Top 10 Best Kids Wooden Playhouses in 2022

Getting your kids outside and enjoying the nice weather is something that many parents work hard to do. It is not only healthy for them to get outside and get some fresh air and exercise, but it gives parents a break to get the housework done or just enjoy a quiet moment. That is why many parents purchase playhouses for their kids. It provides them with a place where they can go and explore the world around them. These playhouses are a perfect addition to the back yard and provide hours of fun and excitement. Playhouses allow them to let their imagination soar.

However, there are many different types of playhouses to choose from. Playhouses are made of all different types of material as well, which make some last longer than others. Some playhouses will last for a few years, and some can last for decades. When you are making this type of investment, you want to make sure that you are getting your money’s worth. Playhouses made of wood offer the longevity you expect and can be a great investment for your home. You want something that will keep them entertained, last throughout their childhood and something that promotes play and creativity. That is why we have scoured the internet to find the top playhouses on the market and compiled a list of the top ten best kids wooden playhouses. However, before you start shopping, there are a few things to consider before buying a wooden playhouse.

Our Top Picks

Things to Consider Before Buying A Wooden Play House

There are quite a bit of thing to consider when it comes to buying a wooden playhouse. Here is a breakdown of the things to consider that shed some light on why they are important to consider.

Choosing the Location
One of the first things to consider is where you want to put your playhouse. Finding a good place to put your playhouse is important. You want to find a place that is far enough away from the road and other dangers. Plus, you want to ensure that you have enough space for the unit that you purchase. If you have a playground or swing set, you may want your playhouse to be near this area, so you can create a play area in your backyard that is filled with things for them to do. You may also want to put it in a place that allows you to watch them through a window when they are old enough to play alone outside so that you can still keep an eye on them while doing the household chores.

Choosing the Size
Playhouses come in many different shapes and sizes. There are some that are as big as a shed or larger and others that could fit in a small living room. Choosing the right size is based on a few factors: the amount of space you want to dedicate to the playhouse, your budget, and your children’s age. If you have smaller children and limited space, you likely don’t want to choose a two level playhouse.

Choosing the Type
There are many types of playhouses. There are ones that are fully enclosed and look like mini houses and others that are more open to the elements. You can choose a playhouse with windows or open spaces. You can choose ones that sit on the ground or some that are raised above it. Choosing a house that works best for your needs is important. For younger children, you likely just need a little playhouse that doesn’t offer a lot of space inside. However, as they get older, it is better to offer them a playhouse that has room for them and their friends.

Safety Features
Your child’s safety is important. You should consider the safety measures that have been taken when designing the playhouse. You want to make sure that you choose a playhouse that is designed to protect your child from harm. You don’t want your little one to fall and get hurt, because the playhouse was not properly designed. Your playhouse designers should have added features to increase the overall safety.

Design Features
Outdoor playhouses come in various different designs. That is why it is so important to ensure that you choose one that works for you and your needs. For example, you can choose one with a built-in porch or a second level. You can choose to buy a playhouse that is designed as a simple square house or one that has a more complex design. Plus, each house comes with its own things to do. Choose one that includes activities that will appeal to your child.

The Best Wooden Playhouse

1. KidKraft Greystone Cottage Wooden Outdoor Playhouse

Backyard Discovery wooden playhouse for kids
The KidKraft Greystone Cottage Wooden Outdoor Playhouse is the perfect way to provide endless fun for your children. This stylish playhouse is made of wood and has an inviting design that will look great in any yard, age range, and encourage imaginative play. Plus, the playhouse can be easily assembled by one person in just a few hours. So if you’re searching for a high-quality and affordable outdoor playhouse, the KidKraft Greystone Cottage Wooden Playhouse is definitely worth considering.

It features spacious bay windows with plastic decorative frames, a charming front door, and a cute flower box. The inside is just as delightful, with plenty of room for imaginations to run wild. Kids will love pretending to cook in the kitchen, relax in the living room, or sleep in the cozy loft. It’s the perfect size for a small space and can easily be moved indoors if the weather isn’t cooperating.

Ringing Doorbell
It has a working doorbell, and comes complete with all the fun realistic details that kids will love. The cottage even has its own mailbox where kids can receive letters from friends.

