Top 6 Best Kids Wooden Playhouses in 2020

Have you been planning to buy a wooden playhouse for your kids? Have them placed in your yard? If you have thought about these questions, you probably have the eagerness to buy one. Is buying one worth it? In this article, we’re going to give you the benefit of the doubt; playhouses can be quite useful and helpful in improving your child’s love for physical activities. Watching your kids play one game to next can be exhausting to look at, but you have to keep in mind that kids love to play and that they love to consume the energy they have. Whether you’re an educator or a parent, knowing the different must-buys playhouses is important. We will also reveal the six best kids wooden playhouses that you can buy this 2020.

We’re quite sure that when you arrive home with a playhouse wrapped as a gift, your kids will be astonished by real excitement. There are many ways where kids can mold their physique at such a young age, and play with playhouses is one. It is where they can engage and improve their creativity and encourage cooperation from the other kids they are playing with. Having a kid’s wooden playhouse situated in your yard does not only bring fun and entertainment but also helps your kids to be developmental and physical skills. If still, you’re a bit confused about how a playhouse can make your child’s upbringing easier, here is our list for you to refer to.

Below is the list of Best Kids Wooden Playhouses

1. KidKraft Outdoor Playhouse

KidKraft kids Playhouse review Some parents don’t want to buy large playhouse, not because that they don’t’ want to or even so if they can afford it, they don’t feel like it has much use when their kids are still small. If you have the same thoughts, the KidKraft Outdoor Playhouse will be a great choice for you. It is a great playhouse that you can place outside; it’s not that big, but spacious on the inside.

Things We Like

Does not take too much space.

Spacious inside.

Comes with operational doors.

Comes with operational windows.

Safe for kids to play with.

Things We Don’t Like

The outer design could still be improved.

Quite costly.

Customer service could be improved.

2. Backyard Discovery Playhouse – Best Kids Wooden Playhous

Backyard Discovery kids Playhouse review This is a great playhouse choice for kids who just can’t lay around, but discover things. Its functionality is superb; the doors and windows can be opened just like a real house. This will undoubtedly provide a second-hand experience on your kids on how it feels like to have their own home.

Things We Like

Lots of operational things inside the playhouse.

The outer design is great.


Made with high-quality materials.

Things We Don’t Like

Instructions on how to use can be better.

Assembly takes time.

Can be quite costly.

3. Stoneycreek Wood Playhouse

Stoneycreek kids Playhouse review Your kids won’t even have to notice that this is a playhouse since it has a realistic structure similar to the adult’s house. This could be a great pub, where your children can have extra fun while they’re resting or doing other important stuff.

Things We Like

Has a unique design.

Provides fun entertainment to children.

Improves the social skills of the children.


A space for multi-tasking purposes.

Things We Don’t Like

Customer service could be better.

The matching of color can be better.

More operational tools inside the playhouse should add.

4. Backyard Discovery Cottage

Backyard Discovery kids Playhouse review With this cottage playhouse, kids will be able to work and improve their imaginary skills where they can customize the toddler playhouse base on how they want it to look. This will be a good recreational activity for your kids to indulge since the playhouse has operational windows and doors.

Things We Like

Perfect playhouse for outdoor.

Comes with a lot of operational features.

Kids can put real things inside.

Big enough for the kids to freely play.


Things We Don’t Like

The quality of the playhouse can still be improved.

Customer service could be better.

Instructions can still be improved.

5. Swing-N-Slide Play House

Swing-N-Slide kids Playhouse review In this playhouse, your little people will be able to play whatever role they may want. They can pretend like cute grown-ups who move in their new apartment in which they have to design their home according to their taste. This will provide both fun and excitement to your little kids, why not get one?

Things We Like

Safe for kids to use.

They can play slides.


Made from high-quality materials.

The customer service is very accommodating.

Things We Don’t Like

Can be quite costly.

The instructions on how to assemble could be simpler.

The paint could have been better.

6. Merax® Wood Playhouse

Merax kids Playhouse review If you have a larger backyard space, then this playhouse will be a great choice for you. It comes with a lot of features that the modern homes have today, this will aid your children to become aware and understand home management better, and they will be able to role-play the things they see in real life.

Things We Like

A great playhouse to introduce kids to home management.

Comes with operational windows.

The playhouse is well-painted.

