Top 10 Best Baby Activity Jumpers: Reviews & Buying Guide

Looking for the most way for your baby to improve his/her leg muscles? Try baby activity jumpers; they are proven to be one of the contributing factors for babies to improve the power of their leg muscles. It’s incredible to look at babies when they are super happy, trying to bounce back or perform little semi-squats where your baby loves to touch the object above him/her. Of course, babies love to consume the energy they have and restore them to a long sleep.

Below is the list of baby activity jumpers

One of the best ways to tire your young babies out is through baby jumpers. You’ve probably have seen a baby jumper back to your parent’s house or even on ads on mags and TVs. It’s possible to see a baby jumper in a house where a growing baby lives in. You’ll surely love the laughter that you are going to get just by looking at your young baby. Watch as your adorable baby produce cute sounds while being on the baby jumper.

How can I pick the baby activity jumper?

We hate to break this to you, but there’s no such thing as the best baby jumper that works for every parent. The baby activity jumper is something that suits your purpose of buying and ensure your baby’s safety. Your baby loves it when he/she is feeling the movement her body is creating. He or she would love to be taken away with it. They are hungry for learning and wanted to discover what their bodies can do. A baby jumper should be something that encourages your young baby to move. When you start to see your baby being a movie, they are not tiring their body out, but they are celebrating what their bodies can do.

There are many open jumpers that you are going to see in the market, which makes it more challenging to pick the right one. But you don’t have to stress yourself out, trying to balance one factor to the other. We have researched for you, you can learn about the best baby jumpers that might work for you and your cute baby.

What my baby is getting from a baby jumper?

Let’s start by understanding what a baby activity jumper is. It is a fun activity that allows your baby to celebrate the little things he/she can do with her body. His/her leg muscles are still on the long progress of developing, and baby jumpers are one of the ways you can help your young baby to develop it. The baby jumpers usually have seats that are attached to an elastic strap, you let your baby sit on the set, and he/she will be pushing off the ground to reach for something. This can be a stuffed animal toy or anything that might spark the interest of your young baby.

The movement of up and down is going to delight your young baby. Baby jumpers are one of the most commonly used solutions to get rid of the baby’s excess energy. The baby jumper will help your young baby to have better sleeps at night, which will help them grow. This is an amazing item that we’re quite sure every parent would love for their babies to experience to have. To make it even more memorable, you can take a picture or better yet, record a video where your baby is in the baby jumper.

As we have aforementioned before, baby jumpers are very fun for babies to perform. Other than being called “baby jumper”, other names are created like Jummperoo, Johnny jumps up, and exersaucer. Just bear in mind that whatever the product’s name may be, the function of a baby jumper is still the same. They are going to bounce up and down repeatedly. Now, that you know what a baby jumper is. Let’s go back to the question that you have brought to the table. “what can a baby jumper do for your baby”. It helps your baby to get rid of the excess energy that they may have so that they can have longer and better sleeps. Pretty rewarding, right?

Do you think your baby needs to get one? If yes, you’re certainly right. If you’re the answer is no, then maybe you have doubts about the next question we have.

At what age can your baby use a jumper?

The rule of thumb is that once your baby can lift his/her head without any adult’s assistance, then he/she is ready enough to sit in a baby jumper. You can’t rely on this rule though just like the saying, “In every rule, there’s an exception.” Just carefully check the manufacturer’s minimum age, height, and weight limit. If your baby passes all the requirements, then he/she could sit on a baby jumper.

Do baby jumpers help my baby to improve her leg muscles?

Yes, but you only have to let your child play in it for 20 minutes. Walking is the best way for your baby to strengthen your baby’s leg muscles. A baby jumper is just an option. Just take note that your baby is only allowed to play with the baby jumper for twenty minutes. No more.

Different types of baby jumpers

For you to make an educated decision in which baby jumper you should buy. You have to learn about the different types of baby jumpers that are available in the market.

Stationary. Let’s start talking about the stationary jumper. Just imagine it as a product that comes with a frame, elastic cord, and a set. It’s plainly as this; your baby to jump up and down. He/she will enjoy the jumping part, but there are no fancy and colorful things that your adorable baby can reach out for.

