Best Remote Control Monster Trucks: Picked from the thousands

Below is the list of Remote Control Monster Trucks

Remote Control Monster TrucksItem WeightSpeedControl distance 
Redcat Racing EPX Truck8.55 pounds20-25 mph30.48 meters
Maisto R/C Rock Crawler2.9 pounds3 mph18.288 meters
GP Road Monster Truck4.15 pounds35 mph100 meters
Top Race Monster Truck2.7 pounds10 mph100 meters
Hosim Monster Truck-Offroad3.9 pounds38 mph79.248 meters
Maisto Rock Crawler3.31 pounds30 mphNot Mentioned

1. Redcat Racing EPX Truck– Best Remote Control Monster Truck

Redcat Racing rc truck review You are never too old to spoil the fun. Who told you that 60-year-old pops couldn’t play remote control monster trucks? This invented for everybody who wants to play street racing or even mud racing. And oh, you’re just going to control the little truck, so it’s 100% safe- what a way to have fun while racing. Introducing the Redcat Racing Electric Volcano EPX Truck is an ultimatum replica of power and agility. It hasn’t earned our 1st spot for anything. It has a very stylish red finish. That comes with rechargeable bats, what a way to heat up the neighborhood.

Shaft driven 4WD.

This feature will leave you to drop-jawed, who wouldn’t want to watch their monster trucks hovering over rocks or any obstacle you wish for it to overcome. Just like a volcano, this will give you the type of explosion right before you unbox it. The traction maneuver it has will make you the most navigating control whether the truck moves forward or reverse. This feature will be mostly beneficial when your truck caught in tight spots. The shaft a couple of 4WD will help its way out of any obstacles it may face. We couldn’t nail this feature this better, other than shortly saying that if you want the real ride, our number one choice will cover up your very need.

Fast and powerful.

Some batteries quickly bag down and can’t maneuver the truck to cover up the obstacle. Although we think that 2,000 mAh is powerful, anything higher than this is far better. Not to mention that is equipped with brushed 540 electric motor, which makes superior compared to the other models. Are you ready to experience some adrenaline explosion? This brings the game to higher heights knowing that’s it has an extensive motor control and a powerful bat. What a way to supply the fun you need in the day. This comes with a battery, so you can recharge it whenever its juice ran dry.

Easy Controls.

Now no one will deny that the worst thing about playing with remote control monster trucks is the wrong accessibility of controls. What worse could happen than your truck ended up crashing just because you find it difficult to turn the wheels. Especially, if you are buying this one for a younger kid, he needs to have easy controls for easy navigation. This product is recommended for 14 years old and up. If you have a nine-year-old son and he loves remote toys, this should surprise him. Because it comes with easy control, we are sure that even nine-year-old kids can handle it.

Light weighted.

When a monster truck is heavy, expect that its speed performance will be low. However, if you are looking for something that comes with great power and impressive speed, we highly suggest that you go for this one. It will surely give the independent suspension and over shocks all covered because of its extreme light weight. You don’t have to worry a thing if it flies so high that it landed on water, the radio system of it is waterproof. This becomes overtly fast especially when you are trying to run it a flat surface. Although, testing it out on a rocky or the so-called tough road. It still manages to show us the awesome speed.

  • Light weighted.
  • Fast and powerful.
  • Waterproofed radio system.
  • Powerful motor.
  • Easy controls.
  • Pricey.
  • Stock parts are not that durable.


Would you recommend this one for my 9-year-old son?

The recommended age for this one is 14 years old and up. If your child is used to remote toys, then we think it would be okay, since this comes with easy control.

Is there a charger for the remote?

No, it does not have.

Final Verdict

The product is overall great; there are many things you can play with this. You can watch it roam around the house, or you can use for the race. Although, If you are looking for a real deal, this should be it. It’s fun and easy to use. I won’t settle for any less if I can go with something great like this one.

2. Maisto R/C Rock Crawler

Maisto rc truck review If you’re up for a rugged off-road action, this monster truck will not leave you hanging. The car runs extremely great and incredibly fast, anything you would wish for tough road driving. We wouldn’t deny the rear suspension of this truck is rear, it articulated in a way that it can make it extra durable to any possible damages it may come through. Though, there are no free bat for the controller and for the vehicle we still think that it can help if you prepare one. 6AA for a couple and 2 AAA for a couple. It’s an awesome stuff if you want to go out and try some go off road today

TPE tires for ultra-grip.

We know you love to race and watch monster trucks takes action and do the trick over obstacles. To do just that you will-will need a TPE tires that can perform tight grip on the ground or else it will just flip over. What a way to end the phenomena. For extra fun, we know you’d love to see tricks. This feature of the truck puts you in control to start up a show. Go ahead and set the stage afire. Everything will be an absolute entertaining when you have TPE tires.