Quality Materials
Assembly is quick and easy with our 3D interactive assembly instructions, available through the free BILT app. The fabric curtains add a touch of realism, and the cedar playhouse is built to last. With its sturdy construction and high-quality materials, the Greystone Cottage is built to last.

Weather Resistant
This playhouse is made of durable, weather-resistant wood and features beautiful hand-painted details. This sweet little cottage is made out of durable wooden materials and features a shiplap roof and plastic molded chimney. It comes with two working doors, four windows with flower boxes, and a mail slot.

Things We Like

Adorable and quality for the price.

Easy Assembly.

Encourages imaginative play.

Things We Don’t Like

Quality could be more better.

This KidKraft Greystone Cottage Wooden Outdoor Playhouse is the perfect place for your child to spend hours of imaginative play. It’s sturdy and well-made, with beautiful details that will delight both children and parents alike. I highly recommend this playhouse!

2. Backyard Discovery Outdoor Wooden Playhouse

Backyard Discovery columbus play house for kids
The Backyard Discovery Outdoor Wooden Playhouse is a great way for kids to have some outdoor fun. It’s built in picnic table and play houses make it the perfect place for them to create their own little world. Plus, it’s a great way to get them outside and active! This playhouse is sure to provide hours of fun for children ages 3 and up. The bay window is the perfect spot for them to keep an eye on their kingdom while they play.

Sturdy Design
This sturdy playhouse features an oval split door/window with working door knob and latch, giving your little ones a realistic experience as they pretend to cook up a storm in their very own backyard kitchen. The plastic playhouse is extremely durable. With multiple windows, your little ones will never feel cooped up while playing in this garden playhouse.

This playhouse features a side serving station with bench and toy lanterns, making it the perfect place for your kiddos to host pretend tea parties or cookouts. And with plenty of room inside for imaginations to run wild, they’ll never want to come back inside!

Pre-stained 100 % Cedar
This amazing playhouse is made from cedar and comes with a toy sink, play burner, fruit & vegetables basket, and other toy kitchen accessories.

Your little ones will love spending time in this playhouse. It’s the perfect place for them to pretend they’re in their own little world. They can use the mailbox to send letters to their friends, or order pizza from the attached wooden phone.

Things We Like

Sturdy design.

Fast and easy assembly.

Cutest playhouse.

Things We Don’t Like

Quality of wood could be better.

The Backyard Discovery Outdoor Wooden Playhouse is perfect for kids who want to have their own private space outside. This playhouse has a lot of features that will make your child’s outdoor experience more enjoyable, such as the porch, loft, and even a flagpole.

3. Step2 Neat & Tidy Playhouse

Swing-N-Slide playhouse for kids
Step2 Neat & Tidy Playhouse is perfect for hours of imaginative play. Your kids will love pretending to clean house and take care of their doll friends. Plus, the Neat & Tidy Playhouse is easy to set up – just fold it up and go! The attached picnic table is great for outdoor meals, and the grill adds a realistic touch. This playhouse also features flower pot holders, making it a great addition to any backyard. Older kids will enjoy using the water table to “wash” their dishes. The best part is that the Neat & Tidy Playhouse can be used indoors or outdoors – so your kids can enjoy the great outdoors while staying safe and dry!

Perfect Spot for Hosting Pretend Parties
This adorable playhouse is the perfect spot for your child to host a pretend dinner party or have a tea party with their friends. It’s also great for imaginative play and will help encourage your child’s development.

Role Model for Little Ones
They’ll love pretending to take care of their own home, just like their adult role models do! They can answer the phone when friends call, cook meals for visitors, and even check the mail.

Dutch Style Door
It has a working Dutch-style door and removable lid for easy access protects kids from bad weather. The window shutters are also movable, so your little ones can let their friends know when they’re home and ready to play.

Great Addition to Any Backyard
The charming design of this playhouse includes realistic stacked stone and a classic color palette. This features a doorbell, mailbox, flag holder, and Dutch-style door. The Step2 Neat & Tidy Playhouse will make your backyard the go-to spot for all the neighbor kids!

Things We Like

Too much fun.

Easy set up.

