Best Piano For Kids: Updated Review

Below is the list of Best Piano For Kids

1. Electronic Keyboard Piano – Best Piano For Kids

RockJam Piano For Kids review If you have noticed that your kids have talents to become the future Mozarts, then giving them an instrument in which they can practice their skills and would be a perfect gift for them. Finding a good one that will fit your child will be based on his age, needs, and other factors. Does he want to play through headphones, since if that’s what he likes, then you might be needing to look for a piano that has an excellent speaker, not just the built-in one, but also how its sound waves can travel through the headphone? The piano that has earned our first spot is the RockJam 61-Key Electronic Keyboard Super kit. It’s a sturdy and adjustable keyboard, which makes it easy to move throughout your house or your studio.


If your kid prefers to practice through the headphones to better evaluate the feels of the sounds, then this would be a great instrument for him, for it has precisely a headphone feature that he can practice in virtual privacy without having to disturb others. It comes with aa compact digital keyboard with 61 full-size keys and has an LCD screen. It can record and playback how your kids have played it, so you can monitor how well they are doing.

LCD Screen.

What we love about this feature is that it can be a switch in between teaching mode or only play the demo songs. This would make a perfect feature for beginner pianists. In addition to that, the keyboard features 100 keyboard sounds and 100 rhythms, that for sure your kid will enjoy hearing. It contains 50 demo songs to experiment with and all of which are easy to play and gain access. It’s awesome stuff, that’s why we highly recommend it for beginning little musicians.

Adjustable stool.

Both the parent and the kid will be benefited from it since the stool can be adjusted. It’s sturdy enough, so as a parent while trying to teach your kid how to play, you can let him/her watch you while playing it. You don’t have to worry if you will fall off from the stool or not it purposely made sturdy so you can sit on it. The super kit, if you haven’t noticed, has a power supply in which you can save batteries from going to waste.

Things We Like

Adjustable stool.


Made from quality materials.

Things We Don’t Like



Is there a transpose keys function?

No, it does not have.

Are the keys in standard size or smaller?

The keys are in a standard size.

Final Verdict

This piano is more like the updated version compared to the other kids’ pianos out there. It comes with a study tool, so you don’t have to worry about a thing when it comes to durability. This piano will remind you of a digital-like piano except the sounds will be slightly far from the acoustic feels, but overall still perfect for start-up musicians.

2. Schoenhut Piano with Bench

Schoenhut Piano For Kids review What could be worse than finding out you spend more time in tuning than the time spent for practice? That would seriously ruin your kid’s day, finding less time to engage with the piano. Well, you don’t have to worry that much for the piano that earns our 2nd spot features no need for tuning. This means that your kids need to sit on the stool and play with it. He could also listen to free demos included, so he can further learn how each key sounds. It’s an awesome feature if you’d ask us. We are quite sure that your little people would spend time paying it. It’s another best piano for kids.


It has a high-gloss finish piano; your kids will love how smart and classy it looks like. Although we are sure he would wish for more colors, he would love the fine black finish of this piano. It only costs more than a hundred bucks, and it made from quality materials, so expect that all materials will be sturdy and reliable. Aside from how the product will sound like, it is important to consider the feels it can give to you when you are playing it. We highly recommend this one for it provides the natural feels.

Hand-eye coordination.

When your baby enters the toddler stage, this is the time in which they are very curious about what’s going around them. They are naturally like that, for they are trying to improve their flexibility. Teaching them how to play the piano will improve their musical creativity and their hand-eye coordination. Their brain will process what key to press to make a particular sound, and we are sure that your kids will love it.

Never needs tuning.

This feature is what we think will be beneficial to all beginners. It is annoying spending time trying to make every important sound right when you can sit right in front of it and start playing. We know exactly how annoying it could get, that’s why we this piano has earned our 2nd spot for it requires absolutely no tuning. Way to go to save you from stress.

Things We Like

Easy tuning.

Improves hand-eye coordination.

Great sounds.

Easy to use.

Things We Don’t Like



What’s the actual size?

It is 19″ tall, 19 1/2″ w, 20″ deep.

Are the keys weighted?

No, they are not.

Final Verdict

If no need for tuning sounds like the feature you have been looking for, then look no further. This piano is exactly made to be played easily and designed to your child’s pace. We think that this is a great thing to consider when it comes to easy to play piano feature.

3. Melissa & Doug Piano

Melissa & Doug Piano For Kids review If your kids love the happy color, you can check our Melissa & Doug Learn-To-Play Piano, it brightly painted, but don’t let the light color fool you. This made from solid wood, so expect that the wood construction of this instrument is purposely made strong, so you can rest assured that you are getting a quality product. It is also made affordable. It features 25 keys and two full octaves, which makes it simpler and easier for kids to learn. It’s easy to play, and it’s safe to play.

