Top 10 Cool Gift Ideas for 3 Year Old Girls

It’s going to be a whirlwind for parents to their three-year-old toddlers. Yes, it can be tiring, but fulfilling at the same time. Who wouldn’t want to watch their child thrive, anyway? Your toddler’s behavior can sometimes wear off the energy out of you. They can throw tantrums without any warnings, so keeping yourself cool would help. Your toddlers will undergo a lot of changes this year and trust us; they can’t still control their behavior. So, don’t stoop down to your developing toddler’s behavior when she’s lashing off over a thing. Just a quick parenting tip, treat every problem with a cool mind.

Your three-year-old daughter would feel confused, temperamental, and emotional. This is normal since their brains are still developing at the age of three. Most of the time, your young girl might have difficulty when it comes to completing the tasks, even if you have taught and helped her to accomplish it previously. This applies the same to the fact that you have told your young girl not to touch the telephone, and she’ll still go to play and touch it tomorrow. Give your child some time, and she will be able to understand the simple rules that you tell her.

Below is the list of Gift ideas for 3 year old girls.

1. BMX Kid’s Bike

RoyalBaby BMX girl gift idea review
Your 3 year old toddler would want to experiment with her gross and fine motor skills, and letting her ride a bike would help her practice her physique and improve her overall self. This is a perfect item that every three years old would love. It comes with a sporty design and everything. It comes with a water bottle, seat post, bell, and training wheels. This is for heavy-duty, so your daughter can play with this item as long as she wants. It is such a huge plus that the item is so easy to assemble. As parents, we exactly know how confusing and frustrating it could get when we find the item extremely difficult to assemble.

Does your sporty toddler love to keep things with her? This bike comes with a carrying handle where your child can keep her necessities. Another feature of this bike is that the seat post is easy to adjust according to your toddlers’ height. There’s a sturdy steel frame, which makes you feel rest assured while your toddler is playing with this bike. It’s an incredible bike that comes with a cute design. It comes with training wheels, your 3 year old girl is still in the process of improving her balancing skills, so give her more time to it.

What we like about it

We like the fact that this product engages your young daughter in physical activities. Your daughter needs to exercise to have physical improvement. This will keep your young girl occupied for a longer time so that you will have time for other important stuff. Though minimal supervision recommended, keep your young girl in the sight while she’s riding this bike.

This bike has a design that purposely tailored to young kids. There is a start on the grips and the royal baby tire tread. This is a perfect gift item that would surprise your young girl on her big day. It comes with vibrant colors that we’re quite sure your young girl would be pleased with the design. The design is truly functional, and it’s such a huge plus that it comes with safety features. At the age of 3, your young girl would love o get out and get moving. Biking is a good activity to keep your child healthy. There’s a free water bottle that would make your child’s exploration time fun and convenient.

2. Karaoke Machine MP3

Kidzlane girl gift idea review
One of the best ways to help your child learn and improve her language skills is through signing. Toddlers love songs. With this Kids Karaoke Machine MP3 music player, your child will be able to sing songs. If you have two children, they can sing a song together. This is a cute gift item that we’re quite sure your three-year girl would be very pleased to have. There are over 100 songs included that could play up to 100 songs that are extremely easy for replay. This gift item purposely tailored for young kids; they are easy to carry around.

What we like about it

We like the fact that you can young girls will be able to enrich her language skills through singing. Your young girl would be happy to spend most of her time on this item. It also encourages your young girl to talk more. This is an item that your young girl would fall in love with. If you a dog as a pet, expect to see them freak out when they hear this Karaoke play. This is an amazing gift item that we’re quite sure every kid would be happy to carry around and sing along.

3. Read with Me Scout

LeapFrog girl gift idea review Needs an icebreaker to introduce reading to your child? Then, this would be a cute and perfect item that your three-year-old would love. The LeapFrog read to me is so cute and adorable and would make your daughter read five books and would ask questions to your child.

What we like about it

We like the fact that the item is very responsive; it’s like your child is having someone that helps your child to read. The read with me item will also check her comprehension; this would help your child to introduced to basic printed materials.

