Top 10 Best Kids Wooden Playhouses in 2020

Getting your kids outside and enjoying the nice weather is something that many parents work hard to do. It is not only healthy for them to get outside and get some fresh air and exercise, but it gives parents a break to get the housework done or just enjoy a quiet moment. That is why many parents purchase playhouses for their kids. It provides them with a place where they can go and explore the world around them. These playhouses are a perfect addition to the back yard and provide hours of fun and excitement. Playhouses allow them to let their imagination soar.

However, there are many different types of playhouses to choose from. Playhouses are made of all different types of material as well, which make some last longer than others. Some playhouses will last for a few years, and some can last for decades. When you are making this type of investment, you want to make sure that you are getting your money’s worth. Playhouses made of wood offer the longevity you expect and can be a great investment for your home. You want something that will keep them entertained, last throughout their childhood and something that promotes play and creativity. That is why we have scoured the internet to find the top playhouses on the market and compiled a list of the top ten best kids wooden playhouses. However, before you start shopping, there are a few things to consider before buying a wooden playhouse.

Our Top Picks

Things to Consider Before Buying A Wooden Play House

There are quite a bit of thing to consider when it comes to buying a wooden playhouse. Here is a breakdown of the things to consider that shed some light on why they are important to consider.

Choosing the Location

One of the first things to consider is where you want to put your playhouse. Finding a good place to put your playhouse is important. You want to find a place that is far enough away from the road and other dangers. Plus, you want to ensure that you have enough space for the unit that you purchase. If you have a playground or swing set, you may want your playhouse to be near this area, so you can create a play area in your backyard that is filled with things for them to do. You may also want to put it in a place that allows you to watch them through a window when they are old enough to play alone outside so that you can still keep an eye on them while doing the household chores.

Choosing the Size

Playhouses come in many different shapes and sizes. There are some that are as big as a shed or larger and others that could fit in a small living room. Choosing the right size is based on a few factors: the amount of space you want to dedicate to the playhouse, your budget, and your children’s age. If you have smaller children and limited space, you likely don’t want to choose a two level playhouse.

Choosing the Type

There are many types of playhouses. There are ones that are fully enclosed and look like mini houses and others that are more open to the elements. You can choose a playhouse with windows or open spaces. You can choose ones that sit on the ground or some that are raised above it. Choosing a house that works best for your needs is important. For younger children, you likely just need a little playhouse that doesn’t offer a lot of space inside. However, as they get older, it is better to offer them a playhouse that has room for them and their friends.

Safety Features

Your child’s safety is important. You should consider the safety measures that have been taken when designing the playhouse. You want to make sure that you choose a playhouse that is designed to protect your child from harm. You don’t want your little one to fall and get hurt, because the playhouse was not properly designed. Your playhouse designers should have added features to increase the overall safety.

Design Features

Playhouses come in various different designs. That is why it is so important to ensure that you choose one that works for you and your needs. For example, you can choose one with a built-in porch or a second level. You can choose to buy a playhouse that is designed as a simple square house or one that has a more complex design. Plus, each house comes with its own things to do. Choose one that includes activities that will appeal to your child.

The Best Wooden Playhouse

1. Backyard Discovery 1605336 Cedar Playhouse

Backyard Discovery wooden playhouse for kids Backyard Discovery has built their Scenic Heights playhouse using all cedar wood. It is a compact size for little ones or smaller backyards. It offers all the same fun but in a smaller design that allows them to either use the ladder or the built-in steps. The clubhouse section of the playhouse provides them with a sheltered hideout that opens up to a deck space. With the built-in lay kitchen with sink and storage area, this is the ideal place for your loved ones to let their imagination soar.


Backyard Discovery has designed this playhouse with Safe-T-Fuse Hardware and heavy-duty brackets. The Safe-T-Fuse hardware prevents the locking nuts from loosening over time, so you won’t have to worry about them coming loose and making your playhouse unsafe. They are also designed with round edges to prevent your little one’s from snagging their clothes or scratching themselves on them.

Engineered to Meet ASTM Standards

This playset, like the others designed by Backyard Discovery, meets or exceeds the safety standards set by the ASTM, which sets stringent international standards for products around the world. Safety regulations and standards must be followed so that the best-known practices are being used to ensure your child’s safety.

