Best Kids Picnic Table with Umbrella 2018 : Reviews & Buying Guide

Going to a picnic with your kids is a wonderful experience. It is a perfect opportunity for improving family bonds as well as relaxation. There is a lot of place for doing a picnic. You can go to the park which most kids might be playing too. They can play with your kids while you are sitting on the grass watching them. It just feels good to take a break sometimes and spend time with your family. You can also go to a nearby forest that is safe to have a picnic on. It is also a good idea to breathe some fresh air and experience the beauty of nature.

Below is the list of Kids Picnic Table with Umbrella

So, if you want to bring your kids to an outdoor activity, it is best to prepare the things that they are going to need. One of them will be a kids picnic table with umbrella. This material will surely give them a lot of comfort and protection. It will protect them from the heat of the sun or possible rains. Of course, you don’t want to bring your kids out if it is raining. So, just in case that it will start raining outside, your kids will be protected by the built-in umbrella. The picnic table will give your kids the exact comfort that they need when on a picnic.

Also, the table is the perfect size for them. It specifically made for children. They have colorful designs which will surely entice kids to use them. The umbrella can be removed manually if you want to use the table indoors. It works great during art classes and other educational activities. This simple feature makes it a very versatile table for every kid. It is a must-have for every parent out there. Also, it is not very expensive so that you won’t be taking much from your monthly budget.

Here are some of our tips when buying a kids picnic table with umbrella.

1. Size The size of the table is the most important feature to consider. If your kids are bigger than most kids, then you will need to buy a bigger table for them. Try to look at the description of the product before buying. Also, you will need to the table to be bigger than what your kids might need so that they will have more legroom.

You don’t want your kid to feel confined when setting at the table. They should be able to move freely. Kid’s table with umbrella should be able to serve kids aging 5 years old and below. Anyone that is older than that will probably have a hard time sitting on the table.

2. Color Yes, the color is also a factor that you should look at. Well, most of the table for kids have color designs so you wouldn’t have much trouble on this one. But kids will like the table more if it painted with their favorite colors. Ask your kids about the colors that they like the most so that you will have an idea when choosing the table. Most kids will like energetic colors like, red, orange, and yellow. Blue and white are also great choices.

Don’t worry, table for kid’s manufacturers already know the colors which kids will surely like. Think about the factors that you should look on a table instead. The table will have assorted colors that are designed to make it lively and attractive.

3. Durability Now, the table should be sturdy enough to hold your kids. Most tables for kids can hold 4 kids. So, if four kids are sitting on the table, or on the chair of the table, there would be a lot of pressure. Kids like to move and jump around, which adds even more pressure to the table and the chair. If the table is not durable enough, it may end up causing injuries to your kids.

To get a better idea of the performance of the table in real life, try reading the reviews section. If there are a lot of negative reviews which criticises the table’s durability, it means that you should be avoiding that specific product. Lucky for you, we have listed the best table for kids with umbrella below according to our opinion.

4. Price Of course, the price is what most buyers are after. You can’t go too wrong when choosing a table for your kids. Most of them will work well since they tested before they released on the market. You have to look for the best value for your money. With so many tables to choose from, you will have to spend days looking for the best table for your kids. That’s why we have listed a few suggestions below to make buying a lot easier.

5. Portability These tables should be easy to transfer around. They should be lightweight and durable at the same time. The table that you have chosen should have the ability to fold easily and straight out again flawlessly. Although you would be carrying it on your car when transporting, it would help if the table is fairly lightweight, so that you can set it up easily on the picnic area. Not too lightweight, though, since it might affect the durability of the table. The table should be stored easily if it is not in use.

What are the Benefits of Children’s Picnic Tables

Keeping your children occupied can be a bit challenging, especially that they are energetic and they’d love to consume every energy cal they have. Stuffing them with toys to play will not be good and as effective as you would expect, considering that some toys don’t offer much learning value other than entertainment. Picnic tables, on the other hand, does a great job when your kids want to have a “good time” to enjoy their favorite healthy goodies after they feel tired playing. What’s good about children’s picnic tables is that you can bring them to the beach, to the park, and any children’s places as long as it has space.

