Best Wooden Toy Chests – Organize Your Kid’s Room

Below is the list of Best wooden toy chests

1. KidKraft Toy Box Espresso

KidKraft Toy Chest review One of the most challenging stories we have heard from moms all over the world is keeping their kid’s room tidy and neat. This could be difficult when, in the first place, they don’t have a safe place to place their stuff after playing. Introducing a product from KidKraft itself – the wooden toy chest. This espresso chest made from wood. It could be an excellent choice to add to your children’s room. It comes with a safety hinge, so your children will be at a safe crib when they are either filling or pulling their toys out of the chest.

The style does not make your room look old at all. Some parents have even claimed that they could not have a better purchase other than the KidKrafts’ toy chest. Simply because it’s sturdy, comes with a safety hinge, and durable. It could also be a means of the bench, where you can sit with your children. You don’t have to worry about the flip-top lid, for it comes with a strong attachment that protects your little people’s fingers from getting pinched. You could choose from white, black, natural, honey, and cherry colors.

It’s a very convenient storage.

You can place toys above the chest and on the inside. What more could a parent ask for? Of course, you will need to teach your children how to put their toys in order inside the chest. This will help them build autonomy for as soon as they familiarize how to store their toys properly, they’re going to do it themselves. It’s a great add-on for your kid’s room, and you are far from regretting getting one of these.

Your children will not outgrow this one, this is completely durable and will last for years. When they grow up, they can store their important school stuff inside the toy chest. It comes with a shiny and fine wood finish, so it will never bore your kid’s room. It’s natural-looking, and it helps them to reminded of the different uses of trees. It stimulates your children’s recognition and organization skills, which they will need in the future. You can sit on it, relax, and watch your children as you play with their toys.

Things We Like

Comes with a safety hinge.

Find the wooden finish.


Comes with wheels.

Easy to clean.

Things We Don’t Like

Size could be better.

May have some awkward finishing smell at first.

Customer service could be better.


What is the specific dimension of this product?

It’s 33.1 x 18.4 x 27.8 inches.

What the actual product weight?

It is 8 ounces.

Final Verdict

It’s something that kids will never outgrow when they grow up- they can store blankets and pillows inside it. It comes with a fine finish, so your kid will love its natural wood design. It’s easy to clean and comes with a safety hinge. Your kid will surely love this!

2. Sauder Storage Chest – Best Wooden Toy Chest

Child Craft Toy Chest review If you have been collecting Child Crafts from Sauder Woodworking, this Sauder Shoal Creek could be a perfect add-on for your collection. This made from a particular board of woods, so it is quite sturdy, and you can sit on it with our kids. IT comes with T-lock, so your children will be a great safety whenever they load and unload their toys too or off the chest. You can also place the extra bedding sheets over it, its design accommodates all your children’s purposes, so when they grow up. They can use it for purposes, instead of putting toys inside it.

Another amazing feature this toy chest accompanied with is easy assembly manual instructions. What could be worse than having to ask for your neighbor’s assistance to get it assembled? With this toy chest, you don’t have to spend more time just to put the pieces together. It constructed with fiberboard in medium density and detailed with solid wood touch. It’s child-friendly and can’t wait to see you take actions and put one of these in your kids’ room. Sometimes, it could be tiring to teach your growing children on how they should organize their things.

Thanks to Shoal Creek Chest edition, you can crush out “storing toys” tasks off your list. It’s something that kids will shortly get familiar with that it only requires your “first teaching” to on how to use it. It weighs around 47 pounds, which is quite easy to move whenever you want to move it from one position to another. It’s made sturdy and durable- it could last for years, leaving you more extra pennies in your pocket for not having to buy again. This is a smart purchase that pretty much all parents around the world can make.

The toy chest itself comes in solid feels; it will look great and decent in one’s bedroom. It comes as described- easy to clean and easy to assemble. One of the most helpful tips buyers could use is buying from a trusted company. The Sauder Woodworking, Inc. is an excellent company to deal with. They have reliable customer support that requires no hassle whenever you have issues with the box. It comes with a 5-year limited warranty.

Things We Like

Easy to assemble.

Solid feels.

Comes with a safety hinge.

5 year limited warranty.

Awesome customer service.

Things We Don’t Like

The footer’s height could be better.

Can’t be opened in full 90 degrees.

Bottom surfaces could be better.


What’s the actual product dimension?

It’s 31″ x 12.5″ x 13″.

Is it not made from wood?

It made from particle wood with a wood finish.

Final Verdict

It’s a good buy, except that it does not come with wheels for easy portability. However, if you’re the type of parent that does not fancy chest with wheels, this case should not be an issue. We highly recommend this product, for it does what it says. Parents all over the world could make use of this to make their cleaning duties lighter.

