Top 6 Best Remote Control Cars For Girls: 2018 Updated Review!

Who says your daughters can’t play remote control cars? When it comes to buying cars whether it’s a toy-grader or a hobby-grade, the first initiation of the parents would be, “Toy cars are just for boys.” There’s surely nothing to worry about if your daughter asks you for one. Maybe they have saw it in TV, news, or magazine and they want to experience the fun of controlling a car. If you plan to surprise her on her birthday, these top 6 top of the line control cars for girls shall not fail your purpose. So, without further ado, let’s get started with the list.

Below is the list of Remote Control Cars For Girls

1. RC Sports Car – Best Remote Control Cars

Haktoys rc car review A few of the RC cars find it difficult to run on a straight line without being carefully adjusted, but with this Haktoys Light Up RC car, you’ll be surprised that it run pretty straight without you having to do a lot of tweaks just to get it run right. It’s one of the amazing RC cars out there, it’s a super light car. So, it will be great if you could test it out during night hours. There are different LED lights that is placed all around its body. The product runs smoothly on low-carpet or tile floors. It is powered with AA batteries, which is not included when you buy one.

Make sure that if you buy this product, you have already prepared some double A batteries that you have purchased separately. The car made from high-quality plastic. It comes with a plastic antenna, which added for the child’s safety. Do not forget to install the antenna to control it easily.
We haven’t placed it in the 1st spot for no reason; it’s simply because this product is newbie-friendly. So, it means that your daughter doesn’t need to have any prior experience to play with this remote car. It comes with spectacular flashing LED light that will look extremely entertaining, especially when you are playing at night. Get the feeling of being a police patrol who’s responding to the reported place. It’s amazing to start for your daughter to practice creativity in playing. It is reasonably priced, so expect nothing less but quality entertainment that it could provide to your child.

You can choose to use it with or without lights so that you can use it both during the day and at night, the fun does not stop when you have this toy with you. You don’t have to cringe, every time you heard those weird yells coming from the remote control car’s mechanism, it’s an excellent product, and we’re quite sure that your daughter will enjoy playing with this toy. It’s easy to operate, and the customer’s service of this brand is great. You can contact them easily by phone and talk to them whenever you have problems.

  • Can do wheelies.
  • The light-show is impressive.
  • Runs over on smooth surfaces.
  • The control range is very limited.
  • Not recommended for 2 years old and under.


Is the antenna flexible?
No, unfortunately, it isn’t.
Do I need to keep up with the car to control it?
Yes, it has a limited control range.

Your daughter will surely love the light-show that this car can do, to maximize the exhibition. You turn off the light and see the changing color of the lights. It works well during a darkened environment, so giving her the gift at the evening would be an excellent timing for her to play with the remote control. It runs very fast and she’ll surely want to play with it over and over again. It is reasonably priced, as your daughter learns how to control it, she can eventually perform wheelies easily.

2. R/C Lamborghini Murcielago

Jada rc car review It’s an amazing car in which you and your daughter can design together, it comes with free deco stickers that you can choose from. It run pretty fast, so we’re quite sure that your daughter will be surprised by its speed. It also works great outside, it’s easy to operate especially on hardwoods. And it can be a little trick to ride when you try to control it on the carpet. It a fun toy that comes with a lot of value. It can go surprisingly fast and you will surely enjoy decorating it together.

We’re not exaggerating when we tell that it’s a bit pricey for a toy. But, if speaking of the entertainment, it could provide to your child. This would be amazing to have one, it’s a good toy for her, and she’ll learn how to use it more effectively after some time. It’s worth the money, and it comes with a lot of value. Many parents have loved what it can do for their children, it’s one of the best, and we can’t wait for your daughter to play with it. It’s would also make a reasonable price if ever your daughter behaves well in class. It’s a classy toy that she could play even when you grows up since it will never outgrow her.

It runs with a common frequency of 27MHZ, which will be operated in case if you have other another daughter or son that is playing with their RC cars, but overall the product is overall great, and we’re quite sure that there are tons of value that it can offer to the table. It’s fast, and it comes in a girlish color, which is purple. Unfortunately, it does not come with any headlights. So, it will not be fun to play with it during the night.

