Top 6 Best Pop Up Beach Tents For Kids in 2018

It’s the 21st century already, and parents are looking for things in which they can introduce their kids to a great variety of experiences, so they will not only learn but explore and have fun as well. Raising smart and well-mannered kids can be a bit tricky task for parents, especially that in the millennial years, there are multiple of sources which your kids can influence. It can be from their phone or computer, from game characters they play on the game console, or by the people they watch on TV. Since this is happening already, as a parent, you need to encourage your kids that unplugging off from their digital life is extremely important.

Below is the list of Best Beach Tents For Kids.

Kids get easily bored, which is very understandable. You’ve probably received a lot of tantrums from your kids. To make your kids’ life fun and engaging you can take them to camping. This is a perfect time for your kids to discover the nature. The wondrous place that they will surely love. It’s important that you teach your kids how to appreciate the beauty of nature while they are still young. It’s is such a great side bonus that as parents, camping can give you a comfort of relaxation. A break from work, a break from the pollution, and most of all a break from building and concrete sceneries. The color green is good for the eyes, and when you and your family go camping, you will surely feast your eyes with a lot of green-colored sceneries.

Is camping an easy activity?

Camping with your whole family can be a bit difficult task, especially that you have to consider your children’s safety, but bear in mind that it will be fun and a memorable experience. You don’t have an expert in nature or be a frequent camper, what’s important is that you have you and your kids are camping together. You may not always have a good time since camping can be tiresome. But there will be times that you and your family will have a relaxing time. Just imagine being around a campfire, while you tell stories to your kids. It can be a ghost story, but not the ones that are too scary. Just a story that will give your kids a goosebump is okay.

There are many benefits of camping, just a quick tip, for you to have a good time during your camping days: plan ahead. Having a month or a few weeks before you head out to the woods will leave much-thinking space where you can plan everything. Starting from your meals, your water, and the shelter. The best one to get is the pop-up beach tent, you will not only be able to use them on the beach, but you can use it as well on other activities like camping.

How do I choose a Pop Up Tents For Kids?

There are many things that you need to consider when buying a tent, first and foremost you have to consider the tent’s durability. It’s important that it will stand up nice and strong even if there’s a strong wind heading in your way. Especially, if you plan to take your kids to the beach, the wind there is powerful since it’s an open space, so you have to be extra careful about choosing your tent. Another thing that you need to consider is the portability since tent are made to be used a shelter during outdoor activities. It’s essential for you to consider the product’s portability. Of course, the tent must be easy to assemble for kids don’t want complicated stuff.

Other than the features above we have enlisted, another thing that you should consider is the aesthetic appearance of the tent. Kids are attracted to something that has assorted colors, so why not get a colorful tent? You also have to consider your budget, sticking to what you have put aside for buying a tent is important. If you can afford going beyond your estimated budget, then that is fine. But don’t spend the money that you have put aside from other stuff. Before we reveal the top 6 best pop up beach tents, lets us first check out the different benefits of taking your kids outside.

Why is it important to take my kids outside?

For some parents, they don’t their children going out because they’re afraid of them getting hurt. If you work during the weekdays, then you should give the weekends to your kids. It guaranteed that you would enjoy your little people’s company. The outside world is not as dangerous as you think. In fact, their particular places that your kids will surely enjoy. Taking them to beaches, parks, zoos, museums, and camping sites is important for their physical improvement. Just imagine a kid stuck in the house, having no choice but to watch TV or play the game console- this is not a healthy habit for your children to practice, so it’s better to take them outside during weekends. Aside from is improves their strength and health, here are the other benefits they will get from camping.

Benefit #1: Breath that fresh air

We’re going to be a bit blunt to you. To be honest, the air that you breathe insider you house carries the dust that stuck in the wall’s corners. Dust is extremely tiny particles, which makes them very difficult to spot for the human eye. That’s why letting you and your kid’s skin to breathe fresh air from the outside is beneficial. Taking to the beach or camping sites will not only help your kids to relax but get that natural Vitamin D from the sunshine. Not to mention that when you take your kids to the beach, they will be able to practice their social and cooperation skills by building a sand castle and other activities.

