Best Christmas Gifts For Kids 2020

If you ask kids, “What is your favorite day?” probably their answer will be Christmas day. It’s the day where people show and share more love with each other, and gifts are one of the ways parents can show love to their kids. If you go to the store, you will face a great variety of choices, which even makes it extremely difficult to pick the best one. By this fact alone, it will be beneficial if you decide what to buy before heading out to the store. As parents, you probably have the best idea of a gift that your children would love.

Your kids have probably asked you to buy them something for Christmas already. Buying and adding the gifts that they have already asked you for, is something that your kids will be more grateful to have. If you don’t have any idea what to buy, we’re going to provide some of the amazing must-have toys that will not only make your children happy but can also share them with some educational value.

If you are in a rush, you can proceed to the top 10 best gifts that are perfect for children this coming Christmas day. We have made sure that the gifts we have included in our top 10 list are durable. We have also included toys that are best for the budget. On the other hand, if you still have more time to read this article, let us discuss the different benefits that a gift can do for your children.

Below is the list of best christmas gifts for kids

1. DraWaoy RC Robot Dog

It is a perfect gift for your kids. Let them play with this remote control robot, and they will surely have hours of fun.
It is easy to control and can perform a variety of actions for your child’s enjoyment.

Things We Like

Gives entertainment to your kids.

It works as a gift during Christmas.

It is safe for your child.

Performs a variety of actions.

It can recharge easily.

Things We Don’t Like

It is quite expensive.

Not very durable.

You may have to teach your kids first on how to use it.

2. Micro Mini Kick Scooter

It is the highest rated scooter available for children aging 2 to 5 years. This toy is also safe for your kids.
The smooth gliding wheels and safe steering will surely give a lot of excitement to your children.

Things We Like

It is safe for your children.

Equipped with smooth wheels and low-to-the-ground deck.

It is perfect for kindergartens and pre-schoolers.

It has a lean-to-steer design.

This scooter is easy to operate.

Things We Don’t Like

Some kids may not like it.

They could be bored by it later on.

It is a bit expensive.

3. Cozmo (Old Packaging) – Best Christmas Gift For Kids

It gives a lot of fun and excitement to your kids. It is also an excellent gift for Christmas. It can display different emotions. Also, emotions are not random. It’s another best christmas gift for kids.

Things We Like

It is interactive.

It can develop new feelings .

Cozmo is very easy to operate and use.

It can give a lot of fun to your kids.

Cozmo app is constantly updating.

Things We Don’t Like

It might confuse your child.

It is quite expensive for a toy.

It might bore your kid in the long run.

4. Barbie Dreamhouse

It will surely satisfy your kids if they are Barbie fans. This colorful Dreamhouse will activate their imagination.
Accessories are available for a better playtime experience. There is also a working elevator.

Things We Like

It is colorful and attractive.

It is perfect gift for your young girls.

Improves the creative skills of your kids.

It is detailed and realistic.

Perfect for girls who are Barbie fans.

Things We Don’t Like

This is toy only for girls.

It is not very durable.

Difficult for your kids to move around.

5. Gotham City Jail

It can give an excellent, imaginative play to your child. If they are a fan of Batman, they will be amazed.
It includes Bane and Batman figures, which are very exciting to play with. The Bane figure has light features that add to the fun.

Things We Like

Perfect gift for your Batman-fan kids.

It has a colorful and fun design.

The light up features adds more to the excitement.

The figures are entertaining to play.

Allows imaginative gameplay.

Things We Don’t Like

It needs batteries.

Your kids might get bored after a while.

Not very durable.

6. KidKraft Vintage Kitchen

It effectively simulates a real kitchen where your kids can do some activities. There is a doorknob that clicks and turns. You can teach your kids some basic kitchen activities while they are having a lot of fun.

Things We Like

It is quite durable and safe.

It can last for years so younger siblings can use it later on.

The design is quite detailed and accurate.

Kids will learn some basic kitchen activities.

Give a lot of fun to your kids.

Things We Don’t Like

Not for very young kids.

It is quite pricey for a toy.

It is a bit heavy.

