Top 10 Best Gift Ideas for 14 Year Old Girls

You are looking for the perfect gift that you can give to your 14-year-old daughter on her most special day? Then, you find the perfect article that would help you get your problem solved. When it comes to picking a gift for your 14-year-old daughter, you will have to determine her characteristics and the skills she needs to improve. So, you may give her a gift that would help their acquire the skills that she needs to learn. Your baby would demand more independence from you; she would like to do things by herself. If you think she can handle it, then you can let her do stuff, on the other hand, better to teach her first before letting her do it.

Your daughter will glue in improving her academic grades in school and buying an item that would help her study better would be a good idea. She will start setting goals and will work hard to achieve it. Gift for 14-year-old girls items that would help to ease her studies will be something that she would love to have. She will be undergoing a lot of physical changes due to puberty stage. She will start to get self-conscious and how people see her. So, giving her makeup items would make your 14-year-old daughter happy. It’s not that they need to stuff their faces to feel beautiful, but girls at 14 would love to use makeup as tools that would help them enhance their natural beauty features.

Below is the list of Best Gift Ideas for 14 Year Old Girls

1. Cat Mug and Spoon

Decole girl gift idea review This cut mug has a cute design where your daughter can store her hot beverage; whether it’s milk or coffee, she can place it inside. This item also comes with a spoon that your daughter can use for stirring purposes. It can hold 8 oz of liquid, which is quite accommodating. The item made from high-quality materials, which you can ensure that you are getting the top of your dollar. When your daughter needs a hot drink, this mug and spoon will be her favorite beverage partner. The material which this item made from is ceramic. The mug is very comfortable to hold.

What we like about it

You know exactly how it feels when you want to drink something hot, and you don’t have a mug to store it in. A hot mug of milk would be a great idea when your daughter is up for studying until late at night. She would appreciate this gift item since she can use it with her every single day. The product is durable, so your daughter is going to love this mug. And the design is super cute, and we know exactly how your daughter loves it beautiful items in her collection.

2. Monopoly Survival Edition

USAopoly girl gift idea review Is your daughter a huge fan of board games? Then he will love this monopoly game with the walking dead theme (survival edition). There will be 2-6 players that could participate in the game; the final winner will be the player who was able to outlast other players and the one that is living. There will be resources that they will be fighting over. Tokens that they have to get so that they can buy fuel and ammo. Board games encourage your 14-year-old teen to think to win out the competition and end up as the victor. If you think your daughter would love to have a board game on her big day, then this would be a great gift item for you to consider.

What we like about it

Board games are also known for being timeless; it has played by a lot of people and is proven to help them exercise their brands. There will be six collectible walking dead-themed tokens, which particular players can use to speed up the play and fight to the finish. What adds to the suspense is that it uses one of the hottest horror hits, which is the walking dead. There will be guard towers and a lot of items in the game. We also love the fact that this game encourages group play since it requires more than one player.

3. Pool Party Tube

GoFloats girl gift idea review If your daughter is a pool and a photo lover, she will never go wrong with this item. It is affordable and fun to take pictures with. It’s a pool tube that comes in a Flamingo shape. It made from a premium vinyl, which is purposely created to be thicker. It is super easy to inflate, so we’re quite sure that your 14-year-old daughter will fall in love with this item. This is also great to look at photos; it sands in 3’ tall, which allows your daughter seems like she is riding in the pink flamingo. It has a cute design, and we know exactly how teen adores beautiful items.

What we like about it

Your daughter needs to have some fun time aside from learning skills that would get her a good job or an amazing career. This item also comes from a reputable company, which is the GoFloats, which is impressive. We also love the fact that this item is super easy to inflate, which gives extra comfort and fun every time your daughter goes to the pool and play. This will make an amazing gift item.

4. Mini Sized Keys – Best Gift for 14 Year Old Girls

Casio girl gift idea review Does playing the piano keys runs in your daughter’s blood? Then, this gift item would be something that your daughter would love playing. It comes with an easy to read LCD. There are 100 sounds and 50 rhythm patterns. Gift for 14-year-old girls of this item is in mini-size, there are 44 keys and five percussion pads. This would make a perfect gift item if your daughter is still a beginner, there will be on/off lesson functions that will teach her how to play the piano appropriately. This is a great first step for any teen who wants to learn how to play the piano.

