Caring Your Baby in Summer

When summer is just around the corner, mommies would always love to keep their babies comfortable whatever the season is. As a parent, you should know that season affects your skin and body, so it creates a different impact on infants; in every season, your babies always need particular and keen attention. In winter, you always make sure that you can provide your baby with warm clothes so that they won’t catch a cold. Just like the other season, you should also render extra care for him or her during the summer season, which can be tricky on some points. You may find your baby needs to adjust to the surrounding temperature consistently. To avoid unnecessary health issues, you should keep an eye on what your baby eats and drinks during this season.

If you feel like it can be quite difficult, we are here to help you with how you can accomplish your baby mission. We have compiled a guide for you, so you can effectively take care of your baby this very summer. Babies have sensitive skin, so putting them under the sun for too long and not in the right hours will be the worst idea that a parent will ever do. If you’re a busy mom, then have to find a nanny for your baby. We would exclusively love to help you on how to pick an ideal person who will take good care of your baby. But first off, you have to have a manual to follow, so you can have something to hand out to your nanny, in case if you can’t take care of your baby this summer. We understand that some mommies are full-time mommies, but some have to go off to work. So, without further ado, here are some of the tips to raise your baby healthily this summer.

Now, you have a healthy baby, which you worked hard to deliver. You must be feeling triumphal to finally see your baby after months of carrying it in your womb. You are looking forward to a very stressful and tiring but worth it months of taking good care of your baby. There are a lot of adjustments you should be making, especially if you are a new mom. You might be more at home than you are usually are. It’s a mixed feeling of being restrained but also blessed with a newborn child. You are always thinking about your baby’s current conditions and looking out for his/her needs. You want to make sure that he/she is growing all right. Normally, parents wish to have a happy and strong baby.

The following list is to aid you in achieving a bright-eyed and a vigorous baby:

Newly born babies.

Your little infant demands long hours of sleep. It is important to let them sleep to support their progress and developments occurring in their bodies, which are vital for them to become healthy and strong. You have learned that babies sleep sixteen (16) to seventeen (17) hours with intervals in the previous chapter. You should breastfeed your baby and stop when your baby gains enough weight and stops sucking at your breast. It is normal if your baby cries a lot. He is trying to express himself or herself. Check if your baby is tired, sleepy, hungry, or in need of diaper changing.

Handle your baby with genuine care.

One important reminder is never to shake your baby’s head. It causes baby’s tiny blood vessels found in his or her head to tear and bleed and may lead to blindness, hearing deficiency, slow learning, other results caused by brain damage and may even cause death. As aforementioned, your baby cries to express himself or herself since he or she cannot speak words yet, it is discerning to know how to adjust when your baby cries much and be knowledgeable of serious effects, shaking can cause to your baby. Take this advice, handle your baby with care, and never shake your baby.

Keep your baby 24-hours clean.

Just as how you want your house clean, dirtless, shiny and neat, you have to do more for your baby. Your baby needs all his or her eating utensils boiled under hot water for ten minutes to kill the possible dirt and bacteria clinging to it. Everything your baby uses and touches must be clean and sanitized. Most pediatricians highly recommend newborns to take a bath of two to three times per week. You may increase the number of frequency of baths as your baby gains age. Though your newly born baby is recommended not to take a bath every day, it is important to keep their diapers clean and changed when dirty. There are various types of diapers, one that is cooling and soothing, totally made out of cotton, and some other brands are heavy and may cause your baby some discomforts. In choosing the type of diaper to use, make sure that your baby is comfortable and confident.

Be careful on using sanitizers, make sure your baby has no way of getting it- he or she might drink it, sanitizers applied with the proper amount of alcohol on the entire surface on your hands will be a good alternative if sinks are not available. However, a thoroughly good washed hand, drenched with water and cleaned with soap, is the best way to wash off the bacteria.

Do not believe in the five-second rule. Everyone knows about this certain food rule that when the food falls on the floor, no longer than five seconds, it is still safe to eat or edible. Do not think that it is safe, even if your floor looks shiny, do not let it fool you. Research shows that the food is contaminated with germs as soon as it hits the floor. Concerned parents should say no to the food five-minute rule; it is not true.

Your baby’s bathing time.

