Top 10 Best Umbrella For Kids: 2018 Reviews & Buying Guide

The weather can be tricky sometimes, so whether there’s an upcoming rain or none, it will always be decision-wise to let your kids bring an umbrella on their way to school or any event. Just a quick buying tip, your young children would love their umbrellas if it somehow makes a connection with them. For instance, if your son loves Spiderman, then buying an umbrella with spiderman printing would be a great idea. It’s important that you tailor your children wants to how you pick your umbrella. Ensuring quality is extremely important as well.

Below is the list of Best Umbrella For Kids

Pick an umbrella for kids that has a sturdy frame, so it won’t flip over in case if there’s a strong wind. Umbrellas can come very useful during hot and cold weather. It does not protect your kids from direct exposure to the sun but protects your child from the raindrops as well. It’s not rocket science why it’s important for kids to have umbrellas.

A long time before, umbrellas are used to give a share to the person. As more and more businesses try to experiment with it, they come up with stronger and sturdier umbrellas that will not only give shade to the user but protects them from the snow and rain as well. The U shape of the handle and reverse U fabric of the umbrella is an idea brought by Samuel Fox, to him, it’s easier to hold and carry around when it is in the U shape. A long time ago, umbrellas called as “Hanway”.

Things to consider in buying an umbrella for kids

Kid’s category. Make sure that you in the kid’s category when you are buying an umbrella for your kids. Some umbrellas have kid’s design that is for adults, so you must take extra caution when picking. Your kids will be happy to carry around umbrellas that are not too big or too small for them.

Portability. There is what we call the “collapsible rain umbrellas” that has a two piece shaft that can reduce to a shorter and smaller size compared to “stick” umbrellas. If you are looking for an umbrella that is easy to store, then you might as well go for a collapsible rain umbrella.

Durability. Both “stick” and “collapsible rain umbrellas” can be durable, but if you’re asking which one of them is more durable, it will be the “stick” umbrellas. This is the main reason why this type weighs more compared to the “collapsible” type. The frame is sturdier in the “stick” type.

Ribs and stretchers. The ribs and stretchers refer to the frame that you can find that supports the fabric to flutter when you need it. The most important thing to note never bought a product that has ribs and stretchers that easily rust.

Fabric. This refers to the clothing that covers the ribs and stretchers. Choose something that has the design that your child wants. It must be strong enough to protect your son from raindrops, snows, and from the heat of the sun. If you’re not sure of what type of fabric to go for or you want to surprise your child, you can always go for a colorful fabric. Young kids will be astounded with anything that has many colors.

Handle. The handle must be something that your kid is comfortable holding. A handle that is U-shape would be great to go for since your kid can comfortably hold it compared to handles that are somewhat in a flat circle shape.

Price. The new umbrellas you see today can make with the simple hand-assembly process or what we refer as the hand-made umbrellas; they can be made by semi-skilled workers. The price still depends on the quality of materials t is made from. A well-made umbrella does not need to cost too much; you need to pick something that has strong frame structure and colorful fabric. You must also consider your budget for your umbrella; we’re quite sure that no matter what your budget is, there will be a suitable umbrella for you.

Safety. When it comes to buying an item for your child, you should never overlook safety. It’s an important feature that should never overlook. Make sure that the umbrella does not have any sharp metal parts with it. Some styles come with sharp edges which is not a good thing to have for children. Showing them how to open and close the umbrella appropriately would help them improve their safety.

Size and weight. Do not buy an umbrella with a lot of heavy accessories; they add too much weight which can be very heavy to bear for your child. Your kid might be carrying school stuff that is quite bulky like their gadgets and notepad, so having an umbrella that is light would be great or them to have. Umbrella items that have study pats would be perfect, also check for lightweight models.

Ease of use. “Click and open” would be the go for kids. They are easy to open. Avoid models that are difficult to open. Take a look at the button, make sure that it is round and flat or anything alike. Don’t go for buttons that are kind of sharp for it might pinch your child, which is not good.

Protect from the sun. Your child will enjoy walking and strolling around the places don’t let the scourging heat of the sun stop them from having fun. You can pick umbrella models that have special coasting and coating under the canopy; this will help them have fun while no problems with the harmful UV rays.