What we like about it

One of the best features that we like about this piano is that it is portable. Your 14-year-old teen can carry it around, plug it in, wear her set of headphones and she can then now practice, play, and improvise. This will be a great first keyboard that your son would love to have when he is practicing. On the other hand, if your daughter is a pro, she might not need this beginner’s piano anymore.

5. Perfume Mini Set

Marc Jacobs girl gift idea review If you happen to check your daughter’s purse, you probably have seen that perfumes have always been one of her essentials. So, why not give her this perfume set on her big day? It is not only one item that included inside, but 4. yes, 4! Your daughter can choose from various scents every single day. There will be fiery spicy notes, sweet vanilla, milk, and soft moss. Your daughter will love wearing the soothing fragrance while she’s hanging with you and with her friends.

What we like about it

This pack of Marc Jacobs perfumes would amaze your 14-year-old ten. The fragrance is mild; teen doesn’t like strong colognes since it’s too difficult for their nose to handle. This is also a necessity when she is on travel. She can spray any scent that she may desire and smell like it. The bottles come with cute designs. Which makes them so awesome to display around the house. The fragrance of every bottle is just pleasing; your daughter would love it for sure!

6. Cinderella DVD

Cinderella girl gift idea review Is your daughter a big fan of Cinderella? Well, if they are, they will obviously like this item as a gift. There are a lot of things that you can give to your daughter, but this simple DVD could be enough to make them happy. Yes, if they are big fans of Cinderella, and they missed the theatrical run of this live-action adaptation, they will certainly appreciate it if you can give them a copy of the movie. They only have to sit back and relax. The film itself is fantastic. It is a very successful film which has good reviews from critics. Your daughter will not be disappointed with this live-action adaptation. It keeps the magic of the original story and makes it entertaining and exciting. Even if they are already teenagers, they will still enjoy this movie. Relieve their childhood by giving them a DVD copy of the movie. Also, it is not expensive. Parents can afford this item as a gift.

Now, for those of you who haven’t heard the story of Cinderella, we will give a summary. We are also aware the almost all of you have already heard about it. It is also advisable to skip this summary and watch the movie to avoid getting spoiled. Anyway, the story of Cinderella is one of those typical fairytale stories. The main character is kind and has a couple of hardships. She was dressed by a fairy godmother so that she can attend an event in the castle. The prince feels in love with Cinderella, and after a string of events, they live happily ever after. If you think about it, the story of Cinderella is not very complicated. However, it is very inspiring and will make the audience believe in goodness after watching.

What we like about it

This copy of the Cinderella movie made into our list because almost every girl or daughter has watched it in their childhood. The actual live-action adaption was also brilliantly made. Even audiences who not fans of Cinderella-inspired by it a magical story. It has a successful theatrical run too. So, if your daughter has missed the theatrical run, now is the perfect time to give them the DVD copy of the movie. They will certainly appreciate your effort. The movie is enjoying able and exciting to watch. Every teenage girl will like its romantic story.

7. Cindrella Classic Doll

Disney Interactive Studios girl gift idea review If your daughter has already watched the live-action adaptation and they already have a copy of it, but still, they can’t get enough of Cinderella, then this doll will undoubtedly satisfy them. It is a real doll that has a very similar look to the actual character from the fairy tale. Remember that they are already teens. It would be hard to impress them with dolls that are not detailed or realistic. So you have to be more critical when choosing a doll. Some teenagers nowadays don’t even play with a doll anymore. That’s why it is essential to get the doll that is attractive and matches the character that they always admire as a kid. This Disney Store 12″ Cinderella Classic Doll fits all the criteria that we have mentioned. Almost every girl has been a fan of Cinderella since their childhood.

Let’s talk about the features of this doll. Well, it does look realistic and detailed. It closely resembles the character it has based its looks. The arms, head, and legs are posable. This feature is essential since it gives your daughter more things to do while they are playing with the doll. In other words, they won’t get bored easily. They can make their role-play more realistic with the doll’s posable arms and legs. It is a perfect addition to their collection. The doll already dressed for the ball. It has a glittering blue gown and white mesh sleeves. Gus, the mouse, also comes with this doll. This mouse is one of the main characters of the fairy tale. It makes a great addition to any Cinderella role-play. Overall, it is a cool gift idea for your teens. The price is very affordable, and the quality is excellent.