You’ve probably seen picnic tables in various daycare centers when it comes to choosing different room furniture, storage, and design for children; parents are always after the quality of the materials. The durability of the table is the number one concern of the parents, so in case your kids play around it, it will not break. Picnic tables can be perfectly used for resting, dining, doing crafts and other recreational activities that the kids will love to do. This is a great way for your little people to enjoy their childhood years better.

There are many areas in which you’ve probably spotted some picnic tables; it can be on the campgrounds, public parks, amusement park, rest areas, waterpark areas, and other places. The fact that it can spot in many areas shows that children have to have as they grow. The picnic tables can use indoors, but it will be more appropriate for outdoor uses. Just don’t forget to buy a picnic table that has an umbrella with it, which made from high-quality fabric. This is to make sure that your kids will protect from the harmful heat of UV rays.

When you are going to use a picnic table, expect that there will be an attached seating to the table. This type of tables can also found in school cafeterias, employee break room, and community centers. A children’s picnic table can usually accommodate 2-6 children. But do remember that some of these tables will not be able to support the adult’s weight. Unfortunately, you will not be able to eat with your kids, but you can always bond with them when they are playing or doing other stuff. You might as well want to check sturdier picnic tables which can support larger and smaller tables.

When it comes to picking, considering your child’s safety and health will be your top priority. Picnic table does not only function as an area where your children can eat and dine, but it can also start as a place where your young children can learn new things like sketching and drawing places. It’s a perfect fit for your furniture needs, so your little buddies can get more from their childhood. Some parents are still a bit skeptical whether they should invest in a children’s picnic table or not, if you feel like you’re still a bit lost in the process of purchasing, here are some of the benefits that you can reap out of having a picnic table.

1. A Children’s Picnic Table Can Improve Safety and Health

For parents, it’s about the “safety” and “safety” for their kids, having a picnic table lets the children have a safe and clean eating area. They can easily have sat on the seats and reach the table easily since the picnic table is made for them perfectly. Seats are purposely designed to be at the child’s height, so they will never have to climb or anything to get there. Thus, this will have a slighter chance of falling on the ground. There are also seat boosters that young children can use so there will be no chance for accidents to happen. When the children find it so easy to seat themselves, there will be less inappropriate behavior, thus less chance for injuries to take place.

Any place where a lot of people gather will always accumulate germs and keep all things clean for your children is important and always a necessity. We all know that you can’t get rid of germs entirely, but with the use of plastic chairs and tables, you shall be able to help in reducing the number. Plastic is non-porous, which mean that it’s an element that germs cannot hide. It will be easier for adults to clean the table and chairs easily and quickly with the use of sprays, anti-bacterial liquids, and wipe cloth.

There children’s picnic tables available that can be folded easily so that you can move it from one place to another. Or so, you can clean the underfloor before you return the picnic table. Reducing the spread of discouraging pests and germs is a must when it comes to taking care of younger children.

2. A Picnic Table is Easy to Use

Inculcating or including independence in your positive discipline for children is extremely important. Children feel good when they can sit themselves in the seat without extra help from parents. It will also be a good example for toddlers that they can rely on themselves in doing simple stuff. This will also help for parents to save extra time without having to help their children sit down over and over again. Instead, the time can use for other more important things like teaching them how to use the crayons and draw.

3. Helps a picky child to eat

As parents, you’ve probably have experienced some struggles when it comes to feeding your toddlers. Especially when you try to feed them with vegetables and fruits, they turn picky and choose over sweet stuff like doughnuts, chocolates, desserts, and cakes or worse, they don’t want to eat anything. They know how to do this one word, which is “play”. If you have a child who wants to play with other kids without even eating, the children’s picnic table might help. It looks more inviting compared to the adult-sized tables and chairs.

For children who are at their toddler stage, it will teach a good behavior that they should be relaxed and seated when eating, instead of running around with a slice of fruit in hand. They will be able to carry this lesson as they grow, thus giving fewer worries or job for their future teachers to handle. It will also be more inviting to eat if they have someone to share the food with.

