Top 10 Best Grown Up Toys 2020: Reviews & Buying Guide

There will never be a shortage of toys when it comes to availability, but when it comes to choosing toys for older men, it gets a bit tricky. Well, we’re not saying that it’s going to be extremely rigid, it naturally comes a bit more challenging to buy toys for grown-up men, for as well of knowing their sense of playing tools is highly different when they were still little children. This does not necessarily refer to men between 50-60s, but rather from 21-70s. A lot of friends wanted to buy their best buddies, some gifts that they will never forget. And thanks to technology, there are now numerous inspiring toys for big boys ready for distribution.

One of the things that you should look at when buying toys for your grown-up special friends and family members is the grade. Don’t go for toy graded items while picking; most of these toys will break in a few months, 1 year will be the longest. Instead, you have to look for a “hobby” grader item; this will last for a few years, which means its durability is hugely reliable compared to items that are just toy graders.

Below is the list of Grown Up Toys

1. Apollo Saturn Building Kit – Best Grown Up Toy

LEGO grown up toy review The LEGO Apollo is something grown-up men will love to play with. For the record, the Apollo Saturn V model of LEGO is one of the biggest IMO and best ideas the brand has ever come up with. Who wouldn’t have fun trying to build a rocket that is 3 feet tall? What’s even more fun is that it can be displayed upright, or you can have it horizontally on stands. It all just depends on how you want to build it. After completion, the outcome is perfect for display.

It’s popular nowadays, and probably your friends in the hood have this LEGO model. It comes with terrific detail, and it’s fun to build. The set includes a free booklet about moon missions. If you are a space enthusiast, then there’s no reason why you should miss this new LEGO model. It comes with rocket engines that can easily remove. This LEGO set is impeccable; you will love the process of building and the aftermath. If you happen to like playing legos and like space, then there’s no reason why you should not have this kit in your collection already.

What we like about it

It’s fun to build and extremely accurate. You will definitely like this model of LEGO; it simply provides a lot of fun and learning. You can build it with your kids or with your significant other. We like the fact that aside from it promotes learning, it also lets you have some bonding time with your close friends. The lunar lander for docking is a great command service module and a lunar orbiter when sending the rocket into space.

It’s a fun set that you would enjoy building, it provides you that engineer feels that we’re quite sure you would love to experience. It’s a great fan building item that even beginners would love to begin with. It’s an epic set that provides real excitement, and in the end, the product is an excellent 3-foot rocket that is so cool for display purposes. For LEGO collectors, this is a great one to go for. Building games are not only for children but can also be fun for grown-up men who are LEGO enthusiasts.

Things We Like

Fun to build.

Perfect for display purposes.

Pieces are well designed.

Things We Don’t Like

Not for grown-up men who dislike building items.

Easy to build, will not be so intriguing for expert LEGO builders.

2. Reloaded – Shocking Game

Lightning Reaction grown up toy review The lightning reaction reloaded is a shocking game that electrifies the loser in the game. You will be the one who will set the level of shock based on what you can take. You can set between low, mid, to high. The game is not on for kids, but adults as well. This is going to be a fun way to kill time or have some fun during parties. The game is straightforward to play, and the instructions of playing are something anyone could follow.

Here how it works to show a quick overview of everything on how the whole stuff works. The light will set on color red; every player will have a button to lick. The slowest or the last person who had clicked his or her button as the light turned from “red” to “green” get electrified. And here ’s how it gets even freakier, the first person who has pushed their button first will also get electrified. It’s going to be a game that is full of suspense and electrifying shock.

This will be a great game whenever you feel bored with a party or something. It provides you an excellent opportunity to have fun. However, this is not a game for people who are suffering from heart attacks and other related illnesses.