Built in Play

This playhouse comes with a play kitchen, comfy cot, and storage containers. It is perfect for promoting healthy play and learning, while also keeping things tidy. When you are looking for something to keep your kids busy, this playhouse is a good choice.

Weather Resistant

This playhouse is made with 100 % cedar wood, so it can weather the storm. The chemical-free stain that is used on it to help protect it from the elements is safe for children and animals. It is a high-quality material that is resistant to mold and decay. The plastic components are UV resistant as well, so this baby was built to last.

Things We Like

Spring-loaded doors and windows.

Easy Assembly.

Engineered to meet international standards for safety.

Compact size for smaller children or smaller spaces.

Made with 100 % cedar.

Things We Don’t Like

Doesn’t come with a slide, which seems like a smart thing to have, but it can be added to the playset.

Backyard Discovery has designed a playhouse that works to encourage play. It is a perfect choice for those that are looking for a more compact design for a smaller yard or smaller kids. Your little ones will be running up and down the steps, climbing the ladder, running through the spring loaded doors, popping their head through the window, and having a great time.

2. Backyard Discovery Columbus Play House

Backyard Discovery columbus play house for kids The Backyard Discovery Columbus Play House is made of 100% cedar wood and is designed with a more open concept. It is very similar to the Timberlake model that is offered by Backyard Discovery. It includes the large window openings, play burner and sink, and flowerpot shelves.

Sturdy Design

This sturdy playhouse has been designed to offer your child their own little home away from home. They can really play house in this playhouse. It has a half door that uses a real working door knob. The company uses pre-stained cedar to provide a sturdy structure that will last when stored outside.

Fast Assembly

The panelized construction allows this to be easily and quickly set up. The windows are plastic and just pop right in. The set comes with everything that is needed to assemble besides basic do-it-yourself tools. It has been designed to ensure that it can be easily turned from a pile of wood into a fun playhouse.

Pre-stained 100 % Cedar

To ensure the longevity of this playhouse, Backyard Discovery has designed this playhouse with a sturdy wood roof, the signature sunburst gables, and is made of sturdy cedar that has been treated to ensure that it can withstand the elements.

Things We Like

Sturdy design.

Fast and easy assembly.

Made with 100 % cedar that has been weather treated.

Things We Don’t Like

Smaller Unit.

Open design fails to protect toys left in the unit.

This Backyard Design playhouse offers your child a place to play and have fun outdoors. They are sure to enjoy the play kitchen, huge windows, and classic design. The doorknob really works, so they can treat this playhouse as a little home. When the weather is nice, you want your little ones outside playing and exploring.

3. Swing-N-Slide Hide and Slide Play House

Swing-N-Slide playhouse for kids The Swing-N-Slide Hide and Slide Playhouse is designed with pre-stained wood and a fun look. It features a 47-inch slide that goes from the deck to the ground and wooden windows that allow light to get inside the playhouse. It has a unique look that is fun and interesting. Plus, it meets the ASTM safety standards for residential use. This quirky little playhouse sits off of the ground, so you can store things underneath.

Slide and Hide Design

Your little one can climb up the stairs, play in their playhouse, and exit down the slide. It is a great feature to have added when considering how your little one is getting out of their playhouse. What better way to add some fun to your yard with this cute house designed for play and a slide for added fun.

Pre-stained Wood Finish
Many of the sets that are available come unstained. This one is stained with unique and fun coloring, so you don’t have to do anything to it except assemble it. It comes in fun colors and unique design. This playhouse has a lot of character.

This Swing-N-Slide playhouse meets the ASTM international safety standards, which means that it has been built with these safety standards in mind. You want your little ones to be safe when they are playing outside the home, so choosing a playhouse that meets these safety standards is important.

Fun and Unique Design
Of all of the playhouses we have studied to create this guide for you, this one is by far the most unique looking. It reminds me of the crooked little house that the crooked old man lived in from our nursery rhymes. The windows in the ceiling allow for ample light inside the house for your little ones to play throughout the day.

Things We Like

Pre-stained Wood Finish, so you don’t have to stain it.

Deck and Slide Included.

Meets ASTM Safety Standards.

Unique Design.

Things We Don’t Like

Ceiling windows are open to the elements.

Some people stated that it was rather hard to assemble.