If they have younger sisters and brother, they can eat together at the picnic table and have fun while eating. Starting this as a routine will be a great start off for toddlers to get themselves well seated. Don’t worry moms and dads; if this is your first time parenting, as long as you instruct your directions clearly and calmly, your little people will be able to learn it quickly.

4. Picnic Tables Are Versatile

Picnic tables are portable, thus making it a great choice for areas that not only meant for eating. The size and the shape of these tables allow more children to eat; this does not take so much space of your front or backyard or where ever you plan to place it. When the children’s picnic table does not take too much space, there will be more space for the adult people to place theirs. The seating and table arrangement can work for many purposes. You can also let your kids play board games together. The tables can clean easily, so you don’t have to worry about the mess. It is such a great addition that you can also utilize the space for an art room or classroom.

It’s not focused only on providing one use, that’s why picnic tables are considered to be versatile. A perfect fit for children who are still growing. If you think, your children have outgrown their tables; you can always find one that is suited for their age and weight. There are many options and choices available, however, if you feel like you want to do it yourself. You can do that as well, but refer it to someone who knows how to make one for safety and durability purposes.

5. Children’s Picnic Tables are Budget and Eco-Friendly

Tables that based on child sizes cost less, so it’s much Eco-friendly. Compare to the adult sized ones; there will be more materials required, thus increasing the cost of the finished products. Typically, smaller tables and chairs are always appropriate for younger children. Since they are still growing, so they don’t have to climb on things. Picnic tables made from plastic, thus makes it inexpensive and much more affordable for parents to buy. It’s such a huge plus that these items are much easier to clean, as easy as “wipe-and-clean”.

The recycled plastic furniture is sturdy for children to use, which means that parents do not have to replace the item often. It has lesser cost and easy to maintain, a perfect must-have for parents.

1. Junior Picnic Table with Umbrella

Little Tikes table with umbrella review Perfect for young children. Sufficient in size and provides enough legroom. Colorful design. This table will surely attract your kids and make them want to use them. It is durable enough to hold four kids at once.

  • Holds four children weighing 50 pounds.
  • The umbrella protect your kids from UV rays.
  • Has a stylish and colorful design.
  • The plastic is not so thick.

2. Table with Market Umbrella

Little Tikes table with umbrella review It has a large capacity which is perfect for your kids and their friends. Has seats available for up to 8 kids. Classy color and design.

  • Has a large capacity.
  • Classic design and attracts kids easily.
  • Gives comfort and protection to the kids.
  • Umbrella is a bit short.

3. Playful Picnic Table with Umbrella - Best Kids Picnic Table with Umbrella

Step2 table with umbrella review It is durable picnic table with an umbrella to protect your kids from the heat of the sun. The colorful and vibrant design will surely entice your kids. It made of premium materials which makes it durable.

  • It has enough space for your kid’s various activities.
  • The umbrella gives comfort and protection effectively.
  • Can be transported easily since it can tear apart.
  • Can’t be folded down.

4. Kids Picnic Table With Umbrella

Step2 table with umbrella review It's another perfect kids picnic table with umbrella. It can be folded easily after disassembling. Assembling this table is very straightforward. No tools are needed. The umbrella’s size is enough to provide shade for your kids.

  • It can be transported easily, perfect for every outdoor activity..
  • Can be stored easily due to it being foldable.
  • The assembling process is very simple. Anyone can do it right away..
  • Bigger children will find this table small.

5. Playful Picnic Table with Umbrella

Step2 table with umbrella review The umbrella can protect your kids from both UVA and UVB rays. It is very easy to assemble once it arrives at your home. The table top is large enough to let your kids do various activities.

  • Can handle a good amount of weight.
  • It is perfect for picnics.
  • Provides enough space kids to feel comfortable and relaxed.
  • This is not for grown-up kids.

6. Easy Picnic Table with Umbrella

Little Tikes table with umbrella review It has an attractive and colorful design which will surely attract kids. Can hold a good amount of weight. The umbrella is big enough to protect your kids from the heat of the sun.

  • Can hold up to six children.
  • It made of quality materials.
  • Assembly process is very simple.
  • Not for grown-up kids.

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