Top 10 Best Gift Ideas for 5 Year Old Girls

Your 5 year old girl will undergo a lot of improvements and changes at their 5th milestone, and that includes staying sweet to ask you for a gift. Your child, at five, will be energetic as always. She will love to do things that will help her discover the truth behind things. She’s always curious, and as parents, you always want to provide the best support that you could ever lend to your child. Understanding your normal 5 year old is extremely important so you can pick the best gift idea for 5 year old girls.

Below is the list of Best Gift Ideas for 5 Year Old Girls

Gift For 5 Year Old GirlsBrandProduct DimensionsType 
Clementine's Birthday PartyVTech Flipsies
4.5 x 13.6 x 9.5 inchesPlaysets
Tote and Go LaptopVTech
2.7 x 10.7 x 8.2 inchesKids' Electronics
Workshop Construction KitGili
9.5 x 10.5 x 29 inchesPretend Play
Mega Blastoise FigureTakara Tomy
2 x 2 x 2 inchesAction Figures
Kidizoom Camera ConnectVTech
6.2 x 3.2 x 1.9 inchesKids' Electronics
Paw Patrol Sea PatrolNickelodeon
8 x 28 x 15 inchesPretend Play
Judy Hopps Talking PlushTOMY
7 x 5 x 10 inchesStuffed Animals & Teddy Bears
Playhouse Tent With TunnelInnoFun
16.5 x 2.3 x 16.5 inchesPlay Tents & Tunnels
Bug Catcher VacuumNature Bound
7.5 x 10 x 6 inchesEducational
Talking HamsterSzresm Plush Interactive
5.5 x 3.1 x 3.1 inchesToys

When your little girl’s big day is around the corner, you will start to plan about the perfect gifts that you think she’s going to love. Whenever you turn the calendar and watch your young girl turn a new leaf of her life, there will always be a new theme and new must-have toys. We’re quite sure that your girl has been asking for a gift even if her big day is still fat, this is normal for kids especially if they used to receive one every time their special day is coming up.

Trust us; you will be facing a lot of unique challenges as parents. But of course, you will also enjoy watching your young girl at her magical time at a very young age. There will be a lot of factors that are going to contribute to your child’s growth. At the age of 5, you will be able to get a glimpse of what will she’ll look like as she continues to grow adulthood.This might be an emotional phase for parents to watch their toddler turn into a young and beautiful little person.

5-year-old developmental milestones

When every your child interacts with other people, she will start to understand and distinguish what is right from wrong. She will not be using an adult logic but will continue to have her childish thinking with her, which is normal. Your daughter will love to play make-believe. She will want to be in a huge group of friends than playing alone. Just a quick parenting tip, don’t forget to give a compliment to your child every time she does something right. You will start to notice that she plays with boys and girls but will prefer to play to play with girls.

Your daughter will be able to balance herself, but not perfectly. Don’t worry she will continue to improve as time goes by. Her motor skills at her 5th milestone will be a lot of improvement which is good. She will be able to run in an adult manner, which means that she will be able to a particular direction without falling or slacking off. This might be a good time to teach and incorporate a lot of physical activities for your child. This might come super easy since children love playing a lot. Five years old can do stakes but needs a lot of serious supervision. If you think your 5 year old daughter would love to learn skates. Then, it might be a good idea of buying her a good pair.

She will be able to perform jump ropes, and she can catch the small or medium-sized ball, don’t let your child play with bigger balls for their hands are still developing, and they might not be able to grasp it anyway. Your child will have the ability to stand with the use of a single foot within 10 seconds without swaying. Your daughter will also be able to jump over 10 inches from the ground.

When it comes to picking exercise, walking or jogging would be great for your child. She will also be able to perform three sit-ups completely. When taking your young girl to jog or for a walk, make sure that her shoes made of durable and high-quality materials. Your young child’s knee is still developing, and when she runs or jogs, her whole weight will be felt by her knee, so picking a good pair of shoes will do her a lot of favor. If your daughter is into soccer, then buying her a soccer ball might be a good idea. At the young of 5, she will be able to kick the ball 10 feet in distance. Don’t get us wrong, sure most girls are into barbies and dolls, but there are girls as well whose interest is in the sports field. Your daughter will be able to lace her shoes, but still, she will not be able to tie them.

