Best Educational Toys for 5 Year Olds: Buying Guide & Reviews

Your child undergoes many changes every year. At his 5th year milestone, he will become more independent and will display more confidence in doing particular tasks. He will still be as active and as playful as he was in the past years of his milestone. They will also start to display more focus when it comes to playing with their toys. Self-control also starts to be more noticeable among your children. They no longer easily lose temper and whine hard when there’s something they don’t like. Your child will also be eager to try doing new things, and when they’re frustrated, they will be able to show their emotions.

It can become a bit of a challenge for parents to pick the perfect gift for their 5-year-old kiddos since there will be thousands of toys available in the market. Moreover, there’s a very last chance for you to find the right one that would surprise your child. Toys nowadays no longer aim to provide joy to children, but also instill important values and learning at the same time. To save your time and brain energy, I have personally compiled the top 10 best educational toys for 5-year-olds that will not only entertain your children but also allow them to learn various skills that they’ll find very useful in the learning field.

Below is the list of best educational toys for 5 year olds

Top 10 best educational toys for 5 year old children

1. Dash Robot – Best Educational Toys for 5 Year Olds

Wonder Workshop educational toy review If you’re looking for an effective way to introduce a programmer to your 5-year-old child, this might be the one that you could be looking for. It’s a well-started robot that allows your child to program it with the use of your phone. It has to be run off with the use of an app, the set up is pretty easy, but your 5-year-old child might need assistance in setting it up. It’s a great starter robot that teaches your child about the basics of programming. Your child might take some time before he warms out with this cool robot; it educated your child about mechanism and programming. This is a good robot that is perfect whenever you want to play a longer session.

What we like about it

We like the fact that this robot ran smoothly and made with responsive motors. It does not get stuck or stop moving when there are simple objects on its path. It can move or run over changes in terrain like doormats and rug clothing. It can also avoid some obstacles which are super great. The motors have a very smooth motion, which contributes to the overall quality of the product. It also comes with great battery life and quick charging, which is great.

Things We Like

Solid product, it is made with sturdy materials.

Has great battery life, which allows your kids to have more playtime.

Well designed and implemented.

There’s no need to sign up for an account.

The configure ability is almost infinite.

Things We Don’t Like

Need some adult’s help before it can play.

The view of the actual code could be better.

2. BuilderZ Piece Kit

ZOOB educational toy review If your 5-year-old child is into building stuff, he’s going to love the ZOOB builder. There will be over 250 colorful ZOOB pieces that he can set up and make a bike, tank, or a lizard. Building sets allow your child to get creative and explore different shapes. The ZOOB set is an open-ended toy, which means that it’s compatible with the rest ZOOB sets; the more sets you own, the bigger and wider and cooler stuff you can build. It introduces the basic concepts of math and engineering, where your child can construct and create something super creative.

What we like about it

We like the fact that it promotes creativity and exploration play for young builders. It’s fun and also allows your child to learn at the same time. The pieces will include a lot of axels, joints, and gears, which allows your child to imagine and create a combination that would pop together. What even makes it more fun is that there are spinning, rotating, and extendable parts that your child can move one it’s complete.

Things We Like

Allows children to use their imagination.

Promotes creative and exploration play.

The parts can be rotated and are extendable.

Allows the child to create much cool stuff.

Introduces STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math).

Things We Don’t Like

Instructions are a bit difficult to follow.

There are clickers on pieces; parents should supervise their child’s little fingers.

3. Air Stirling Engine

Sunnytech educational toy reviewIf your 5-year-old kid is super fascinated about the ways on how engineers work, the Sunnytech Engine Motor Model will blow your kid’s mind away. It runs very well, and it’s super fun to watch. It allows your young learner to introduced how combustion works. This lets your kid learn about the different skills in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics).

What we like about it

It’s super fun to watch and well-built. We like it when your child exposed to different educational toys that help him learn about how things work. It can also run at full speed, which even makes it more entertaining and cool to watch. It can also use as a unique display on your child’s table. Just keep in mind that your supervision is needed since there will be flames involved when it comes to making it work.