What we like about it

Well, this can be an amazing gift for grown-up folks who are very enthusiastic about playing with offensive games with friends. There will be no opportunity for the players to cheat another vintage of this game. Most players will not dare to go up to a higher level; there are tips and tricks that you can do to play on. You can tease your co-players around like if a girl refuses to go for a stronger shock, you can tell her, “this just proves why men are better than women.”They will take on the challenge most likely, and if it’s a male, you can tease him about being too sissy. It’s super fun to play even for hours.

The shocker games are super fun, especially for people who are extremely adventurous and who are always seeking new experiences. That’ll be great for the Easter party, don’t’ you think?

Things We Like

It creates suspense for the players.

It’s fun to play .

The shock can moderate from low to high.

Things We Don’t Like

Can be played by adults who have heart and tension issues.

3. RC Boat Pool Toys

Force1 grown up toy review Are you the type of person who loves to play with RCs and water? Then this boat would become one of your favorites. Playing with speedboats on the water is always fun, it’s something not only for the young children but the adults as well. This RC boat comes with a large propeller, which allows running even faster. You will put your opponent’s RC boats on shame with the amazing speed this RC boat can put in the game.

It comes with an anti-slip design, which is great, so you don’t have to reset and all and disrupt your game. It’s a good call to put up a boat racing game when you have this RC boat in your hands. It comes with an LCD screen that allows you to have more precise and easy navigation with your boat. It can run up to 20+ MPH, which is great. It’s a fun game that every adult and kid would love to experience. Just do note that this is only for freshwater use, this means you cannot use it on saltwater.

What we like about it

Aside from it can run with an amazing speed of 20+ MPH speed, its long-lasting battery is also a huge plus. It’s an amazing boat that will run from one lap to the other and would win your victory. You can play it on pools and lakes or any form of freshwater. It’s an amazing RC edition that you with a lot of fun.

This does not only make a great gift for kids but also for adults who love to play with RC toys. The boat design can still be improved, but it already has that ‘ artistic impression” once you see the RC toy. We also like the fact that you never had to get in the water once the boat flip, you can use the “capsize” button on the remote control once the boat flips and all. It’s super easy to maneuver; you’ll have a lot of fun with this little machine.

Things We Like

Can run up to 20+ MPH .

Non-flip boat.

Long lasting battery.

Things We Don’t Like

Only runs on freshwater.

4. 3D Drawing Pen

KT-PRASE grown up toy review The 3D pen is a new technology-based item that allows you to create things using special ink. What’s impressive about this little guy is that it supports mobile power, which even makes it more convenient and secure to use. If you are a creative person and all, this would be the best item you can put on hand during your free time. The filament (ink for ordinary pens) is odorless, and it helps you to create amazing things.

What we like about it

It’s another perfect grown-up toy. We like the fact that it’s super easy to use; the one-button controls everything, and it’s seamless to operate. You will be able to design brilliant things in 3D. It ’s convenient to use; even kids love to find it fun to use.

Things We Like

Controlling the speed is easy.

The temperature is adjustable.

It supports mobile power.

Things We Don’t Like

Some items are defective.

5. Volkswagen T1 Construction Set

LEGO grown up toy review With 1332 pieces included in the item, you can tell that it’s not going to be easy to build this truck. This construction set is not for beginners; however, if you want to give it a go, then you might be able to build it in no time. The camper van is 5” high and 11” long. If you have a friend who is a LEGO collector, this might be one on his bucket list.

What we like about it

It’s an item for a creative building that pushes the creativity of the person. It is challenging and is well-designed. There will be a pop-up roof, boxer engine, folding furniture, and wing mirrors included in the building set to add more challenge and fun.

Things We Like

Fun to build.

Have a lot of extras included.

Comes with authentic features.

Things We Don’t Like

The quality of the doll could still be improved.

6.Combat Fighting Robot

SGILE grown up toy review Looking for a robot that could give you a little dance after throwing darts at you? This little invention is super fun, and you can control it to walk down the hall and go to your friend’s cubicle if you’re in the office. It’s not going to get your beer from the fridge, but this robot is super cute to have in your house and your office.