Stationary Activity Jumper. The next type is the stationary baby activity jumper. In this type of baby jumper, there will be a seat where your baby will set and of course an elastic cord to secure baby while he/she is bouncing up and down from the ground. The only difference is that this activity jumper has a tray that fills with beautiful toys that your baby can reach out for or play with.

Doorway Jumper. This type of jumper is made up with a seat that suspended from straps; these will attach to a Bungie just like a cable. At the end of the elastic cable is a clamp in which you can attach to your door frame. Just take note that they doorway jumpers can only be used on door frames.

Things to consider before buying a baby jumper


Of course, safety is the very first thing you must consider before even buying a baby jumper. If it made from durable materials, then you have to consider the product. However, if it made with flimsy materials, then you should skip the product.

Weight limit

You should check the weight limit, so you may ensure that baby jumper can handle your baby’s weight. You have to make sure to choose the one that is suitable for your baby’s weight. If ever the particular product you are aiming for does not adhere to the weight limit result, then don’t buy the product for it may injure your baby.


There are going to be a different type of seats as you choose from one jumper to the other. If you are looking for a seat that you could wash, then you should look for a removable and washable seat. There are also seats that you can easily adjust. Seats that lined with plush are created for comfort; if you are looking for something like it, then you could look for baby jumpers that have that seat feature.

Whatever the type of seat you are going to have, it is extremely important for you to consider to pick up a seat that is supported by two or more elastic straps. The one strap allows your child to glide from right to left and vice versa with can lead to injury. However, if there are two straps or even more, it will help in securing your baby to stay in one place as he/she bounces up and down.


As your baby continues to grow, you will have to adjust the height of the baby jumper. Just a quick buying tip, always go for baby jumpers that are adjustable, they will keep your baby safe and as he/she grows.


Of course, you have to consider the storage feature of the baby jumper. If you’re currently short in space, then you should look for a jumper that can be dissembled into smaller spaces so that they can easily store.


One of the best ways to keep your baby engage while he/she is in the jumper are toys. They won’t lost the interest as long as they are having fun with it. But remember that 20-minute rule, only allows your baby to play with it for 20 minutes.

1. Rainforest Jumperoo – Best Baby Activity Jumper

Fisher-Price baby jumper review This baby jumper has musical and light-up fun features that will keep your baby engaged while he/she plays with the jumper for around 20 minutes. The baby jumper made for babies who can already hold their heads up without assistance for others.

What we like about it

The toys are soft, so if your babies are a huge fan of softer toys. Then we’re quite sure he/she is going to love this.

  • The baby jumper has sounds and lights.
  • Helps your baby enhance their large motor skills.
  • The baby jumper is engaging.
  • Not for babies who dislike lights.

2. Friends Activity Jumper

Baby Einstein baby jumper review The type of seat of this baby jumper is padded to add more comfort for the baby. The seat can rotate at full 360 degrees, so your baby can have access to the toys.

What we like about it

We like the fact the fat this baby jumper has 5 height settings that you can adjust as your baby grows. There will be fun music and lights to entertain your young baby.

  • Comes with lights and piano music.
  • Comes with 5 height settings.
  • The seat can rotate as full 360 degrees.
  • Only for 4-7-month-old babies.

3. Baby Safari Jumper

Fisher-Price baby jumper review This Jumperoo is for babies who can hold their heads up without any assistance and babies who can’t climb nor walk.

What we like about it

You don’t need any doorway for it. There are light up musical pianos to entertain your baby.

  • Has light up musical piano feature.
  • Strong frame.
  • No need for the doorway.
  • A little tricky to assemble.

4. Exersaucer Bounce & Learn

Evenflo baby jumper review This item provides your baby with a little learning environment in which he/she could play as well. It helps your young baby to develop his/her gross motor skills.

What we like about it

The item comes with 3 position height adjustment which your baby can still use as he/she grows.

  • Enhances the baby’s fine and gross motor skills.
  • Toys included for object exploration.
  • Comes with 3 position height adjustment.
  • Comfort function should be improved.

