Top 10 Best Baby Carriers for Newborns: Buying Guide & Product Reviews

You know the rule of the thumb when your baby is still learning how to lift his or her head. It goes without saying that you will be required to carry your adorable baby wherever he or she goes. If you happen to need some little assistance when it comes to carrying your baby, using a baby carrier can give you just that.

You will also be able to make use of your arms more freely and do more tasks and still be able to take care of your baby. Baby Carriers have become a massive trend for mommies all around the globe since it’s reliable (if you meet the right brand) and allows mommies to be hands-free. Your baby will be safely strapped to you, so you can go around and do your own business.

There are over millions of moms that have used baby carriers for extended periods of time. So, expect that “babywearing” will not be something new, and you’re going to see it every day.

Where can I buy the best baby carrier for my baby?

You see, every product differs from one another, one could be made with outstanding quality while the others make with flimsy materials. Here are some of the things that you can do to gain more insights about baby carriers.
Read comprehensive buying guides about buying the best newborn carriers.

  • Know what features you want
  • Enlist the features that you’re looking for
  • Set a reasonable budget
  • If you can go an extra mile, join mom forums and connect with other moms & ask about their experience with baby carriers

In this article, we aim to provide you with the best in the market. We have reviewed dozens of baby carriers, but we only include the best 10. We carefully studied and looked at slings and wraps that have a bit more structure and the capacity to support the newborn baby.

1. Baby Tula Multi-Position

You are introducing our top quality baby carrier, which provides great convenience and fully leaded functions to the users. It provides you and your baby a luxury of comfort. Your baby can either be front or backing facing to you. But in this carrier, your baby will be in a front-facing position. What’s amazing is that the carrier comes in an ergonomic shape, which makes your baby feel that they are caressed and supposed at the same time.

It’s a great option for newborn babies. There’s a width of good settings like adjustable head support, back carry, and multiple carry positions that will provide you and your baby some great source of comfort. Baby Tula is one of the most trusted brands out there, so you can rest assured that you’re getting a world-class quality from this product.

Here are some of Baby Tulas Baby Carrier’s features:

Multiple positions

Your baby will be able to adjust in accordance with his or her comfort with the “multiple positions” feature. It allows your baby to face out, face in, or back carry. Each position provides natural and ergonomic comfort for your newborn baby. The shape purposely created to promote healthy hip and balance spine development for your baby.

Adjustable body panel

Another major feature of this product is that it comes with an adjustable body panel. This feature allows your baby to support by newborn milestone to his or her early toddlerhood development.

Reliable Neck Support

Did you know that this baby carrier comes with padded, adjustable neck support in the form of a pillow? Yes, and this is one of the reasons why it considered to be reliable.

Comfortable material

The baby carrier responsibly designed with breathable and lightweight cotton. It makes it easier to clean and is machine washable.

Comfortable should traps

Another great feature about this baby carrier is that it could provide optimal neck & shoulder support for the newborn baby. The shoulder strap is padded, which offer quick adjustments for the multiple wearers. The padded leg openings purposely created to help your baby feel supported and relax all the time.

Things We Like

Has reliable neck support.

It provides great comfort.

Waistband, leg opening, and straps are padded.

Adjustable body panel.

Easy to adjust.

Things We Don’t Like

The design could still be improved

2. LilleBaby Six Position Ergonomic Child Carrier

Meet our best budget option, yet quality-made baby & Child Carrier. It came from the Lillebaby brand, which has been around for years now in the industry. They create baby, excellent baby products that aim to make parenting easy.

In this 6-position carrier, you will experience its well-made and breathable fabric material that you and your adorable baby will love. What’s amazing about this carrier is that it also comes with a matching doll carrier that you can hand in to your older child if they want to have a baby carrier like their supermoms.

What are this baby carrier’s main features?

Great Versatility Features

In this baby carrier, you will be able to experience a 360-degree carrying experience. You can easily adjust the baby carrier in accordance with the comfort of your growing baby. From newborn until they’re weighing 45 pounds. It’s a great add-on to your parenthood equipment.

Great Durability features

We will be lying if we say we’re not looking for a product that comes with reliable longevity. With this carries, it could last for many years. It also comes with a signature seat that you may customize and is purposely made to provide good comfort for newborns. You can rest assure that it can provide you with ample support.

Ready to use

You are not required to get an infant insert or another item to complete this baby carrier. It’s ready to use and does not make you put in further purchases. It comes with padded, adjustable, and quality head support that calmly secures your baby’s neck and head. It comes with award-winning features, all wrap at a very affordable price!

