Best RC Crawlers 2020 – Updated Review

Below is the list of Best RC Crawlers 2020

1. YKS RC Rock Crawler

YKS rc crawler review If you’re planning to hand something special to your kids on their birthday, purchasing a remote control crawlers will not be a bad idea. Aside from it can make your kids birthday extra special, they are something worth to accompany your kids as they grow. Owning our first spot is the RC Rock Crawler, if your little kid wants to take the road adventure outside, he can do so for this crawler supports such features. It can sustain a valuable playing time of 12 minutes, which longer compared to other RC toys you have probably encountered. This car supports a double powerful motors speed, which can run up to 25km/h, which is pretty impressive for such a cute toy.

This rock crawler is convenient and easy to use.

YKS always see to it that children are always at the center of every product they made. The controls are easy and are a kid-friend. It responses instantly in the touch of a button, which is one of the reasons why it attracted a lot of buyers even if it just came out shortly. It has rubber wheels and even runs over the carpet. Isn’t that fantastic? I don’t disagree with you, but if I were a kid, I would love to make things move with the use of remote control. We are sure that this RC truck will encourage your kid to practice racing and will enhance his thinking skills.

It comes with a 2.4 GHZ tech.

This gizmo is truly not typical. It does not become the kids’ favorite for no reason. It simply has the features and vantages that would rather bring forth the kids to a higher level of fun. Just do note that kids aging 8 years and up can play with this one. Younger than 8 are not allowed. The latest remote tech comes along with this product, wit that features your son’s car race many cars even up to six toy vehicles.

It comes with rechargeable batteries.

Do this product sounds too good to be true? Wait until you hear that the bats of this product are conveniently rechargeable. What a way to save you from buying triple-A batteries over time. The remote control of the fire truck has a built-in rechargeable battery, and it can charge with a standard mini USB plug. Phew! How convenient this product can get. When fully charged, you can play with the RC truck for up to 10-12 minutes straight.

The batteries have double powerful motors speed that will surely your son would love. FW installed in this car for better and smoother independent suspension. The cross-country car body is far more flexible and has the shockproof function that comes along with it. It a high-performance RC truck with highly active and impressive motor installation; the four-wheel drive is great for climbing over rocks. It can easily make the truck more controllable even in difficult moves. It’s super amazing, and it made from high-quality raw materials. It is durable and can last for a longer period of continuous usage. It comes with rubber tires that create strong friction against the ground, which leaves the lesser chance of getting your truck flipped over.

Things We Like

Made from high-quality materials.

Rubber tires.

Comes with a 700mAh battery.

Control range is more than 100m.

Things We Don’t Like

No charger adapter included.

Battery’s life could be better.

Tire truck could be better.


Do you recommend this one for my 4-year-old son?

No, the recommended age for this toy is 8 years old and up.

Is it rechargeable?

Yes, it is.

Final Verdict

The Remote control crawlers is fast. Thus its battery life is usually sucked instantly as well. Though customers could have wished more the bat life could be longer, this RC truck surely does sustain fun and entertainment for your kids for the entire 10 to 12 minutes. You’ll surely get what you paid for if you go with this product.

2. Redcat Racing Rock Crawler – Best RC Crawlers

Redcat Racing rc crawler review The Redcat Racing Everest fully assembled. Thus you do not need to reassemble it once it arrives. What a wonderful to save you more time to spend with your kids. This is perfect for rock crunching and Boulder stomping- it’s something that can provide your kids with the recreational way of playing. The body paints come in two different colors red and blue. It comes with a front and rear transmission, which makes the controls 10x easier. This a hobby-grade RC car, perfect for driving in extreme terrain. Your child will surely have more fun with this toy. It’s an amazing car to hand to your children; it can run up to 15 minutes. This RC recommended for children aging 14 and up.

One of the biggest assets consumers love is durability.

One of the things you can’t argue about Redcat Racing products is that they are highly durable and reliable. You can tell that the company has thousands, if not millions of loyal customers, because of its durability. Who would want a toy that will only last for a couple of months or worse for a couple of weeks? That would be an absolute waste of hard-earned money. Redcat Racing couldn’t make this red truck better; it made from high-quality materials, which makes it highly exceptional and durable.

It is empowered with triple-A batteries.

What’s worse than looking for batteries that can only purchase from the other ends of the world? That’s why we consider fire truck empowered with AAA bats as a great feature. This will tighten up the fun and will never have to spoil in the long run. We even encountered a review about this Hess fire truck that his son won’t leave the house without it and will always listen to the sirens and horns from time to time. In other words, kids love how it made!