Solid wood construction.

We want to make sure that whatever our child plays with. It must be highly durable and safe. You don’t have to overthink what might happen for this bright-colored piano that is made from solid wood construction. Your kid will surely find it worthwhile to play with, and it is also easy to press.

The piano is made from high-quality material to ensure that your kid is safe when he/she is sitting and is playing. It’s sturdy enough, so no need to set on hours or limit your child playing with it. It’s an amazing way to develop the sweet side of your kid.

Color-Coded Songbook for Learning Favorite Tunes.

Kids love music, they love hearing sounds, and it’s a good way of improving their listening skills early. The piano comes with an illustrated songbook, which is a good thing since kids love drawing and seeing pictures. It helps them remember things. There are various nursery songs included in this songbook, which makes learning piano 10x easier. The color-coded key chart helps so your child can identify the notes on the piano quickly and can gradually take the first steps toward playing tunes.

Upright Piano Has Two Full Octaves.

This piano recommended for toddlers aging 3+ and up. It’s a great start-up piano since it has 25 keys and two full octaves. It’s an ideal and most efficient way of introducing the basic musical sounds to your child. Melissa and Doug have purposely designed this one for younger learners so they can explore the sounds of different notes in an easy way. Watch as your kiddos learn to play simple songs.

Things We Like

Bright colored piano.

Has two full octaves.

Has a color-coded songbook.

Easy to use.

Things We Don’t Like

Sounds like bells.


Do you recommend this for my six-month baby?

The recommended age is 3+ and up, but if your baby loves playing with sounds, yes, she can have this.

Is it heavy?

No. It only weighs 11 pounds.

Final Verdict

If your kiddos are so into bright colors, this can be an ideal gift for them. It is colored and filled with happy colors, so your kids will feel more attach and will feel more welcome to play it. It’s easy to play, so overall, we highly recommend this product for your kid.

4. Goplus Wood Piano

Goplus Piano For Kids review The Go plus looks like an acoustic piano for kids because of its beautiful black finish. We are sure that you will be impressed with the quality and quality of this little grand piano. It’s a beautiful toy piano, though it does not produce the real sounds of notes like the acoustic one. We still think that it will be a great buy. It sounds more like bells, and we are sure that your children will still love it. It’s an excellent way of showing your kids the basic sounds, so they will find it easier when they grow up. It’s a great purchase and is perfect for your kid to have for a start-up.

For ages 1 to 7. Mostly pianos for kids are recommended for 3 and up, but Goplus is made for toddlers starting from their first year to seven. It has a lot of high-end features. No wonder why this product is looking good. Not to mention that it is affordable. The keys sound great. We have no complaints about that. It’s a toy grade piano so you can’t expect that it should sound like the acoustic one, nor the digital pianos. Let us keep things straight and honest. It will sound more like bells; just the typical sound kids will love hearing.

Chimes-like sound.

For some, this is annoying. But we consider this one a feature. It made from quality materials, and we are 100% sure that even if it sounds like chimes, it won’t stop your toddlers from learning how to play it. It put them in a larger room in which they can express what they feel, and this piano can be a great source for him/her to do just like that. We say that for the price, even if it has chimney-like sounds. It will still be a great way for your young people to learn how to play the basic piano without having to spend too much.


This cute toy looks like a grand piano. This works well with toddlers aging from one to seven. The stool is purposely made for little people and is sturdy enough to hold an adult. Just do note that kids will be more likely to enjoy it if you play it with them. You can get your stool and start teaching him/her how to learn the basic sounds of the piano; he or she will thank you for that later. Kids love the toys you give to them but know this simple truth. They love you better than anyone else, so make sure you spend time with your kiddos.

Things We Like


For young toddlers.


Things We Don’t Like

The bells sounds might not be appealing to others.


Do you recommend this one for someone younger than one-year-old?

Yes, he/she can have this; make sure you guide her while she’s playing with it.

Is it heavy?

No, not at all. You can easily move this one around the house. If she loves to play it under the tree, she can do that as well.

Final Verdict

Overall, we think that it’s worth the money. It comes with great features- all combined, so your little children will know how to play the basic sounds of the piano. Rest assured that what we pick is more than a mere product, they are top sellers and many people have put value in them because they are remarkably best pianos for kids, so this should be an excellent choice for you.
So, yep that wraps our reviews for the best pianos for kids. We hope that you have found our reviews helpful, and we’d love to hear your feedback and questions. If you have any, please feel free to let us know, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Happy picking!

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