Best RC Battle Tanks: Updated 2022 Review

So, you’re thinking about buying an RC tank, and you want to know a little more about them, what they are, and how they work. Well, in this article we are going to give a quick overview of the basics of these tanks, what they are, and how they work. We have spent 32 hours of research just to put this article together, so we can make sure that we are providing you with the best explanations and discussion regarding the basics of RC battle tanks.

For you to have fewer regrets in buying your RC tanks, especially if this is your first time buying. You will need to understand the Long’s, so you will know how RC tanks work. It’s not merely pointed and shoot the thing; you will also have to consider the easiness of controls, the RC, and the type of battle tank. We have written this article to help you come up with an educated guess when buying. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Below is the list of RC Battle Tanks

1. LED Battling Tank

DYNASTY TOYS rc battle tank review This battle tank made for the battlefield; it has a life bar that automatically gets depleted when hit by the offensive’s bullet. It comes with battery packs and a wall charger.

Things We Like

The batteries included.

It is an electric battle tank that comes with a wall charger.

It is a certified child, safe class.

It comes with LED lights that are quite effective with a signal that it is on.

The remote control is comfortable to use.

Things We Don’t Like

The barrels get broken easily.

The loud engine noise is sometimes distracting.

The track belts will come off when it turns left to right.

2. Infrared Battle Tank

TOWER PRO rc battle tank reviewThe RC Tank is a 2.4 technology that allows you to rotate the gun to fire the cannon. It can perform 300-degree turns.

Things We Like

The tank lets you turn the cannon to fire.

It can perform 300-degree turns.

The barrel can move up and down.

The remote control is easy to use.

It allows the user to play 20 tanks to battle at the same time.

Things We Don’t Like

It can’s perform a 360-degree turn.

The treads come off, and when you put them back, they stretch.

The signal gets crossed when the two tanks are near each other.

3. Laser Battle Tank Set

E-Toysworld rc battle tank review It is an IR battle tank that painted the camouflage body. Its IR beams can shoot up to 25 meters.

Things We Like

It comes with a cool camo painted body.

The battle tank’s infrared beams shoot up to 25 meters.

The manual tells you how to play it.

The remote control is comfortable to use.

The packaging is perfect.

Things We Don’t Like

The translated words from Chinese to English is a bit difficult to understand but tells you the basic.

The other tank sometimes would not work.

The wall charger should be improved.

4. RC Battling Tank – Best RC Battle Tank

Hq rc battle tank review When you fire this battle tank, it roars and sends an infrared beam signal towards the opponent. It comes in two, so you can play it with a friend or with your kids.

Things We Like

The battle tanks comes with sounds.

The battle tanks comes with LED light indicators.

The transmitter is easy to use.

Comes in a set of two.

It is rechargeable.

Things We Don’t Like

The charger’s connector is not durable or reliable.

The tanks have the same frequency, making it difficult to control with only one transmitter.

There’s a quality issue with the tanks, some of the bat cables not connected to the battery pack.

5. RC Battle Tank Set

BEST CHOICE PRODUCTS rc battle tank review IT comes in two battle tanks, makes a perfect choice for buyers who are planning to give these tanks as presents for their two children’s birthday.

Things We Like

It comes with two battle tanks.

It creates a noise with every shot.

It is fully maneuverable.

The batteries with the controller and tank.

It uses an infrared light system.

Things We Don’t Like

The engine’s sound could be too loud.

A little difficult to the driver.

The rubber tracks come off the tank, which is annoying

Battle tanks have been popular in the last few years for battle enthusiasts, sure it can provide fun and entertainment, only if you find the right one. I hope our review has helped you to choose the best one. If you do have some experiences to share or questions to ask, feel free to input it in the comment section below. We appreciate it.

What can RC Battle Tanks do?

When we take about scale is means merely the size of the battle tank; for instance, if it’s 1/16 it means that the original or real tank size will divided into 16 pieces, and the result will be the 1/16 size scale of RC tanks. 1/16 scale battle tank primarily come in two different varieties, and that’s Airsoft and IR.


These tanks fire a six-millimeter airsoft BB; they are almost like a pellet bullet that, from plastic. The bullets are not particularly dangerous, they can’t break into the person’s skin, but be cautious since they can be dangerous when they accidentally hit in the eyes.

For safety reasons, the RC tanks can only be played by kids aging 14 and up. According to RC battle tanks experts, kids are suggested to wear some safety goggles to protect them from the plastic pellet bullets. These bullets can fly about 80 feet or so, 1/16 tanks are rated for children again 14+, so this is the first variety, also referred to as Airsoft.

Infrared (IR).

These tanks use infrared technology to battle against each other, and each IR tank will have an IR emitter. In some tanks, it will located and, most of the time, mounted in the mantlet, and this broadcasts IR code very much like the remote control for your television set does.

Every tank will also have a receiver, which is also known as an apple or mushroom that can remove when not battling. It can easily plug by the players. Its primary job is to pick the IR code from other tanks, so by sending and receiving IR code from other tanks. Toucan register and receive hits, and when you have registered enough hits against your opponent, the player’s tank will be dead and will remove from the fighting battle.

Now, they have IR tank clubs all over the world, and this is a popular hobby, the biggest indoor tank battlefield in the world located in Danville, Virginia, and they have them all over the place. So, those are the two basic types of IR and Airsoft.

What brand should I consider in buying RC battle tanks?