It’s good for gentle and aggressive driving, whatever type of riding style your son would enjoy. It’s a full 4×4 wheel drive type of a car. All of the four tires can turn since this RC truck comes with a transmission in front and rear of the car. The high turning radius it has can quickly hover over your house carpet. It can perform awesome stunts on the boulder and rocks. It’s the type of car that your children will surely enjoy playing. It is rechargeable, so you can leave it plugged when its battery juice ran dry and came back to it once it fully restored its battery life.

The Redcat Racing Everest will surely become one of your children’s favorite toys. It a hobby-grade truck, so some of its parts are replaceable, which included the steering and throttle, bead-locks, and batteries. It provides not only the joy but at the same time enhances your children’s creative talent. It will help them to have sustainable entertainment while they’re learning how the mechanism works and how radio transmission can control a car.

Things We Like

A hobby grade.

Has a high turning radius.

Powerful battery.


Things We Don’t Like

Not recommended for children aging 13 and below.

Throttle could be better.

Requires 8 AA batteries.


Can I install a 3s lipo in it?

Yes, you may.

Is it durable?


Final Verdict

The machinery that’s inside this Redcat Racing car is strong and durable; you can even play it winter where it can hover over snows. This will surely be a great gift to give to your children. It’s not bad for its $$$ price for it will surely be worth it. Buy it, and you’ll love it- 100%.

3. Exceed RC Rock Crawler

Exceed RC rc crawler review This is a 4 x 4 driving truck so that it can provide a tight and tremendous grip for wheels. The alloy lower suspension link bars are made even to make the captured ends stronger. It’s durable, and it does not break easily once it bumps against walls or trees. The solid axle which can found on the front and rear shaft serves to provide a stronger base for the car to resist crashes, flip overs, and simple bumps. It’s an amazing car that every child would love to have. It has a multilink suspension that gives you’re the smooth crawling overall feels when you play with it. If you feel like playing with it, you can do so. This product charm does not only work for children but also adults. Take your RC crawler driving experience to the next level!

Another awesome feature it carries is that it comes with a remote and battery pack with it, you need to carefully follow the manual for an appropriate and correct way of assembling it. Though, it may be time-taking. We’re quite sure that you’ll get it right the first time once you follow everything step by step. It’s a great way to start sustaining your kid’s huge passion for driving. Before you go to the biggest brands in the RC industry- this is a great way to test the waters. Just so, you may have a wider knowledge of how strong or fragile various RC cars could be.

It’s probably not right for you to buy expensive ones, aside from your kid is still getting the hang of it. There’s a tendency that it will not last long on them since they still don’t have that fuller idea on how to control the RC truck with the remote. This will be a good and an excellent way to get your children started.

This truck will drive great both indoors and outdoors. Some kids prefer to play inside, and some want to take it outside with them. You should not worry that this toy can play both indoors and outdoors. It has to stabilizer legs that store in the back and can 3s lipo can installed with it. Its symmetrical design and mobility features allow your son to make it run over boulders and rocks on the road.

This remote control rock crawler comes with great durability. We couldn’t nail “The best toys for your children” better by the selection we have enlisted in this article. And this RC truck is made from excellent and durable quality materials. After all, it’s one of the Exceed RC creations, which automatically suggests that it has an amazing mechanism inside of it. There are lots of amazing features in the product that lasts for a long time, even if your son frequently uses it. This rock crawler surely has features that can bring joy to your son’s eyes — what a way to top the fun, knowing that the toy won’t break easily.

Things We Like


4×4 wheel driving.

Supports 3 channels.

3 gear mounted transmission.

Things We Don’t Like

The motor design could be better.

Charger connector could be better.

Not recommended for kids who are aging 7 and below.


Does it come with a charger?


Is it durable?

Yes, but not as durable as the high-end RCs in the market.

Final Verdict

Overall, This remote control rock crawler from Exceed RC will be a great start-up for kids who haven’t had an RC toy before. This is not as durable as the high-end ones, but it sure does have protective bars and covers around it, which can make it last for a longer period. It’s a good way to test the waters before diving into it. It does not cost too much, but rather it’s adequately priced. Your kid will shortly fall in love with this RC. It can run over rocks and boulders; you will surely see some real actions with this one.