  • Easy to operate.
  • Comes with deco stickers.
  • Full function radio control.
  • Durability can be improved.


Can my daughter decorate it?
Yes, it comes with stickers that she could customize.
Is it recommended for my 5-year-old daughter?
Yes, it is.

Final Verdict

This car model will turn up the girly and creative side of your daughter; it comes with many glamour deco stickers in which she can customize until it looks exactly like what she wanted it to be. With its unique style, she’ll fall in love with it better compared to other car models that look the same. If your daughter has a brother, they could race their remote control cars and have fun. Just do note that if ever you received a defect one, you can call the customer service to get it changed. It’s an amazing car that your daughter will fall in love playing with. It’s something that she can style all her own and can provide her with entertainment.

3. Camryn’s RC Hoverboard

Project Mc2 rc car review If your daughter is only up for a hoverboard, then this will be a good cover. The hoverboard can control of course with the use of a remote control. There’s also a doll that comes with it and a helmet. It comes in a baby blue color- it will surely turn up the girlish spirit of your daughter. If you have watched Project Mc2, this hoverboard can run fast just like in the movies. It’s one of the best, and we’re quite excited for you to witness how fast it can go. Remote control controls the hoverboard, and it can spin at 360 degrees. It can go fast forward and can do the reverse.

The turning from left to right and vice versa also works great. You will surely get what you paid for when you go with this excellent product. The doll comes with two elbow pads and 2 knee pads to make it seem like a real person on a hoverboard. It does provide a second-hand experience for your daughter to play with it inside your house. If your daughter loves to watch fairy tales like Cinderella and the like, then this beautiful doll would be a great reflection of her. She wears a cool outfit that is classy and fun to look at the same time.

It runs at awesome speed, so if you think your daughter can handle it, then she would enjoy playing with this one. The construction is ready to ride, she fastens on her safety gear, and it’s up to your daughter when she wants to see it rollin’. Just like the original Netflix series, you will surely have a lot of fun with this Queen Camryn Coyle on a hoverboard. When you press the button on the remote control, it automatically tells the hoverboard that it is ready to go instead of talking with radio waves and sound waves.

  • Easy controls.
  • Knee and elbow pads included (for the doll).
  • Helmet included (for the doll).
  • The quality of the doll could still be improved.


Will the doll fall down?
The product includes a stand, so you may use it if the doll falls.
Is it easy to control?
Yes, it is.

Final Verdict

One of the best things about this product is that it stands as a great reflection to your daughter. The doll has a great outfit, and she looks like the real thing riding on a hoverboard. We’re quite sure that your daughter will love and will love to play with it for a longer time. You’ll surely get what you pay for, guaranteed with this product. It’s fun to look at, and it comes with excellent speed. Watch your daughter laughs with happiness with her new toy. You can even elevate the fun by playing it with her, who knows you might want to buy one for your own. It’s an amazing pick, perfect gift for your girly daughter!

4. Minnie Mouse RC vehicle

Jada rc car review It’s a fun toy, and it’s perfect for the little people. Get them giggling with this Minnie Mouse RC vehicle that she could control. It comes with a spin feature; it’s easy to control whether you’re controlling it forward and reverse. The Alkaline battery runs it. It might have some choking hazards, so it’s not recommended for kids aging 2 years old and below. This is for 3 years old and up. This will surely become one of your daughter’s favorite. Three AA and two AAA batteries power it- these are not included, so you might as well buy it separately.
This can run pretty fast, and your daughter will find it comfortable to play with it since it comes with a friendly and knows character, which is the Minnie Mouse. It’s perfect for your little ones, and we’re quite sure that they’ll love playing with it even for a longer time. It is one of the most recognizable characters on the driver’s seat, she’ll love it- no doubt. The toy is also easy to operate. It can perform some interesting spins that your little daughter would love to play.
We know exactly how it feels to bang your head out on the corner repeatedly. Overthinking what the perfect to give as a gift to your child. It can provide your kid with so much fun that she would never forget. It can also play outside, and on the carpet, so there’s no issue whether you’re bringing your child out to get some fresh air, or she’s in the inside- she can play with this toy anyway.

  • Minnie Mouse is on the driver seat.
  • Runs smoothly on carpet.
  • Runs on the outside ground, but not that rocky.
  • Batteries not included.


