Top 10 Best Educational Toys For 6 Year Olds: Buying Guide & Reviews

As your child continues to immerse himself in his school lessons and responsibilities, he will need some educational toys that will help him learn quicker and have a better understanding of educational concepts. At his 6th milestone, your child will still go through a lot of contradictions. He will feel superior and confident, and there will also time when your child becomes insecure and runs for mom and dad’s comfort. As he continues to have a better and greater attention span, he will expose to more school activities, birthday parties, playdates, and other activities without a parent.

Your child would always crave for your attention whenever he’s home from school. Hunting for the perfect gifts for your active 6-year-old kiddos can be a bit of a challenge due to thousands of available items in the store. But don’t worry too much for we got you covered. To save your time and brain energy, we have compiled the top 10 best gifts that do not only entertain your kids but allows them to learn STEM in a much entertaining and more engaging way.

We have round up a list with various options we’re sure your 6-year-old kiddos would love. We make sure that we have only gathered the top choices that we’re quite sure your kids are going to love. Before we reveal our top 10 list, we would like you to know the development your child is going through at his 6th milestone.

Why it is important to know the development your child goes through in picking their presents

When you understand what your 6-year-old child is going through, you will be able to cater to their needs better in all aspects that they need. This will also help you to conversate with your child’s doctor better. Some toys are purposely created to entertain your child, and there are these so-called, “Educational toys” that aims to help your child learn various skills that he could use in real life and school At this point, your child will become super creative and active. He will perform a lot of pretend plays as he did in the past few years.

Physical development

Parents tend to get emotional as they watch their child grow from a chubby toddler to a high-grade schooler. They will continue to grow and continues to learn things through plays and experiments. This stage is part of their childhood, and they will undergo a lot of exciting development. In this middle childhood, your kids will grow from 2 to 2.5 inches every year.

At six years old, your child will display a wide range of physical skills that will put smiles on your face. Your kid would love to jump on one foot and show it to you. They would love to goof around and will invite you to dance with them. For parents, they feel super proud of watching their children celebrate what they can do with their bodies. You will start to see your children falling in love with sports and games. In their middle childhood, some kids will show natural athleticism. Some children will still enhance their skills in throwing and catching a ball.

Some children grow faster, and some grow at a much slower rate. If you do have concerns about your child’s height and development, you can always discuss it together with the child’s doctor. As children grow up, they will continue to display lots of energy and will need some time outdoors to burn it off. This might be the perfect stage to introduce your kids to sports since they love moving their bodies around, and sports also allow them to socialize with other kids.

Physical activities will always be important for children, especially at their fragile age. Your 6-year-old will need to dive into various physical activities for better cognitive function. Most of the time, your kids will be spending time inside the four walls of the classroom, so as much as possible, keep them active during weekends. The fine motor coordination will continue to develop as your child age. He will opt for drawing and writing skills as part of enhancing his fine motor skills. They will become more skilled in regards to using different tools like scissors, pencils, and others. They will be able to perform tasks and will show more independence. They can tie their shoelaces easily and can button their shirts by themselves.

Most noticeable physical changes

Your child will love to show off their locomotor skills. They love jumping, skipping, and running around. You must have more patience as your child continues to move a lot, it may seem that they’re giving you a lot of work of looking after them. But they are not, children at their middle childhood stage loves to celebrate the amazing things they can do with their bodies. He will also be able to demonstrate better and stronger hand-eye coordination and can kick a ball with better accuracy. They will be able to follow the rules of a particular sport or game.

Just a quick parenting tip, to enjoy looking after your child– play physical games with him. It does not only help your child to enhance and practice his muscle movement, but it also promotes child-parent bond. Not to mention that you’ll also burn some extra calories by playing with your child. You can play soccer with your child and throw balls. He will also love to climb over obstacles and anything that involves running and kicking. This also instills more confidence in your child, knowing that he can do amazing and cool stuff with his body. Since your 6-year-old child has better accuracy, he will be able to kick a particular ball into a target.

Emotional Development

Your child will be able to express his emotions better. If he’s surprised, he will be able to exclaim or show a surprise facial expression. They will continue to become more aware of their emotions as they grow. They will also start to emphasize and feel for others better. He will have a better understanding of his surroundings and will know how to make peace with himself. He will no longer say words, and he knows he will hurt someone’s feelings. You can further instill more values to him by teaching him good manners.