7. Dyson Ball Vacuum

It features designs that make it look and feel realistic. There is a real suction on from the vacuum’s foot.
The look is fun and colorful. It will surely attract your kids. There are colorful spinning balls that simulate cyclone action.

Things We Like

It closely replicates the real one which makes it more fun.

It is not very expensive.

A perfect gift for your kids during Christmas.

Simulates the cyclone action using the colorful balls.

Fun and colorful design.

Things We Don’t Like

Your kids may not like it at first sight.

They get bored by it quickly.

There is not much that your kids can do with this toy.

8. Mini RC Helicopter

It gives a lot of excitement to your kids since they can do a lot of things with this helicopter drone.
The 6-Axis System makes it more flexible and stable. It can offer good performance.

Things We Like

Your kids will surely like this drone once they know how to control it.

It has a good wind resistance.

It is stable and flexible.

The control range is sufficient.

It is quite easy to control.

Things We Don’t Like

Younger kids might find it hard to use.

You have to teach how to use it first.

Flying time is quite short.

9. Jump ‘n Slide Bouncer

It offers a lot of fun to your kids. They can do a lot of things with this bouncer.

It made of puncture-resistant material. The mesh sides allow the parents to watch their kids playing.

Things We Like

It is durable and safe to use.

Gives a lot of fun and excitement to your kids.

The size is sufficient to give your kids enough space when playing.

Let’s parent watch their kids while they are playing.

It is quite easy to setup.

Things We Don’t Like

It is a bit pricey.

There are better options on this list.

You have to watch your kids while they are playing just to be safe.

10. EasyScore Basketball Set

Teach your kids how to play basketball at a young age. It comes with a ring and a ball.

The height of the ring is adjustable to accommodate the current height of your kids.

Things We Like

It is easy to use and play.

Kids will surely have a lot of fun with this basketball set.

Helps improve hand-eye coordination.

It is durable and stable.

Height is adjustable.

Things We Don’t Like

There is not much that your kids can do with this toy.

They might get bored by it later on.

Must put some weight, like sand, to make it more stable.

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Benefits of giving gifts to your children

1. It makes your kids happy. One of the common goals of all parents is making their children happy. You’ve probably experienced waiting for their very first smile when they are still an infant. Now that they are in their childhood years, you can’t get enough of seeing them smile. But do remember that the best gift you can give to your child is your attention, plenty of toys can never replace the time that you should allow for your children. Just a quick tip, if possible, limit their number of toys. Just buy the toys that you think will do good for them. Many educational toys will help them learn, such as smartwatches.

2. It teaches them to share. As you hand out your gift to them, there’s a huge tendency that they will do the same when they grow. They will share what they have with the people they love, and that includes you as their parents. Sharing is an important value that every child deserves to learn. You can start by teaching them to share their toys when not in use to their elder or younger siblings. It will teach them some good lessons that they can use when they grow up.

3. You can show them that you care. Other than spending precious time with your children. One of the ‘ole ways of surprising them is surprising them with gifts. What’s amazing about gifts is that they wrapped, which makes them guess what’s inside. During Christmas day, they can only open their gits during Christmas Eve, so it will add thrill guessing what are they going to receive for Christmas.

4. It exercises their brains. Since gifts enclosed in a wrapper, your child will be thrilled to guess what will be inside it. Your kids need to exercise their cognitive skills since this will aid them in school. It’s also a great treat to make your kids feel surprised when they see your gifts. It helps their brain to experience different emotion transitions. When they see you with a gift for them, they feel surprised, and when they open it, they feel happy about receiving it.

5. It teaches them the true essence of Christmas. Kids will have to teach the true meaning of Christmas and why they should celebrate it with their family. Though Christ should be the center of this celebration, having a great time with your family will be a good way to spend it. You can read stories about Christ to your children during Christmas Eve.

6. It teaches them that having a family is merrier than being alone. If your kid is the only child, there’s a tendency that they will not expose to the feeling of playing with other kids. Thus, parents should spend more time with their children. When their whole family is gathered together to spend the day, it helps them think that they are not alone. This will help them to make good friends and treat them warmly when they are in school. It also guides them that being happy and accepting your friends as who they are in the true meaning of friendship.

