Top 10 Best Winter Infant Car Seat Covers: 2020 Review

We do not only want our children to be 100% safe when traveling, but we also want them to be comfortable, especially during the winter. I remember myself buying a winter cover for my baby’s infant car seat, and she loved it. It keeps her warm, and she keeps smiling during our mall shopping. I couldn’t thank much the cover for keeping my baby cozy. But that was the 2nd winter cover I bought, the first one sucks.

Below is the list of winter infant car seat covers

1. Jolly Jumper Car Seat Cover

Jolly Jumper car seat cover review If you live in the arctic circle, then there’s a stronger need for you to purchase a winter cover for your baby. This Jolly Jumper cover comes with an appealing design that we’re quite sure that’ll look cute around your baby. One of the things I love about this winter covers is that it is water-resistant, which gives fewer worries for mom when tiny snowfalls. It is such an amazing feature that it can fit in most infant car seats and carriers.

It can easily wash with the use of a machine, and it dries quickly. The internal fleece of the blanket is super nice to touch. The cover is extremely easy to use and does a great job of keeping your baby warm during the winter. It comes with a cute design that will make your daughter an ice princess and your son a snow prince. You never have to worry about driving during the winter; your baby will feel comfortable with this winter cover.

What we like about it

It’s more than just a winter cover that protects your baby from the biting winds and freezes bites, but it looks adorable at the same time. As parents, we always want to for the product that looks super cute and at the same time, provides the function that we’ve been looking for. It can be machine washed and quickly dries, which is absolutely a great thing. And you don’t’ have to worry about if it’s going to fit your infant car seat or not, since the winter cover is purposely created to fit most infant car seats.

There are many reasons to love this product, and I definitely that it will keep your baby warm all day long. The father ice blanket gives that soft touch, which we’re quite sure that you’re going to like. Even if you need to travel a 60 mile per hour polar vortex road, this blanket will give you that wonderful experience regularly.

Things We Like

Easy to wash.

The blanket is nice to touch.

Comes with a cute design.

Fits most infant car seats.

Water resistant.

Things We Don’t Like

Does not have the anti-microbial feature.

The face of the item won’t’ entirely cover the opening.

2. JJ Cole Car Seat Cover – Best Winter Infant Car Seat Cover

JJ Cole car seat cover review The JJ Cole Car Seat Cover allows your baby to be protected from any season. Whether it’s summer or it’s autumn. It comes with a weather-resistant feature, which is very helpful in keeping your baby warm. It is made from a nylon and a soft fleece, which is very soft when you touch it. This item is machine washable, which gives fewer worries to the parents. It’s a wonderful item that will definitely fit over your car seat or even your stroller. The top of this winter cover is removable so you can adjust to the temperature.

It comes with an elasticized out band, which makes it more easier to fit in your car seat and stroller. It comes with reliable body support and at the same time, giving a soft velour on one side. It comes with a breathable embroidered knit which provides some comfort to your baby. You will absolutely find it easier to transport your baby during the winter season since it comes with head support that you can easily adjust and detach, which means that you can use while your baby grows.

What we like it

Your baby still needs support to his/her delicate head and neck; this product would be a perfect winter cover for your baby. It is purposely created to provide support to your baby’s neck and head. It comes with a breathable embroidered knit, which is amazing.

Things We Like

Comes with a head support.

Fits all infant car seat sizes.

The head support is detachable.

The item is made from breathable materials.

Made with cushion.

Things We Don’t Like

Does not have an anti-microbial feature.

Quite pricey.

3. Acelitor Baby Car Seat Cover

acelitor car seat cover review The stretch baby winter cover will let you have more quality time with your family and not spending time washing winter covers. This is very easy to clean and very soft to touch. And just like hundreds of satisfied moms of this product, your baby will be kept warm all day long. It also protects your baby from the heat of the sun during the summer season. It protects your baby from harmful germs, as well.

It’s cozy; it can be pretty useful when you need to travel during the cold weather and for the holidays. It also comes with a very stylish design, which is cutely adorable. It’s perfect, and we’re quite sure you’re going to fall in love with this item. It’s easy to put around your infant car seat and easy to get out. This item is worth checking out.

