Best Gifts for 17 Year Old Girls: Buying Guide

So, your beautiful daughter is about to have a blast on his big day, and you wanted to add the suspense by giving her a gift item that you know she would love. A 17-year-old girl loves things or the so-called ‘cool and hot stuff.’ But this does not apply to everyone though; some girls tend to prefer old-fashioned things. Make their seventeen even more memorable to them by taking many pictures in their happiest moments.

At the young age of 17, your daughter will find this age interesting and fun. She will start to look forward to better and brighter things after high school, and sometimes she would feel that she is not yet ready to get old or enter adulthood. Just a quick parenting tip, always make time where you and your kids can talk about the things she wants to pursue. Always support her dreams or her passions. When you know what they are aiming to become, you will have the best idea of what would make a gift item for your 17-year-old daughter.

Since your daughter is already 17, she will be preparing to enter adulthood. You should then start checking if you have taught your teen everything she will need to become a responsible adult. At the age of 17, you will start to notice that your daughter has calmer moods if you compare it to the day when she was younger. If you feel like your daughter has not matured yet or lacks some skills to go on her own, you will have to invest more time and effort on her so she can have the skills to be successful.

Below is the list of Gifts for 17 Year Old Girls

1. Dead Sea Mud Mask

Pure Body Naturals girl gift idea review One of the important things your daughter must learn before she turns 18 is being able to take good care of herself. This includes her ways of eating, the effort for exercise, and all other things that relate to personal development. We’re quite sure that your 17-year-old girl will love to try this Pure Body Naturals Dead Sea Mud Mask that will make her facial skin looking fresh and young. Your young girl at 17 would always love to look good. This gift item is perfect for fighting blackheads and for unclogging pores.

You’ve been 17 before, and we’re quite sure you know the struggle of trying to fight a battle against acne. This jar is natural mud that helps your daughter to solve her problems with acne. It also helps in removing the dead skin cells and toxins from the skin. If your daughter has been struggling with acne breakout due to the dirt she get s while being outside, then this will be a great gift to pick. This product is rich in minerals and salts that naturally helps in minimizing pores. It also helps in removing lines and wrinkles, making your 17 years old’s daughter face looking young and fresh.

What we like about it

Your daughter will be conscious of how she looks, having acne breakout is like a thief in the night; you never knew ‘when’ will it occur. This Sea Mud Mask does not only help your daughter to clear her acne problems but helps her to face acne scars. This will improve the blood circulation on your face, which is one of the good ways for your daughter to achieve natural and clear looking skin. It helps your skin to look and feel healthy; this is one of the best products that your daughter is going to love to apply on her face.

Another good thing that we love about this product is that it is natural, which means that your daughter has a lesser chance of having negative side effects from it. It comes with clear instructions that make it even easier for your daughter to use. You need to apply a fragile layer to clean your dry skin. When applying, sd to remember to do it a circular motion. Remind your daughter that she must be careful when applying the product to her lip and eye area and that she should always have clean, dry hands when applying this face mask. Every 17-year-old girl would love this gift item in their beauty cabinet, why not get your daughter one?

2. Wireless Headphones

Sound Intone girl gift idea review Does your daughter love to listen to music? Every teen girl has a way to cope with her feelings. Some girls, when they feel stressed out, grab their headphones and let the music take them away. If you have noticed that your 17-year-old girl loves music that much, then she will love this Sound Intone P6 Wireless Headphones, it comes with microphone and volume control, which are incredibly cool features. Your daughter can wire headphones to recharge these headphones when it runs out with battery juice.

There are volume control and a memory card slot where you can place your micro sd too. You won’t need a phone to listen to some good music; these headphones will do. It is such a huge plus that your daughter does not have to deal with wires since this set of headphones is wireless. Your daughter would love listening to music from 6 to 30 hours of standby time. It’s a cool gadget that we know every 17-year-old girl would love. It also supports Bluetooth mode with is a good thing if you want to listen to songs that are coming from your phone.

What we like about it

As parents, we like our children to have all the paths and ways easier than we had before. You can start it by giving them gift items that would help them enjoy and get more of life. Things that will make their lives more convenient and easier. This set of headphones will make an excellent gift for your 17-year-old girl, especially if she is a certified music lover. She can listen to nonstop songs without having to worry about phones, she can insert her memory card, and she’s ready to listen to music. This would also make a good pair of items that she can use when she’s riding a bus or when she’s working out.