They will have this emotional thinking that they can take care of themselves, so they will start to choose or pick what clothes they want to wear for that particular day, and they will also love to comb their hair on their own without actually asking for your help. They will start to have favorite shirts and favorite jeans. He will have a better understanding of friendship and want to cheer their friends when they are sad. Becoming aware of his role in the world will be much clearer for him, and he will much be aware of the people around him.

For instance, he will understand that he much extra patient and understanding towards his younger sister and loving and respectful to elders.

Most noticeable emotional changes

Your 6-year-old child would love to show off talents and will have more self-control. You can expect that there will be lesser tantrums this year. He will show emotional stability and will become more responsible for his school and house duties. Just a quick parenting tip, to help in your child’s emotional development.

You could establish many predictable routines and other nighttime rituals like singing him a lullaby or reading him a story. Also, don’t forget to design after-school activities and regular play dates with your children. By making them undergo these various activities, they will no longer be surprised when they encounter unfamiliar challenges and experiences in the future.

Social Development

Your child’s best friends will always be their parents. They will love to socialize and play with you since they feel most secure when they are around you. They will start to build friendships with other kids around the neighborhood. Your 6-year-old child feels most comfortable when they have their friends and family near them. They love sharing their snacks, toys, books, gadgets, and other things with their friends at school and home.

Most noticeable social changes

He will be able to pay more attention to teamwork. Especially when they are playing sports, he will start to understand that to win; they will have to work together as one. He would love to please his friends and be accepted by his peers. He will continue to display more confidence and independence in the family.

To help him with his social development, you can prompt him with questions. You can ask him things like, “What do you think Jack (just a sample name of a friend) would feel when you said he couldn’t share the toys with him?”. In this way, your child will have a better understanding of other people’s feelings and will be able to sympathize more.

1. Magnetic Building Tiles – Best Educational Toys For 6 Year Olds

Magna-Tiles educational toy review The Magna Tiles Clear Colors Piece promotes creativity and exploration play for children. And just like hundreds of satisfied customers, your 6-year-old child will be able to build a car, a castle, houses, and many more. It does not limit what he and what he can’t build. The Magna tiles capture the creativity of the young learners and allow them to engage their minds in building something. The Magna Tiles are fun to play in the office and indoors. It also allows them to play it both indoor and outdoor.

What we like about it

We love the fact that it helps in shape recognization and at the same time, allows your child to enhance and practice his fine motor skills. This is one of the best gifts that we’re quite sure that will not only entertain your child but also help them to enhance what they learn in simple and basic geometry. It’s super fun and engaging and a fun way to learn STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). At his 6th milestone, your child will always love to perform various pretend-plays.

Things We Like

Promotes creative play.

Promotes exploration play.

Helps children enhance their imagination skills.

Made with a durable piece.

Helps children learn STEM in a fun way.

Things We Don’t Like

Should include more interesting shapes.

You’ll need a second set to build something bigger.

2. Osmo Monster Game

Osmo educational toy reviewIf you are looking for something creative to introduce more words and numbers to your 6-year-old child, this would be the perfect present that we’re quite sure he would dearly love. The monster MO will become your child’s virtual best friend. MO, the monster, allows your child to hone his fine motor skills by drawing and sketching various objects that could virtually come true in Mo’s world. There will also be physics and science lessons that your child can enjoyably learn.

What we like about it

We like the concept; it’s new and cool. There will be a bit of programming included and a bit of set-up, but in the end, your child will be able to learn a lot of cool stuff. The pencil and pad, allows your child to draw, which further promotes his creativity. We also like the fact that this creative set introduces technology to young learners as well. It’s super fun and engaging to play, and there are many animated activities that your child will have fun learning.

Things We Like

Helps in understanding Newton’s Law.

Magically animated activities are super fun to play.

Enhances technology learning to young learners.

Promotes creativity.

Things We Don’t Like

The set up could be difficult and tricky.