1. Character Umbrella

Western Chief umbrella for kids review The western chief Kids character umbrella is a nylon U; it made of plastic. The reason why it made of plastic is to provide the lightweight feature. When it comes to considering the size and weight of the weight of the umbrella, we will give this U 5 start over 5. It’s super, and it can be easily hand-washed in case if it gets dirty. It made of 100% nylon. It is super easy to open.

If you are looking for an umbrella that is super easy to carry around and store, this would be a perfect and suitable You that you can consider. It comes with a cute style that you can easily find a matching boot that would go cute together. Your child would love this item. When it comes to color and design, this product deserves 5 out of 5.

What we like about it

It’s lightweight. We never want to see our kids carrying heavy things. If your kid is going to use the umbrella a lot for school, then his/her school stuff like laptop, tablets, books, and notepads is more than enough for him/her carry. The umbrella also has a great design that would attract your kid to carry it with hi/her. At most times, children tend to forget their umbrellas at school or a park. When your child likes his/her umbrella, there’s the last chance that he/she would forget about bringing it along with him/her.

  • Lightweight.
  • Can be easily washed.
  • Made from 100% nylon.
  • The frame of the U is a bit flimsy.

2. Pink Ballerina Umbrella

Kidorable umbrella for kids review This umbrella would be perfect for your adorable daughter who aspired to become a ballet dancer. It comes with a ballerina design that we’re quite sure your daughter would love carrying around with her. It can easily store with its velcro strap. It’s important that your children find a particular product is super easy to store, so they will be able to save time, especially when they are going late. The ribs have safety caps to protect your child’s faces. It’s a great umbrella that has great design.

This will be a perfect pick for your girly daughters. The button is super easy to push to open and to close the U. It also triggers your young daughter’s imagination since they will feel like they are under a Ballerina imagination tent. It’s an adorable umbrella that would look cute to wear all year round. The handle is a ballet slipper type; it’s an amazing umbrella that we know for sure you’re going to love. Your kids would love to have them rain or shine.

What we like about it

We like the whole idea of the umbrella, it has a great purple color and at the same time awakens that Ballerina spirit your child has. It’s easy to close, and it’s easy to open. It has rabbit ears in the umbrella, which makes it even cuter for smaller children to use. It’s a perfect gift that would astound your children during their special day. The color is refreshing, and it would be a perfect U to hold for taking pictures, your daughter would certainly love who she’s going to look at her photos.

We also love the fact that it comes with Velcro strap feature, which makes it super easy to store away when not needed. You don’t have to worry about products that have sharp edges; this U has safety cap to protect your child’s face while opening. It’s cute to carry around; we’re quite sure that your daughter will want to bring this along with her where ever she goes.

  • Ribs have safety caps.
  • Colorful.
  • Easy to store.
  • The ballerina slipper handle is a bit too big for a child to hold.

3. Pop up Umbrella

Stephen Joseph umbrella for kids review Are you looking for a pop-up umbrella that doesn’t have a button that might pinch your kid’s little fingers? Then, this will be a great product that you can consider. Your child can easily push and pull this umbrella to close and open, make sure you instruct your child first on how to open it appropriately, so he/she can copy you. It comes with a wrap around velcro for easy storage. It’s a great deal and a well-priced U. It made of 100% nylon, which means that this product is lightweight.

What we like about it

It’s a Stephen Joseph Pop up an umbrella that comes along with cute designs. Your child will find it cute and charming.

  • Lightweight.
  • made from 100% nylon.
  • Can’t stand very strong wind.

4. Windproof Umbrellas – Best Umbrella For Kids

Plemo umbrella for kids review The plemo umbrella is one of the best picks that you could consider for a U. When it comes to protection from rain and the heat, we will give this product 5 over 5. This has strong and thick fabric. The well-constructed frame will put you at ease that it won’t flip over in case of strong wind. It’s an amazing and a strong umbrella that we’re quite sure your kid would be happy to have.

What we like about it

We like the fact that this umbrella is easy to open and close and it has great design, every kid would enjoy carrying one.

  • Well-constructed frame.
  • Ribs made from aluminium material.
  • A bit heavy.