She will be able to use hold her pencil in an adult manner. When she’s coloring a particular shape, she will be able to do it without overlapping behind the lines. She will be able to cut and paste basic shapes. When it comes to the language of your 5-year-old child, she will be able to speak fluently and express herself well. Your young girl will be able to use and correct plurals and pronouns. If it’s a boy, she will have to use the pronoun “he,” but if she’s a girl, she will use the pronoun “she.” Your daughter will be able to use the right tense when she’s uttering sentences.

Your 5 year old daughter is still consumed by curiosity and will want to learn more. Self-discovery will become your child’s best friend; she will want to discover things on her own or with her family and friends. Seeking of new knowledge will become extremely important for your young kids. All right parents as of now you might be thinking that parenting a 5-year-old child can be both fulfilling and tiring. But here are some of the tips that you might found useful to handle your young girl 5th milestone.

Tip number one, you will have to encourage your child’s curiosity. We know what you’re thinking, it’s frustrating and tiring, but you have to do this. When you are doing something together, whether you’re designing a cake or something always ask for her perspective. Just ask her, “What do you think?”. She’ll go on and on, but one things’ for sure, you will be amazed to listen to her creative responses. One of the factors and predictors to tell the child’s future success is her parent’s won education level. Don’t stop learning, continue to grow. You are not only benefiting yourself but your child as well.

Here are some of the cute things that you and your five-year-old child can do together. You can paint together and design cakes. Just get your camera ready for we’re quite sure that you and your child having fun will be picture-perfect. Another important thing to remember is to become your child’s biggest fan, the world is full of critics, staying at the side of your child as long she’s doing is right is just priceless. Continue supporting your child’s desires and passion. Whether she enjoys dancing, singing, baking, pretend-play, math quiz, board games, or at play, there will always be a perfect gift that will suit her taste.

1. Clementine’s Birthday Party

VTech Flipsies girl gift idea review This is a dollhouse playset that lets your daughter display her as if yummy models of her recipes. This is a great gift item that we’re quite sure will surprise her on her big day. If your young girl is a huge fan of baking, she will love this item. She will be able to design the baker with cute outfits, doll accessories, and wigs. This gift item fosters pretend play where she could imagine as if she was the baker and she owns a pastry shop. It’s an incredible playset that we’re quite sure that every 5-year-old child would be pleased to have.

Another feature that we love about this item is that it comes with necklace where your child could light-up, and she will be able to experience the doll’s friendly personality. There are lots of dolls that your daughter could choose from. Every doll has different passion in life and Clementine dreams of becoming a baker. The MagicChat will allow the doll to talk with other Flipsies girls. This will be an amazing gift item that we’re quite sure your 5-year-old girl will love. The dolls are quite entertaining to watch as they talk with teachers to other.

What we like about it

We like the fact that is playset can turn any of your child’s party into a bakery. The doll’s name is Clementine, and she can utter familiar phrases. Other dolls can buy separately; they also can utter friendly words like Clementine. This is a great item that we’re sure that your 5-year-old will have fun knowing Clementine. The doll owns her party pub that your 5 year old daughter can pretend play as if they were hers.

We also love the fact that the doll can change into two outfits, a party one and for the baking outfit. It’s a 2-in-1 playset that your daughter can choose from transforming Clementine’s pub from a party one or a bakery. Your daughter will have a lot of fun time with this gift time. Having this item with you is fun. If you have a little girl who loves to party and to bake, this would be a perfect gift item to blow her day.

2. Tote and Go Laptop – Best Gift for 5 Year Old Girls

VTech girl gift idea review Does your child love to learn about shapes, spelling, logic, and the different animals? Then, this would be a perfect item to consider. Young kids love to imitate their parents, if they have laptops, they would love to have one. Same goes for makeup; young girls love to have one, too! But you know they can’t use any cosmetic products until they hit their teen days. What’s good about this item is that it’s in the laptop shape.

What we like about it

We love the fact that this laptop offers 20 learning activities that teach your young girl a lot of educational value. This toy comes with a computer screen, which has a backlight that can be adjusted. We think that your 5-year-old girl would fall in love with this reliable product coming from VTech.

3. Workshop Construction Kit

Gili girl gift idea review Does your young girl love to play roles as if she’s a mechanic? Then this tool toy set will be a good item that she’s going to love. There will be a kid-sized workbench, where your child can work. Your help will need during assembly.