4. Corrugated Castle

Box Creations girl gift idea review Does your young girl love to create and design castles? This amazing gift item included four markers for decorating. There are no sharp edges, so you can rest assured that your young girl is safe while she’s playing with this item.

What we like about it

We like the fact that the item made from durable materials. This is a huge castle that is large enough for your young girl to go in and play. It’s sturdy cardboard that lets your daughter feel as if she lives in a castle.

5. Cuddle Toys Wizard

Douglas girl gift idea review Stuffed toys are truly adorable gifts for your young kids. They look cute, and they are very soft. These kinds of toys are always a hit with kids. Their friendly look always entices kids to play with them imaginatively. Even adults will find this stuffed toy cute and adorable. Kids like to interact with anything that looks interesting. If you give this stuffed toy to them, they may start talking about it and pretend that it talks back. They may even give it a name. This is a good sign. It means that they are enjoying your gift for them.
As far as quality goes, Douglas Cuddle Toys Stuffed Wizard Snowy Owl doesn’t disappoint. It made of quality materials, which makes it soft and durable. This is also machine washable. You should wash it often to prevent accumulation of too much dust. The Snowy Owl stuffed toy has a detailed and colorful design. Your kids will believe that it is indeed alive due to the detailed design. This stuffed toy is amazingly soft and huggable. Your kids can hug it while sleeping at night. This could be their new best friend, which they can talk to on their imagination. Overall, it is a cute gift for your young daughter.

What we like about it

We like this toy as a gift to your kids since it looks cute and adorable. Yes, young kids do like cute and adorable stuffed toys. If you give it to them as a gift, you will certainly a big smile on their face. They will treat it as their best friend and will probably bring it everywhere they go. That is the kind of gift that you want to give to your kids. It should be a gift that is valuable and will make them feel happy. There is not much to talk about this stuffed toy other than the fact that it is a solid choice as a gift for your young daughter.

6. Tent Toy Princess Playhouse

Creatov design girl gift idea review
A tent is also a good idea as a gift. If your kids are playing inside the tent more often, they will start to develop a sense of independence. This trait is highly important for a young kid. It would help them become more self-sufficient as they grow older. The tent also gives more privacy to them. Kids need privacy while they are playing. The tent is the perfect place if they want to play alone. It can also be a place where they can store their toys. Your kids wouldn’t feel too hot due to the ventilation provided by the large openings and two windows.

Parents can also use these openings to spy on their kids. It is important that you are always keeping an eye on your kids while playing inside the tent so that you will know what their current situation is and prevent accidents from happening. Don’t let your kids notice that you are peeking through, or they will lose their sense of independence, which is the purpose of the tent.

As for the quality of the tent, it doesn’t disappoint. It made of high-quality materials, so it is durable and sturdy. If your kids like to move a lot, a sturdy tent is required. They can also have some role-playing activities using this tent. They could pretend that they stranded on an island or other fun scenarios using this tent.

What we like about it

This tent is safe for kids. There is enough ventilation so that they can breathe some fresh air while playing inside the tent. They won’t feel hot too. The ventilation provided by the large openings and two windows is more than sufficient. If your kids are done using the tent, you can easily store it using the carrying case. Going to picnics and bringing this tent is effortless. You can just set the tent in the area quickly without going without having a hardship on the setup process.

7. Smart Princess Palace

VTech girl gift idea review It is not a secret that young kids have a wild imagination. Giving them a toy that will help put their rich creativity put to work is a nice gift idea. There are a lot of toys that can do that. These toys have a colorful and attractive design, which will allow kids to start working their imagination. One good example of those toys is VTech Go! Go! Smart Friends Enchanted Princess. This toy has a lot of cool features aside from its colorful design. It will instantly catch the interest of your kids after getting it out of the box. The price of this toy is also affordable. You won’t be wasting your money after buying this toy since your kids will surely have a lot of fun playing with it.

This toy expands to more than 4 feet. It is quite significant, which gives your kids more things to do while playing. This toy has some fun features which add more fun. It has a couple of luxurious rooms where your kids can put Princess Darla, the mini-figure that comes with this toy set. There are also other accessories for Princess Darla on this toy set. It comes with a bad mirror, harp, and three light-up buttons. There is a clock too; it can introduce various colors, words, letters, and more. So, while your child is having fun, they are also learning. This toy is a must-have for your young daughter. It’s another good gift ideas for 3 year old girls.