Amazingly Fast.

Control a monster truck like a pro; this car can run up to 33mph- a speed that exceeds any player’s expectation. It’s extremely, and its high-speed feature is what attracts many to buy one. This is by far the fastest one in our list. It comes with a powerful motor as well. So, there’s no huge issue if it can run on rough roads- it intentionally made for it! This monster truck will run faster on flat surfaces. If you are planning to buy this one for your little kid- congratulations, he will love the incredible speed.

Ready to run.

No need to assemble things, just get it out of the box. Put the bats, and it shall be ready to It’s. It has a 2.4Ghz tech inside, which puts you in excellent vantage of controlling more than 20 vehicles at the same time. This feature is by far we consider the best of Maisto R/C Rock Crawler Radio Control Vehicle. Just be careful, though, it is incredibly fast. That’s why it is prone to damages. If you are great at controlling, then this should not be an issue. However, if you are a newbie, we suggest for you to go over to the manual and read the controls.

Excellent Off-Road Performance.

You’d love the suspension links and good springs of this one. It has a shockproof system that can protect the electronic components of the toy. Thus, letting you play wisely even doing off-road. You must be extra careful, though since this monster truck is prone to damages because of insane speed level. The PVC rubber wheels are soft, antiskid, and elastic. Truly made for you to have a total off-road experience. This feature continues to add up the amazing things this truck has to offer. Get ready for a top notch performance, the speed of this little truck will blow your mind.

  • Affordable.
  • Incredibly fast.
  • Powerful motor.
  • Ready to run.
  • Perfect for off-road racing.
  • Because of its speed, it’s prone to damages.
  • No free batteries.


If I will buy two, will I get different colors?

We could not tell, but you should consider contacting the support, so you’ll have a peace of mind regarding the matter.

Do I have to buy the batteries for it?

Yes, make sure to purchase rechargeable bats, though.

If it’s fully charge, how long it the play time?

It can stay up and run for 12 minutes.

Final Verdict

This Radio Control Monster Truck could be an excellent choice for players who wanted to race on a flat road. Because of the extreme speed, it will make a good ride even on hard places. It’s affordable so that it won’t hurt your pocket. Just make sure to buy rechargeable batteries, so you can continue having fun with it. For more action, try this one and see for yourself the 33mph speed of this gizmo.

3. GP Road Monster Truck

GP rc truck review If you love the downhill and the uphill adventure, this will satisfy your hunger for it. Earning our 3rd spot is the NextX Monster truck. It’s incredibly fast; it can speed up to 35+mph speed. Even going uphill, it can still perform at full speed. If you plan to buy this one as a gift, we are pretty sure that the recipient will not forget to thank you for it. What we love about this product are the easy controls it has. Especially, when monster trucks are at fast, you need buttons and switches that are easy to control. It is also a well-built truck material, so if it crashes once, rest assured that it won’t hurt.

Massive speed.

Huge in the term that it has radio system is well-built and powerful. Speed for its 35+mph feature. In other words, it has a huge speed feature, which will be perfect for every venture you wish to do with it. Just make sure to go through their manual, the manual is easy to understand as well. So, we gave this product two thumbs up, because everybody loves high speed. It will be a good show if you know you can top all the obstacles, whatever, they may be.

Easy Controls.

For those who don’t know, a simple maneuver is more important than the speed. What will you do with the high speed if you find a difficult time controlling it? That would just ruin your day and will think that you just throw off you are $$ in the bin. You don’t have to worry that much for this product comes with easy S-truck suspension tech remote control. Superiorly made for easy handling. Whether you want to make a forward, backward of left, right move. It will not make any cuts, just easy control and incredibly high speed.


It’s water resistant, so if you’re up for mud racing or something- this could be an ideal buddy for you to have. It is designed to bring forth fun to you and your family. It can still perform with high speed even running through off-road. It has a safety mechanism that prevents overheating and overcurrent. So, rest assured that your little children are safe with it. We recommend this product for ages 8 and up. It is guaranteed safety. So, overcharging should not be a huge case if you such safety mechanism.


Yes, it is rechargeable. It equipped with a two pcs 800mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack. This signifies power and long life. Why take intervals when you can have reliable heavy duty battery to continue having fun. One of the things that brought forth this truck in our 3rd spot is the 30-day money back guarantee it offers. They have reliable and friendly customer service that are willing to cater your needs and answer your questions 24/7. For solid and long-lasting bat performance, pick this truck and see the power yourself.

  • Rechargeable.
  • 800mAh lithium-ion battery pack.
  • Easy controls.
  • Fast.
  • Pricey.


