Step-by-Step Guide on How to Use a MOBY Wrap

How to MOBY wrap

If your baby weighs at least 8 pounds and you’re the type of parent who wants to wear your baby, the MOBY wrap will be a good option for you. As a millennial parent, we not always given the luxury of time to complete domestic household chores. What happens is that we tend to sacrifice our sleep to make sure that we got everything done, and we’re ready for tomorrow ‘s activities.

Thanks to the whole idea of “babywearing ” or “baby hug holding,” you will be able to do meal prepping, cleaning, and other simple activities while being able to nurse your little angel’s needs.

Introducing the MOBY wrap

The MOBY wrap designed with versatility and quality that allows you to use it while your baby grows. It also lets you hold your baby in multiple positions, which is a great option when you’re not comfortable with the forward-facing position. Your baby’s growing body will also demand different positions for his safety and security.

According to experts, tummy-to-tummy and hip-hold positions are way much better than forward-facing positions, so it’s also important that your baby clothing carrier will allow you to hug hold your baby in various positions.

Many occupational therapists strongly recommend MOBY wrap for parents who would like to babywear their little angels. The MOBY Wrap is a long piece of cotton stretch fabric that is used in hug holding babies that weighs 8-35 lbs. Usually, babies are allowed to be hug held when they are around three months old. This typically applies to newborn to 3-year-old toddlers.

The MOBY wrap has won a lot of awards and is used in hospitals to promote skin to skin contact. It’s a trusted brand by parents and health professionals. When I was pregnant with my first baby boy, Clent Baron, I heard about MOBY wrap in an article in the magazine that I was reading. So, I decided to put it on my baby registry, and I’m so glad I did.

I can say that it’s one of the go-to tools during the first three months of parenthood. The newborn stage of Clent was the hardest, it is when he cries and screams a lot, and the MOBY wrap seems to be the only magical therapy that would calm him down.

how to MOBY wrap

How to wrap

Step 1: The very first thing you should do is locating the MOBY logo section. After that, have the logo section be at the center of your navel.

Step 2: In the second step, you need to fold the MOBY wrap in half and place it across your waist where you can see the stitched edges on top just like a taco.

Step 3: The next thing you should do is crossing the two ends behind your back and bring both ends over the shoulder. Just imagine forming an “X” on your back.

Step 4: After forming the X at your back, tuck the ends of the wrap that you are holding under the logo section and tuck it from top to bottom.

Step 5: Make an “X” across your chest by crossing the end pieces on your chest front area.

Step 6: The next step is tying a knot behind your back, or you can also continue to wrap around the front of your body and tie the double knot there.

Step 7: The last step in MOBY wrapping is to tie a double knot, which can be at your back, hip, or front. Double knotting adds safety and security for your baby.

Tie a double knot on your back, hip or front.

The MOBY wrap is a very useful way of calming your baby and is much easier to pack compared to strollers. In following the guide on how to do the MOBY wrap, make sure that you are carrying the baby above your hips.

Benefits of learning the right MOBY Wrap Instructions

Do the words “babywearing” sound familiar to you? You’ve probably heard it from fellow moms you have chatted with. Babywearing means holding your baby with the use of a cloth carrier. Learning the right instructions on how to MOBY wrap your baby is extremely important to your baby will feel comfortable, and you will also feel at peace, knowing that you’ve done it most securely.

Secure. When you learn the right way of MOBY Wrapping your baby, not only your baby will feel secure, but you will also be at ease. The hug hold works for babies who are 3 months old or more. When you securely wrapped your baby, there are also other benefits of performing the hug hold. Babywearing also contributes to the physiological, emotional, and cognitive development of the child. Your baby feels most secure when he’s around his biological mother and father.

Therefore when you held him close, it promotes secure emotional attachment. And it’s such a huge bonus that you can do work while being able to check on your baby. The “hug hold” also increases the mother’s hormone levels that overall contributes to better milk production.

Calming. When you do the wrapping right, your baby will not only feel secure but will also feel super comfortable. Just note that not all babywearing products created with quality. That’s why the parents, especially first-time moms, want to go for the most durable brand. As of now, MOBY is now considered as the most trusted brand when it comes to hugging holding your baby.

The MOBY wrap made with a wide piece of fabric that contributes to evenly distributing the weight of the baby between both of your shoulders and your back. This means that this MOBY hug holding does not only make your baby comfy but also puts you on the rich side as well.