What we like about it

This toy is perfect for your young kids. They have a lot of things to do with this toy. There are some rooms which they can put Princess Darla on. It has a kitchen, music room, parlor, ballroom, and an observation tower. Aside from that, it can also encourage motor development with the help of its mechanical features, which your kids can turn, spin, and open. Additionally, your kids can learn a couple of words, letters, and colors while playing with this toy.

8. Minnie Mouse Hideaway

Playhut girl gift idea review This is another cool place where your kids can play. With the help of this small tent, your kids can have a comfortable and private place to play in. They can also hide their toys inside this tent. This will enhance their sense of independence and will also allow them to play more comfortably. Some kids feel uncomfortable when someone is always watching them while playing. If you notice that trait on your kid, this tent is perfect for them. As always, you should keep an eye on them while playing inside the tent for safety reasons.
Your daughter can also do some pretend-play with this tent. It has a nice and colorful design, which is perfect for any role-playing game that your daughter is imagining. You can play with them if you have the time. This tent is perfect for hiding and seeks games. Your daughter can hide inside the tent while you are pretending that you are looking for them. There are more creative activities that your kids can do with it.

The loop construction makes it durable and stable. However, if your kids are hyperactive, you might need something to support this tent to prevent it from falling over. This tent is flame resistant. Your kids are quite safe, playing inside this tent. They won’t feel too hot since it has enough ventilation to let air flow efficiently. Getting this colorful tent as a gift for your young kids is an excellent idea. They will surely have a lot of fun with this gift.

What we like about it

There are a lot of things that we find appealing on this simple kid’s tent. This tent gives a lot of fun to your kids since they can do a variety of things with it. They can imagine that they are stuck on an island with this tent. Parents can turn off the lights in the room to make pretend play more realistic. Parents can also play with their kids. There are more fun things to do with this tent. Your kids only have to use their precious imagination. It comes with colorful printed graphics that look cute and adorable.

9. Princess Castle Dollhouse

Melissa & Doug girl gift idea review A dollhouse is one of the best gift ideas that you could come up with your young daughter. Every girl likes to play with female mini-figures. They like to comb their hair and dress them in colorful dresses. If you have already given them a mini-figure, giving this dollhouse is a nice idea. They will have a place to put their dolls. This dollhouse has a castle design. They would be able to imagine a variety of magical stories using their dolls and this dollhouse. It has a durable and sturdy construction, which makes it last longer. Your daughter will be able to have more time playing with this magical dollhouse. They will be able to improve their creativity, social, and storytelling skills while playing with this adorable dollhouse.

So, if you are looking for the right gift to your young daughter, this dollhouse is a perfect candidate. We all know that kids have a wild imagination. Giving them this dollhouse will allow them to put those imaginations into reality. They can use their dolls or mini-figures while playing with this dollhouse to make complicated storylines and tales. This dollhouse also has some fun features, which adds spice to your kid’s storylines. There is a working drawbridge, towers, arched walkway, turrets, and balconies.

What we like about it

We like this dollhouse since it made of wood. It also has a sturdy construction. Your kids can play with it for a long time. This dollhouse won’t get damaged easily. There are a lot of fun things that your kids can or imagine with this dollhouse. It has a detailed design, which makes for a more intricate storyline. The dollhouse is fully assembled upon arrival so your kids can play with them right away. It will help improve their creative and imaginative skills.

10. 4-in-1 Ride On

Little Tikes girl gift idea review Getting this ride for your kids is nice. Bringing them is not a problem anymore with the help of this ride. Your kids will enjoy the activity too. This ride is perfect for young kids. You can easily bring them to a park or at the mall without exerting too much effort. All you have to do is get them on this ride. It is easy to control. Parents can control it using only one hand with the help of the detachable handle. It makes for an enjoyable and comfortable experience for your kids.

The next time that you want to bring your kids to your neighbor or the park, you don’t need to worry anymore. Four positions fit almost any kid sizes. Whatever the size of your kids, they will surely benefit from this ride. If your kids have already grown enough, they can use the pedal located in the front. While their parents are controlling the ride, kids can now start pedaling. This makes for an enjoyable experience for your child. The built of this product is quite sturdy. It will surely last for long. Also, there is a 5-point seat belt harness and a protective safety bar to keep your kids safe while they are riding.