5. Toddler Umbrella

Skip Hop umbrella for kids review Are you looking for a good umbrella for your kids? Well, you just found one. Skip Hop Zoo Little Kid, and Toddler Umbrella made of quality materials. This umbrella will last longer. The build is quite sturdy so it can certainly withstand some moderate wind. Its size is perfect for kids. This umbrella is not too big or too little. It comes with a plastic handle which is easy and comfortable to hold. If you are worried about the safety of your kids when they are using an umbrella, then you should get one. It is phthalate-free and Bpa-free.

It’s another perfect kids picnic table with umbrella. The design of this umbrella is quite clever too. Your kids will surely love it. This umbrella comes with the signature ski hop zoo characters. There are a peek-a-boo window and a kid-friendly release. This umbrella provides some fun to your kids aside from keeping them protected from the rain and heat of the sun. There are surely a lot of umbrellas out there that can protect your kids, but Skip Hop Zoo Little Kid and Toddler Umbrella have some better features. One of them is its kids-friendly design which will surely get your kids interested. As for the quality, Skip Hop Zoo Little Kid and Toddler Umbrella don’t disappoint too. This umbrella is surely a cool choice.

What we like about it

We like that this umbrella has an attractive design. Kids surely have a short attention span. If the umbrella doesn’t look interesting and fun, your kid’s might lost their interest to it and will leave it around. This umbrella also comes with a peek-a-boo window which will allow your kids to take a better look at what lies ahead. There is a kid-friendly release so using this umbrella is a breeze. Your kids will find it very easy to open and close. The quality and durability of this umbrella are also worth noting. It will certainly last long on regular use. There are 3-cold ears and a closure strap which makes this umbrella even more attractive.

  • Has a peek-a-boo window.
  • Made of quality materials.
  • The frame made of plastic.

6. Kung Fu Umbrella

Kung Fu Smith umbrella for kids review Having your kids protected from the rain is very important. You don’t want them to get wait whenever they walk outside in the rain. Giving them an umbrella is one of the ways of providing them protection against the rain. Although, giving them a raincoat is a better idea. An umbrella is already sufficient if the rain is not that strong. Also, Kung Fu Smith Clear Umbrella has a bubble dome shape which will do a good job of protecting your kids. The dome shape will be able to cover the head and shoulder area of your kids. This umbrella is also useful during sunny days.

This umbrella is easy to open. Your kids will surely have no difficulties getting this umbrella opened. It is also lightweight. Your kids will not feel stressed while using this umbrella. They will be carrying this umbrella using their arm without any effort. If they want to open this umbrella, all they have to do is press the button located on the shaft for it to open. Kung Fu Smith Clear Umbrella also has a design that looks very interesting for kids. Although it is not as colourful as other kid’s umbrellas, the design is enough to attract your kids on using it. This umbrella also transparent, allowing your kids to see the path clearly while they are walking.

What we like about it

This umbrella is good for your kids because of the bubble dome shape. Your kids will surely get protected from both sun and rain with the help of this umbrella. The umbrella will cover Their head and shoulder area so they won’t get wet easily. Except if the rain is really strong and accompanied by a strong wind. During normal circumstances, Kung Fu Smith Clear Umbrella should be enough to protect your kids. This umbrella is easy to operate. Your kids have to press a button located on the shaft if they want to open the umbrella. Closing the umbrella when they are done using it is also a breeze.

7. Stephen Joseph Umbrella

Stephen Joseph umbrella for kids review If you want to have an umbrella that is durable and easy to wash, this one is a good choice. It will meet your expectations. With its colourful look, your kid will surely love to bring this to school or to anywhere they want to go. An umbrella’s design is always important. It should be one of the things that you put some careful considerations. Kids like to bring umbrellas that look colourful and attractive. If the umbrella looks boring, chances are, they won’t be interested in using it. They might leave it anywhere.

Another thing that you should consider in buying an umbrella is its durability. We all know that the umbrella won’t just be combating the rain and heat of the sun. It will also have to withstand some moderate wind. That’s why getting an umbrella with a strong construction is important. You don’t want the umbrella to give up while your kid is walking in the middle of the rain. This umbrella made of 100 percent polyester. There is a Velcro closure that can wrap around the umbrella for storage. It also has enough diameter to fully protect your child from the rain and heat of the sun. Get this umbrella now and keep your kids protected.