4. DeXop Electric Rock Crawler

Babrit rc crawler review The rubber tires made from high-quality PVC material; this is a hobby grade RC car, which its wheels can incredibly perform a tight grip against the road. If the road is bumpy or slippery, this can overrun it, without having to skid or to flip over. It’s an amazing car, which is quite flexible. Its shockproof feature is just excellent, it comes with many protective covers all over its body, so it can surely resist bumps and crashes during the ride. It comes with a big motor installation so that it can speed up pretty fast. Your children might find it a little difficult to control it first because of its speed, but eventually, they will learn how to pilot it.

The charging time only lasts for 60 minutes, so you must unplug it after. Just be warned never to leave this RC car plugged into the electric wall socket, for it may result in an accident. Just 1 hour and safely plug it off. It has a well-built body with a decent design. The remote has easy access and control, and AA batteries empower it. It’s a four-wheel drive- great for completing difficult moves and moving over rocky roads. It is bump resistant and durable; it will surely not easily break after a few bumps.

This RC truck from Babrit Company- one of the best and trusted manufacturers of building reliable and realistic red trucks. Bring the strong driver spirit within your child as you watch them bring forth the game to a new level with the help if this RC Crawler Truck. It made from the US, which is known for bringing in durable products around the United States.

Your child becomes extremely curious and imaginative during their toddler stage; there is some stuff loaded in their minds that they cannot wait to put into play. You can help them nourish their creative skills with the help of the realistic details and functions of this RC truck- intact in one for your little guy’s fun time. It does not only provide a relaxing getaway for your children, but it also completes them as they’re going through their childhood years. This is something your children will treasure close in their hearts up to the day they’ll grow up- the fun times they have brought by their childhood experience.

Things We Like

Shockproof car.

Well-built body.

Short charging time.

Great 4 wheels driving feature.

Things We Don’t Like

The outer design could be better.

Charger connector made with poor quality.

Have to open the battery compartment before charging.


How fast is this RC car can go?

About 3-5 mph.

Is it durable?


Final Verdict

Babrit RC crawler is more than just a gizmo. It brings the creative side of your little firefighters into play. Many features come along with it. Like any of the high-end toys, it’s priced lower than $50, due to its durability and excellence in quality. It has hundreds of positive reviews. They love it, they recommend it. We recommend it to you as well. It’s worth your money you’ll pay for. It was top-notch and branded, so rest assured that it will let your little angel play like a pro firefighter.

5. SZJJX Off-Road Crawler

JJX-TECH rc crawler review
Owning our 5th spot is an RC car from JJX-TECH company- one of the great sources of durable and high performing RC cars across the United Stets. Some of the materials that were used to make this RC car imported, and they come from only the high-quality materials.

The body of this car is well-built, firm, and durable- all the good stuff that your children will love to have. It’s not surprising why so many kids have fallen in love whit this product; it does not walk automatically straight, so your children will surely love to watch it, making turns and dashes on the rocky road.

It made from high-quality materials, so you’ll rest assured that you get what you pay for. One of the things we can’t miss out is the birth date of our sons and daughters. Whether it’s your first time to enter parenthood- their dates are seemingly so precious to us.

We want to make sure that we do our best to make their childhood date the best as possible- same or better than the ones we have experienced in the past. This RC truck will surely spice up your children’s birthday. It’s amazing, and it works perfectly both indoors and outdoors.

Things We Like

It comes from a trusted manufacturer.

Made in the USA.

4×4 wheel drive.

Shockproof rubber tires.

Control distance is from 60 to 100m.

Things We Don’t Like

Customer service could be better.

Outer appearance could be better.

Limited color options.


Could I upgrade the battery?

Yes, you can. Just make sure they’re compatible.

How long is the charging hours?

It’s about 1 and a half to 2 hours.

Final Verdict

It came from a reliable manufacturer, and it has some features that every child would love. It is a reasonable price, and every parent can afford it. This will be a different way of saying, “Happy Birthday” to your children. They will surely love growing with this one. This RC car is awesome; it can perform both heavy and light driving duties. It can be played indoors and outdoors, whatever you and your son prefer. It’s surely worth a try!
We have compiled the best RC crawlers that you can select from. But in the end, you always have the freedom to pick whatever most suitable for your children. It’s not just something your children can play around; it’s something they can grow up with. It triggers their first-hand experience in controlling things, which is a crucial step for him to learn new words faster in the future. I hope our top picks have given you some ideas on what to choose. We’ll write to you soon, parents. Enjoy picking!

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