My son has an RC car, could I still buy this for my daughter?
As long as you don’t let them play at the same time.
Can my 1-year old daughter use this?
No, recommended age is 3 and up.

Final Verdict

This would make a perfect gift for your little daughter, it comes in flashy girly pink dotted color that is just attractive for your toddler’s eyes to look at. It can driver forward, do some spins, and can turn left and right. It’s an exciting way of giving a perfect gift for your child. It’s one of the best and your daughter will love the recognizable character who is in the driver seat, which is the Minnie Mouse .It can go pretty fast and it makes as a wonderful gift that your daughter will always cherish. It provides entertainment and at the same time adventure to your little daughter’s eyes. This product is worth to buy!

5. LESHP Wall Floor Climber Remote Control Car

LESHP rc car review Don’t be fooled by the price, this RC car may be small, but it can run through rocky roads outside, except of the huge rocks ,though since it can’t overrun it. But overall, this is a great climbing RC racer remote control car that your daughter will surely love. It can do amazing spins, stuns, and its speed is just simply amazing. There are only two available colors which is the blue and the red. It can run on the smooth surface, ceiling, floor, and on the wall. It can do the magic and it’s totally different from other traditional RC cars that you probably have used before.

If you’re having a hard time in picking a perfect gift for your daughter, this would be an ideal one. It has strong car body, and it’s made durable. It comes with a reasonable price, and it’s quite affordable, judging from the stunts that it can do for you. You can also spice up the situation by playing this one with your child. It will surely bring the family that special type of enjoyment that you will surely remember for life. The body made lightweight so that it can run easily on different surfaces.

Your kids will surely thank you for this special gift. It can be used for wall climbing and as a regular remote car. The body of the car is shockproof, so it can help in reducing the damage that could get from falling by accident or from crashing against a tree. It featured with a special vacuum feature that allows the car to drive vertically or climb walls. The brakes of this toys have lights, so your daughter will surely find it entertaining to look at. This is an RC toy that is recommended for 5 years old and up.

  • Can climb on walls.
  • The body is shockproof.
  • Can be a regular remote control car.
  • It’s a loud toy.


Can my 7-year old daughter use this?
Yes, absolutely.
Can it climb walls?
Yes, it can.

Final Verdict

We say that this product only recommended if your daughter is already 5 years old or up. There can be choking hazards that are dangerous for young toddlers to play. It costs $20 and below, so it’s not that heavy on the pocket. It comes with a lot of value that your daughter will always cherish until she’s a teen. This RC car deserves to become a part of your bucket list!

6. Transform Car Robot

SainSmart Jr. rc car review If you’re looking for some Transformation inspiration. Then, we couldn’t give you any better car than the one who owns our 6th spot. In just a single push of a button, the car can automatically transform into a robot from being a car. It can easily be transformed back and forth easily- your daughter will surely have a lot of fun with this RC toy.

It can do spins, turns, and it transforms- it will be one of the coolest gifts that she will receive for her birthday. The stunts that it can do are quite awesome, and it comes with LED lights that could entertain your kids.
It works pretty well at night and in daylight. The transmitter system is quite strong, thus giving you up to 30-40 meters distance control. You can use for about half an hour, and you can charge it for 60 minutes or 1 hours. I come with realistic engine sound, which roars and the robot as well comes with an exciting sound that could also move.

  • Can transform into a robot and vice versa.
  • Realistic sound engines.
  • High speed drifting feature.
  • Has some LED lights.
  • The wheels could be better.


Is it worth to buy?
For entertainment purposes, yes.
What up with the wheels?
The design of the wheel can suck the hairs on the carpet.

Final Verdict

It’s an amazing toy that can do the magic trick, which includes the ability to climb a wall. Your daughter will surely be impressed by this feature and will want to play with it more. The brakes of the car can bring up lights, so I can up if you are playing in the dark room.
Remote control cars are not only for entertainment purposes but could also improve your children’s’ knowledge in science. Like why the car moves with the use of the remote control. It also offers them a second-hand experience when it comes to riding a real car. They can do a spin, a stunt, and a joy ride. Hope you have found our article helpful. We know you have something in mind and Let us know what you think about our RC Cars For Girls. we would love to hear from your, do share!

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