What we like about it

The product does what it made for, which is a good sign that it will be worth buy. I’m quite sure that as a parent, you’ve wanted a winter cover that will keep your baby cozy the whole time during your travels. This item does not limit you to using it during the winter season, but you can also make use of it during the summer season.

It is such a huge plus that it protects your baby from the harmful rays of the sun and from the germs that can found around the environment. This awesome product will satisfy the things you require for a perfect winter cover. You will love how soft it feels every time you touch it. It made in high-quality fabric, which is a good thing.

Things We Like

Made with high-quality fabric.

Keeps your baby cozy.

Very soft.

Has a stylish design.

Protects your baby from germs.

Things We Don’t Like

A bit difficult to wash.

The cover could sometimes lay on the baby’s face.

4. Amazltnen Baby Car Seat Covers

AMAZLINEN car seat cover review The stretchy baby car seat cover is a perfect item to wrap your baby during the winter season. You never have to worry about the germs, lights, snow, winter, drizzle, and harmful UVA rays. You can easily adjust the zipper to cover the infant car seat; you have to worry if it’s going to fit your infant car’s seat or not. The item is completely versatile, which is a good thing. You can easily take a peep at your baby with its adjustable opening feature.

What we like about it

Just like thousands of parents who are fairly satisfied with this product, we’re quite sure that your baby will feel warm and safe at all seasons. It comes with anti-mosquito mesh on its foldings, which is a good thing. It will provide perfect warmness while you take your baby on travels.

The anti-mosquito feature is very useful at all times. It secures your baby, which is a great thing. You can use it at any given time, not just during the winter season. It fits all infant car seat sizes, which are a very useful feature.

Things We Like

Comes with an anti-mosquito feature.

Made with high-quality fabric.

Fits all infant car seat sizes.

Easy to cover.

Things We Don’t Like

A bit difficult to wash.

5. DHH Baby Car Seat Cover

Daily Honest Hugs car seat cover review The multi-use baby car seat cover will give parents a break from irritating face cover that might lay over the baby’s face. You will love the stretchy fabric that is made of 100% cotton and is breathable. Your baby will provide a warmer and safer environment for your baby. Thus, giving you peace of mind.

What we like about it

Since the item made with breathable materials, you never have to worry about the overheating experience that your baby might feel. Your baby will never be exposed to cold ever again. There are no choking hazards with this product, which provides peace of mind while your baby sleeps with it.

Things We Like

Safe from choking hazards.

Made of breathable materials.

Reasonably priced.

Keeps your baby warm.

Things We Don’t Like

No anti-mosquito or anti-bacterial feature.

A bit difficult to wash.

6. Cozy Cover Infant Car Seat Cover

car seat cover review If you are looking for a high-quality car set for your baby, there is no need to look further. Cozy Cover – Infant Car Seat Cover made of quality materials. It can keep your baby safe and comfortable while they are in the middle of the trip. This car seat will also effectively protect your kid from different elements like wind and snow. It comes with a backless design, which is usually good for your baby. Several seat specialists recommend this design.

It is a hassle if your baby starts crying while you are in the middle of the road. Aside from it is highly distracting while you are driving, it is also unhealthy for your baby. That’s why a comfortable car seat is also essential for a smooth trip. Let your baby sleep before putting them in the car seat. The comfort that this car seat gives to your baby will keep them asleep for the entire trip.

What we like about it

We like that this car seat can give a cozy place for your baby to relax while they are in the middle of a long trip. There is an elasticized edge which allows for easy use of the carrier. The dual zippers will allow easy access to the infant. There are child straps that help keep your baby safe. Overall, this car set is one of the best choices if you want a seat that can make your baby feel comfortable.

Things We Like



Comes with dual zippers.

Protects your baby from different elements.

Things We Don’t Like

The flap is a bit close to the baby.

It may not fit all car seats.

7. Skip Hop Car Seat Cover

Skip Hop car seat cover review Skip Hop Stroll & Go is a good choice since it can keep your baby comfortable in both hot and cold weather. There are collar snaps that provide warmth to your baby. It comes with covers to give more warmth on cold weather. So, if you are planning to travel more often during winter, this car seat is a perfect choice. Aside from that, it comes with an elastic bottom that allows it to fit on any car seat.