What we like about it

We like that it looks realistic and detailed even with its low price. Every parent can easily afford it if they like to give it as a gift to their daughters. It also comes with a mouse character named Gus. If your daughter is a Cinderella fan, they will certainly recognize the character and find it adorable. Like the real Cinderella from the story, it comes with a glittering gown, hairband, and satin choker. Your daughter can display it on their table or add it to their collection. This doll will complete the fairy tale that your daughter has in mind.

8. Ashford Teddy Bear

Aurora girl gift idea review If you are confused about what gift you will give your daughter on their birthday, then you may have to start thinking about what most people give as a gift. Of course, you have already given a gift, or you have seen someone give a gift to somebody before. As you may have noticed, if a boy gives a gift to a girl, mostly, it is either chocolate or a stuffed toy. Yes, girls do like to receive these kinds of gifts. It makes them feel loved. So, if you don’t know what to give as a gift, then a stuffed toy might suffice. They will certainly find it sweet if they receive a teddy bear on their birthday, especially if it is very soft and cushy. Girls will quickly display it on their table or even put it on their bed.

However, girls are not always surprised if they receive a teddy bear as a gift since they may be used to it already. That’s why the teddy bear that you are planning to give to your daughter as a gift should have excellent quality. The stuffed toy should look and feel classy. A bigger teddy bear is also better. It is more huggable and looks cuter than a small teddy bear. Aurora World Ashford Teddy Bear is the right stuffed toy to get. It made of high-quality materials which will surely impress your daughter. When it comes to softness, it doesn’t fail to give your daughter a nice hug. It made of super soft material. Even the paw not done haphazardly. It is detailed and looks very cute. There is also an Ashford label sewn on the paw.

What we like about it

We do like that this simple teddy bear is high-quality. It doesn’t cost very much and will certainly make your daughter happy. Although there are other brilliant gift ideas, this one is also effective. Most girls like to receive a cute teddy bear, especially if it comes from their loved ones. They will surely put this cute teddy bear on their bed and hug it at night. The softness and cuteness of the teddy bear are very mesmerizing. One of the factors that enhanced its appearance is the nice eyes and face. It has a certain facial expression that makes you want to hug it. Overall, it is a truly wonderful item to get.

9. Archery Bow And Arrow

Liberty Imports girl gift idea review Even if your daughter is already a teen, it is not too late to give them a toy as a gift. It depends on the toys that you are giving them. If it is a fascinating and entertaining toy, then they wouldn’t mind that it is only a toy. Light Up Archery Bow And Arrow Toy Set are one of the perfect toys to give as a gift. It looks fun and exciting. They can have a lot of a good time using this bow. It comes with a target so your daughter can have some practice and hone their archery skills. They can also play it together with their siblings. If you are worried about the hazards that this bow brings, you only have to look at the tip of the arrows used by this bow. They have suction cups on their tips. It is perfectly safe for your daughters.
The bow also has some light effects. It makes for a fun adventure and role-playing games. Your daughter can have a lot of laughs together with their siblings or playmates. There is a quiver that comes with the purchase. It can hold the arrows that are currently not in use. It makes any role-playing games even better. The target has scores written on it. They can compete on who will get the highest score by shooting the arrows using the bow. The bow has a measurement of 25 inches, and the arrows measure 16 inches.

What we like about it

We like that this item is capable of giving a lot of fun to your daughter. This is a simple toy bow, but it helps improve your daughter’s archery skills. If they are aspiring to be an archer somewhere in the future, they can start with this toy bow. Yes, it would help if they start with this toy bow before moving on to something serious. However, if becoming a professional archer is not their intention in the first place, they can still use this toy bow for entertainment purposes.

10. Disney Princess Dress

Disney Princess girl gift idea review This gift is the best if your daughter is a bit of Disney. You can give it to them before their actual birthday party. Make a Disney princess themed birthday party and let them wear this dress. They will surely feel the magic and have a lot of a good time at the party. The good thing about this is that are 21 pieces that can mix and combine according to your daughter’s preferences. There are three skirts, four shirts, one choker, one tiara, three bracelets, one necklace, one pair of earrings, three rings, and a storage trunk.