7. It teaches them to say the magic words. Teaching your children to show good manners not only to their elders but also to other kids that are about the same age as their’s is extremely important. When you hand them gifts, you can incorporate them by teaching them to say, “Thank you” whenever they receive any hearty felt gift and help from others. This might sound a little, but it might make a huge difference as your children grow up. It is best to teach them some of the golden words that you know before they even go to school and also if they are going to their schools already.

8. Toys can be a source of educational value. There are tents for kids that will help them train their physical skills since they will be required to move around it. Other toys like smartwatches can teach your children some songs; we know how children love to sing. If they have one that teaches them a new song, your children will surely be more than grateful to have you as their parents.

9. Toys teach kids to take care of their things and themselves. When your children break a toy out of carelessness, they will realize that if they are not taking good care of their toys, it will break. This is a valuable lesson that they can apply to themselves as they become grown-ups shortly. It will help them to lend more value to themselves, like eating healthy, exercising, and reading books as a way of treating themselves right. Toys that are shown care to will likely last longer than the toys that were never taken care of.

10. Toy enhances your kid’s creativity. When it comes to picking your kids’ toys, you are going to face a lot of variety. You can either choose a toy from a music shelf or give them some safe painting kits that will help your children to enhance their creativity. It will be best if you are going to teach your kids how to be creative while they are still young, so they will be able to cope with some of the creative lessons that they are going to learn in school. Creativity is a skill or a talent, by introducing it to them at an early age, your children will thank you later for it.

Toy Ideas

If you still don’t have the idea of what to buy, we’re going to share with your some of the best toys in the industry that your kids might like. The reason why parents find it difficult to choose a gift during the Christmas season because there will be a huge variety of choices that they can choose from. And almost all toys are on sale, so it’s always best to know what to buy before heading to the store. The ideas that we have enlisted will help to spark up an idea. Knowing what your children can get from the toys you buy is important, so you can weight it down, whether it’s a good buy or not. To make an educated decision on which toy you should buy, you should weigh in the pros and cons appropriately.

Toy Idea #1: Barbie dolls.

This toy option is specifically for your daughters or nieces; what’s great about dolls is that they can come in the same sizes, but with different clothes. You can also buy a house, which makes them look like a real person. Dolls enhance your child’s creativity through ‘cloth experiment.’ Your children will try to look at if it’s possible to interchange their clothes and experiment with the different colors. Teaching your children about the different colors while they are still young is important, so before they go to school, they already some of the basics.

Another good feature of dolls is that it teaches your child to accept different skin colors. We can’t be sure what they will be exposed to when they go to school. They might have a new classmate that comes from different part of the country that is different from their skin color, if your daughter owns a great variety of dolls that come with different skin colors, then she will not be surprised to see another skin complexion other than her’s. Buying dolls in a house will help your child to do things the same with your house, like opening and close the door and make sure that the house is clean.

Toy idea #2. RC vehicles.

Remote Control (RC) cars or RC quadcopters is mainly a fave thing for boys, but girls can play it as well. What’s great about giving your children an RC car is that it encourages them to play outside your house like in your backyard. Your kids need to experience and have fun while they are experiencing the sun’s sunshine coming to them for 10-15 minutes, so they will get some vitamin D that helps in their bone growth. Another good feature that an RC car bring to your kids is they will be able to breathe some fresh air outside. The air inside your house is dirtier compared to the air that is coming outside.

It teaches you to share your child to learn patience; they are not going to learn how to drive an RC like a pro or learn to fly a quadcopter overnight; it takes patience to learn the controls and learn the tricks that the RC vehicle can do. Patience is an important virtue that every child should learn, by starting when they are still young will help them to grow as responsible and patient adults. They will realize that in real life, they have to work hard to get what they want. If they want a high-paying job or build a business that could earn them passive income, then they will realize that it is like receiving an RC vehicle on a Christmas day, it takes a long time to master all the control to be a good driver/controller.

Toy idea #3.