Things We Like

Provides ergonomic comfort for the parent and child

Padded head support

Customizable signature seat


Things We Don’t Like

The mesh panel could still be improved.

3. BabyBjörn Baby Carrier Original

Meet the original BabyBjorn baby carrier, which our best choice for top durability. It allows you to carry you, baby, everywhere as easy and as effortless as possible. It is the longest and most popular in the market based on our research. It is at least the first baby carrier that gained popularity way back in the 70s.

Its style and adjustability could still compete with the recent safety and comfort standards in society today. You’ve probably have seen or have heard about this brand often and is wondering it would be perfectly fitting for your newborn baby.

Here are some of the product’s features

Provides great comfort

This baby carrier comes with strongly padded neck support that allows your baby to rest, relax, and feel comfortable while he or she is next to your chest. When the time comes, and your newborn gets a bit older, roughly around 6 months, you can flip her to face out. You may fold down the neck support, which will allow her to have a better view of the world you’re taking her to.

Flexibility Features

Another amazing thing is that the baby carrier could support newborn to 1 year old, which means that it comes with excellent adjustability and flexibility features. It allows you to tuck your newborn baby and at the same time, make adjustments once he or she gets a bit older.

The Brand is Trustworthy

With nearly over 40 years to fine-tune their product, you can rest assured that this baby carrier is up to nothing but good. It’s a well-loved baby carrier brand and has over 1,500 customers, that’s what we call a brand that we can certainly trust.

Things We Like

It is durable

Came from a trusted brand

Has a good standing and rating

Excellent versatility features

Provides great comfort

Things We Don’t Like

Design could still be improved

4. Tula Explore Baby Carrier

Are you looking for a baby carrier that is easy to adjust? Meet Tula Explore Baby Carrier, our top versatility choice among all baby carriers. It’ll allow you to carry your baby in multiple positions. You may carry your baby front facing out, back carry, and facing in.

Each position will be able to provide a natural, ergonomic, and best position that’s comfortable and healthy for your adorable newborn. Here are some other features of this product:

Adjustments made to support the baby well

The positions are designed to support your baby’s good hip and healthy spine development.


When you are carrying your baby, you would wish nothing but to feel comfortable for yourself and your baby. With this baby carrier, comfort is given in a two-way street — excellent, compelling comfort for you and you’re newborn.

The baby carrier is inspired with care soft and breathable material, which makes it easy to wash and clean.

Padded neck support pillow

To top the good comfort it could already provide, it also offers a padded neck support pillow that aims to provide both support for your newborn’s head and neck. With this baby carrier, you will be able to allow your baby to sleep peacefully.

Easy to adjust body panel

Another great feature this baby carrier has is that it allows you to use it as your baby gets older. It comes with three width settings that’ll still be a perfect fit as your baby grows into their toddlerhood milestone.

Extra padding in case needed

The straps are padded so that it can provide optimal neck & shoulder comfort for your wearers. The wide waistband is purposely made wide, so it can evenly distribute weight. Even the leg opening is padded to provide your baby with excellent comfort.

Great Versatility

It’s all in one baby carrier; it can be used with both newborns and toddlers. There’s adjustable head support and on top of that multiple carry positions including, back carry and forward-facing.

Things We Like

Adjustable head support

Comes with ergonomic design

Provides excellent comfort

Fitting for both newborns and toddlers

Variable width settings

Things We Don’t Like

The style and design could still be improved

5. Infantino Flip Convertible Carrier

Our best hands-free baby carrier is the Infantino Flip Convertible Carrier. It’s going to give you multiple ways in which you can carry your newborn and allowing your hands to remain free. The Infantino brand has always been one of the great providers for baby products.

One of the best products ever created by Infantino is their baby carriers. It’s going to allow you to have great comfort while carrying your baby around. Its design and functionality are meant to provide you with great support from infancy through the toddler years.

In addition to that, the grey baby carrier has a lot more offers to offer.

Here are some of its other features:

Ergonomic design

This baby carrier comes with a smart, ergonomic design, which is optimal for the baby hip positioning. The design is purposely created to allow your baby to feel as if he or she is caressed and supported. When it comes to providing comfort, this is one of the baby carriers that’s available out there.

Adjustable settings

It has great wearability features since you can easily adjust according to your adorable newborn’s convenience. It’s a great additional feature that’ll provide comfort not only to the baby but for the parent as well.