Your daughter can dress in different Disney princesses using this set. They dress like Cinderella, Bella, Sleeping Beauty, or Snow White. All they have to do is choose. They can also combine and mix the dresses so that they can come up with something by themselves. The dresses are not cheap. They made of quality materials which make them comfortable to wear. Being a Disney princess is probably one of your daughter’s dreams. Make it a reality by giving them this gift on their Disney-themed birthday party.

What we like about it

There are some things to like about this set. They have a nice design and looks very similar to the dresses worn by actual Disney princesses. It is a cool gift for your daughter’s birthday or any occasion since it allows them to feel like a Disney princess by just wearing these dresses. Another fun thing that your daughter can do is mixing the dresses so that they come up with something new. Whatever the mix that your daughter had come up by themselves, they will surely look beautiful and amazing. Let us know what you think about gift ideas for 14-year-old girls. Comment below and let us know your pick!

What can I expect from my 14-year-old teen?

Your daughter will be moody and will experience a different range of emotions and would feel that she lacks the confidence to do particular activities or tackle various issues. She would have her set of friends. Your daughter will become body-conscious; she would start building a body image that is acceptable to all people. She will start to have favorite actors and actresses and possible grow crush towards male celebrities. Your child wants to become more independent from time to time. Consider leaving your 14-year-old child responsibilities that would require her to trust herself to accomplish tasks.

Leaving your child overnight alone will give her the opportunity of what it feels like to live alone. She would be enjoying a company with the same-sexed peer group, but of course, she will also have some male friends. Your daughter will start longing for a loving connection outside the family. You will start to notice that your daughter will feel comfortable bragging about things in front of her friends, but feel embarrassed to be around their parents. They will tend to behave when their parents are around because they don’t want you to be disappointed with her. You can reverse this by spending more time with your daughter and letting her feel that there’s nobody in the world. Not their cousins, friends, relatives, or anyone that could love them better other than their parents.

She likes to get busy and will indulge herself in many activities; she wants to feel her schedule with stuff that excites her. Not all 14-year-old teens are alike; if your daughter is an introvert, she will spend most of her time with only a few trusted friends. She does like hanging out too much; rather, she would love to spend her time reading books and talking to their parents. There will be many changes and challenges that your daughter is going to take on a ride at her 14th milestone. As parents, all you can do is to support her and help her develop confidence with her.

When it comes to intellectual progress, your daughter will be able to express her emotions and thoughts through talking. She can finally acknowledge what’s right from wrong and will listen to her conscience every time she does something wrong. She will be able to identify her weaknesses and strengths. They will be able to think about the things that are happening to them at present and will also spend time thinking about their future and past. She will be able to identify the difference between fact and opinion. She will also start to weight options and see if what’s the best possible solution to get the problem solved.

14-year-old teen’s physical development

When it comes to your teen’s physical development, her motor skills are intact. She might act clumsily at times; this is due to growth spurts. Encourage your teen to engage herself in an exercise, which in turn will help her improve her coordination and strength. Your daughter’s body will start to change; her hips will widen, and the fat distribution of her stomach increases. Her breast will begin to develop. You might probably ask yourself, what’s the relation of this to buying a gift. If you know that changes that your 14-year-old teen is undergoing, you will know the items that she might want to have.

Your daughter might appreciate a gift item that would help her to exercise. Smartwatches would be a great idea since she can connect it to her phones. You will be surprised that your little princess is slowly turning into a teen princess. You can also show your love y giving her a photo album where you store your happy memories together. Just a quick parenting tip, your 14-year-old teen is not always into material things. They will be more than happier when they see that you have put an effort to make a photo album from the moment she was born until she was 14. Who wouldn’t be move with this gift idea, anyway?

The 14-year-old teen will start to fancy items that are pretty looking. You will hear many times when she picks an item; she will say, “aw, look at this mom! This is cute.” When you hear this, for sure, your daughter would love to have the item. Below is the list of gift ideas for 14-year-old girls.

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