What we like about it

We like that this umbrella has a colourful appearance. Your kids will surely get attracted to this umbrella once they saw it. They will feel comfortable using it during sunny and rainy days. This umbrella is quite durable too. It can withstand a couple of moderately strong wind. However, don’t let your kids go out during stormy days. Let them bring this umbrella to school or to anywhere so that they will have something to use if it rains. Stephen Joseph Umbrella is easy to open and close. There are no buttons that can pinch the little fingers of your kids.

  • There are no buttons that can pinch your kid’s fingers.
  • Made of 100% polyester.
  • Easy to open and close.
  • Not for bigger kids.

8. Thomas & Friends Umbrella

homas the Tank Engine umbrella for kids review If your kids have been watching Thomas and Friends, they will surely find this umbrella appealing. It has a nice and colourful design which looks very attractive. Sure, there are other umbrellas available out there that also has cartoony designs. However, Thomas & Friends Kid Umbrella made of quality materials. It has a sturdy build which can withstand a couple of moderately strong winds. This umbrella does not only sports a colorful look but also has possessed some quality. That’s why this umbrella is a good choice for your kids. They will enjoy bringing this umbrella around.

Thomas and Friends are very popular among kids. This umbrella will surely get them interested. Like what we said, this umbrella also made of quality materials. It won’t break easily so your kids can benefit from it for years to come. This umbrella has a Thomas shape handle which will make your kids want to get a hold of it. The design of this umbrella is impressive and detailed. You can tell that it specifically designed for kids. Get this umbrella now, and your kids will surely feel delighted with its colorful design.

What we like about it

The good thing about this umbrella is that it comes with a Thomas and Friends design. Your kids will love to use it every day. The design is put together nicely. This umbrella’s handle has a Thomas-design which makes it look even more attractive. The handle is also easy to hold. Your kids will be able to make a tight grip on the umbrella when they are using it. Getting this umbrella for your kids is a nice decision.

  • Attractive and colorful design.
  • Enough size to protect your kids.
  • Not for strong winds.

9.Rainy Day Umbrella

Babalu umbrella for kids review This umbrella is also a good choice for your kids. There are better umbrellas on this list, but this umbrella is one of the best. It has a kid-friendly design which will get your kids interested in this umbrella. Aside from that, it also made of quality materials. Your kids can use it on both sunny and rainy days. The cute butterfly design makes a great fit for your cute kids. They will surely look even more adorable while using this umbrella. It is specifically designed for kids aging 3 and up. The opening and closing process is so easy, so your kid will have no problem with it. Children’s 18 Inch Rainy Day Umbrella is no-pinch, so your kids will not get injured while opening or closing this umbrella.

The size of this umbrella is just enough to protect your kids from both the sun and the rain. There is a fantastic and creative design too, which will surely attract your kids. Overall, getting this umbrella is a good investment. You will get what you’ve paid for, and perhaps more. The quality of this umbrella is something that you will find appealing.

What we like about it

We do like its cute design which will surely be a hit for kids. It is also safe to open. Your daughter won’t get a pinch when opening or closing this umbrella. It is completely safe for your kids. We all know that most umbrellas have buttons which can pinch the little finger of the user when they are opening it. So, if you want a safe and durable umbrella for your kids, then you don’t need to look further.

  • Specifically designed for kids.
  • Made of quality materials.
  • Has a petroleum smell when brand new.

10.Little Kid Umbrella

Skip Hop umbrella for kids review Sometimes the umbrella can be too big for your kid that it covers there line of sight. If that is the case, getting an umbrella with a peek-a-window is a good idea. This window will allow your kid to take a clearer look at the path that they are walking. This can prevent them from colliding with other people or getting themselves into an accident. This feature is a big help for every kid. That’s why getting an umbrella with a peek-a-boo window is always a nice idea. You can buy a transparent umbrella too if you want.

What we like about it

We like the quality and the design of this little umbrella. Your kids will surely like its skip hop zoo characters design and its colorful look. There is a transparent window in front of the umbrella where your kids can’t take a look. This window will give them a clearer view of the path they are walking. Also, the quality of this umbrella is not disappointing. It can withstand some moderately strong wind.

  • Comes with a peek-a-boo window.
  • Has an attractive and colorful design.
  • Should be carefully dried after using.

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