Best Junior Drum Sets: Specially Picked For Your Little People

Below is the list of Best Junior Drum Sets

1. Gammon Starter Drum Kit – Best Junior Drum Set

Gammon Percussion junior drum set review Hey, what’s up to all moms and dads out there, if you are looking for a perfect gift for your growing kids. Junior drum sets would make an ideal concept to do it. If you have noticed that your little people show a strong passion for music, why not give him one of these? Introducing Gammon 5-Piece Junior Starter Drum Kit, now This may not be the first time that you have heard about the Gammon Company; it is because they have been around for decades, and they are quite known for delivering products with the highest quality and sound definition.

The Gammon drum kit made from authentic wood drum shells, one of the reasons why it can create deep and natural beat feel. This is perfect gear for your kiddos to start their passion for drum playing. It is made to be durable, so whenever your little people want to play with it for long hours or even countless hours, it is possible.

With Gammon Signature.

Gammon brand has been remaining in the spotlight for its way of making a difference in every quality product they make. It’s a full-line drum company that is known for it’s reliable, trusted, and superior customer service. We have placed Gammon’s drum kit at our number one spot, for we are very sure that it has a lot of value to offer. Aside from that, the Company provides full responsibility for parts replacement and any add-ons you wish to have for your drum set.

Ready to play.

What could be worse than having to visit another store to look for a stool, stick, or any drum part that probably not included in the package? It would be time-consuming, especially you have to consider that sizes match. With this drum kit, it’s ready to play. It comes in the beautiful complete set. It includes the stands, cymbals, stool, sticks, pedals, hardware, and drums. Although, the manual is made very easy to follow in assembling it. If this is your first time assembling a drum set, we suggest you take time watching tutorials via YouTube.

Top Seller.

It’s back up with a great company, and it’s a ready kit to play. Your little kids will surely love it. It has a real wood sound that feels prepare to watch as their eyes dilated, being amazed at this kit. There is a pile of reasons why this one became a top seller. It’s ultimately affordable only above a hundred bucks. I don’t know about you, but I would storm in the store and buy this one.

Things We Like

Complete set.

The real wood drum sound.


5 drums.

Newbie friendly.

Things We Don’t Like

If you’re kid hits too hard, the stick may easily break.


I have a 6-year-old son, is the size suitable for him?

The dimension of this drum is 24.2 x 19.7 x 19.4 inches, so we think it’s not too small nor too large for him — just the appropriate size.

Where can I buy a part replacement in case my son breaks them?

The Gammon company will get you all covered, and they are very responsive in regards to answering your questions.

Final Verdict

Overall, it will be a great drum kit for your aspirant drummer kiddos. Not to mention that it’s extremely affordable and It has good quality that comes with responsive customer service, so it’s a win-win if you go with this one!

2. Mendini Drum Set

Mendini junior drum set review This Drum Kit is from the very Medino creation, which is known for their top-selling musical products such as digital pianos, drums, and trumpets. This company has developed another master musical piece that is composed of 5 junior drums that are ideal for beginner cutie to hit while improving this drumming skills. It has a stylish metallic blue finish. This drum is a highly functional drum set that will work significantly for entry-level drummers.

Complete Set.

One of the amazing stuff we could say about this new version of Mendini’s junior drum set is the official-looking stool and other add-ons that come along with it. Starting with the five drums itself that are looking tough and durable up to the high-quality cymbals that are overtly functional once hit. The sticks made from plain oak, which is a huge vintage when it comes to durability.

It is Ideal for beginners.

We can never tell what the kids are going to be when they grew up. Encouraging them to have a great heart for music is not a bad start in showing them that you go them backed up whatever career they may choose to follow. IF you have a five-year-old kid that can’t show enough love for banging and rock music, let him nourish his love for this drum kit. It works well for entry-level drummers.

Warranty period.

If something goes wrong, rest assured that you can contact their customer service and get it either returned or replaced. It has a 1-year warranty against any manufacturers’ defects. This is an important feature, so you can tell how much trust the company has over the product, and a one-year warranty sounds like a good number.

Things We Like

Works well with entry level drummers.


Stylish metallic blue finish.

Things We Don’t Like

Cymbal sounds are good, not great.


What age range do your recommend this product?

Anyone who is in their early teens.

Is this for children?

Absolutely, yes.

Final Verdict

Although we have read some review that has terrible cymbals, we have taken our own time to do research it to clarify, and we found out that it’s not that terrible, they’re good clanging sounds, but not great as the Gammon’s cymbals would sound. Overall, we are quite confident that it would be a great buy since it carries a q year warranty period.