What we like about it

This ride is a fun and useful gift for your kids. It helps parents bring their children on the go more easily. Kids will be enjoying the ride too. So, if you are looking for a cool gift for your young kids. This one is worth trying. It will also benefit you as a parent. Let us know what you think about Gift ideas for 3 year old girls. Comment below and let us know your pick!

What do I need to understand my toddler’s 3rd milestone before buying her gift?

You may want to skip all the info and proceed to our top 10 list and see if any of them would be a perfect match for your daughter. Understand the changes and development that your 3 year old girl is going through first will help you tailor and buy gifts that could help her learn the skills that three-year-old girl is ready to learn and have As parents, we need to have a know-well on every change and development in our child takes. Parents could slack sometimes, but knowing it before at hand will help you prepare for the situation. Let’s face the fact that in our lives, we sometimes feel pleased and at some point, feel sad.

Whatever happens, don’t’ take it to your toddler. If she acts all childish and never appreciative of gifts that she does not like, then knowing the fact that she’s still improving her emotional status would help you understand her. These are just some of the things that make “knowing your child process” is essential. Your child will be energetic and want to learn more and more about the things that are around her, so getting her occupied with a particular toy would be beneficial.

What can I expect from my 3 year old girl?

Your 3 year old toddler would act like an all-grown-up adult sometimes. Telling you that she can handle things easily on her own. The next time you knew it, she got it all messed up and asking for your help. Now that you know that young toddlers can act this way, you would be less surprised when it happens. At the age of three, your young girl would be at the “we” age. They would love to say, “Mommy, we should go for a walk.” or “Daddy, let’s paint this together.” In other words, they love the sense of togetherness to complete a particular task. There are times that your young girl would protest when your rule over her.

She’s in the process of strengthening and improving her will, so it’s normal. They would like to see what happens if she doesn’t follow mommy and daddy and demand her rules to follow instead. Treat this issue with a cool mind when you heat up. The situation will to get worse. Your young girl might refuse to obey even with simple routinary things such as getting up, going to bed, dressing, eating time, and going to the bathroom. Your toddler at 3 is difficult to tame, and that is part of their development.

It’s a conforming age; they can be acting all sweet the other hour and acting all rebellious the next as parents keep your belt tights and don’t lose your temper. Being three will be a whole lot new to improvement for your daughter to unravel. There will be a lot of times when you have to seek for other possible solutions that would be better to manage your girls’ behavior. The solution that you used the other day might not work the next, so you have to think of other ways to manage it. Geez, these adorable 3 year old girls!
Knowing all of these will help you prepare for the first hand. But of course, it’s not every time that you’re going to spend most of your time facing challenging 3 year old behaviors. There will be plenty of fun and joyful moments, too. Here are the following traits that you can expect from your daughter.

1. Can’t decide well

You will start to notice that your daughter will become indecisive. When you ask her, “What do you want to play?”. She might answer your related phrases to “I don’t know” or “I’m not sure what I’d like to play.” At this point, you can try to offer her limited choices like, “How about a lego or a puzzle?” She can still choose between the two, and there are only limited choices. She will be able to control by this way. You’re not demanding her on what she should play, but you give her a sense of control in choosing the activity that she likes.

2. Whining

Your 3 year old could probably reach the highest high note when they are whining. Knowing that whining is complete normal will at least prepare you as parents. It can be extremely irritating for parents, but you have to deal with it. There are no possible solutions to eliminate their whining behavior, but you can put on a rule. Yes, she might not be a huge fan of rules, but try to tell her that when she wants something, she needs to say it to you in clear words so you can get for her. If she does this, then you can respond to her needs.

3. Mom, do this for me!

Your young master can give you both good and bad mornings. She will be asking you to dress her herself. When handling this situation, you can tell her that you can do the upper, then she must put on her shorts. This will help your child to realize that she can do simple things on her own. Of course, after teaching her how to wear her shorts and shirts, you can expect her to tell you, “You dress me” the next day.

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