Durable waist belt

Another great feature is that it comes with is a durable waist belt. It provides extra support for the baby and at the same time, support the baby’s developing spine.

Lots of comfort features

Aside from a sturdy, reliable waist belt. It also comes with an adjustable leg and arm straps. There are also adjustable shoulder straps that provide safety and comfort features for the baby. It offers a lot of convenience and support for your baby, whether he or she is at home or on the go.

The product is light in weight

The material is made from a breathable material, and the carrier of the product itself does not weight much. Since it provides such great comfort, it will feel as if it’s effortless for you to carry your baby for a longer period of time.

The product’s versatility

The leg openings that are found in this baby carrier are adjustable and are quite comfortable for both small and larger babies. There will be four straps that help in securing the arms and legs of your baby. If you have a taller partner, you won’t find it difficult to make adjustments.

Reasonably Priced

Your baby will love a soft structured carrier just like human skin; if you are not prepared to invest for a nicer expensive one, this is a great option you may want to look at carefully. It provides a decent quality for a reasonable price.

Things We Like

Comes with padded adjustable straps

Machine washable

Comes at a great price

Provides great comfort

Great wearability features

Things We Don’t Like

Can only be used for toddlers weight around 32 lbs

6. MiaMily Hipster Plus Child Carrier

The Hipster Plus is our top pick for back-supporting baby carrier. MiaMily brand has been around producing a decent, compelling baby product for how many years now. If we talk about babies, we are aware of their delicate development. Luckily, this baby carrier equipped with an ergonomic design that meant to distribute the weight evenly throughout the lower back and shoulders.

As you can imagine, it’ll help in promoting healthy spine development for your baby since he or she is well supported. In your case, as the parent and the carrier, you will also eliminate any worries you may have of having bad posture and fatigue since this child carrier provides great support for you and your baby’s back.

Aside from providing a two-way street back support for you and your adorable baby, here are some of the product’s other features:

Warmth and Cooling

We wish nothing but safety and comfort for our babies; luckily, this baby carrier can provide extra warmth and cool for you and your baby. It comes with layer options that provide warmth, and you may adjust and take some for cooling. There’s a breathable mesh found in the material that naturally keeps your baby feel cool and comfortable.

Frees your hands

You will feel rest assured and comfortable trusting this baby carrier and allow yourself to do other tasks while looking after your little angel. Your baby will be able to rest in a healthy position, and your baby’s legs can be supported well without making his or her hops dangling or hanging. It allows a forward-facing carry, as you can already imagine.

Extra Pockets

The product has added extra pockets on the belt for keys, money, and phones for easier access. It’s much easier than reaching out to your bag and your pockets. Its storage features are quite excellent, and you can tell how it could maximize the level of comfort for you and your baby.

Premium Swiss Quality

It’s inspired by parents themselves who want to get the most natural fabrics for their babies. It is made for safety and is only made wit premium and genuine materials like self-locking YKK zippers and Duaflex-made buckles.

The shoulder strips also designed to provide extra security for you.

Fits all carrier’s shapes and sizes

Moms don’t carry their babies all the time; their partners may want to try how it feels, too! Luckily, this baby carrier fits all shapes and sizes whether the carrier is on the short or taller side; it could support both. Another thing is that it allows you to be able to carry your baby in 9 different ways. It included hip, back, forward-facing, and front carry positions.

Things We Like

Helps in avoiding hip-dysplasia

Provides a proper seat for the baby

Comes in a big pocket that allows you to carry your baby in 6-9 different positions

Developed and tested by Swiss’ baby product industry experts

Made from a comfortable fabric

Things We Don’t Like

The style and design could still be improved

7. Nesting Days Newborn Carrier Polka

Meet our best baby carrier for perfect fitting. The padded straps of this baby carrier are easy to adjust as 1-2-3! Its design to hold newborns weighing from 7 to 18 lbs while your adorable angel newborn baby sits closely next to your heart.

The fitting and the comfort level of the wrap will be enough to make you realize that baby carrying has never been this easy and comforting.

It comes with a very cute polka dot design. Though, it’s important to keep in mind that this product meant for baby girls. Allow yourself to feel your baby skin-to-skin next to you.
Some of its features:

Great fit

You are going to love the comfort and feel it’s going to provide to you. You will see the difference for yourself if you happened to have used other baby carriers before. There will be no buckles to click and adjust; it’s extremely easy to use and provides a great fit. On top of that, you don’t’ have to tie or adjust anything behind your back. Way to go to provide you with more convenience!