Things We Like

It runs smoothly, entertaining to watch.

The wide range of colors lights up when the Stirling motor model rotates.

Well built.

It came with an extra bulb for flame.

It introduces a mechanism to young learners.

Things We Don’t Like

The base should be made firmer; it vibrates when it’s on the run.

The glass tube should make better.

4. Activity Play Cube

Hape educational toy reviewThis cube offers a lot of educational tools for your 5-year-old active kiddo. There are mazes where he would have fun leading a friend on the way out. There also shape inserters that allow your child to recognize and identify different shapes. The Hape Little Critters can provide a lot of fun and learning to your child. Your child can also spin the wheel on top, which enhances your child’s fine motor skills.

What we like about it

We like the fact that it can provide so much learning and entertainment to young children. It’s a valuable educational toy that instills some problem solving and logical skills. It made with child-safe materials which are great.

Things We Like

Instill logic skills.

Encourages motor skill development.

Made with child safe materials.

Lets your child play with shapes and a lot more.

Things We Don’t Like

The bottom part of the cube could be firmer.

5.Mega Fossil Mine

National Geographic educational toy review The National Geographic Mega Fossil allows children to know about different authentic fossils. It’s super fun, and just like hundreds of satisfied users of this educational toy, your 5-year-old child will also be able to have fun to play outdoor digging and discovering more about the fossils. It comes with a book that contains simple information about every fossil.

What we like about it

We like the fact that the fossils are authentic, and it comes with 3 tiny tools, which are a magnifying glass, a small brush, and a small knife. We also like the book since it educates your child about the background of every fossil. It can be a bit dusty to play indoors unless you place a mat or clothing under it. It made with quality materials, and the sketch on the book is vivid. It’s an educational toy that introduces your young kids to archeology.

Things We Like

It’s a great way to introduce children to archeology.

It comes with a book with information about the fossils which enhances the language skills of the younger learners.

Super entertaining .

Enhances fine motor skills.


Things We Don’t Like

Can only be played indoors, unless you place a mat under it to catch all the dust.

The fossils can be smaller than expected.

The fossils are very fragile; children should handle them with extra care.

6. Terrix Robot

Mattel educational toy review The STEM is made fun with the user interactive and cool educational toys, just like Kamigami. With this cool stuff, your kids will be able to learn about robotics engineering and technology. It comes with an app, which you can easily download. The programming is super easy to use, which also teaches coding logic to your kids at the same time. It allows them to design their own Kamigami’s actions. This can fly fast. The programming feature allows your child to become more creative to create something unique and ideal.

What we like about it

We like the fact that it does not require any prior building and programming skills just so your child can start to play with it. It’s open for everyone who is in technology, programming, and engineering. It’s fun and entertaining to play with. Furthermore, it also allows your child to battle it against other Kamigami models, which promotes creativity, imagination, and exploration play. It does not only provide fun to your children but also engages them in learning as well.

Things We Like

Enhances child’s imagination.

Entertaining to play.

Builds programming skills.

Introduces kids to technology.

Things We Don’t Like

The steering is a bit difficult.

A bit flimsy.

7. Circuits Exploration Kit

Snap Circuits educational toy review Now that your 5-year-old child is warming up in his school duties, he will need some back up to enhance his learning regarding STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). Just like thousands of happy parents, your 5-year-old child will be able to have fun to learn about electronics. There are over 100 projects available that your child can perform and create something cool. He could make a bell ring; he could make the bulb light up, and much more. It’s a fun way to introduce to children how electrical current works. It also teaches your children how to read diagrams and follow simple instructions.

What we like about it

STEM class can be a bit of a serious class, and the truth is told; kids don’t want to learn it plainly; they want to have fun. With this education activity center, your child will be able to design different circuit designs and projects that will surprise your child. Your child will be able to learn a lot of valuable lessons. It’s super fun and teaches about electrical currents in a fun way.

Things We Like

The pieces easily snap together.

Engaging and entertaining for kids to play.

There are many projects that your child can choose from.

Introduces how electrical works to young learners.

You can design your circuit.

Things We Don’t Like

The sets should be expandable.