Every human being needs some quality time to be outside. To breathe in clear and fresh air and just get soak under the mild heat of the sun. The best time you can get that natural Vitamin D from the sun rays is between 6 am to 8 am. “Early birds get the worm” can be applied when it comes to getting that natural Vitamin D. It is said that it is better for kids to indulge in physical activities while they are still young so that they will develop stronger bones they age. Bringing them to the beach will encourage your kids to run freely enjoying God’s creations. They might not show that they inside they are very alive, but you can tell that with the smiles and giggles.

If your kids wish to swim a buoy is not enough, you should still be looking after them. Especially that the height of sea level can change over time. Not to mention that the current of the waves might move your kids from one direction to another. So, it’s always important that you look after your kids while they are swimming. The sunshine and the fresh airs also help in elevating your mood and decreases your stress levels, heart rate, and blood pressure. In a simpler sense, the great outdoors can certainly make you and your children happy.

Letting your kids be on the beach or out in the woods will help them to become a bit primitive and even practice some independent traits. This is an awesome parenting tip that every parent should know. Raising a kid can be both fulfilling and tiring sometimes, but at the end keep in mind that it will always be worth it. Your kids will only be kids once, so cherish every moment with them. One day you wake up, they’re adults, then that will be the time when you have fewer responsibilities to do for them, for they can already cope on their own.

Benefit #2: Going to the beach or a camping site is exciting

Doing the same things, again and again, can stress you out. So, giving yourself some break will surely do you a lot of favor. Going to the beach or camping with your children is an awesome experience for them. It’s something new and different from they do in their normal life, that’s why it tends to be memorable. They won’t forget it for years; kids will enjoy the trip alongside watching the beautiful sceneries in the woods and taller trees and big boats when going to the beach.

As 21st century parents, there’s nothing more fulfilling than watching your little people learning new things on their own or also referred as self-discovery. Your kids might not show how grateful they are for letting them be in the outside world, but they will forever have in mind that happy picture of you as their parents.

Benefit #3: It’s educational

There’s nothing better than letting your kids have some hands-on learning; it will allow your kids to enjoy and have a lot of great educational moments. Assembling their tent will leave the sense to your children the importance of having a shelter and how it can protect them from mosquitoes, from the heat of the sun when it gets too hot at noon, and from the rain. Most of the children spend long hours learning about the different birds, trees, clouds, bugs, fishes, crabs, shrimps, stars, fires, and tents. When they go to a camp or at the beach, they will be able actually to see all these stuff and even touch them except for the sky, stars, and the sun.

Brings to places where they can learn is extremely important since they will be able to see an actual fish and even touch it if they desire too. Feeling the texture of the fish is different than just reading it on the book stating that they have rough skin because of their fins. If you take them to camping, they will be able to watch the stars at night while you’re reading a story to them. If you take your kids at camping, we’re quite sure that they will love wandering around during the night and maybe spend hours counting the stars. Kids can be silly and fun that’s why parents will always love them. If your kids would like to catch some fireflies, they will be able to do that when you go to camping. If they studied about sand and soil, they could play with it when you take them to the beach where they can build sand castles.

Benefits #4: Your kids will have to eat foods they may not like

Kids will always favor delicious treats like S’more, Doughboys, Peach Cobbler, and Pudgy Pies. Who wouldn’t love these stuff, but are they healthy? There’s a big difference between good fat and bad fat. Bad fat is what you get from eating bad sugar from processed foods while good fat is what you can get from foods like fish. When you go to the beach or maybe go camping and try late fishing, then your kids will be forced to each healthy foods like the fish. Of course, we’re not trying to promote that you force your kids to eat fish when it disgusts them, but it will help them to realize that they will feel full and satisfied with eating fish, the same as they eat a lot of cake.

Letting them realize that anything serves before them can make them full or survive for the night will help them grow as grateful individuals. For you are practicing them to be thankful for what served in front of them. After all, who wants their kids to grow up as spoiled brats, who will demand what they want and rebel if they don’t get it. Having your kids to try new foods like dinners that you have preserved in tin foil will teach them to be grateful for the food they receive and learning to deal with the blessing they were given.

When you go to the beach or camping for days, where there are no food stalls that you can buy stuff from. Your kids will be limited to the food you had brought with you to the site, so your children will have to figure out whether to go hungry or eat. Of course, you can’t bring your whole refrigerator with you, so most likely you will only bring food that you can carry. You’re probably asking, “Are you telling us not to give what our child wants?” No, we aren’t telling you this, but if possible you should teach your children to learn a good lesson in gratitude which is in this case, they will learn to appreciate the food that placed before them.