Is this truck tiny?

No, it is not. The dimension is 15.2 x 11.2 x 7.2 inches.

Is it heavy?

Is only weighs 4.2 pounds.

Final Verdict

We could not nail it better, this monster truck is durable and is made out from high-quality materials. Especially, for children again eight years old. They need something like the “safety mechanism” so, as a parent, you can rest assured that your child is safe. Speed is fast, and it has a powerful battery. We highly recommend this one for players who want to take racing to the next level without putting their money and health at risk. This could be a building bridge for you and your kids to experience fun time!

4. Top Race Monster Truck

Top Race rc truck review This monster truck crawler is something you don’t want to leave untouched in the box. Although, it looks ethically acceptable as a truck display for collection. We are confident that once you see it, you can’t wait to see it roll around the house. Before putting it on a show, make sure to put the bats. Children will find this a perfect gift since it’s stylish and child-friendly. It needs double A batteries, 4 for the truck and 3 for the remote. You may need a tiny screwdriver to open the battery compartment. This is purposely designed, so your children won’t end up crying trying to remember where they lost the cover.


The four wheel drive feature of this crawler lets your motorized and roll the four wheels together. It has rubber tires, which means it can perform tighter grip against the road. It will also show more stunts and tricks as you put them over rocks. It has a powerful motor that can overrun any obstacle. So, no worries if you’re an off-road racer. The wheels are easy to control, so way off and have fun as you do your most phenomenal upside. It articulates well- it can surely offer a lot of fun for all ages!

Empowered with AA Batteries.

Another fantastic feature to ponder is that it empowered with AA bats and you don’t have to prepare for them, for they included in the box. You’ll get them for free. This is a rare feature for some truck; even the high-end ones offers no free bats. So, we think this is an excellent feature. So, it would be ready to run right after you have opened the box. You will surely find it entertaining for it has good speed, not incredibly fast, but decent enough. If you are new to the crawlers and monster trucks, this could be a great one for you. It’s amazing that you don’t have to wait for the toy to charge, you just need fresh batteries, and you’re ready to go!

Newbie and child-friendly.

Some monster trucks can go insanely fast, thus requiring pro control from the player. If you are just starting out or if you are trying to hand this is in as a birthday gift for your son, it would be one of the good choices you’ll make, since this is made child and newbie friendly. It has easy controls, and the speed isn’t that fast enough could even leave you watching it crashed against the wall or something. Having a good speed does not mean you can’t have fun with it, it still has excellent features that you can do with it. It can run over reliable items and rocks. After all, it has rubber tires that allow it to have a good grip.


Just to keep things honest, it can overrun rocks and can run uphill. But not over larger rocks, it may even flip if you rigorously force it to go thought hard and tight obstacles, This is the pretty sweet deal. Even the high-end ones my turnover. It just depends on the kind of road you set up for it. It works pretty well for its price. It can even go too fast for rock crawling, which is enjoyable to watch. If you have been searching for a great rock crawler, we are confident that the search will be over once you set your hands with this great truck.

  • Affordable.
  • Light weight.
  • Easy control.
  • AA batteries (included).
  • Noisy steering.


Are the batteries rechargeable?

No, the required batteries are double AA.

How many motors does it have?

There are 2. It’s a 4W, so there’s a motor in the back and the rear.

Final Verdict

Overall, we can conclude that is a good product. Yes, it may flip, but we if the obstacles aren’t that difficult to pass through, then everything should be a piece of cake. This may become your hobby for it will surely bring forth fun to you and your children. You can put it on a how you can create and build your obstacles and watch how this great crawler can overcome it.

5. Hosim Monster Truck-Offroad

Hosim rc truck review Earning our 5th spot is from the HASIM company if you have been collecting monster trucks. This may not be the first time that you have heard of the name. It has been around for some decades, and they are known for making durable and reliable monster trucks. They have thousands, if not millions of consumers because of the quality they can offer.

They have been awarded multiple times for bringing in durable toys on the market. Enough of the praises for the company though and let’s head in for the product. This toy is perfect for superior control. It will not spoil your love for the race and remote toys but even gratifies it. Without further ado, let’s check out some of its features.

Incredibly Fast.

Many players, admit it or not. Gets bored easily when their trucks cannot accelerate than what they have expected Worry not, for this truck is powerful and is amazing fast, it comes with the 390 motor largest in class. You can ever top of the speed limit of 33mph if you wish to. Get ready for the real speed feels that will cover up your racing hobby. It could perform well uphill and even faster downhill. You can set up a particular place for it where it can show off its magnificent power and speed.

Easy Controls.

