How to buy the best Remote Control Crawlers

Getting into this hobby is seducing. It sounds adventurous and exciting. If it is your first time buying a remote control crawler, then it is understandable if you end up searching the internet for a buying guide. Well, we would be more than happy to help you with that subject. Remote control crawlers are quite tantalizing. Spending some of your hard-earned money on them is never a problem. You will surely not regret buying, although some of them are quite expensive. Overall, buying the remote control crawler that gives the highest value for the price is what most consumers are aiming.

However, that is not all. Beginners should also pick the remote control crawler which will help them improve their skills later on. Here are some of our suggestions when buying a remote control crawler.

Features of RC crawlers

First off, if you want to buy the best remote control crawler, you have to know some of its important features. Here are the features that you should know about.

Ground clearance

Obviously, the crawler should have a high ground clearance so that it will have the ability to overcome obstacles. When playing with a crawler on a tough obstacle, the main body should place far from the ground. The center of gravity should also be low so that the crawler can maintain its balance more easily.


Since the obstacle will be usually rough, a remote control crawler should have a lot of torque. Actually, the rougher the obstacle will be, the more fun and excite it is. But, if your crawler is not capable of passing through the terrain effectively, that will be disappointing. The speed of your crawler does not matter; it is the power that will let you pass the obstacle. Crawlers can one of two electric motors.


As what would you expect, the steering ability of the crawler is essential if you want to get pass through the terrain as quickly as possible. There would be a lot of steering moves throughout. If the crawler will not be able to make the needed steering, there is a possibility that it will get stuck. The crawler should four wheel steering and high torque steering.


Another feature that you should know about is a suspension. Yes, remote a control crawlers also have suspensions just like a real car. The crawler should have an effective and responsive suspension so that its wheels will be able to touch the ground more often. If the wheel is touching the ground frequently, you can thrust forward more easily. It is ideal if the wheels are always touching the ground since these will include the parts that will keep you going.


Last but not the least are the wheels. Of course, it is already a given that these parts are essential. Aside from they will be parts, which will be touching the ground, they also help on keeping the crawler balanced. The wheels will raise the body of the crawler from the ground that’s they need to be large and soft. They should also extend to the sides of the crawler for more traction.

best Remote Control Crawlers

What to look for if you are a beginner?

Now that you already have a small knowledge about the parts of the remote control crawler let us now move on to the actual buying guide. If you are still new to this hobby, you are probably not planning to use it on racing tracks. It is better to get an on-road crawler which works on any surface so that you can enjoy it even more.

The crawler that you will choose should not be very complicated or advanced so that you can have a hassle-free practice or play time. It should also require less maintenance. However, it does not mean that you will have to choose those crawlers for kids. You don’t need to buy a waterproof crawler if you will be using it inside the house. There is no need to go directly to expensive models since it will only use on playtime and practice. Once you already prepared for the next level, you can get yourself a more advanced one.

More features to look for

The remote control crawler that you should choose should be a 4WD model. Having all of the wheels working on your crawler will result to a better traction and steering. Although a 4WD model crawler is more expensive. It is still a better choice if you are a beginner. Traveling through different kinds of obstacles will be easier if all of the crawler’s wheels are working. You will certainly have more fun if you have a more powerful crawler at your disposal. Most beginners are attracted to the fun side of remote control crawlers, so they will most likely use it on rough terrains.

Another thing that you should look for is a crawler that is an electric type. It only means that the crawler should power by electricity instead of nitro. Getting a crawler that is powered by nitro fuel can pose some problems in the future, especially if you are still a beginner. They need a lot of maintenance which beginner will not like, and nitro fuel is not very cheap too. Most of all, nitro crawlers creates noise that can upset some of your family members.

With electric remote control crawlers, everything comes easy. They powered by batteries which are easy to replace, and they also don’t need any major maintenance.

Do you like to build the remote control crawler or you want a ready-made one?

Of course, if you are a beginner, you would choose a ready-made one. We don’t blame you for that decision since building the crawler yourself sounds scary. It is natural if you just want to buy and use the crawler immediately. Ready to run crawlers are more expensive than the ones that you need to build yourself. That’s why you need to allocate a budget if you want to get yourself a remote control crawler that is ready-made. Don’t forget to check our reviewed remote control crawlers for your kids.

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