The Swing-N-Slide Hide and Slide playhouse is a perfect choice for those that are looking for a fun and interesting playhouse for their little ones that include a slide for added fun and entertainment. Although the slide is not that high off of the ground, it is still a fun way to get out of this playhouse. Your loved ones will have a great time playing in this fun house.

4. Backyard Discovery Timberlake Play House

Backyard Discovery kids Playhouse review The Backyard Discovery Timberlake Play House is made of 100% cedar wood to ensure that it will last over time. This playhouse features the half front door and side windows that lets the sunshine in. The windows are large and open and come with ledges. It is perfect for playing outside and offers an open design that allows the breeze to flow through space.

100 % Cedar

Safety and security are important. However, you want something that is going to last as well. This unit uses 100% cedar wood, so it can brave the elements, last longer, and be safe for your little ones.

Play Kitchen and Phone

Like many other Backyard Discovery play centers, this one includes a sink, stove, and cordless phone to help your little one pretend and play. There are also flower pot holders and large windows for letting a bit of that outdoor air into their play space.

Panelized Construction

The panelized construction provides a solid design and can cut down on the assembly time and assembly confusion. It is designed this way to ensure that you don’t have to secure every piece of wood when assembling. You don’t have to hire a carpenter to get this house together.

Things We Like

Play accessories.

Panelized Construction.

Sturdy design.

Simplicity and Affordability.

Things We Don’t Like

Smaller unit.

Some customers got pieces of wood that were peeling and split .

The Backyard Discovery Timberlake Play House is a great option for children of all ages. It is an easy to build unit that provides some play features to entice your little ones to use their imagination. It has an open design, which makes it easier to supervise the children while they are playing and lets the warm summer breeze surround them during play.

5. Bosmere Phlodge Rowlinson Little Lodge Play House

Bosmere Phlodge Rowlinson Little Lodge Play House The Bosmere Phlodge Rowlinson, Little Lodge playhouse, is designed to be a perfect place for your little ones to play. It has been regularly reviewed for safety and offers a safe environment for them to play when outdoors. It is stained in a dipped honey brown finish to protect it from the elements. It comes with a 10 year rot free guarantee and a limited year warranty against manufacturer defects.

Easy to Assemble Design

Bosmere Rowlinson has designed this sturdy playhouse and ensured that it was easy to assemble. It is a two person job. It can be done with ordinary do-it-yourself tools and complies with regulations for safety.

Rot Guarantee and Warranty

This unit is guaranteed not to rot for at least ten years and comes with a limited warranty that deals with any manufacturer defects. This way you know that your unit will last for your child, so they can enjoy it throughout their childhood.

Kit Includes

This unit is sold as a kit that includes two front windows that are fixed, a door with four window panes that have been safety glazed, solid floor boards, and roof boards with roofing felt. It has been designed to be easy to assemble and safe for your child to play in.

Things We Like

Easy assembly.


Rot Guarantee and Warranty.

Things We Don’t Like

Doesn’t come with any additional features to encourage play.

The Rowlinson Little Lodge is a great choice for many families that are looking for a place for their child to play outside that is built to last. They will have a lot of fun running in and out of this little house and playing throughout the day. It has been designed to make it easy to assemble at home and comes from a company that has been in the business of trading timber since 1926.

6. Be Mindful Outdoor Playhouse

Be Mindful Outdoor Playhouse for kids The Be Mindful Outdoor Playhouse is designed with a natural wood finish form responsibly harvested solid wood. It has been protected using a natural clear coat stain to protect the wood from the elements. It is made completely of wood and does not include any plastic. It has a more open design, which allows for great air circulation and light.


This is a very affordable playhouse that is built to last. You don’t have to worry about spending the money and not getting some good use out of it. Although it lacks a lot of the things that other playhouses offer, such as a pretend kitchen, a slide, or raised foundation, this playhouse is perfect for keeping your little one outside and having fun.


This sturdy playhouse has been stained to protect it from the elements, utilises 100 % compostable or recyclable wood with rust resistant galvanized screws that will allow it to last over the years without starting to break down.

Easy to Assemble

Predrilled screw holes make constructing this baby easy and frustration free. There is even a two minute assembly video that will help moms and dads easily assemble this unit and get it ready for play. All of the screws and other hardware are provided, so you won’t need much to get them out to play.

Things We Like

Affordable playset.

Easy to assemble.

Low maintenance.