The next thing we should probably move is the different brands of tanks. Now, the gold standard has always been will be Tamiya tanks. Tamiya brand does not run airsoft, but be divided are the standard IR battle system, so if you buy one of Tamiya’s tanks.

Another brand to consider is the Heng great brand; it has a reliable battle system; these are entry-level tanks. If you want to divided into the club with Tamiya type tanks, you’re going to have to upgrade what they call the Tamiya compatible battle tank. IMEX brand is also terrific, they’ve got fantastic battle tanks at reasonable prices. Not to mention they have an excellent customer service you could ever find.

Who can benefit from RC battle tanks?

Who says 50-year-old can’t play with battle tanks, as long as you have the heart for playing and shooting, this will always be a hobby for everyone. Except for kids aging 14 and down since they are still young to know where to point the nozzle and shoot bullets.

Proper guidance from the parents highly recommended, teaching your kids how to play with it will help the two of you have a special bond. So, both kids and parents can benefit from playing the remote control battle tanks. Why not? It’s fun and creative. This will also encourage your children to be strategic in everything they do, just like playing tanks, they will need to come with a plan to defeat the opponents.

How RC battle tanks work?

The remote control battle tanks run with the use of a remote controller. It is the radio, transmitter, and handset. Remote control usually has two switches and on/off switch. When you turn it on, there will be a light that will be turned on to show you that you have power. They have two joysticks, although one brand’s RC is different from one another, we’re just going to concentrate on the universal remote that typically used by the battle tanks’ makers.

On the left one controls, forward indicates fire main cannon and rear gives you gun elevation. The gun moves down and up and down and up. You have a switch to turn the tank on and off and a controlling switch for machine guns. In the RC, you will also see a trim knob that can adjust the trim of the tank. The right joystick is for forward, reverse, left, and right directions. You can get a super spin or a 360-degree turn, so that how the RC works, but do note that different tanks have different remote controllers.

Tanks will be dead after being hit 5 times by the opponent. “Dead” is the term used since the tanks will not be able to move. It will just stay in place, and you will not be able to control it unless you turned it on.

Let’s take a look at one of the famous brands- Heng long’s Remote controller and see how they differ. To give you an overview of how RCs can work differently.

The Heng Long RC has a metal aerial on it; they are usually in 2.4 gigahertz. There will be a controller or the MFU, which stands for a multi-function unit attached to the receiver, so it doesn’t get lost. They also have a short plastic antenna. Most of the tanks that are coming in now that produced new are 2.4 systems.

Most of the tanks will have to lift off tops, but not all of them. For you to see how exactly the system works, you can lift off the top and get access to the battery box, and that’s where you store and change your battery. When you open it, what you will see inside the front-drive tank, so the gearboxes or transmissions are in the front, it is run by its electric motor. It also comes with a control unit, also referred to as the brain of the tank. Just see as the motherboard if it was on the computer.

In the 2.4 units, the receiver is the built-in to the MFU, so happens is the transmitter directly talks to the MFU without going through a separate receiver first. In 27 megahertz, you will have a different receiver. From the inside, you will also see the battery. It can either be nickel-metal hydride NIMH or nickel cadmium NiCad, it can usually help the tank run for 25 to 30 minutes, but you can purchase aftermarket batteries that will run a tank for an hour or more.

Inside there will also be speakers and sound and a smoke machine, which exhausts smoke out of the rear. On/off switches are for the power. , is the basic configuration of most tanks, there’s nothing much inside, but the parts extremely play an important function. To note that the position of the parts will greatly vary on the model of a battle tank.

The IR tanks have the very similar lower hull, which everything else is still the same when you open its cover to charge its battery, you will get the transmissions, tank, MFU, smoke machine, and speaker. IR tanks usually have the 8 pin plug that helps to connect the MFU to the stuff in the upper hull. Now in the IR, the upper hull will have a lot more wires and stuff on the bottom because it has a lot more stuff to do. An IR mull has a high-velocity muzzle flash, a recoil motor, an IR emitter, and an IR sensor, whereas an airsoft tank has a trigger switch and the 8 pin cable, so pretty much that’s it. It works from top to bottom.

However, IRS is more complicated because they have a lot more stuff they have to accomplish. So, that’s what’s inside in RC tanks, you can upgrade and go all different directions with this hobby, and that’s one of the things. You can get different tanks from various companies.

So, basically that it for the introduction, I hope you have to get some clear picture of how it works and the importance of knowing the difference between IR ad Airsoft, so you will be able to know which one you should buy. We hope that we have somehow helped you to have an ideal RC tank that you wanted to buy.

What to look out for before buying an RC Battle tank

When you look for remote control battle tanks, except that it will not be as easy as going out to buy groceries. To make an educated pick, we have enlisted some guiding tips that will help you to buy an ideal one that will fit the common need that you are currently having.


It refers to the size of the tank, the smaller the tank, the faster it can move by your directions command. 1/16 scale size is the most popular brand.


There will always be a tank, attached to the tank that shoot, so you must consider how it works, what kind of bullets that it fire. Is it BB or missiles. It always just depends on how you are going to use, if its little purpose is entertainment, then you can choose the BB bullets, but if you intend to use it for battles against opponents, there you might go for stronger an ideal.

Remote control.

It’s important that you are comfortable with the remote that comes with the tank that you’re buying. This is an essential part, which serves as a communication bridge between you and the battle tank.

If you find it difficult to find an ideal RC battle tank, you can make use of the top 5 picks we have enlisted below. Just do note that in the end, it will be your decision, which will matter most.

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