Unique Design.

Things We Don’t Like

Holes are not pre drilled.

This playhouse encourages children to be creative and imaginative, while also helping them learn about organization. With two stories and plenty of space to play, your child will enjoy hours of fun in this adorable playhouse.

4. Little Tikes Cape Cottage Princess Playhouse

Backyard Discovery kids Playhouse review
The Little Tikes Cape Cottage Princess Playhouse is a great gift for any girly girl. It’s pink and purple, with a regal design that will make your daughter feel like a true princess. Plus, it’s just the right size for toddlers, making it perfect for indoor or outdoor use. The picnic table is perfect for pretend tea parties, and the age range is appropriate for most little girls. This playhouse is also much sturdier than most cardboard playhouses, so you won’t have to worry about it falling apart after a few uses. And if your daughter starts to get bored of it, she can always add her own personal touches, like a rock wall or some indoor playhouses.

Pink Design
This enchanting playhouse will make your little princess feel like she’s living in a fairytale. The pretty pink design is guaranteed to capture your little one’s imagination, and with plenty of features included, she’ll never want to leave her royal abode.

Real Cottage Feel
It features two working doors, windows and shutters. Your little princess will feel right at home in this elegant cottage.

Easy to Assemble
This tikes deluxe home is easy to assemble and take apart, so you can easily move it around as needed. It includes pretty princess details like a working doorbell, floral graphics, and heart-shaped windows.

Extra Accesories
It features a built-in mail slot and a flag holder (flag not included). This playhouse will encourage your child to role play and have fun. It is also a great way to teach your child about responsibility. It also includes a cordless phone and a picnic table with an outdoor grill. For added fun, the swinging door can be used as a gate to keep unwanted guests out.

Things We Like

Play accessories.

Sturdy design.

Simplicity and Affordability.

Things We Don’t Like

Packaging could be better.

This playhouse is the perfect place for your little one to let their imagination run wild. With its pretty design and fun features, your child will be entertained for hours on end. If you’re looking for a whimsical play space that will make your kid feel like a true princess, then the Little Tikes Cape Cottage Princess Playhouse is definitely worth considering.

5. Swehouse Clubhouse Kids Playhouse

Bosmere Phlodge Rowlinson Little Lodge Play House
Welcome to Swehouse Clubhouse, the perfect place for kids of all ages to explore their imagination and have some fun! This garden playhouse is full of activities to keep you busy, including a play kitchen, a sandpit, and plenty of other fun things to do. We know that not every child is the same, so we’ve designed our playhouse to be suitable for a wide age range. Whether you’re two or twelve, we think you’ll absolutely love it here! And if you’re looking for something different from other playhouses, our clubhouse also has a climbing wall and slide, making it the perfect place to let off some energy.

Private Space
With plenty of space to play games, play balls, hide and seek, and read with their friends, this tent is sure to be a hit with any child. Inside their own personal clubhouse, every child can feel like they have their own secret base where they can let their creativity flow effortlessly.

Special Design
This cute and colorful playhouse is made from lightweight materials, making it easy to carry around and set up. It’s also waterproof, so it’s great for indoor or outdoor use.

Fun Features
It comes with a variety of features like a slide, ladder and ramps that your kids will love exploring. Best of all, the Swehouse Clubhouse Kids Playhouse is perfect for home, backyard, parks, day care or anywhere else your kids want to play.

Good Materials
This playhouse is made from lightweight materials and features a thatched roof, built in floor, and treated hardwood that make it durable and long lasting. It’s made from non-toxic materials with no smell, so it’s safe for kids to play in. Plus, the vibrant colors are sure to stimulate your child’s imagination.

Things We Like

Easy assembly.


Long lasting!

Things We Don’t Like

Quality needs to improve.

The Swehouse Clubhouse Kids Playhouse is the perfect place for kids to let their imaginations run wild. With plenty of space to explore, kids can pretend they’re pirates on a ship or explorers in a far-off land. So give your kids the gift of their own private space with the best playhouses on the market, the Swehouse Clubhouse Kids Playhouse.