3. Catskill Craftsmen Storage Chest

Catskill Craftsmen Toy Chest review We couldn’t nail this product better than saying it’s great toy storage and bench at a great price. It comes with a fine finish will not scratch to get your discouraged. It’s easy to assemble, probably will take 20 minutes of your time, so that you can enjoy doing it. You can assemble it with your kid, so you can have bonding time at the same time teaching your kid the basics of assembly. Though, you cannot sit on it. This is purposely made to load lighter people like your child. So, you don’t have to worry a thing about breaking as long as you don’t sit on it.

We understand why some parents have wished that the sturdiness could be better, but the Catskill have specifically made this one for a child. So, it’s not a bench for adult-sitting. It’s a great gift idea every parent could render to their children. Though assembly is required, you can do it with your kids. Though the hinge may appear like shiny steel on the top of the chest box, we still do think this is worth to buy.

Assembling the item is ready.

This will be a great idea to teach your children how to store their toys at a young age. The product comes with a reliable tag. Catskill Craftsmen is one of the US leading manufacturers when it comes to making ready-to-assemble items. The products are self-sustaining and made from durable wood, primarily the Northern Yellow Birch. The numbers purchased somewhere from the US, dried, and manufactured on-site. Buying from a reliable company is always a good move to make. Who wouldn’t love doing business with industries that can give value? The Catskill Craftsmen is an amazing company to deal with.

The product itself is easy to assemble, no argument with that.

The hinge on lid comes with a “stay up” feature, so your child doesn’t have to hold it with their other hand to load their toys back in the chest. In addition to that, it saves your kid’s fingers from getting pinched. The hinge works amazing, and it’s something all parents around the United States would love to have for their children. It’s well-priced. It’s something your kids won’t outgrow since it’s not only toy storage but a great piece of furniture. Simply just amazing piece every child deserves to have.

Things We Like

Easy to assemble.

Safety hinge.

Decently priced.

Great fine finish.

Things We Don’t Like

Not for adult’s bench.

Not made in the US.

Not made from hardwood.


Can I stand on it?

No, it’s not advisable to stand on it.

Does it close slowly?

Yes, it comes with a safety hinge.

Final Verdict

It’s a great purchase, especially for parents who are not looking for a wooden toy chest that can use as a parent’s bench. This is an imported item, so it not made from the United States. It not made from hardwood, but it’s sturdy enough to accommodate your little people sitting on it. It’s decently priced, and you’ll have surely what you’ve paid for. It can be used later in your child’s life, even when they start going to school. They can use it for other storage purposes. It may have some downside, but it surely has many ups which make a great choice for parents who are looking for a sturdy toy storage.

4. KidKraft Toy Box Cherry

KidKraft Toy Chest review If you’re looking for something that comes with great craftsmanship and design, the KidKraft Toyboy could be an excellent candidate to keep an eye on. It does not require much time to assemble; it’s something that we highly recommend for all parents to get for their child. It simply made from firm or hardwood, which makes it a comfortable bench for both adults and kids. Though for safety purposes, we don’t recommend you stand upon it. The lid can lift easily, and it stays open, so your kids can easily organize their toys back inside the toy box.

Aside from the easy accessibility, this chest toy also keeps your children’s fingers from being a pinch. It is luxury designed, so it will surely look in your bedroom or your kid’s bedroom. The color itself is not too dark, just the lushly rich natural cherry color. The color is very friendly, and we are sure that your children will fall in love with it. It comes with wheels, so your children can easily slide wherever they wish to reposition it. Its great portability is something all parents would love to have a toy chest for their children.

The Wooden toy chest itself is easy to clean, and you can slide it away to clean any specks of dust behind or below it. To the casual observer, this piece of furniture will look dashing in its light and rich cherry shade. The manual instructions are easy to follow- straight and concise, so you’ll surely get this toy box assembled in less than an hour.

Things We Like

Easy to assemble.

Comes with wheels.

Made from hardwood.

Comes with a safety hinge.

Things We Don’t Like

May have some awkward wood smell at first.

Size could be better.


What’s the actual dimension of this product?

It’s 33.1 x 18.4 x 27.8 inches

What the weight of the item?

It is 52 pounds.

Final Verdict

It matches up to your needs for having a great toy store. The size is decent enough a big amount of toys. The safety hinge works like a charm, and it stays up, so your children can feel freeloading their items into it. It’s an awesome toy chest, and it’s sturdy. Recommended by parents who have bought it. It’s a good buy; we don’t see much reason for you not to buy it!
There you go, hope you have finally found the most suitable wooden toy chest for your growing toddlers. Just remember that don’t let any feature defeat your buying purpose, focus on the reasons why you’re purchasing one, and you’ll surely land to the most suitable box. Happy picking, parents!

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