mentioned in the early part of this article that there’s a huge tendency that if heavyweight runs in the family, there’s a huge possibility that your kids will be overweight little people as well. This may not be applicable, but in most cases, it is.

Here you go, hopefully, after reading our article, you have finally gained ideas on what your child will look like. You don’t have to worry a bit if your predictions went incorrect, it’s all in the genes, and sometimes they can be unpredictable. Anyways, always keep positive ideas and positive energies; your baby will 99.99% look like their parents.

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