What we like about it

It’s a self-programming robot, so you can set it up to do something for you. It comes with a fighting mode where it can shoot darts and matching sounds. Its eyes have LED features, which sparkles during the “fighting” mode.

Things We Like


LED lights feature.

Can walk.

Things We Don’t Like

Small robot.

7.Mini Nano RC Drone

Holy Stone grown up toy review Finding toys for grown people is hard. Most toys may look silly if older people play them. However, if you have a thing for remote control devices, RC drones might be the right one for you. Holy Stone HS190 is one of the best choices. The fancy look of this RC drone will surely excite any player. That’s not all; it also comes with some cool features which will add more fun. It has the altitude hold function, which allows it to hover freely in the air even if you released the throttle stick.

Another great feature of this RC drone is its portability. You can fold the quadcopter into the controller and bring it around quickly. This is a nice feature since you don’t need to carry a bag whenever you want to try the drone outside.

What we like about it

We like the design of this drone. It comes with a mix of black and red colors, which is cool to look at. Drone enthusiasts will surely feel excited after seeing its design. However, that does not mean that this drone is just all about looks. It is pack with great features that will add more to the enjoyment.

Things We Like

Foldable and portable.

Altitude Hold function.

One key return feature.

Things We Don’t Like

Can cause some danger.

8.Creator Detective’s Office

LEGO grown up toy review For fans of LEGO, this is the best past time for them. It comes with various figures that you can play with. It is about a detective investigating something in the neighborhood. Based on this setup, you can play some situations with the help of the detailed design and various accessories. Even if you are not a LEGO fan, you will still find this toy entertaining. Role-playing is always fun no matter what age you are in. However, older people might find it silly playing with a LEGO toy. They might prefer a more physical hobby that doesn’t involve any kiddy toys. But, you have to believe us, this LEGO toy is entertaining to play even if you are an adult.

There are 6 mini-figures that players can integrate into their stories. This toy will put your rich imagination into play. The 6 mini-figures include a dart player, Detective Ace Brickman, Al the barber, pool player, a mysterious lady in red, and a policewoman.

What we like about it

We like the setup of this LEGO toy. Detective stories are always exciting and intriguing. Now, with the help of this toy, you can create your own detective story. The detailed settings will surely add fun. 6 mini-figures can play significant characters in the story.

Things We Like

Detailed design.

Multiple mini figures.

Intriguing setting.

Things We Don’t Like

Some adults may not like it.

9.Volkswagen Beetle Construction Set

LEGO grown up toy review This toy is another excellent choice. Do you want to own the iconic VW Beetle? Well, you can do in the form of this LEGO Volkswagen Beetle. It carefully designs so that it will look realistic and attractive. Assembling this LEGO toy would be an enjoyable experience. Some distinct features will surely make the car look even better. Some of the details that you can find in this LEGO model are the flat windshield, curved fenders, and VW logo.

Some people may find assembling toys boring. But, if you are assembling this iconic car, you will surely find it entertaining. The details of the car are worth witnessing once you are done assembling the model. Feel the nostalgia effect, which will be your reward for doing the hard work.

What we like about it

We like that this LEGO model doesn’t look too childish. Yes, you won’t feel embarrassed if someone caught you playing with this toy. The assembling task can be a bit daunting for some, but it is undoubtedly rewarding.

Things We Like

Comes with accessories.

Nostalgic VW Beetle model.

Fun to play with.

Things We Don’t Like

Not much you can do.

10. Venom RC Boat

USA Toyz grown up toy review Are you not interested in RC drones? Well, you can give RC boats a try. They provide a lot of fun and are easier to maintain. These RC devices are fascinating to play with your friends or relatives. You can set a race with your friends and neighbors, which would be very fun. There might be a group that organizes RC boat races in your locality that you can join. This RC boat is quite fast for its affordable price. There is no need to spend a lot of money if you want to win races.

What we like about it

We like that these toys are more accessible to control than RC drones. All you need to do is put these RC boats on the water and start having some fun. There are fewer dangers when using RC boats than when playing with RC drones. You can let your kids join the race, or you can look for groups that organize this type of race.