Entertains kids.

Things We Don’t Like

Takes larger space compared to other playhouses.

Customer service could be better.

The built could still be improved.

Encouraging Outdoor Play

The majority of toys the children play can mostly play indoor, which probably they have already spend a good amount in school. Since learning for kids is usually integrated with games, so kids will love what they are learning. On the other hand, it’s also important for kids to get outside their house and play. Like doing extracurricular activities- this will be a great motivator for kids to want to play out in the open environment. It’s such a huge bonus; the color green is good for the eyes. This does not only develop their love for cognitive, physical, and social skills. By knowing it’s okay to socialize with other kids, they will grow as calmer, happier, and more discipline individuals.

Stimulating Creativity

Having an outdoor playhouse does not only give the children a place that they can call their own but also opens the door to a variety of activities. In this activity, children are not limited in a single activity, which is “play,” but it gives your kids an opportunity where they can drink, eat, play, and read. They will also be able to decorate and furnish their houses with a style that they love. It stimulates their creativity, thus exercising their brains at the same time. A playhouse does not necessarily have to be a house; it can design as a doctor’s office, a classroom, a fire station, children’s home, or anything your kids wished it to be. This a fantastic activity, which we’re quite sure your kids will love to do. Have you ever heard the quote that says, “Imagination is better than Knowledge,” with playhouses, your kid’s imaginary skills will exercise?

It encourages cooperation from other kids.

Of course, when children are playing, they will have to communicate with each other to reach a common goal. For instance, if they have decided to design their playhouse as a fire station. Then, they will have to discuss where they should put the fire extinguisher, the trucks, and how they should design the inside’s office. Just like playing basketball and other group games, your kids will be encouraged to communicate with each other. Playhouses encourage the engagement of more than a single child; it’s an activity that can’t play with just a single player. It gathers a group of children where they can have a single central space, where they can freely play.

The children can take different roles, which is good for them to experience the different professions and jobs present in their society. Group play is important for every kid to learn since this will teach them how to cooperate efficiently. In real society, there is a different task that will require cooperation by teaching them why it is important at a very early age will put them at a great advantage shortly.

Promoting Physical Exercise

Letting your kids moving while they will improve their physique, it’s not good for kids to sit in the corner and eat. Physical exercise is essential, so by buying a kids wooden playhouse, you’re doing your kids a huge favor. Decorating a playhouse is much better than sitting in front of a Television for a couple of hours or playing computer games, not to mention nowadays that kids can’t get enough of new video games that they can play. Having an outdoor playhouse gives your children a chance to be active. This, in turn, naturally increases the amount of physical movement your children take, which results in healthier selves and stronger immune systems. It’s way much better for kids to exercise than having to sit for long hours. That’s why there’s are activities that referred to as the children’s activities.

Here’s a quick tip, if you feel like your children are bored playing with the playhouse, take them to a Water Park where they can splash with enjoyment, you can also take them to other adventure games like taking them to a zoo or by climbing up a short hill. It said that the best time to improve the children’s bone strength is when they are still kids, so why not indulge them into something adventurous acclivities? But of course, you also need to consider your kid’s health and safety, so only let them perform activities that are safe for them.

Social Development in Children

Having an outdoor playhouse is an activity where children can learn how to communicate and work with each other in a group play activity. There are major advantages of a group play, and one of them is that they will be able to solve possible conflicts and differences. It helps your kids to improve their language and social activities, for they will be required to communicate with each other. Leadership skills also exercised, for kids need to learn that they must always do something with a purpose.

How We Chose the Top Outdoor Playhouse Kits in Our List

Finding a playhouse can be a bit difficult task; we’re not going to sugarcoat the reasons why instead, we’re going to give it to you straight. Some playhouse is not durable enough, and some companies are not about serious when providing high-quality products. As a result, parents or consumers nowadays are afraid to buy for they might end up buying a playhouse that is brittle or in other words, “waste of money.”

There are hundreds of kids wooden playhouses that you can choose from. Some of them are the best-looking, and some of them displayed at extremely affordable prices, which of which some of you will think of unbelievable. But don’t be fooled. Some of these products can be out of quality. With this fact alone, buyers are required to scrutinize each product. But we don’t want you to spend your money on the wrong products or perhaps search products over the net which could take much time. Instead, we have researched for you, so you can browse and select among the top 6 best outdoor wooden playhouses for kids that they will surely love.