The pieces easily apart.

8. Solar System Set

Learning Resources educational toy review Learning Resources Inflatable Solar System Set is fun to teach your children about the different planets in the universe. It can place in your child’s room, which allows him to enhance and use his imagination and think about the galaxy. If your kid is into watching movies about the galaxy and the possible life outside earth, this would be a huge hit as a present for him. He would be surprised and happy upon receiving this type of gift. It allows your child to know about space and learn about different planets. It’s a wonderful gift for every space-loving child.

What we like about it

We like the fact that it shows an authentic and realistic representation of the space for young minds. It’s super fun and engaging to watch and study. And not only that, it represents the correct size of each planet, so your child can imagine what space looks like. They are super fun and educational; your kid’s imagination will soar as they continue to learn about the different planets. It made with quality, and we’re quite sure young aspiring astronomers will love to have this in their room.

Things We Like

Made with quality.

Introduces galactic lessons to young learns.

Super authentic.

Fun and educational.

Amazing customer service.

Things We Don’t Like

The foot pump is not usable.

It’s a bit challenging to hang.

9. Play Cash Register

Learning Resources educational toy review Are you looking for an interactive toy that will teach your children about naming different bills and coins? This could be the one that you have been looking for. It’s an interactive cash register that allows your children to let their imagination on the run and experience the life of being a cashier at first hand. It provides many fun activities and lets them use the basic lessons they have learned in Mathematics. Simple equations like addition, subtraction, and multiplication. It’s super fun and engaging and perfect for children who can’t get enough doing pretend plays. The lights, scales, voice messages, coin slots, and sounds all add up to make it all realistic and fun.

What we like about it

We like the fact that it allows children to learn while having a lot of fun. There are many built-in learning activities that your children can experience with this educational toy. He will also be able to enhance his language skills by consistently hearing the voice messages from the machine. It’s super interactive and allows your children to do simple maths. If they love role-playing with a grocery as their setting, this would be the perfect gift that would put your child in great surprise.

Things We Like

Authentic and teaches your child more mathematical skills.

Sounds are very authentic.

Includes the actual size of bills and coins to promote imagination.

Perfect for pretend play acts for children.


Things We Don’t Like

The batteries not included.

The scale on the top could be bigger.

10. Scientist Engineering Lab

The Magic School Bus educational toy review Is your child into engineering and experimenting stuff? The Magic School Bus would get his interest. It’s a comprehensive kit that allows your active kiddos to do amazing and entertaining projects hand-on. It involves building, creating solar power, and other useful educational stuff. It’s one of the best available STEM educational toys that tackles different valuable skills and introduces them in a fun way. It’s perfect for young learners who aspire to become young scientists one day.

What we like about it

We like the fact that it allows young learners to create, discover, experiment, and learn. Your child will also be able to enhance their language skills since they have to follow the instructions written on the experiment cards. All projects are quite engaging and fun to do for the kids. Your supervision is required, and if ever your child has difficulty in understanding some of the instructions written, you can explain it to him in a much simpler way.

Things We Like

The activities and experiments are engaging and fun.

Reasonable priced.

Based on the STEM, which allows your children to learn and enhance skills that he can use in school.

Introduces engineering to the children.

Things We Don’t Like

Requires an adult’s help in doing the experiments, which takes away some independent spirit from your 5 year old child.

Why it is extremely important for you to learn the development your child is going through in his every milestone

When you know the specific needs of your child and the changes he’s going through, not only you will become more compassionate to your child, but you will also have a window or and a clearer understanding of what he’s going through. This is one of the reasons why I share the most common changes and develop a child undergoes at a particular age, so parents can better assist their children as they grow.

Here are some noticeable development, your 5-year-old kiddo will start to display

Firstly, your 5-year-old child will develop a better and greater sense of independence. He will no longer ask for help when it comes to completing his building and puzzle games. He would love to do it on his own. Creativity will also be one of the skills he will start to display; he will start to indulge himself in sketching and drawing whatever he has in mind. Just do remember that every child develops at their own pace. Most likely, your child will be able to develop this milestone this year to his 6th-year milestone.