6. Backyard Discovery Sweetwater Wooden Playhouse

Be Mindful Outdoor Playhouse for kids
The Backyard Discovery Sweetwater Wooden Playhouse is the perfect backyard playhouse for kids of all ages. It’s made from high-quality materials and is easy to assemble, so you can have it up and running in no time. It features a variety of fun and exciting features, including a working door, shutters that open and close, and a large front porch. It’s also large enough for multiple kids to play in, so your little ones can invite their friends over for hours of fun. Best of all, the Backyard Discovery Sweetwater Wooden Playhouse is very affordable, making it a great value for your money.

This cozy cottage-style playhouse comes complete with a half front door, custom flower pots, a kitchen with pots and pans, sink, phone, and working doorbell.

It is the perfect choice for those who want a durable and long-lasting playhouse that can withstand severe weather conditions. Made from cedar wood, this playhouse is rot resistant, making it a great choice for damp climates. The natural beauty of the cedar wood also makes this playhouse an attractive addition to any backyard.

Safety Features
This playhouse is made with high-quality, safe materials like pre-cut cedar and shatterproof windows. Plus, all of the indoor tools are plastic to prevent any injuries.

Things We Like

Instructions were great.

Easy to assemble.

Good quality.

Things We Don’t Like

Poor quality.

The Sweetwater playhouse is the perfect addition to any backyard. It’s sturdy construction and detailed design make it a favorite for children of all ages. With so many options for customization, each child can create their own special space in the backyard. Whether you’re looking for a place to host birthday parties or just want someplace for your kids to play, the Sweetwater playhouse is sure to please. Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to give your family the gift of outdoor fun!

7. Little Tikes Cape Cottage Playhouse

Allwood Playhouse Scout for kids Just like adults, kids need a place to call their own – a space where they can imagine, play, and explore. A playhouse is the perfect solution, providing hours of fun and outdoor exercise. And when it comes to outdoor playhouses, Little Tikes is the best in the business. Their Cape Cottage Playhouse is roomy enough for multiple children to play inside at once, with plenty of features to keep them entertained. Plus, it’s easy to assemble and can be customized to fit your child’s unique personality. Whether you’re looking for a cardboard playhouse or a wood playhouse, Little Tikes has the best outdoor playhouses for kids on the market.

This darling playhouse has a sweet victorian feel, with its blue and white color scheme. It’s perfect for both girls and boys, and is sure to provide hours of fun!

Develops Skills
This is the perfect way for your little ones to have fun while developing their fine motor skills and cognitive abilities. This multifunctional play house features a number of activities that will help your child’s social and emotional skills, improve language, encourage problem-solving, and build other developmental skills.

Durable and Safe
Made from durable plastic, this playhouse is built to last. It features a working door, mailbox, and flowerpot for hours of fun pretend play. For added safety, it has a UV-protected finish that helps resist fading.

Things We Like

Easy to assemble.

Sturdy and durable.

Stimulates imagination.

Things We Don’t Like

Cheaply made.

The Little Tikes Cape Cottage Playhouse is a great gift for kids who love to pretend they’re adults. This playhouse has all the amenities of a real house, including a kitchen, living room, and bedroom. Kids will have hours of fun playing in their very own home.

8. KidKraft Modern Outdoor Wooden Playhouse

Cedar Summit Bancroft Play House for kids
Looking for the best playhouse for your little ones? Look no further than the KidKraft Modern Outdoor Wooden Playhouse! It is a must-have accessory for any backyard. This beautiful playhouse is not only perfect for indoor use, but it can also be enjoyed outdoors. The indoor/outdoor playhouse features a part playhouse, making it the perfect addition to any home. The high-quality materials and sturdy construction make this playhouse a lasting backyard investment. KidKraft’s modern wooden playhouse is sure to provide hours of enjoyment for any child. Don’t miss out on this amazing backyard accessory!

Water Resistant
It features water-resistant roof panels to protect against the elements, and plenty of space for kids to play and explore. With its modern design, this playhouse is sure to be a hit with kids and parents alike!

It’s large enough that multiple children can play at once, making it perfect for those family gatherings or playdates.

Easy Assembly
Assembly is quick and easy thanks to the included instructions, so your kids will be playing in no time at all.

Things We Like

Adorable and functional.

Well designed.