We spent 34 hours of research to bring forth our results, and this how we did it so we can find the best wooden playhouses that you can buy. When you choose any of the lists, your money will not be gone to waste, plus you will save a lot of your precious time. We’re exactly here to help you to make a successful purchase of your next playhouse.

First things first, we have made sure that the six products included in this article have a realistic look, the kind of appearance that will make your kids feel like their decorating a real house. Yes, we have also included some affordable wooden playhouses, but we have made sure that these playhouses won’t break easily so that parents who do not want to spend too much on expensive playhouses can still have a product or two to look at. In our preliminary criteria, 81 products have passed. Most of them came from a reputable brand name, and some came from new ones. Overall, we have made that the products we have included are next to perfection.

We have also taken the time to study the product, so we know which of which will be great for young kids. Especially that kid’s attention span can be similar to the “shiny-object syndrome” where they are attracted to play a particular game, then move to the next one. By filtering the products and only including the ones that are appropriate for the child’s learning, we can filter only 35. The next features that we have evaluated are the soundness and the overall design; kids are about aesthetics. They won’t go for something dull and boring. The playhouses must be attractive and engaging for the kids to touch and interact with.

From checking these features along, our 35 choices were trimmed down to 21. The next thing we have checked is the quality and safety of the materials used in its manufacture and design, some of them have the standout, and some didn’t pass our criteria. So, we are now down to 14 choices. We had also evaluated the quality control measure of the remaining 14 products; we have checked if they have earned certifications from various recognized federal testing and evaluation agencies.

We have also see if the products approved by third party quality testing organizations. After conducting the test, we have trimmed down our choices into only six playhouses, which are the most trusted and have the most quality playhouses. They are safe to play for young children, and they come with instructions. We have gone through a lot to trim our list down to only the best of the best, and we are proud to say that we did a superb job when finding these six playhouses. These products, in particular, will make an amazing playhouse in the yard and the garden.

We have also read volumes of comments from the consumers that have reviewed the products. We have made sure that they not only stimulate the imaginary capabilities of your children. But it also lasts for a longer time. Of course, we don’t want you buying one product to another, just because they are not working right. You can rest assured that the products included in our list are bests of best. As parents, we know that you only want what’s best for your children. Investing in playhouses is not that expensive; it is such a huge plus that it encourages the young kids to play instead of using their free time sitting or lying on a couch. The human body is meant to move, sitting and lying should only be done when you’re tired and exhausted.

Playhouses and Your Kid’s Imaginative Play

A playhouse has always been one of the most useful toys to help in improving your kid’s cognitive and emotional skills. It is such a massive plus that decorating a playhouse can promote social competence where kids can socialize with one another to reach a common goal. The playhouse does not have to be the same or as real as what adults refer to as “home,” but close enough for the children to fill their imagination gaps. Just a quick tip, don’t just limit your kids in decorating playhouses, engage them in other recreation activities like hiking, visiting zoos, seeing monuments, swimming, and other activities that will give a chance for your kids to find their inner passion.

For instance, a playhouse can have a single roof, four walls, 2-4 windows, and a door. This will help them visualize the actual structure of a house. Who knows? Your kid might want to become a house designer or an architect someday. A love of design is never a bad thing. Instead, it’s a good passion that every kid could potentially have. This would also help them to become conscious of how they arrange their bedroom. When the room inside a playhouse is messy, they will not like it and will fix it. Thus, they will also apply this in real life.

Encouraging your kid’s thinking abilities can be further promoted by a playhouse. They will have to think about how what their home should look like, which part of the playhouse should they place the kitchen, and they your little people will also be encouraged to improve the overall appearance of the house. They will be treating it like a real home, so your kids will surely put their best decorating abilities to make their home most presentable.

The Bottom Line

Getting your little people a playhouse is not only a great idea for Christmas, but you can also give this to them on special occasions such as their birthdays and thanksgiving. A playhouse is not only an instrument for fun but also a foundation for learning. It will help your children to have a tool in which they will grow and developers better when they become adults. At this point, we know you’re quite excited to know about the top 6 best outdoor wooden playhouses you can choose from, so without further ado, here’s our list of best wooden playhouses for kids.

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