We know that your 17-year-old daughter would love to feel pumped when working out, so why not let her listen to music with this amazing set of headphones while working out? It comes with a rechargeable battery, and it only takes 1 hour and 30 minutes to recharge. It’s a reliable product that your daughter would love. It comes with a 3.5mm cable when your daughter wants to make it into wired headphones. It comes with a folding design that is easy to carry when your daughter wants to bring for travel.

3. Fiber Lash Mascara – Best Gift for 17 Year Old Girls

Mia Adora girl gift idea review Your daughter at 17 will love to look good, who doesn’t anyway? But nothing feels better when you are young and at 17. There’s nothing good at paying good attention to personal hygiene? You’ve been once 17, and you know how much you love it when you receive compliments from friends. Your daughter would love this 3D fiber lash mascara to give more drama to her eyes. Girls love it when they have successfully managed to make their eyes look enchanting and beautiful. It naturally gives your natural lashes that eyelash extension effect, which is quite a good feature.

Sometimes putting falsies can take time, so if your daughter just wanted to go all out with enhanced natural features, then she would love this mascara. It comes with a clump-free formula, which makes it extremely desirable to wear throughout the day. Your daughter will never have to experience having ‘raccoon eyes’ anymore when there’s a clump-free feature that comes with the product. It’s one of the best products that you are going to see out there, and it featured on 2022 celebrity gift bags.

What we like about it

We like it when your daughter can go fancy without having to wear fake lashes; this 3D mascara will give her that natural look and at the same time protecting the product from spreading all overhear eyes. In this product, there will be one tube of WET magnifying mascara gel and one tube of dry microfiber that are all sealed in a recyclable carrying case. This would make an amazing gift item that we’re quite sure every 17-year-old girl would love to have in her essentials.

4. Hair Chalk Pens

A.L.C. girl gift idea review Does your daughter love to style her hair and sometimes dye it with colors that she likes? Then she would probably be astounded to have this hair chalk glitter hair color that she can easily use to color her hair strands. There will be 6 (six) edge hair stix colors that she can choose from, which is quite cool. There will be three ways that she will be able to apply it; she can use for hair braids, layered looks, and bangs. It can last up to 3 days on the hair once applied, and it can easily be washed away with the use of shampoo. It is super cool to have for every hair color lover.

What we like about it

Your daughter does not have to of for risk in dying her hair and dying it back in case if they don’t like the color. With this hair chalk, it can be easily washed away when you take a bath with shampoo. This is a wonderful gift item that we’re quite sure your 17-year-old daughter would love to have. Your daughter would also have more styles that she could choose from since she could further style it with the use of this hair chalk.

5. Hair Straightener Brush

Sara girl gift idea review Your daughter never has to feel pressured to rush into the salon when she has bad hair days. With the use of this hair straightener brush, your daughter would be able to have straighter hair strands just by brushing it. This is a cool product that we’re quite sure every 17 years old would love to have in her essential bag. It falls under the ionic ceramic plate, which means that it can heat in just 90 seconds. Just remember to remind your daughter that she must use a protectant oil before running the brush through her hair stands.

What we like about it

It is made from high-quality materials and does not heat up after using it for quite a long time. Your daughter can easily see that her hair is straighter with a single brush. Your 17-year-old girl would love to look their best all the time, and this item can help them to achieve like that. This would make a wonderful gift item that we’re quite sure every 17-year-old girl would love to have in front of her makeup table.

6. Bluetooth Speakerphone

iHome girl gift idea review If your kid is already a teen, you won’t be giving toys to them anymore. Gifts like gadgets and accessories are great gift ideas. Girls are also very concern about their physical appearance at this age. Giving them makeup or anything that will help improve their physical appearance is one of the best ideas to make them happy. Also, girls like to get new gadgets. If you are going to give them a brand new smartphone, chances are they will be jumping around the room in happiness. Yes, they will appreciate almost anything that involves gadgets as a gift.