Language and Cognitive Milestones

Your curious 5-year-old child would love to make and carry on the conversation. His vocabulary is growing, and he loves to put his thoughts into the process. Whenever you ask your child simple questions, he would be able to answer it quickly, and he will also be able to express his feelings much better. Answering questions will be much easier for him, and he will be able to express his feeling in a better way.

Pay close attention to how your 5-year-old adorable child speaks, acts, moves, and learns. You will, therefore, get important clues regarding the child’s development. Various developmental milestones achieved at different ages, your child might learn the skill he was supposed to be learning in his last milestone, and it’s also possible that he already learned a skill or two that he was supposed to learn in his next milestone.

Aside from the language development, we have aforementioned before, here are some of the milestones your child has potentially reached by his or her 5th birthday. You must know his development while giving your child’s doctor a regular visit, so you can also voice out your concerns and expectations to your doctor.

Social and Emotional

Your 5-year-old child will want to please his friends and would love to play as much with them. They love having playmates and discovering new and cool stuff with them. He’s more likely to agree with rules, but don’t be surprised if he does things his way sometimes. Your kid would love to dance, act, and sing. This is one of the reasons why pretend plays are super entertaining for kids to play. They got to play different roles, and they love it. They will be aware of their gender; they will be able to categorize them based on the act they’re going to play. They might say stuff like, “Me, Jay, Cole, and Nathan will play as the police officers.” or “Jessy, Carol, and Samantha will play as the grocery cashiers.”

They know the difference between reality and fantasy. He will love to play make-believe and can also tell what’s real and what’s not. Visiting your next-door neighbor will be fun for him, and he will start going straight there to show independence. Your supervision as their parent or guardian is extremely needed since they tend to walk near roads to go to your neighbor’s house. Also, good news, there will be fewer tantrums, he will become cooperative with you. There will also be times when becoming too demanding, but that’s all just normal.


Your child will be able to speak clearly and can tell a story with the use of full sentences. The use of future tense will also be much easier for him like, “Mom, grandpa called… he said he would be here this Sunday.” or “Dad, we will have a picnic in the park this coming Friday, right?” He will be able to say his full name and full address.


Your 5-year-old child has improved his thinking, learning, and problem-solving skills. He will be able to count one up to ten or more. Drawing at least six body parts will be much easier for him, and he can print out some numbers and letters. Identifying and recognizing different geometric shapes is something easy to do by 5-year-old children. He will start to recognize the different uses of the tools and appliances that you use in your home. He will be able to do a somersault and be able to use a fork and spoon and a table knife. As part of him gaining more independence, he will be able to go to the toilet on her own. He can climb without falling since his body has regained balance.

Most children at this age will show you their love for making up cute words like “dada” or “mommy yo” instead of “daddy” or “mommy.” They will also become super energetic, loud, and silly. There are times when you can’t compare their energy to your phone’s battery juice, but there will also time when kids get bored. When they’re bored to take them to places, they’ve never been before. You can take him to the zoo, museum, playground, or water park. Trust me; it doesn’t take so much to please and surprise a child.

Your kids will also be able to make use of a more complex sentence, so whenever he tells you the story. You will understand it better. Recognizing and identifying at least four colors will be much easier for him, and he will be able to identify familiar shapes like circle, rectangle, square, and triangle. He will also become much more acquainted with your usual routine like breakfast in the morning and dinner for the night. He will have a better and greater attention span which allow him to learn more things and skill during his playtime.

As aforementioned, your child will become more cooperative, and he will be able to follow two to three-part commands or simple commands like “brush your teeth, go to bed, get your bag, pick up your book, etc.” Familiar signs will be easier for him to comprehend like “STOP.” If you have taught him your house address and phone number, he will be able to memorize it.

What to do when my child is bored?

When your child does stuff by routine, things can get boring for him. Waking up each day and everything seem super predictable is not a thing for children. They want to be entertained and to have fun most of the time. Here are simple ways to cheer up your little children. Take them to the zoo; it always fun for children to see animals that they don’t get to see on a typical day. Another one is to surprise them with different toys; this works pretty well too!

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