Benefit #5: Free from tech experience

Millennial kids spend their hours most of the time glued to technology, they use it in school, they use it in making their assignments, they use it to communicate with friends, and they use it to almost anything they do in life. Giving them a break from the TV and tablet life will be beneficial not only for your kids but you’re as well. We know that as working parents, you tend to be near your phone for emergency office meetings and all those jobs that require you to face the tablet or PC’s screen.

A technology free experience is not only beneficial for the eyes but also gives you and your family to spend a quality time enjoying each other’s company. When you go to the beach or go for camping activities, we suggest that you don’t bring any electronics with you and just leave it in your car, so your focus will lend on the things that you see around you. Playing boarding games, climbing trees, and fishing are just some of the activities that we’re quite sure you and your kids will enjoy.

Top 6 Best Pop Up Beach Tents For Kids

1. Easy Setup Beach Tent – Best Beach Tent for Kids

Pacific Breeze Products pop up beach tent review The Pacific Breeze Easy Up Beach Tent is lightweight, perfect when you go to the beach and does not want to carry heavy baggage with you. This tent is easy to set up and comes with a UPF 50+ sun protection and has large windows, which surely your kids will love.

  • Easy to carry.
  • Comes with 50+ sun protection .
  • Has large windows.
  • Folds up easy.
  • Easy to set up.
  • A bit small for two adults to fit in.
  • The tent’s umbrella cannot fully protect adults.
  • A bit pricey.

2. Automatic Pop Up Beach Tent

OutdoorsmanLab pop up beach tent review If you’re the type of parent who finds the assembly time tiring, then this tent can solve your problem. This Outdoormanlab tent automatically pops up. There’s no assembly required; the tend folds and pups in seconds. A great choice for family and kids who needs a sun shelter or a play tent.

  • No assembly required.
  • Comes with a sun blocking coating.
  • Affordable.
  • Easy to store.
  • Easy to carry.
  • It does not close in the front.
  • Two camp chairs won’t fit inside.
  • Not that durable.

3. Outdoor Pop Up Beach Tent

Svance pop up beach tent review If you value privacy, this tent comes with a door that can be opened from the outside and inside, which you can close when you need a private space for you and your family. It also comes with a UV protective and Windproof that make sure that you get 90% UV protection. It's another perfect beach tent for kids.

  • It has a sun shelter.
  • Windproof.
  • Can also be used indoor as a play tent.
  • Comes with a free carry bag.
  • A bit tricky to packed back once you pop it.
  • Repacking it back to the carry bag takes practice.
  • The instructions could still be improved.

4. DayTripper Beach Shade

Coleman pop up beach tent review The Coleman DayTripper Beach Shade comes with 2 zippered doors, which provides privacy to the tent users. It comes with 4 hanging pockets inside, where you can store your necessary items. It also comes with an SPF 50+ UV guard protection to protect you and your kids from the heat of the sun.

  • Has 4 hanging pockets inside.
  • The doors come with zippers.
  • Comes with UV guard protection.
  • The tent has a floor mat.
  • The mesh lining can still be improved.
  • Too big for 2-3 kids.
  • The quality could still be improved.

5. Sun Shade Tent

RIJER pop up beach tent review This tent works perfectly for parents who love to bring shade for their baby when they’re going to the beach. The tent is not windproof practical though, for if the baby is left alone inside and there’s a strong wind, the tent will flip over, so it needs an adults weight to stay up.

  • Easy to carry.
  • Gives shade.
  • Well-constructed.
  • Folding it back to the packaging can be a bit challenging.
  • Not 100% windproof practical.
  • The anchor stakes can still be improved.

6. Pop Up Beach Tent

G4Free pop up beach tent review The Outdoors Large Pop Up Beach Tent is comfortable and spacious that could fit 2-4 adults inside. It automatically pops up, so parents and kids can save themselves from pitching the tent. You just need to throw the tent in the air and automatically opens up. It comes with 2 side mesh windows and 2 large doors for air ventilation purposes.

  • Comes with 2 large doors.
  • Can fit 2-4 adults.
  • Automatically pops up.
  • Comes with 2 side mesh windows.
  • A bit pricey.
  • There’s no way to cover the mesh sides.
  • The tent is not recommended to use during the rainy season.

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