What we like about it

We like the fact that the product comes with realistic drill sounds. There will saw, wrench, screwdrivers, bolts, nuts, hooks, etc. There are many items that your 5-year-old girl can play around. If your girl does not enjoy barbies and dolls, she finds this item interesting

4. Mega Blastoise Figure

Takara Tomy girl gift idea review This will make the perfect gift for every Pokemon lover. Takaratomy has always been one of the best Pokemon that blast water to its opponents. This stands in 2” tall, it’s brand new and comes with removable parts, this is a cool toy that comes with a shell and a water cannon.

What we like about it

We like that fact that this item encourages creative and imaginative play for every 5-year-old child. If your daughter is collecting Pokemon models, then she would love this item. It’s good for display and looks cool.

5. Kidizoom Camera Connect

VTech girl gift idea review What could be a better gift than a camera? Well, a camera is a good gift idea for a young kid. Even if your daughter is still very young, a camera is still an ideal gift for them. It will allow them to take a couple of pictures which they can share. Yes, you can also give them a toy. However, a camera will give them a lot of fun just like a toy would do. Taking pictures is a fun activity. They can take a picture of their favorite toys, or they’re a picture of their pets. VTech Kidizoom Camera Connect can take high-quality pictures which will come in handy in different situations. They can also take a picture of their memorable moment with their friends and family. This camera comes with a 128MB internal memory which can store 1000 photos. A slot for micro SD memory expansion is also available if they want more storage.
This camera cannot only take pictures but, it can also record voice and video. So, if your kid wants to record a cool moment with their friends, they can easily do so with the help of this camera. There is a USB cable included during the purchase for easier transfer of photos and videos. This camera has a 4x digital zoom feature which is also nice. They can take various memorable moments like a cool trick of their dog or a beautiful natural scenery.

What we like about it

A camera as a gift to your young daughter is certainly a good idea. They would be able to appreciate wonderful memories and sceneries more if they a camera with them. This camera comes with an internal memory so your kids can use it right out of the box. A slot is available for memory expansion. There is a USB cable for easy transmission of files. Overall, this is a cool gift for your young daughter. It will surely give them a lot of fun and excitement. You may have to teach your young daughter how to use it if they it is their first time using a camera. Don’t worry; this camera is straightforward to use.

6. Paw Patrol Sea Patrol

Nickelodeon girl gift idea review Kids at this age like to play with toys. If you give them a figurine or a bag, they won’t feel so happy with it. That is because they don’t realize the importance of these kinds of gifts yet. A toy or a gadget is more of a safe bit as a gift. They like toys since it always put their imagination into play. They can create their imaginative world with the help of these colorful toys. Just like this Paw Patrol Sea Patroller Transforming Vehicle. This toy vehicle will help complete their imaginative adventures and action scenes. If they already have action figures at their disposal, this toy vehicle will become more exciting to play with. They can let their action figures ride this transforming vehicle and let them defeat villains together.
Paw Patrol Sea Patroller Transforming Vehicle can quickly transform from a ship to a land vehicle. Using this feature, your kids can let it travel through an imaginative sea or on land. It cannot be used in a real pool or the bathtub, though. The flashing lights and sounds make the adventures more intense and exciting. There are an attachable cage and a moveable crane which will help the main characters get into the ship faster.

What we like about it

If you are looking for a cool toy for your kids, this one is for you. Like what we’ve said, toys work well as a gift if you are planning to give them to a young kid. They appreciate toys a lot more than any natural gifts. Also, this toy vehicle is fun to have. They would be able to play out a lot of excitement and action-packed situations with the help of this cool toy. Chasing villains comes easily with this toy. It can transform from a ship to a land vehicle. Allowing it to travel on land and sea. The light and sound effects are also fun additions to this cool toy.

7. Judy Hopps Talking Plush

TOMY girl gift idea review Have your daughter saw Zootopia and have a lot of a good time watching all the characters. Well, if they like that film, this talking plush is a perfect gift for them. This plush will remind them of the main character on the story named Judy Hopps. Judy is one character to be admired. Your young daughter should look up to this good character.

Giving them this gift will surely make them smile. It doesn’t only looks like Judy Hoops but also sounds just like her. Yes, it is a talking plush. Your daughter only has to squeeze the chest, and they will hear wonderful sounds and phrases. It makes for fun pretend to play together with other characters from the movie. They can also buy the fox character separately for more fun.
Judy Hopps is one character to be admired. She is determined and optimistic. Her goal on the story is to catch the bad guys and protect the innocent. It is a cool character with good moral ethics, something that you want your kids to develop. The price tag of this toy is quite affordable. It is made of quality materials too.