3. Rock Tumbler

National Geographic educational toy reviewIf you’re looking for a fun way to introduce geography to your children, this rock tumbler will spice up their interest. It allows your children to turn ordinary stones into gemstones with this cool tumbler. It’s fun and engaging and also pushes your child’s imagination skills. Polishing ordinary and simple stones you see in your backyard can also be fun and interesting. The stunning gems could also allow your children to do pretend plays; they can pretend as if they are scientists, and they are working on discovering a new stone that could potentially sell for high prices.

What we like about it

We like the fact that the rock tumbler has the features that will allow you to have a faster and better polishing of the stones. It’s super fun, and the results are extremely beautiful. The set comes with a guide and instructions so that you can play it better. It aims for you to have better polishing results and help you have shinier gemstones. There will be speed control and shut off timer that your child can use.

Things We Like

Has speed control and shut off timer.

Introduces geography to young children.

Fun and engaging to play.

Promotes the imagination skills of the young children.

Things We Don’t Like

Does not automatically shut off after the run completed.



4. Osmo Coding Jam Game

Osmo educational toy review This game set allows your child to be introduced to basic coding and lets her play a game on a whole new level. It promotes creativity by allowing your 6-year-old child to put and layer blocks and twist and turn it to create his very own original track. The instructions are super easy to follow, and it also enhances your child’s language and cognitive skills. It’ a cool concept and very engaging, especially for kids who easily get on their feet whenever they hear the music.

What we like about it

We like the fact that the game is completely open-ended, little jammers can create their unique beats, and it introduces your child in coding at the same time. It’s super engaging, catchy, and fun. We love the concept where your child, together with his playmates, will be able to create a layer of melodies, drum beats, and can compose his original compositions. This would be a perfect present for children who are into music. The placing of a unique coding block are very fun and pushes your child’s creativity to create a unique beat.

Things We Like

Involves patterning and sequencing.

Allows children to get acquainted with coding.

Fun to play.

Promotes the cognitive and emotional development of the children.

Involves music.

Things We Don’t Like

The manual should become a part of the app to make things easier.

5. UK Haynes V8 Engine

Haynes educational toy reviewThis is a great model that allows your 6-year-old child to introduced to combustion engineering. However, parents need to guide their children while this model is on the run. It’s fun and fascinating to watch as it runs smoothly. It is aesthetically pleasing, which allows you to put it in your child’s room. Your 6-year-old child will be able to introduce different engineering builders like the crank pulley, wrist pins, crankshaft, timing sprockets, cooling fan, valves, and valve springs. These parts can move, and they run smoothly, which is extremely amazing to watch.

What we like about it

We like the fact that many solid parts could found in the engine model, and all of them can run smoothly. It helps your child to familiarize himself with different engineering builders that he’s going to encounter in school at any time in the future.

Things We Like

Fun and engaging to watch as the solid parts run smoothly.

Introduces combustion engineering to younger learners.

Amazing customer service.

Introduces STEM to children .

Promotes imaginary skills.

Things We Don’t Like

Some plastic pieces don’t fit together.

6. Educational Insights Eggspert

Educational Insights educational toy review Are you going to hose for a family game show? This Educational Insights Eggspert will help you have fun whether you’re doing a quiz bowl or a family feud. Your 6-year-old child can also benefit from it since it teaches grammar and vocabulary. It also allows your child to think for the answer as fast as he could so he could win the game. Since this game can play with more than one player, this also allows your 6-year-old child to socialize and play with his friend at the same time. It’s super fun and engaging and brings a lot of learnings to your children.

What we like about it

We like the fact that it can help in promoting the socialization skills of the children. It also allows them to strengthen their vocabulary and be introduced to more words as they try to win the game. It also promotes a stronger bond in the family since this can only play with a lot of players. We also love the fact that you can choose the time and the sound you want to play while playing. Of course, the classic “BUZZ!” sound is available.

Things We Like

Makes quiz show more interactive.

Enhances the thinking and logical skills of the young children.

Promotes language skills.

Fun and engaging.

Things We Don’t Like

Batteries not included.

7. Model Building Set

K'NEX educational toy review One of the best toys that you could give to your kids is building toys. It allows them to put their creative minds at work. Of course, at this age, your kid is already quite adept at using their hands for grabbing things, so building something is not a problem. This comes with 863 K’NEX rods and connectors. The variety of pieces allows for a wide range of structures and shapes. The pieces can be attached to a lot of different ways. It will surely put your kid’s creative skills at works. They would be able to understand the 3D structure even more.