Traveling on cold weather can be a problem sometimes. You may find your baby constantly crying because they are feeling very cold. Wrapping them with a blanket is effective, but putting them inside a car seat that comes with a cover is a lot better. The zip-off front flap allows for easy access. It makes everything simple and quick. Keeping the collar of this car seat closed during the travel will help block cold air. The collar can be easily flipped open if it is getting hot. So, whatever the weather is, your baby will feel comfortable.

What we like about it

We do like the fact that it keeps the baby safe and comfortable during cold weather. It comes with car seat covers which are perfect accessories for good temperature regulation. The collar snaps give more warmth to your baby. You can also flip it open if your baby doesn’t need it anymore. Get this seat now if you are planning to travel during winter seasons. It is also durable and easy to use in your car.

Things We Like

Provides warm to your baby.

Zip-off front flap gives easy access.

Nice neutral color.

Soft fleece.

Protects your baby effectively.

Things We Don’t Like

Not thick enough for some.

Can be too large for some cars.

8. BabyDu Baby Car Seat Cover

BabyDu car seat cover review This car seat protects your baby from snow, sunlight, bugs, mosquitoes, and more. It comes with a protective cover, which is mainly designed for protection. The outside part made of 100% cotton, and the inside made of 100% polyester. It also keeps your baby safe while traveling with you in your car. You can rest assured that your baby is safe and comfortable. This can help you focus more on the road.

It comes with a nice star pattern designs which are always nice to look at. Your baby will like this design too. It is 100% free of BPS contained plastics and any harmful synthetic materials. There is a possibility that putting too much cover will lead to overheating. That’s why this car seat comes with breathable and strong fabrics that easily allow airflow. The opening is also adjustable. Overall, this car seat serves its purpose. The cover will protect your baby from different types of harmful elements. This cover will be able to shield them from insects, wind, and UV rays.

What we like about it

What we like about this product is the fact that it protects your baby effectively. Well, all of the car seats in this list protect your baby, but this one might be more effective in our own opinion. The cover is easily adjustable. You can decide on how many openings you would want. The opening should be wider so that the inside area won’t heat up too much. The cover is also breathable, so your baby can breathe easily.

Things We Like

Highly breathable cover.


It is adjustable and fits any car seat.

100% satisfaction guarantee.

Soft cotton material.

Things We Don’t Like

Takes up more space.

9. Jolly Jumper Sneak-A-Peek

Jolly Jumper car seat cover review This car seat also provides much-needed protection for your baby. It is durable and lightweight, so you can easily place it in your car. This car seat can keep your baby cozy and warm during the entire trip. The fact that this car seat is durable means that you can use it for years to come. Like the car seat that we have previously mentioned, this car seat is also great for winter seasons. It can keep your baby warm while you are on a long journey. The cover of this car seat also protects the baby from bad elements.

This Winter Baby Car Seat Cover comes with two zippers so that you can easily put or remove your baby from the car seat. Getting your baby inside the car seat properly is important. They should place in the most comfortable position. The double zippers make sure that you can conveniently put your baby in the car seat without any problem.

What we like about it

We do like the fact that this car seat comes with a peek a boo window. That means that you can take a glimpse of your baby while they are inside the car seat. You can make sure that they are comfortable and in good condition while they are covered. Sometimes, you want when your baby is crying. With the help of the window, you can take a look at their current situation. This car seat comes with a thick and water repellant fabric which protects your baby.

Things We Like

Protects your baby effectively.

Easy to setup.


Comes with double zippers.

Comes with a peek a boo window.

Things We Don’t Like

May not fit some car seats.

10. JJ Cole Urban Bundleme

JJ Cole car seat cover review JJ Cole Urban Bundleme, Ice is a healthy choice if you want a car seat that does the job. This car seat doesn’t only perform its purpose, but it also performs it amazingly. That means that this car is perfect for your baby when it comes to comfort and protection. The outside and inside fabric made of 100% polyester. It is machine washable, so you never have to worry about the cleanliness of your baby’s car seat. You can easily wash it whenever it gets dirty.

The top is also removable for temperature control purposes. It is wind and water-resistant. Your baby will stay protected from outside elements while they are in the car seat. Several safety straps will keep your baby in place. Getting this car seat is a nice decision. Although there are better choices in this list, JJ Cole Urban Bundleme, Ice is already worthy of trying. This car seat can be used with car seats, joggers, and strollers. It is also crash tested, which means that it can protect your baby during accidents.