You can also save yourself from dealing with straps, buckles, and fasteners that might hurt a little bit when pressed against your shoulders and back. I have tried baby clothing carriers that have a very narrow strap that puts all the weight on my other shoulder. It’s completely disturbing, and it hardly allows me to do simple domestic chores. By the way, those were a very horrible experience that I will never wish for any parent to have.

I had tried other brands like the Baby Bjorn, even though its product description says that it distributes the weight well. It honestly doesn’t, with the MOBY baby clothing carrier, you won’t deal with these “hurting and digging straps” issues. Even if your baby dangles from your front, you won’t have hurting issues.

Hands-free. If you have followed the right instructions, you will be hands-free and will be available to move around and do simple household chores. You can also nurse your baby while him being in front of you.

You can arrange the things on your cabinet while checking how your baby is doing. You can also speak with your baby to encourage their cognitive and language development. Just make sure that you do not make too much noise since your baby’s ears are still undergoing major developments. As much as possible, do the easiest and noise-free tasks.

It might take some time before you can comfortably nurse your baby while him being in front of you, but with some practice, you will be able to do it. Just don’t rush things and take your time. When you follow the right instructions, you will be able to feel secure for your baby, and you’ll also feel comfortable.

Overall, learning the right way to tie a MOBY wrap allows you to do more work like cleaning, meal prepping, and nursing your baby. It’s also a good way to comfort your baby when he starts to get moody and throw a fuss.

Putting your little one in the wrap also frees up your hands for cleaning, prepping meals, or taking care of other little ones. A MOBY Wrap is easier to pack than a stroller; it’s simpler to comfort your baby if he starts to fuss, and makes nursing easier if you’re breastfeeding.

how to tie MOBY Wrap

Safety Tips on how to tie MOBY Wrap

With a video tutorial and a text guide, you will surely find it easy to do the “babywearing” activity. As convenient as it may seem to hug hold your little angel, it’s also extremely important that you keep some following safety tips in mind to make sure that your baby is secure and calm.

Make sure your baby is not in C-position. Your baby must not be facing his chest as if he’s curling like the C letter. This is not good for your baby and makes him feel comfortable. Instead, make sure that his mouth and nose not covered with any clothing material.

Hug hold works pretty; when you do the babywearing the wrong way, it can make your baby uncomfortable. On the other hand, if you do it the right way the hug hold will provide her with a swaddling sensation that will soothe and calm him down when he gets moody

I’m going, being honest with your fellow parents, the main reason why I’m using the MOBY wrap is that it helps me a lot in soothing my baby. It had helped me to crush out mechanical baby swing, using a pricey robot mom and midnight car ride as options when calming your baby.

Sometimes, I use the word MOBY as a verb in the house. When my baby starts to cry, I’m going to say, “I’m going to MOBY him to calm him down. ” It had worked, and I’m very thankful enough that I have met this product. The MOBY gets the job done when you have colicky, fussy, and a crybaby. I can’t forget that one night when I MOBY wrap my crying and screaming baby while I was bouncing gently up and down on an exercise ball, and my little angel just stopped crying and begins to calm down.

Make sure your baby’s mouth and the nose not covered with fabric. This is probably the most important tip that you should keep yourself reminded about every time you are babywearing. Though this tip is a no-brainer, first-time parents must justly inform of this safety tip. Carefully follow the step by step guide provided in this article; you’ll do just fine. I highly recommend that you watch a video tutorial as well, so you can visually see how the whole procedure done.

Take note of your baby’s weight. It was not recommended for babies to be hug hold unless they are three months old. Your baby must be at least at the 8-pound weight before you can put her in a MOBY wrapping. Always make sure that you are using the right hold for your baby’s development as far as head and neck control.

Watch out for your baby’s knee position. If your little angels are hanging, make sure that you are keeping his knees above her bottom, just like forming an “M” position, this is better for your baby’s hip development.

True it is that babywearing helps your little angel when it comes to meeting his physical, emotional, and social needs. Your baby finds his parents as the securest people in the world, so letting him hear your voice, feeling you, and seeing you will mean a lot to him. It pretty much recreates how he felt when he still in your womb.

These four safety tips are extremely important to keep in mind when it comes to babywearing. Hug holding your baby brings a lot of benefits for you and your baby. However, you must know some of the safety precautions so you can be aware of them.

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