What we like about it

This toy is perfect for your kids who are fans of the Zootopia movie. They will surely feel happy after receiving this toy as a gift. The good thing about this toy is that produces various sounds and phrases. The sounds and phrases are precisely from the movie so your kids will be able to relieve those scenes more efficiently. This plush looks cute and fun. Your kids will surely love it. Give this to them right after they have watched the movie so that it will have more impact.

8. Playhouse Tent With Tunnel

InnoFun girl gift idea review Since kids like to play physical games, this playhouse tent is perfect for them. You can easily set it up anywhere you want. Transferring this tent around is easy and fast. You can quickly bring this tent during your various outdoor activities. This is perfect for picnics and camping. But, your kids can also bring it at the comfort of your home. It could be easily set up in your living room or even in the backyard. Anywhere that has enough space for it. Now, this tent also comes with a tunnel. Yes, your kids can use the tunnel to go from the tent house to the exciting ball pit house. This makes for a fun playtime together with their siblings and friends.

The three components can be used separately if you feel that using them all at once is a lot of hassle. Your kids can either use the ball pit or the tent. The tent gives your kids more privacy and sense of independence while playing with their toys. Playing inside the tent is a fun and comfortable experience for your kids. They can also use the ball pit if they want to jump around. However, it is advisable that you should use all of its components including the tunnel for a more fun experience for your kids. It’s another perfect gift for 5 year old girls.

What we like about it

We like this tent as a gift for your kids since it would be able to give them a lot of excitement and adventure. Although it is just a simple tent, kids can use the tunnel to go to the ball pit house. The ball pit house will allow them to jump around and have a lot of fun. It also made of non-toxic materials, so your kids are safe. All of its components are easy to clean and fold. This tent is one of the best gifts out there that you can give to your young daughters.

9. Bug Catcher Vacuum

Nature Bound girl gift idea review Most parents want to keep their kids inside their houses. They want them always to be safe and away from any possible accidents or injuries. Although, this is a good mindset for every parent, keeping your kids inside the house and restricting them from discovering nature also comes with some disadvantages. One of them is that, if they are just always sitting inside the house watching TV or playing video games, they won’t receive enough exercise. As a result, they may become obese or have poor resistance to diseases. That’s why it is always better if you allow your kids to go outside and experience the beauty of nature. Don’t worry; you can always go with them and have a lot of fun together.

Now, if you ready to let them play outside and discover nature, it would be better if you get them this bug catcher with laser light. This tool will allow them to catch their favorite and bugs and transfer them to a container without touching them. It is important that your kids are not touching those bugs since they could be harmful. However, they can observe them using the magnifier. The LED laser light will come in handy during nighttime. However, it is advisable that you only let your kids go outside during the day.

What we like about it

This tool will allow your kids to discover different kinds of insects without exerting a lot of effort catching them. All they have to do is use this bug catcher and put the insects on the container. There is a built-in magnifier which they can use to observe the bugs that they have caught. They don’t have to touch the bugs during the entire process. Parents should keep an eye on them while they are hunting for bugs so that any danger avoided. A battery already comes with the purchase so your kids can use it right out of the box. There are also instructions, which can help clear things up if your kids have questions about the tool.

10. Talking Hamster

Szresm girl gift idea review This gift is purely awesome. Your young kids would be amazed by it. Aside from it has a charming appearance, it also has cute features. This Hamster plush buddy looks very adorable. Your kids will hug it the moment that they see it. So, if you want your kids to be surprised, this cute plush toy is the gift to get. This toy has a talkback function, which means that it will repeat whatever your kids are saying. If your kids sing, laugh, or speak, this toy will repeat them right away. This might not sound much for us, but for kids, this is already an entertaining feature. With the help of the adorable appearance of this plush toy, your kids will have a lot of things that they want the toy to say.
Not only that but it also auto shakes and responds to the touches of your kids. This toy will also bop his head up and down whenever your kids pat him. It has a variety of features which will make your kid imagine that it is alive. Girls like anything that looks cute and adorable. This plush toy will make them feel happy.

What we like about it

Szresm Talking Hamster is a cool gift to give for your kids. Girls like to play with this cute and adorable talking hamster. Its ability to repeat whatever your daughter is saying is a huge bonus. This will surely make them feel happy and satisfied. It is perfect before they go to bed or whenever they like to play with it. The quality of this toy is also good. It won’t get damaged or malfunctioned easily. Your daughter will have a lot of a good time with this cute toy. Let us know what you think about Gift ideas for 5 year old girls. Comment below and let us know your pick!

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