Tips To Get Started With RC Cars

So, you want to get yourself into RC cars, but you just don’t know where to start. This situation can be a bit challenging to get out, that’s why we have put this article together to help you get started without making major mistakes in buying RC cars like most new RC drivers frequently do. Starter always wants to have the best RC battleship, but this can be difficult especially if you have no background knowledge on what to look for to have a good RC car. You don’t have to put in many worries for we are here to help. We have put the things that you need to know, so you can get an RC car for yourself and start playing.

What is an RC vehicle?

RC stands for “remote control” also knows as the receiver or controller of the vehicle. What happens is that you control the vehicle with the use of the remote. You may have seen a no remote control cars at a big box retailer, and although these cars are cool to play with, they usually made with one component, and once you break it, the cars are done and won’t work anymore.

On the other hand, if you buy a hobby grade RC car or a battleship. These type of cars have different components all around its mechanism that you can replace and even upgrade the parts and usually you will have higher speeds. Better performance and also overall quality is much better, so let’s take a look at the different components.

The primary electric RC vehicle means it’s rechargeable. The drawback in this is that you will need to wait for about 5 to 8 hours just to be able to play with it again. It can spoil the fun, right? Well, the best solution to that is to upgrade its battery pack and also get yourself a better and a stronger charger so that it will have a long-lasting battery life.

The antenna.

This picks up the radio signal from the remote or transmitter and then goes into the receiver. There are different types of receivers such as AM, FM, and 2.4. AM and PM are going to have a little bit of interference whether it be from a tower or even a different radio controlled car. 2.4 is going to give you no interference, which is going to be the smoothest out of the 3 and it’s the latest technology.

Some RC cars have 2-channel set up, which you have the first channel and component, which is the steering and then you have the throttle component in the second channel, which is obviously for the throttle.


So, with electric RC battleship, you will have ESC, or the Electric Speed Control whit takes power from the battery. The connector will carry the volts coming from the battery pack of the RC vehicle, and it goes to the motor and gives life to the vehicle.

It is has brushed motor system, which is going around for a long time. There are also brushless motors, which have been out pretty recently, they’re more powerful and will be more efficient as well, which will help the car to run a lot faster.

Tips To Get Started With RC Car

Transmission and drive train.

These two features are going to help the RC vehicle to spin and control the differential in the wheels. The wheels have different types of compounds and rims that you can buy for your vehicle and upgrade later.


In every RC vehicle, there will be a small motor that steers the car. It can make the car move back and forth, so it can turn and change lanes when you put it on the road.

The springs and the shocks.

In the suspension component, there will be a different type of shocks and shocks by the different types of vehicles. If you are planning to buy one for a battleship, then you will have to look for springs and shocks that made for off-road.

The RC body.

You will mainly have two choices, metal or plastic? Metallic-made body RC vehicles are obviously more expensive than the ones who made in plastic. If you are planning to buy one for combat purposes, then you will need a durable one, which is the metallic-body of course. If you are just looking to have fun, then the plastic-bodied RC vehicle will suffice.

If you choose to go with the plastic, the car will be lighter, thus have run faster compared to the golden one. Any of the body type material is customizable; you can just buy some paints, stickers, and do them whatever you want your RC truck to look like.


The more realistic the sound the RC car can produce, the cooler the game get. There are different sounds that the car can trigger and how loud it could get is based on what you are going to use the RC car with. If it’s for racing, then you louder sounds will add suspense and thrill to the players, which is cool. However, if you are using it inside your home, then it will be best if you choose the low-volume ones since you don’t want to startle your family with the roaring noise every time you play.

The different types of RC cars

There are different scale sizes of RC cars. 1/36 micro car means that the real car will divide into 36. There are also 1/16 and 1/18 scale, which is lighter of course compared to bigger scale sizes such as the 1/10, 1/8, to 1/5 scale. Bigger scales are impressively durable especially when you use it for combat purposes, but they tend to move slower considering their sizes, so not recommended if you are going to use it for racing purposes.

The rule of thumb is the smaller the scale, the faster it can run. Bigger cars usually empowered with nitro and petrol fuels, and smaller ones are mostly rechargeable or also referred as an electric RC car. Don’t forget to check :

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