3. Alesis Electronic Drum Set

junior drum set review The Alesis Nitro is a complete 8-piece electronic drum set- just the perfect way for your little people to play it like a pro. It made from woods. Instead, these made from 8-inch tom pads that deliver a great sound feel and natural sound when hit. It comes with a kick drum pad with a pedal. As aforementioned before, it is ready to put into play. It gives you a virtually unlimited range of drum playing experience that will keep track of your kiddos’ rising performance.

8-inch tom pads.

For bringing the drum feels to the next level, Alesis Nitro has brought forth this idea to give better responses aloud to the ears of the player. The dual-zone snare drum will surely blow you for the great feels it can produce. It comes with a kick drum with the pedal- it makes a perfect for your feel. Your kid will enjoy playing this one. We had also encountered a single review that a 28-year-old guy is using this drum set. As long as the dimension fits you, you can use this one as well. There are no restrictions.

4-post aluminum rack.

To keep every part together, this drum’s aluminum rack will take good care of it. It comes with high stands that provide solid support, so you won’t feel any worries if, in a sudden, some of the parts just suddenly fell out of place. It helps to maintain the stability and flexibility of the materials. The stylish black finish of this drum kit will let you have a total drum playing experience.

USB/MIDI connection.

One of the most updated features this drum set has is that you can connect this one to recording software. It is class-compliant, so it will surely work with any Mac or PC without you having to download any software of anything. This can directly connect to the standalone MIDI gear. If you feel like you want to have a record of your drum playing session, this drum set could be the answer.

Things We Like

Can be played through headphones.

USB/MIDI connection.

Aluminum rack.

8-inch tom pads.

Things We Don’t Like

Slightly expensive, over $200.

Reduced sound volume when played through the headset


Can I adjust the play-along tracks?

The actual keys cannot adjust, but some levels are adjustable.

Can I connect it to my PC?


Final Verdict

If you decide to settle with this one, you are making a good choice. This will work for both newbie and pros. It has played along tracks that you can follow through, thus improving your points of skill in drum playing. It has a stylish black finish and comes with tough parts. The downside is you can’t thoroughly enjoy listening to it when you are in your headphones. Still, it’s a good buy.

4. GP Junior Drum Set

GP Percussion junior drum set review If you have 4 ½ little guys in your house and you want to surprise him on the day of his birth date- then you should take a good look at the drum set that owns our 4th spot. It’s a professional-quality instrument that, for sure, your son will find fun to play. If you are a kid who is just starting this drumming practice, this could be very friendly as well. If you are looking for a budget and entry friendly, look no further you are currently facing the product that would work for you. Just do note that this drum set is intentionally made for younger players and not for adult players.

Crash Cymbal.

The vertical extension out of the bass drum allows you to add on the crash cymbal. It puts you in an excellent position in which you can hit it appropriately with your drumstick. It’s a good place since you rare sitting parallel to it to the horizon, so you can comfortably play with it if you need a crashing sound.

Thanks to this feature, you don’t have to get annoyed on cymbals falling off every day or will be held so tightly- that it almost gives you a strong and noisy crash noise. This is not such an issue, but this feature is something we would like to point out since this will be extremely helpful, especially for start-up drummers.

Natural Sounds.

It made from wood, so the response and the beats that are going out of this drum set will sound as natural as possible. It’s a good setup, especially if your son is starting. This will put him in great vantage without having to change the levels of the sounds. It’s an excellent standard start-up for newbies.


It’s useful for start-up kid drummers; we are confident that he would be more inspired than ever to play with it. It has natural sounds that are basically will sound great even it’s the first time your kid has the play with it. It’s easy to set-up, but a little tricky to assemble.

Things We Like

Natural wood sound.


Ready to play.

Comes with a JR throne.

Things We Don’t Like

The rubber feet is slippery for tile floors; a rug can solve the problem, though.


Is the height adjustable for the two smaller drums?

Yes, they are adjustable.

What’s the drum’s skin made from? Is it paper?

No, it made from natural, synthetic heads.

Final Verdict

Overall, it’s a top-notch professional drum set that your little kids will surely love. It comes with an affordable price, so for sure, it won’t hurt your pocket. You won’t regret having this one; it will surely be one of the best purchases you’ll ever make.
There are thousands of junior drum sets around the market, so finding the right one will be a difficult task. We hope you find our reviews helpful, and we hope that you’ll end up with the best junior drum set that is perfect for your child’s skill and age level. We hope to hear from you soon, happy buying!

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