Open Design for air circulation and to let light in.

Things We Don’t Like

Smaller unit.

Lacks any built-in things to do.

This Be Mindful playhouse has been simply designed to offer your little one a place to play that will last over time. It is designed on the ground and not on a raised platform, which is better for smaller children. It has been stained to ensure that it is protected against the elements and uses black accents to create a more modern look.

7. Allwood Playhouse Scout

Allwood Playhouse Scout for kids Allwood has designed a cute little playhouse that is perfect for your little ones. It is designed to resemble a log cabin, with a raised foundation, built-in porch, and ample play space on this inside. It is a cute space for your little ones to spend their time during the day. With windows on each side, you can let the light in during the day so that you don’t have on include any lighting, and hang a battery-powered lantern for the evening hours. It will be like your little ones are camping in style in this playhouse.

Spacious Design

This is one of the larger playhouses on the market and has a feel like a camper or a mobile home. It is long and provides ample space for adding furnishings that will turn it into a home. There are places to move around, store some toys, and let that imagination run wild.

Easy Assembly

This playhouse will take only about 4 hours to assemble and provide step by step instructions. The interior won’t need any finishing to get this playhouse ready for the little ones to play. It comes withal of the hardware, such as nails and screws that are needed. Only minimal tools are needed for the complete assembly. It comes with all that is needed, except the roof shingles and materials for the foundation. Plus, you can make it your own by painting it a color that suits your needs and design ideas. Maybe paint it the same color as your house to provide your little guys with a mini-house of their own.

Built to Last

The floor, roof, and walls are made of thick 5.8 tongues and groove wood that is chemical-free. It isn’t made of particleboard, which can warp and break when it is exposed to the elements. The Nordic Spruce that was used for the design of this playhouse is dense and grown slowly. This adds to the overall durability of the unit. It will ensure that this playhouse lasts long.

Raised Foundation

The raised foundation allows for space where you can store your little ones toys and other things underneath so that it doesn’t take up that much space that you are unable to use. This way you can put this in your backyard and utilize it as a storage space while providing your little ones with a neat place to play.

Things We Like

Raised foundation provides rooms for storage underneath.

Easy to assemble with the tongue and groove system.

Built with strong Nordic Spruce that is dense.

Spacious Design with built-in deck.

Things We Don’t Like

Very expensive and doesn’t include shingles, paint for exterior, or foundation materials.

The Allwood Playhouse Scout is a perfect choice when it comes to playhouses. It is a great little house designed to offer your little ones a home away from home. It is a cute little cabin bungalow that your little ones will spend hours playing in. When it comes to finding a product that is going to last and is easy to assemble, the Allwood Playhouse is the ideal solution.

8. Cedar Summit Bancroft Play House

Cedar Summit Bancroft Play House for kids The Cedar Summit Bancroft playhouse is a great option for your little one. This cute little playhouse comes with a café table, spinning chalk sign, and working door with door bell. This compact unit is large enough for three children to enjoy together but doesn’t take up a huge amount of space in your yard. The large window on the one side of the house is perfect for performing a puppet show. The child sized café table provides a place for your child to do a lot of things inside their little home.

Imaginative Activities

There are not many playhouses that offer the chalk sign and other features that this unit offers. It has a working door with doorbell and other fun things to help your kids turn their playhouse into a restaurant, theatre, and more.

Sturdy Design

This unit is made with 100% cedar lumber that is pre-drilled, pre-cut, and pre-stained. It is designed to not only be easy to assemble but designed to last with the sturdy construction. It can hold three children between the ages of 3 and 10 and a maximum weight of 110 pounds per child.

Easy Assembly

Cedar Summit Bancroft playhouse requires only two people to assemble and comes with a manual to ensure that the assembly is easy and can be done quickly. Everything is predrilled, pre-cut and ready to go.

Things We Like

Easy Assembly.

Excellent Customer Service.

Sturdy Design.

Things We Don’t Like

Smaller unit.

The Cedar Summit Bancroft house is a cute little playhouse that offers some activities that other playhouses lack. It is your standard playhouse that is designed to provide your child with hours of fun each day and built to last throughout their childhood. It is sure to be a place they escape to on a nice summer’s day, instead of sitting inside playing video games all day.