Also, the parts are not just stationary pieces that don’t move. We all know that kids can easily get bored with toys that don’t move. It will look dull and boring for them. It is a good thing that this toy comes with wings, rotors, and wheels, which makes the structures more exciting and interesting. The pieces also stick together securely. They are not hard to pull apart, but they also not very loss. This toy is what you would want to give to your kid if you want them to develop their thinking skills while having a lot of fun.

What we like about it

What’s great about this building toy is that it comes with moving pieces. It makes the toy a lot more exciting to play since your kid can build a wide range of cool structures. Also, there is a useful instructional booklet that will guide them along the way. The booklet will show them how to create over 100 different models. But, of course, if your kid is having a hard time, you can always asses them.

Things We Like

Comes with a helpful instructional booklet.

Comes with moving parts.

Can create a variety of structures.

Improves your kid’s understanding of math.

Comes with convenient storage for the parts.

Things We Don’t Like

Can be hard for some kids.

8. Geodes and Explore Crystals

National Geographic educational toy review Well, this is fun to be around. They also work well as decorations. But, the first time that you would show these rocks to your kids, they will surely like it. Geodes are volcanic rocks that form naturally. They also contain some amazing crystal formation inside them, which makes these rocks more attractive. This is also a huge opportunity for you to teach them more about nature and how it works. We all know that by the time they will be in school, they will be talking about this stuff a lot. So, it is nice to teach them about it in advance.

What we like about it

You can do a little treasure hunt game with your kids using these rocks. Get a hammer and crack each rock. Some of them have those magical crystals inside them. Of course, observe caution while using the hammer together with your kid. Also, you can teach them about geodes and minerals. Your kids will surely appreciate nature more after playing with these rocks. The crystals look beautiful and stunning. Even you will love to have them as decorations.

Things We Like

High-quality rocks.

Attractive appearance and color.

Highly educational for your kids.

Helps your kids appreciate nature.

Makes for a fun treasure hunt.

Things We Don’t Like

Some geodes are too hard.

Needs a hammer to crack the rocks.

9. Q-BA-MAZE 2.0

MindWare educational toy review This is another amazing toy that will put your kid’s mind at work. It allows them to build their structure where they can run their marbles. Of course, this will help them put their planning skills to build the structure that they have in mind. They will be able to use their basic knowledge of physics too.

With the help of 72 cubes included in this set, they can surely make a large enough structure to run their marbles on. There is no need for glue. The parts connected to each other snugly. They can detach everything afterward and make a completely new structure. Your kids can enjoy this toy right out of the box. There is no need to read complicated instructions to get the ball rolling.

What we like about it

It is very easy to play. You probably won’t have to explain much to your kids. They will surely know how to play this with these cubes right out of the box. There are also 72 cubes included in this set, which is quite amazing. That means that they can build a huge structure out of the cubes. This toy will help develop their planning and hand-eye coordination skills.

Things We Like

It is easy to play.

Highly entertaining.

Improves your kids planning skills.

Connects to each other quite snugly.

Easy to detach.

Things We Don’t Like

Should have a base to catch the marbles.

Some kids may not take an interest in this toy for long.

10.Digital Tabletop

Sensible Object educational toy review This is a game that you can play together with your kids. It is a game for the entire family. Spending some quality time with your kids surely improves your bonds. Now, with this fun and exciting game, you won’t have any boring nights with your kids. You can always play with this amazing stacking game to improve your moods. What makes this game amazing is how it combines both the digital and physical aspects while playing. You will be using an app on your phone while playing physically with the objects. This makes for amazing gameplay that requires skill and teamwork.

What we like about it

Although it may not seem like it, this game is highly addictive. It comes with really simple mechanics, but once you start playing, you will surely have a hard time stopping. There is an app that you have to download to play the game. The toy synchronizes with the app so that you can play while the app is responding. You can also have the app on your TV so all players can see the game.

Things We Like

Improves dexterity.

It is a lot of fun.

Easy to play.

Can be played together with the entire family.

Needs strategy and teamwork.

Things We Don’t Like

It’s a bit tense while you are balancing the pieces.

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