5. Carnival SpaceSaver Jumperoo

Fisher-Price baby jumper review Do you want your baby to have some while they are not able to walk yet? Well, giving them a baby jumper is one way of giving them something to have some fun on. It will allow them to move their body more and encourage motor development. Also, it will allow them to use up their excess energy and sleep well at night. You wouldn’t have much hardship having your baby sleep at night since a baby jumper will make them feel tiredness. This baby jumper is safe so your baby will not get injured while they are having fun. It is perfect for parents who have problems putting their baby to sleep. This baby jumper is one of the best choices. Fisher-Price Colourful Carnival SpaceSaver Jumperoo is carefully designed to provide fun and safety to your kids.

Fisher-Price Colourful Carnival SpaceSaver Jumperoo will keep your baby entertained with its lights, sounds, and music. Your baby will be able to enjoy the lights and sounds every time they jump. In short, it will encourage them to jump even more.

What we like about it

We like that this baby jumper is safe for your kids. Although, most baby jumpers are safe for your kids. This one will surely prevent any harm from happening to them. It comes with a fun design and fun accessories which will keep the attention of your kids. They will surely have hours of fun bouncing in this baby jumper. It is also highly portable so you can easily transfer it to another location if you want your kid to play in that area.

  • Safe for your kids.
  • Comes with entertaining lights, sounds, and music.
  • Helps develop the motor skills of your kids.
  • The design might not be good enough for some parents.

6. Ocean Discovery Jumper

Baby Einstein baby jumper review While your child is playing in the baby jumper, it is always important to keep an eye on them. Don’t leave the room while they are playing so that you can take immediate action when something is not right. This baby jumper is perfect for kids aging 6 months and up. It also fits with kids weighing 25 pounds. They will surely have a lot of fun playing with the ocean-themed exploration jumper. There is a cute turtle named Baby Neptune that your baby can play with. It also comes with a space-saving footprint which makes the baby jumper roomy. Your baby will be able to move more freely while they are in this baby jumper.

Baby Einstein Neptune's Ocean Discovery Jumper also comes with a language exploration feature. It allows your baby to discover number and colors in French, Spanish, and English. This feature will improve their linguistic skills and also learn about number and colors. Your baby will have no problem reaching out for all the toys included in this baby jumper since the seat rotates easily. It allows your baby to have access to all the toy stations. Like with other baby jumpers, it also comes with entertaining features like lights, sounds, and music. Baby Neptune can separate for on-the-go playtime. That’s why if you want to give a lot of fun to your little one, get Baby Einstein Neptune's Ocean Discovery Jumper now.

What we like about it

We like that this baby jumper has a couple of fun features. It is worth the money that you will be paying. There is a language exploration feature which is quite nice for a baby jumper. It allows them to have a lot of fun while learning things which they can use once they grow up. Baby jumpers help develops motor development, and this one is no different. It will strengthen your baby’s legs. However, it is advisable not to allow them to play on this baby jumper for longer periods. There are also fun flash cards which have real-life ocean imagery.

  • Allows your kids to discover number and colors in 3 different languages.
  • Help develops motor skills.
  • Makes them sleep easier.
  • Might be too tall for some babies.

7. Minnie Mouse Activity Jumper

Disney baby jumper review This baby jumper is a smart choice since it makes of quality materials. We don’t want to cause some injury to our baby just because we have bought a low-quality baby jumper right? Of course, we always wish the best and safest for our baby. Don’t worry though; most baby jumpers test before they even put in the market. Disney Baby, MINNIE MOUSE PeekABoo, is perfect for your growing baby. It has 4 easy-adjust height positions which make the baby jumper usable while your baby is growing. It is recommended for 6 months and up. There are 3 link loops which allow moms to put more toys on the jumper so that the baby won’t get bored. The design of this jumper is also nice. Perfect for babies with a wild imagination.

With its 360-degree seat rotation, your baby will have access to every toy available on this jumper. It has a spinning ball that comes with colorful beads. This toy will certainly entertain your kids while they are happily jumping. It also has a heart-shaped mirror which helps for self-discovery. Along with the bead chaser toy and the tactile leaf stalk, your baby won’t get bored playing in this jumper.

What we like about it

It's another perfect baby activity jumper. Disney Baby MINNIE MOUSE PeekABoo comes with 12 engaging toys and activities. Your baby will have a lot of fun jumping and explore the toys after they are done. There are multiple height adjustments so it will keep up with your growing baby. You don’t need to buy another baby jumper if your baby starts growing up. The seat rotates like other baby jumpers. That’s why it will be easy for your child to reach out to the different toys and activities.