With that said, iHome iBT29BC Bluetooth Color Changing is a cool gift for your young girls. They would certainly enjoy the loud and quality sound coming from this mini speaker. It has a couple of nice features, which makes sound playing a lot easier. With the use of Bluetooth connectivity, allows them to stream music from any Bluetooth-enabled device. Yes, they don’t have to connect the speaker to the device when playing music physically. This is quite convenient since it allows them to use their phone while playing music on the speaker.

What we like about it

Of course, it also has some extra features which add more to the fun. This cool speaker has five color-changing Led cabinet and display. It would somehow make a disco-like effect, which is amazing to look at when using an area with low light. There are also six colors and wake up color modes. It is truly an exciting mini speaker to have. Every teen girl will love it. Also, it is not very expensive. The price is very affordable. Parents can easily allocate a budget for this gadget.

7.Razor Electric Scooter

Razor girl gift idea review Well, if your girls already have a lot of gadgets and accessories in their cabinet, then they might get bored if you will give them a gadget or an accessory as a gift. It’s time to think about a new kind of gift. There are certainly boatloads of gifts that you can think about for your teen. But it is important to give them something unique and useful. It should also be fun and exciting. You have to get that surprised reaction whenever you give the gift to them. Razor E100 Electric Scooter is one of the best gift ideas if you want to surprise your girls on their birthdays. It is certainly something that your teens will not receive every day. Yes, it might sound a bit worrying, allowing them to use a scooter at a young age, but don’t worry. This scooter is quite safe for young girls.

It is not a very speedy scooter. Your teens will have enough speed for using it when traveling to a near destination. It is still exciting and fun, though. This scooter can run up to 10 MPH. Yes, that is moderately fast. But, it is still enough to allow your kids to avoid obstacles quite easily without being too slow. Now, if your teens want to travel to a nearby neighbor, they can use this scooter for fun and faster trip. This scooter powered by gasoline. It instead powered by electricity. They can easily charge it whenever it runs out of juice.

What we like about it

We like that it is not one of those common gifts for a teenager. It will surely surprise them once you present this scooter on the front of them. They will most likely try it out right away. Now, that is the kind of reaction that you want to see from your teens whenever you give a gift to them. Also, the quality of this scooter is outstanding. It charges up fast but takes quite a long time before it runs out of power. They can use it for up to 40 minutes. That is certainly enough for short and quick trips. This scooter is also a parent’s choice award winner.

8. Art Set Drawing

Goplus girl gift idea review If your teen girl is attracted to the arts, then giving this art set as a gift is a practical idea. This art set perfectly made for anyone who wants to try out or hone their artistic skills. There are over 80 pieces of deluxe art set. It has art supplies best suited for drawing and painting activities. Goplus 80-Piece Deluxe Art Set is one of the best choices. However, if your teens are not interested in arts or paintings, they might get disappointed by this gift. That’s why it is best to give this gift to teens that show interest in painting and drawing. It’s another perfect gift idea for 17-year-old girls.

So, this gift idea is specific to teens who like to draw and paint. But, don’t take it as a final word. Your girls might still like it even if they are not really into painting. The quality of this art set is also admirable. It made of serious art paintings and drawings. Allow them to create magnificent artworks using this art set. Help them develop their talents by giving them quality tools, which will give them have the free-way to create whatever they have in their creative minds.

What we like about it

First of all, we like that it comes with a variety of coloring tools. Having different kinds of coloring tools is quite essential since it will give the flexibility that your teen needs while doing their artwork. The quality of this art set is also topnotch. It comes with 24 color pencils, 24 watercolor cakes, two drawing pencils, one kneaded eraser, and more. Goplus 80-piece Deluxe Art set is truly one of the best gifts for your teen girls. It will give a lot of joy and help improve their artistic skills.

9. Garmin Forerunner

Garmin girl gift idea review Now, this gadget is another cool gift for your teen girls. At that age, they are usually very concern about their physical health and appearance. That’s why having a daily exercise or going jogging during the morning is not uncommon to them. Most teens determined to improve their health and physical appearance. This could be due to the reason that they have huge reserves of energy or due to pressure from their peers. Anyway, doing physical exercises is not a bad thing. It is something to be encouraged.
Garmin Forerunner 230 carefully assists your teens in running or jogging activities. It packed with a lot of features that will keep them informed about their progress. Most of its functionalities will make your teen’s daily life more convenient. This gadget can be worn easily on the wrist. It is both sleek and cool to look at. One of its features is its ability to connect to a Smartphone. Once it linked to your teen’s smartphone, they can start receiving notifications. They will keep informed about text messages, incoming emails, calendar reminders, and call alerts.