Unit blocks. Blocks are fun games that every child would love to play. You can choose wooden blocks, which will help your children to build a new animal or new building. Offering this kind of gameplay to your kids will help them to stay active and playful for longer hours. Unit blocks are an effortless way of teaching your child to exercise their minds to build something. You can also try to look Legos, which is one of the popular and trendy toys in the millennial days, these toys are manipulative- they will surely enjoy controlling them and build something new. It also exercises their creativity and fine motor skills as they build a new character. It’s a fun game that allows your kids to learn a lot, why not get your child one?

Toy idea #4. Tents.

Tents have always been one of the favorites game things for children. It provides them some personal space where they can perform activities that they might like. It also provides them a place where they can store their things.

Toy idea #5: Basketball toys.

Physical gameplays are important for your kids to keep their bones healthy and strong. One of the great deals that you might like is some basketball toys; you can either buy them a complete basketball set or buy them balls, which they can shoot straight to the basketball ring.

Toy idea #6: Bouncer.

This type of toy encourages your children to jump and have fun with other kids on the bouncer. Giving a bouncer to your kids is like teaching them that practicing or mastering a skill takes time; in bouncing, they might trip and fall, but they have to get up and keep trying. Some monitor from parents recommended if it’s your children’s first time to play bouncers.

Some bouncers come with slides; this more fun since your kids can learn will experience the fun of sliding and bouncing at the same time. In purchasing this type of product, you will have to check its durability and safety. Ask questions like: “How much weight can it carry?” Make sure that your kid’s weight included in the product’s details.

Toy idea #7: Kitchen Play.

Buying your kids a kitchen play lets your children experience what’s it’s like to be in the kitchen. But of course, there will not fire; they will be familiar with the different equipment that used the kitchen. Just like plates, pans, spoons, and other kitchen materials that your children to familiarize with.

Toy idea #8: Bicycle.

When your kids have a bicycle, this will teach them to learn balance. Just like in real life, they need to keep going to keep balance. Giving a bicycle as a toy as a Christmas gift will teach your kids about ‘patience.’ They are not going to learn how to ride a bike overnight, so they will have to persevere if they want to learn how to run it. Bicycles are great gifts that would surprise your kids, and it also encourages solid gameplay, since your kids will have to move their bodies to keep the bicycle going.

Things to consider before buying a toy for your child


The very first thing you should ask yourself before taking the toys to the counter is this question: “Is this safe for my child?”. There are various organizations that you check the quality of toy products, if they are approved them as ‘safe for kids’ toys, then you can certainly buy it. The next time you buy a toy for your kids, make sure that the toys have no choking hazards or inflammatory properties that are very dangerous for your kids to play.


If you don’t enjoy buying toys after a few months, then you might as well consider buying toys that are durable to last for years. A quick rule of thumb is when a toy is worth a more expensive price tag; this can mean that it is durable. At most times, the reasons why they have more expensive price tags is because of the quality parts it made from. But this rule does not apply to every product, for you to double-check, you can take a look at the product’s details and ask yourself: Which is it made from?


If you are on the budget, don’t feel about it. There are many toys that you can choose from, even if you limited to your budget. We also do not recommend that you spend money on toys more than the price that you can afford. On the other hand, if you can afford to spend more on your child’s Christmas gift, then feel free to look at more toys that might spark your interest.

Educational Value.

Toys are more than things or mechanisms that provide such entertainment for your child. It can also teach your children some educational values that they can use by the time they start going to school. There are art and music tools that will help them prepare for their art and music classes. It’s an amazing deed on the part of parents to have able to help their children to learn a few useful lessons while they are still at their young age.


You must check if the instructions that come with the toy is something that you can understand so that when you went home, you will have fewer worries about how the proper way of turning it on and off and how to recharge it. The reason why we have included this one of the things you should consider before buying is because there are instructions that just translated from the original one. For instance, if the toy made in China, the instructions might be just translated into English, which will sound good if it translated by a human translator; however, if the directions translated with the use of software, then you can expect that the words will sound funny.

A lot of parents tend to overlook to look over the instructions and regret it later. We don’t want you to experience the same. You must be guided carefully on how you can use the product appropriately. The charging part is important since the battery might explode when overcharged; this is applicable if you are trying to buy a rechargeable toy.

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