Things We Like

High-speed RC boat.

Colorful design.

Powerful motor.

Things We Don’t Like

Can only be used on water.

Some may prefer a bigger RC boat.

Why should you go for “hobby” graders?

Aside from the durability, the following are just some of the reasons why you should go for hobby grader items when buying grown-up toys.

Parts are replaceable. Items that belong to “toy” graders are directly sent to the trash cans once some of its parts stop working. Most of the time, these toy’s parts are not replaceable once they get damaged. On the other side of the spectrum, we have the hobby graders, most of its parts are replaceable, so once it gets damaged there’s no need for you to buy a brand new one, you can get it repaired and use it again.

Better feels. If you have an RC (Remote Control) toy and an RC grader toy, you can easily tell the difference. When you are playing with a grader one, the remote seams so seamless and easy to use, and the item itself feels and looks so real. This same goes for other toy options like drones, RCs, robots, and more. The grader one provides “better feels.”

You can save in the long run. If you are in the mall right now and you are about to choose between identical white drones, the other one is $25, and the other one is $150, which one will you pick? There’s a massive chance that you will go for the $25 drone rather than the hobby grader one, which is 6x costlier. This is the most common misconception people have when it comes to buying items, if ever you’re just buying for “display” purposes, then the outer appearance is all it is for you to consider.

But if you are planning to play with it every single day, then it will be better if you go for a hobby grader one. It will last for years, which saves you more money in the long run. If you try to look at the calculation when you go for the cheaper options, they will go and break after a few months; then, you will need to buy another one. So, you may unconsciously spend more than you have to if you go for the hobby grader in the very first place.

Quality. It’s never worth to argue on which of the two can provide you with higher quality. Hobby graders make with higher quality materials, which overall makes the product durable. You will be able to play with it for a longer time, which is excellent. The hobby grader items do only perform better than the toy grader one, but it also looks better aesthetically.

Better performance. If you compare a $25 drone vs. a $150 one, the latter will give you better performance. It’s easier to control, and there are more functions and features that you can additionally play with compared to the other one. It is such a huge plus that the hobby grader one built with a better quality camera. We’re just using drones as examples, though, and we hope that you are getting the bigger picture we’re trying to create here.

These are just some of the reasons why you’re better off investing for grader ones, especially if you’re looking for an item to give to your grown-up friends. Huge thanks to technology, they have made it possible to create toys that are in the hobby grader category.

It is truly a great time to be alive where toys for big boys created with quality. If you happen to look for a toy for yourself, then it’s important that you for the hobby grader. Aside from being assured that you’ve got an item made with quality, everything else comes super easy. With the market we have today, you can tell that it’s going to be difficult to pick one which is the best.

I’m not much of an interweb guy, but I’ve been looking at a lot of hobby grader toys lately and compiled them down to best. I’m a toy collector myself, so I know some key pointers of which should I look for when I’m in the actual process of buying. You’ve probably experienced going to a toy store, and you find yourself stuck on which one to buy. Well, to tell you it’s easy to be caught in the middle when you don’t know the products you are looking at.

You must orient yourself with the common functions and features of what makes a toy reliable and what it does not. I know that you no longer want those how wheels vehicles like we used to play with before, as technology continues to arise, there will always be new and hot stuff that settles in the market.

Did you know that every year there are 50+ new toy companies and believe it or not, most of the car models they produce have new features that you probably haven’t seen before which will further make it difficult for you to pick a verdict on which one you should go for. Well, we can’t blame you for that. It is a bit challenging to pick a bet when every item seems so shiny to buy.

To save your time and effort, I have personally come up with the best 10 grown-up toys that you can choose from. We don’t want you wasting brain energy analyzing hundreds of toys out there, so we have trimmed them down to the best 10 just for you. We’re quite sure you’re excited to see our list, and we’re proud to represent our list to you.

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