Nice size.

Things We Don’t Like

Fell apart after few months.

The KidKraft Modern Outdoor Wooden Playhouse is a stylish and fun addition to any backyard. It’s perfect for kids who love spending time outdoors, and with its many features, there’s plenty of room for creative play. This playhouse is well-made and sure to provide hours of enjoyment for your little ones. We highly recommend it!

9. Evermeadow Wooden Playhouse

Backyard Discovery Outdoor Playhouse for kids
When it comes to outdoor playhouses, the Evermeadow Wooden Playhouse is in a class of its own. This beautiful two-story playhouse is made from high-quality lumber and features a Colonial-style design with a red roof. It’s perfect for kids of all ages, and it’s sure to provide hours of fun. Whether your children are playing make-believe or simply enjoying the fresh air, our Evermeadow playhouse is the perfect outdoor retreat. So if you’re looking for the best outdoor playhouse on the market, look no further than the Evermeadow Wooden Playhouse.

Quality Materials
This beautiful playhouse is made from high quality Fir wood, making it the perfect space for your toddler or child to explore and have adventures.

Safe and Friendly
This safe and friendly playhouse is perfect for children aged 18 months and up. It features an additional floor that helps keep out water, providing a clean and stable base for your little ones to play on. They can also store their favorite toys in this great playhouse.

Fun Design
The Evermeadow comes with plenty of fun and exciting features, including a working door, two side windows, and a removable roof panel for easy access. Kids will love playing make-believe in their very own playhouse!

Things We Like


Easy to assemble.

Ideal size.

Things We Don’t Like

Very expensive.

Evermeadow Wooden Playhouse is the perfect place for children to explore and have fun. The playhouse is made of high-quality wood that is durable and safe for kids. There are also several windows that provide natural light and allow children to look out into the garden. It would be a great addition to any home, and it would make an especially wonderful gift for a child’s birthday or other special occasion.

10. Backyard Discovery Victorian Inn Wooden Playhouse

Bosmere Rowlinson Playhouse for kids
The Victorian Inn Wooden Playhouse from Backyard Discovery is the perfect indoor playhouse for your little ones. It’s made of high-quality wood and features a realistic turret and dormer window. The large size is great for multiple children to play in at once. It’s also the perfect age range for your growing kids. Wooden playhouses are a great addition to any backyard. They provide hours of fun and enjoyment for the whole family.

Intricate Details
This beautiful wooden playhouse features intricate details that are sure to please, like a front porch with serving station, bench and modern appliances.

Designed with a Kitchen
This adorable wooden playhouse comes complete with a kitchen complete with telephone, cutting board,mounted sink, and burner. Plus, there’s even a fruit and vegetable basket with velcro food (Apple, corn, orange, carrot, watermelon, strawberry) for hours of imaginative fun. Your kiddos will love pretending to cook up meals for you in their very own play kitchen.

Panelized Walls
This beautifully panelized wooden playhouse comes with everything your little ones need to create their own special space in the yard, including windows, flower boxes, and a Dutch door. The classically styled facade is sure to please even the most discerning pint-sized customers, and the easy-to-follow assembly instructions make putting it together a breeze.

Things We Like

Beautiful design.

Easy to assemble.

Made to be sturdy and from quality materials.

Things We Don’t Like

Some pieces missing.

This outdoor playhouse is perfect for your little one who loves to pretend they are a grown-up. With beautiful details and plenty of space, this wooden playhouse will provide hours of imaginative fun. Your child can host tea parties, have meetings with friends, or simply relax in their very own backyard retreat. Give your child the gift of imagination with the Backyard Discovery Victorian Inn Wooden Playhouse.

What ages are playhouses good for?

Playhouses are great for toddlers and young children. They provide a fun and safe place for kids to explore and play. Playhouses also help promote imagination and creativity.

Do I need to put the playhouse on decking?

No, you don’t need to put the playhouse on decking. However, we would recommend putting the playhouse on some sort of level surface to avoid any accidents.

What would be good to put in the playhouse?

Some good things to put in the playhouse are a pretend kitchen, a small slide, and some toy animals. It is also important to make sure that the playhouse is safe for toddlers to use.

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