What we like about

There are a lot of reasons why you should buy this gadget for your teens. Not only as a gift but also as a regular tool that will help them with their daily activities. It is a great notification gadget that will keep your teens informed about the things that are currently happening on their Smartphones while they are away jogging. Its main functions are to assess the user about their physical changes and improvements. Garmin Forerunner 230 can monitor the calories used during the entire day of performing different activities. It can count the steps and distance traveled by an individual. There is a cool feature where it will vibrate whenever the user is sitting for too long. Overall, it is a great device for assessing your teen’s physical health and activities.

10. LED Bluetooth Speaker

Garmin girl gift idea review We have already mentioned a speaker on this list. Well, allow us to introduce to your other kind of speaker, which is also great as a gift to your active teens. Almost all teens are interested in music. They love to wear headphones or speakers when listening to music. It is a great relaxation or energizer for them. That’s why giving a speaker to them as a gift is never a wrong idea. The quality and features of this speaker are worth mentioning too. Like the speaker that we have on this list, it also has light effects and the ability to connect to phones using Bluetooth.

Now, these features are quite important since it allows the user to play music without having the phone physically connected to it. Teens can still use their phones while they are playing music on this speaker.

What we like about it

You wouldn’t believe how much joy a speaker could give to your teens. It can make their daily life happy by just listening to their favorite music. This speaker is very convenient to use. It doesn’t run out of power too fast. Having a 2,200mAh built-in Li-ion battery allows it to play for up to 3 hours on full volume or 6 hours for 50% volume. Let us know what you think about gift ideas for 17-year-old girls. Comment below and let us know your pick!

What can I expect from my 17-year-old daughter?

Your daughter still needs a lot of guidance and learning from their parents. They would do things that would please you and things that might get you disappointed. The thing is they would do stuff that entertains them, that’s why we do encourage you always to have time for your daughter where you could talk about her problems and wants. Your daughter will spend most of her time thinking about the future and the things she would like to do for a living. Parents should take time to assist and evaluate the development of their children.

Your 17-year-old daughter would love to take more responsibility and will want to stand on their own feet. Also, at this age, it will be a great time where you can teach your daughter how to handle situations, so she will be able to know what and how to react when they are facing a particular situation. Your daughter will be 18 soon, so it will be a good idea if you have taught her healthy coping skills, problem-solving skills, and anger management skills. Since you are thinking about buying a gift, it might be a good idea if you pick a gift that would improve their management, solve, and coping skills.

She will be thinking a lot about her future and how he can achieve his goal. However, there’s a huge possibility that she will still change or alter her goals, but you will start to notice that your daughter will start thinking about her future. If you can afford to give the gifts that would assist her in building a better future, then that would be something your daughter is going to appreciate.

By the time your daughter reaches 18, she will be asked to move out of the house and let her find her passion. For some, it’s going to be exciting since they would like to do stuff on their own, and for some, it is scary since they won’t be able to reach their parents fast compared when they are just living under the same roof. Never let your teen feel insecure since this can lead them to feel like they have no choice, and they lack direction, and they can lead to feeling pressure in finding a quick career goal that would make them living like joining the military.

Your daughter will love to have much freedom as she could handle. If you are wondering about the couple of steps that you can take to make your daughter prepared for the adulthood stage is to let them stay alone for the night, give her the trust to drive her car, and let her get a job. These are just some of the couple of steps that you can take, giving her more tasks that most likely she would do by the time she would start living on her own.

Don’t let your child live by herself if you notice that she continues to make poor choices in life. Some of the poor choices and signs that she is not ready to handle living alone are speeding, missing curfew, and experimenting with drugs. They still need a lot of guidance so they will learn things at best. If they make repetitive mistakes, let them go through consequences, so they will learn that what they did is extremely wrong. Your teen still needs a lot of assistance, so she makes healthy decisions for herself.

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