This feature is coherent with the fact that this monster truck can top off the speed of 33mph speed limit. In other words, you need a superior control over it, or else it may end up flipping or worse banged against walls and huge rocks. You can say 260 feet behind and still be able to gain control over the subject. It has highly responsive steering, so you don’t have to worry about stuff that you might lose control and end up wasting your money.

A couple made sure that they’re products are off with the most and highest quality, so rest assured that you are getting the great off-road performance with both the speed and control. It does not end there; this truck also has an ergonomic transmitter in which the radio remote control car ensure that you have the superior control over it.

High Performance.

We couldn’t say it better, HASIM Company did a great job on this one. It’s great for off-racing and on regular set-up street racing. If you’re a pro and would like it to do some stunts, tricks, or any form of particular operation such as flipping and drifting- it can do that as well. It is massive, durable, and a couple. It has all the qualities you’d be looking for a monster truck. We highly think that if you want a suspension and superior performance, this would be your winning pick.

All Terrain.

With those features said, this monster truck does not limit you on riding over rocks, on mud, and on the flat surface alone. It can typically run over sand, wet and marshy land, and grass. Though, for sure your truck will get the muddy look. But overall, it has a semi-waterproof feature, so you don’t have to worry if you can play it during a particular weather. This for sure will be a big bonanza for your kid’s birthday. This could also use by adults. It’s top-notch quality truck, no wonder why many people love it.

  • Can run through marshy roads.
  • Can be used for all type of weathers.
  • Made from quality materials.
  • Easy control.
  • If used frequently, it may not work in the long run.


Are the batteries of this rechargeable?

No, it requires 6 AA batteries.

I’m 16 years old, could I buy this?

The recommended age for this product is 8 to 15. Yes, you can use it even if you are 16 no worries.

Final Verdict

This gizmo can bring the race spirit to a higher level, just do note that if you use this one frequently. It may only last for a couple of months. Unfortunately, some reviews say it not durable after six months of usage. But you have to consider that everything, when used abusively and frequently, has shorter days to last and possibly become worn off. On the brighter side, if you usually switch toys after mid of the year. This could be an ideal one if you want to have a total experience of race escapade.

6. Maisto Rock Crawler

Maisto rc truck review Take your radio control experience off-road to the new heights with the appearance of Maisto R/C Rock Crawler. There are many valued reasons why we included this one in our list. It is highly well articulated, and it is empowered by three motors, which we think is great- it works perfectly for easy control and fast speed. This allows three people to play with it simultaneously because of the tri-channel transmitter feature it has.

Tri-channel transmitter.

We haven’t seen many crawlers that come with this feature. Most of them just required only a single player or controller. But, in this case, if you have more than one son then they can play with the crawler, all at the same time. Just do note that they can’t control it together, they have to do it simultaneously.

6 AA and 3 AAA Batteries.

A total of 9 batteries that sounds fair enough for this truck has three motors for it to function, so nine would be just a good number. It’s a brand new released, and it’s ready to rock your crawler adventure days. We are quite sure that you are now getting the thrills and suspense as you hear the features of this great gizmo.

Light weighted.

It only weighs 2.3 pounds. It’s typically portable. If its light weighted expect that it has great speed, therefore you better watch out and learn the control well or else you may end up crashing your truck. On the other hand, It’s a crawler. Therefore its speed is slower the monster trucks. If you are a pro or an adult player, then this feature shouldn’t make such of an issue for you can control it easily. But for young children they may not be able to gain control over it especially when it’s going way too slow- the steering part could be very challenging.

Three powerful motors.

What could be more of this product? Anyway the more benefits you will get from it the more fun you will have. The three motors designed for you to have easy control and for it to overrun items and obstacles. The two motors are for driving, and the single one is for the steering. Fast and easy control is the name of the racing game. What a perfect way of driving rugged off-road. All in one R/C finish extreme crawler.

  • Have 3 powerful motors.
  • Has tri-channel transmitter.
  • Light weighted.
  • Easy control.
  • Highly affordable
  • Poor turning radius.
  • When overused, not durable


How fast could it go?

It’s a crawler. It’s five mph.

Can it run on snow?

Yes, it can. It can run like a beat there.

Final Verdict

It’s a good buy; it comes with an affordable price as well. The vintages of this crawler are undeniably worth your dime. It can also play by more than one player, so it’s good stuff. The only disadvantage is that it’s too slow for some players since it’s a crawler. This mainly designed for rocks and snows. But on the brighter side, this could serve as an excellent choice for a crawler. So, we still recommend this one for you.
There you go, that wraps up the best remote control monster trucks we can suggest for you for this very year. We are very thankful that you have found time to read our article, hope you have found it useful, and we hope to hear more of you. Keep coming back for updates and happy picking- keep the playful racing spirit within you!

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