What we like about it

This car seat is a great choice since it can use on joggers and strollers. Well, a lot of car seats can use while your baby is out of the car, but this one comes with an amazing quality. That means that it is durable and lightweight.

Things We Like

Great safety straps.

Fits with car seats, joggers, and strollers.

Effectively protects your baby.

Things We Don’t Like

There is no hood.

Doesn’t fits some joggers and strollers.

Choosing the best winter infant car seat covers can be a bit difficult

With my first attempt at buying a winter cover for the infant car seat, it wasn’t perfect. It’s not that I have too high standards, but the first one I bought was not water-resistant, so when my baby takes a poo or takes a pee, I was in deep trouble. Instead of providing extra comfort to my baby, she consistently cries, wanting her wet nappy to be changed. Also, the first one that I bought does not fully cover my baby, which allows some frostbites to get in.

It can sometimes be a bit difficult to pick the best winter cover when you are faced with a lot of choices. But be careful in picking, the winter cover might have a water-resistant feature, but if you happen to buy it from knock-off imitations, it may no longer have the features that you are expecting. To make sure that you are going to land to the official suppliers of the product, I have provided a link below that you can click.

I know for fellow parents out there; you don’t have much time to go all through products and see which one is the best. So, I decided to compile the top 10 best products that are available in the market. I have made sure that each one of them has all the features that will keep your baby warm at all seasons. There are 10 products I have enlisted, one of them should work.

Though, almost all winter infant car seat covers can provide definite warmness to your baby. Some covers are poorly stitched, and this is what you must avoid at all costs. When a cover has loosened thread dangling, your baby might sniff it or swallow, which is a huge danger for your baby’s health. It can be a bit overwhelming to buy winter covers when each one of them sounds like a 100% deal.

I was in the same boat as you months ago; I was looking for a way for my baby to feel comfortable during the winter season. I just felt like letting her wear a jacket is not enough. So, I posted a question on forums asking moms across the globe of ways to keep babies warm during winter days. And that is where winter cover idea popped out. It was a brilliant idea. It gives more comfort to your child during the winter the season.

Features to look for

winter infant car seat covers Water resistant. The first and very important feature you should look for is water-resistant. This does not only keep your baby feel a bit comfortable after he/she pees or poos, but it protects them when tiny snowfalls. Once the snow starts melting, it turns to water, so you must look for this feature before purchasing a winter cover.

Versatile. Let’s face that every infant car seat made of different sizes. You must pick a winter cover that could fit all different infant car seats. Just imagine yourself buying a winter cover to find out that it won’t fit your car seat. That would be a complete waste of $$. That’s why it’s extremely important to check this product.

Price. Though most winter covers are fairly priced, it is still important for you to make sure that you go for a winter cover that fits your budget.

Easy to wash. Of course, busy moms and dads don’t have much time to deal with winter covers that are to difficult to wash and takes longer to dry. When picking a product, make sure that it can be easily washed by the hand or with the use of a machine.

Extra comfort features. If possible, find a winter cover that is shaped to swaddle a baby perfectly. It will help in keeping your baby feel comfortable during winter trips. The saddle shape will help in providing warmness to your baby.

Anti-microbial. It’s also extremely important that you consider a winter cover for your baby’s car seat to have the anti-microbial feature. It will help in guarding your baby against harmful bacteria. I’d say that I never feel comfortable until I started using a winter cover that comes with anti-microbial lining.

Design. Of course, something parents would not forget to consider is the design of the product. This feature is more of a personal preference, which means that the parents will decide what their preferred design is.

These are the 7 features that you should consider before buying a Winter Infant Car Seat Cover for your adorable baby. Just remember that the 7 features are not listed chronologically according to their importance. In the end, you decide that matters on what group of features you like your winter cover should possess.

I have picked only the best products available in the market and the ones that carry most of the important features that create the best winter cover. In general, when it comes to researching, I’m a sponge. I naturally love absorbing useful knowledge that I could use in raising my baby well.

I’m not going to bother telling you how much time I spent, what I want to let you know is that I picked the products by heart and with the use of criteria. Now that you have an idea of how I filtered the top 10 best winter covers from the 100+ available in the market. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at what my list has to offer.

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