9. Backyard Discovery Outdoor Playhouse

Backyard Discovery Outdoor Playhouse for kids Backyard Discovery has designed this playhouse to act as the perfect place for your children to play outside. Whether they want to play restaurant or shopping center, or just sit on the outside bench for a snack, this playset is designed to provide for ample hours of fun and entertainment for your little ones. It comes with a kitchen set and flower pot shelves. It includes a play stove, sink, and cordless telephone, along with a snack window and integrated bench. It is the ideal space to let your child’s imagination run wild.

Sturdy design

This Backyard Discovery Playhouse is built using 100 % cedar and designed for outdoor use. You should treat the wood with a sealant once a year to ensure that it will last longer and protect the wood from the elements. But there is no reason to cover it throughout the winter as it is designed to be outdoors.

Integrated snacking spot

When your little ones want to play outside, they can set up an entire little bistro with this playhouse. The integrated bench is great for enjoying a pretend meal or taking some time out of their busy day to enjoy a snack. Backyard Discovery choose to include this feature to provide an additional place for your loved ones to play.

Fun Design

Your kids will love the cute design features that are included in this playhouse. It comes with a cute half door for the front and is very open compared to many of the other types of playhouses. Let your little ones run wild and enjoy their time outside, while they run their own little store or restaurant.

Things We Like

Designed using 100 % cedar.

Easy to assemble using paneling technique.

Built-in fun with kitchen and snacking center.

Designed for outdoors.

Things We Don’t Like

Needs to be weather treated, but most should be treated each year anyways.

This Backyard Discovery Scenic Playhouse is designed to allow your little ones to really enjoy their time outside. It is more open than other options on this list and includes a snacking station, as well as a pretend kitchen with cordless phone. It is a cute little playhouse that your little ones will enjoy.

10. Bosmere Rowlinson A038 Swiss Cottage Playhouse

Bosmere Rowlinson Playhouse for kids The Bosmere Rowlinson A038 Swiss Cottage playhouse is designed to be the cream of the crop when it comes to playhouses. It looks just like a tiny little house and will look great in your back yard. The house includes an upstairs platform that your little ones can climb up the ladder to get to. There are three fixe windows and a solid board roof that is made of mineral roofing felt.

Quality Design from a Trusted Company

Rowlinson Garden Products are made in England. The family business has been trading in timber since 1926. Their products are constructed using the finest materials available and constructed to the highest standards. Rowlinson Garden Products have over 85 years of knowledge in the manufacturing industry and use their experience to build solid standing playhouses that are strong enough to ensure that your little ones are safe. The windows have been designed with plexiglass that can be removed in the summertime to let the breeze come into the playhouse.


Of all of the various styles and options available for playhouses on the market today, this is one of the most spacious designs. There is ample room for play and creativity. It is a great place to store your little one’s toys while providing them with a place to play with them as well. The upper level is great for creating a bedroom space, and underneath this loft area is a perfect place to put your little ones toys. It is tall enough for adults to feel comfortable coming in and keeping the place tidy or sitting down for some evening tea.

Designed with a Playhouse and Den

This spacious playhouse offers a play area and a den. It has the loft area, places to store toys, ample room for running around, and is a cute design. This playhouse was designed to offer your little one’s their own space. They can have sleepovers and get-togethers in this playhouse. It is the ideal design when it comes to having the space to really “live” in there. It will be their little fort, and the little ones will spend hours playing in there and having fun.

Easy to Assemble Instructions

Assembly is usually a part of the task that makes some people second guess about buying a playhouse of this size. That is why the company has provided easy to assemble instructions that provide you with enough instructions to ensure this baby gets up without a hitch. The roof is a bit more challenging to get on, but it is still manageable. Even those without a background in construction can assemble it like a pro. Overall, you will be able to complete this project and have your little ones playing in just a short time.

Things We Like

Spacious Design.

Like a Real House for your Little Ones.

Made to be sturdy and from quality materials.

Things We Don’t Like

A large unit that will take up ample space in your play area.


Bosmere Rowlinson A038 playhouse is the ideal place for your little ones to spend their day. They will be outside enjoying the sun and be able to use their imagination to turn this playhouse into thousands of different places they can go to. It claimed this top spot because of the spacious nature that allows your little ones to have a house of their own. When it comes to building a perfect playhouse for your kids, Bosmere Rowlinson built something that children of all ages can really enjoy.

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