Easy to put on

One of the reasons why this baby carrier is ideal for a newborn is because it’ll be super easy for you to slide your newborn in. After all, you don’t want to wake up your baby once he or she is already taking a nap. So, you may want a baby carrier that’s easy to put on.

Things We Like

Provides great comfort

Easy to put on

Provides great fitting

Reasonably priced

No hassle

Things We Don’t Like

Only for up to 18 lbs baby

8. Infantino Forward Evolved Ergonomic Carrier

The Infantino brand is one of the leading brands in the baby products industry. It’s made from comfortable material and our top choice for ergonomic comfort. It comes with weight-transferring waits belt, breathable material, and good shape to support your baby with total comfort.

Here are some of the product’s features:

“M” position

The “M” position, ergonomic seat support provides a good positioning for your newborn baby to feel comfortable. It’s such a huge plus that the carrier is made with padded comfortable fabric material that added to the overall comfort feature.

Easy to adjust

Since it’s easy to adjust, you won’t find it difficult if your taller or larger partner wants to carry your baby. The waist belt can be adjusted from 26 inches up to 60 inches, which doesn’t matter if someone larger or smaller than you are wants to baby carry your newborn. The sturdy, reliable wide waist is also made to distribute the weight well to the carrier’s body evenly.

Great style

It came in a vibrant and colorful design, you will eventually fall in love with, and your baby will look extra cute in it. Some designs come in dull and blunt color, but this baby carrier comes in a very brightly-colored design

Things We Like


Provides great comfort

Excellent ergonomic design

Made with excellent fabric material

Colorful style

Things We Don’t Like

A bit tricky to adjust if you fail to read the guide instructions (booklet) that come with it

9. Jublii Soft Structured Carrier Ergonomic Certified

Introducing our best pick for lightweight baby carrier came from a Jublii brand. These baby carriers are specially handpicked and made by hand by manufacturers in the USA. It is made with careful care and precision to be able to provide your baby with the best “babywearing” experience possible.

This baby carrier is made with excellent mesh and comfortable material that’ll allow your baby to feel comfortable during the summer season. The product is only made with the most premium elements and high-quality fabrics.

The padded straps and waist are made with extremely breathable and soft material, so your baby may have the best of best comfort as possible. The printed chevron fabric made with 100% cotton, why the whole baby carrier product is very lightweight itself.

Here are some of the other features this product has:

Ergonomic and lightweight design

The Ergonomic and lightweight design creates a natural space for your baby to be in a comfortable sitting position. The soft structure of this baby carrier purposely creates to allow the baby to make use of the proper muscles and core strength to help them grow.

Dual Adjust Buckles

The buckles found in the carrier can be easily adjusted from both sides and ensure that you get the perfect fit that you are looking for.

Mesh Carriers

Yes, the mesh option carrier features found in this baby carrier are going to help your baby feel cool while still be able to snuggle you tight.

Removable Hood

If the hood is not used, you can easily detach the hood. You may put it back on if ever you need sunshade protection or some head support. The curved headrest found in the “hood” part can easily fold so your baby can see the “view” of the place you’re taking him or her.

Things We Like

Provides excellent comfort

Mesh provides coolness

Easy to adjust

Available in multiple sizes

Removable hood

Things We Don’t Like

A bit pricey

10. MomMore Breathable Ergonomic Baby Carrier

We come to the very last, but not least. Our top choice for best safety baby carrier is the MomMore baby carrier. It’s an all in one baby carrier that allows you to carry your baby in different positions easily. There will be a small detachable pouch that you can either attach or detached that can contain important small items.

It’s comfortable to wear and comes with soft and mesh fabric that allows your baby to feel comfortable even in hot weather. It comes with an extra-wide lumbar support belt that helps in relieving the tension and the pressure on your back so that you can perform a more comfortable work.

Provides excellent comfortable

The waist belt could easily be adjusted that provides great comfort to the wearer and the baby.

Skin-Friendly cotton

The leg part made with skin-friendly cotton that could provide safety for your baby’s skin, and it does not irritate or hut your baby’s legs.

Things We Like

Improves leg blood circulation

Provides great comfort

Relieves tension from the back

Skin-friendly material

Reasonably priced

Things We Don’t Like

The style could still be improved

Here you go, the top 10 baby carriers that’s available in the market. I hope you find your match. Don’t forget to look at the features, pros carefully, and weigh them with your needs. If it’s a perfect match, then you should go for it. Enjoy and have a quality baby-carrying experience!

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