Babies’ water for bath should be lukewarm, too cold may cause cold and too hot will hurt your baby. Some babies have waking up time routine, from their rising time, let them rest for thirty (30) minutes before you take them out to avoid common cold he or she might catch outside. When he or she is outside, you may travel with your baby for the same amount of time of thirty (30) minutes, this will help him or her to absorb vitamin E from the sun. Encourage your baby to wake up at five (5) to six (6) am, the sun’s vitamin E is at best at these early hours. It is another plus that you have allowed your baby to walk as a part of his or her exercise. After thirty minutes outside, you can bring your baby inside to rest for a while, you can offer your baby water or juice with lemon or honey, through this, it stimulates the digestive of your baby and lukewarm water allows regular bowel movement. Make sure that when you proceed in giving a bath to your baby or toddler, he or she has rested for thirty (30) minutes. An enclosed place for bathing is recommended to avoid babies catching colds. Avoid contaminating the eye when washing him or her with soap. Always have his or her clothes clean and ready.

This part is imperative in the life of a baby, as this is the time where he/she will introduce to the world. After giving birth to a baby, the mother must be very careful in giving the proper amount of attention to his or her needs. We all know that there will be changes or development in the baby after it is born. As a parent, you should be watching out for it and figure out what they mean. If you are a very busy parent, you might consider hiring a nanny; the baby still needs breastfeeding, though. In this case, you can store breast milk inside the bottle in advance.

Get a manual or electric breast pump according to your needs and put it in the freezer afterward. Pregnancy and taking care of a baby must expect and well-planned. Make sure you have enough time and money to support the baby. This part of the baby’s life might be one of the most stressful and expensive, so get yourself ready.

If you are a working mother and you feel guilty for leaving your newborn baby to the babysitter, you might consider leaving your work temporarily, if you can manage it financially. But if not, it can be difficult. Hiring a babysitter is the best option. You can hire your relatives, who can trust with your baby, or hire from an agency. It can be a bit tricky to look for the right babysitter you can trust much more one that suits your budget.

Here are some tips on hiring a nanny:


Know the potential babysitter better by asking questions. Discover if she had a history in babysitting. Inquire her whether your baby has illnesses or allergies that should be watched out for. How does she comfort a crying baby? Does she know CPR or first aid in case of an emergency? These are important types of questions you want to ask. Explain to her that she will take on the role of a mother, and she should treat your baby as her child for a while.

Know your babysitter’s background.

You will need to be a bit investigative here. If the babysitter you are looking at is a complete stranger or someone you know little about. It is smart and reassuring to ask about her background. Question her previous clients regarding her abilities and satisfactory rating. Ask for her ID, birth certificate, or anything personally-identifying documents.

Look for babysitters nearby.

Start by asking your relatives, friends, or anyone you know and trust, who is currently available. Inquire them that you need a babysitter, either part-time or full-time. It might be more productive going over to those who have many experiences in having a baby. Having a relative or a friend as a babysitter can be very beneficial and comforting, as they may treat your child as part of the family in some sense.

Test your babysitter for a while.

Do a test drive on the babysitter you have chosen. Monitor how she interacts with your baby and how skillful or experienced she is. You might want to watch her for a day before you go back to work and leaving your baby with her entirely.

What is your impression after the test?

If you feel that something is not right, chances are there might be not. Your instinct as a mother is trustworthy enough. Mothers know best, after all. If you feel like she is not the right babysitter to take on your mother role, then consider it in making the decision.

Have some updates.

Take time to call back home to your babysitter if everything is going alright. It will make you reassured and comfortable while you are doing your office work.

Inform your babysitter.

Do this if it is the first time for your babysitter. Take the time to explain crucial things like mealtimes, bath times, bedtimes, and food allergies, if any. If the baby is breastfeeding, inform the babysitter about the breast milk you stored in the fridge. Elaborate if your baby needs to take vitamins and when to take them. Experienced babysitters may ask you these questions anyway. Ask them if they have any questions to clear up.

The tips above are in need to consider, and you want to implement them in hiring a babysitter if you are a working mother. It is hard, if not impossible, to take care of a baby and doing your office work simultaneously. You need help from a babysitter or your family members if you cannot afford to hire one. Being a mother is one of the most stressful jobs in women’s life. But it is totally worth it because having your baby is the first step in becoming one true family. Anyone who is a loving daughter and a caring son placed at different corners of the world should appreciate their mother’s care and efforts for taking good care of them when they were still little and as helpless as a baby, for them to grow healthy and happy.

So, there you go. I hope you have to get some useful tips, which can help you to take good care of your baby this summer. Don’t forget to feed him foods that are rich in Vitamin C, so that they will protect and they will always be on guard against certain diseases. We would love to hear from you, tell us more if you find it difficult to follow the guide or you found it hard to look for an ideal nanny that will take care of your baby. We would get back to you as soon as we can. Happy parenting, moms, and dads out there!

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