  • Comes with 12 toys and activities.
  • Keeps your child safe and entertained.
  • This baby jumper has volume control feature.
  • Not for heavy babies.

8. Exersaucer Door Jumper

Evenflo baby jumper review Babies need to move their body every once in a while. Using their excess energy will help them sleep better at night. Evenflo Exersaucer Door Jumper, Owl, can keep your baby safe while they are jumping. Having them have fun on a baby jumper will help develop their motor skills. It won’t take much space too. There are adjustable straps so your baby will surely fit. This baby jumper is also highly portable. Taking it around is very simple. You can take it on your vacation and picnics. It is very simple to set up. You can just put it on a flat surface. However, there is still a need to observe caution. Don’t put the baby jumper at a surface that will make it unstable. Remove any sharp objects under the baby jumper and always keep an eye on them while they are playing.

Overall, having this baby jumper is a good idea. It made of quality materials, and it can handle your baby’s weight. Your baby will feel comfortable and secure due to the sturdy frame. The spring is fully-enclosed so that it won’t touch your baby. Get this baby jumper now and give your baby something that they can have a lot of fun with.

What we like about it

Evenflo Exersaucer Door Jumper, the Owl, is a nice baby jumper to have. It is easy to use and is highly portable. You can bring it anywhere you want with ease. It is also easy to clean. You can wipe it after your baby is done using it. Also, the frame is quite sturdy. Your baby will stay safe while having a lot of fun. The straps are adjustable, so your baby will surely fit as long as they pass the required weight. It has a maximum weight recommendation of 24 pounds.

  • It can transfer easily.
  • The seat fully surrounds the child.
  • Gives a lot of comfort to your child.
  • The sound of the spring is quite loud.

9. ExerSaucer Learn Jumper

Evenflo baby jumper review Getting a baby jumper that will give comfort and fun to your baby is a must. It should be safe so that your baby won’t get injured while playing. There are surely a lot of choices available in the market. That’s why choosing the best one is hard. You don’t have to get the best one. This one might be already enough for you. Evenflo ExerSaucer Jump and Learn Jumper made of 100% polyester. Your child will feel comfortable while they are bouncing in this jumper. There are over 58 fun learning activities which help your child achieve developmental milestones.

One of its attractive features is its soft base which provides the baby with a landing pad. Their feet won’t hurt with the help of this soft base. The jumping motion will make them feel good while developing their neck, back and leg muscles. It is a beneficial exercise for them. They will have a better sleep quality too. If they are bored with the bouncing exercise, they can have fun with activities included in this baby jumper.

What we like about it

We like that there are 58 fun learning activities that your babies can have fun with. It will certainly keep them occupied after they are done jumping in this baby jumper. There are many activities that they can have fun doing while learning new things in the process. The jumping motion will also develop their motor skills. So if they can consume their excess energy in this baby jumper, they will have more ease of sleeping at night. Although, there are more baby jumpers to choose from this one is already a solid choice. It gives much comfort and security to your baby.

  • Made of quality materials.
  • Gives your baby a safe and fun play environment.
  • Made of 100% Polyester.
  • A bit hard to assemble.

10. Graco Bumper Jumper

Graco baby jumper review Having a quality baby jumper will make you and your baby feel better. You don’t have to worry about the jumper getting damaged and causing some injuries to your baby. It is perfectly sturdy and will not move while your baby is jumping. Always make sure that this baby jumper is placed on a flat surface so that your baby will remain study, and also to avoid an accident. Some features make this baby jumper worth your attention. It has a seat pad that is easily machine washable.

What we like about it

We like that this baby jumper looks simple and easy to use. It doesn’t come with any complicated features. However, it is very comfortable for your baby. They will have a lot of fun using this baby jumper. The seat pad is easy to wash so you can keep this jumper clean. There is a safety and cord so that your baby is always secure. The build of this jumper is quite sturdy so it will not fall apart while your baby is happily jumping. It looks sleek and cute. Overall, this jumper is a nice choice.

  • Can be easily transported.
  • Has a sturdy build and bounce spring.
  • Height can be easily adjusted.
  • Not much features that your baby can play with.

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