Tips for putting your baby to sleep

Putting a baby to sleep is a bit hard to some parents. It is essential for every baby to get enough sleep. However, it needs a guessing game when it comes to determining the needs of a baby if they are not able to talk yet. Knowing the issue why your little ones don’t like to sleep is confusing. There could be a lot of factors that prevent your baby from sleeping. They could be hungry, afraid, in pain, or just don’t want to sleep yet. So, if you are one of those parents who just want to put their little ones to sleep so that they can also have sleep themselves, we have some tips for you.

Feed them

The digestion process can interfere with the sleep of your child. However, if they go to bed with a hungry stomach, that will interfere even more. They will not feel very comfortable if they have nothing on their stomach.

But, of course, when you feed them before sleep, you don’t want to overly fill their stomach since that will certainly interfere with their sleep. It should be just enough to have them satisfied and give their stomach something to digest. After feeding them, you should wait for a while before finally laying them down on their bed.

Give them a bath

A bath is relaxing for both adults and babies. So, if your baby doesn’t like to sleep yet, it could be that they are feeling active and they want to stay awake for a while. Giving them a bath will help them calm down and relax. Make the bath sessions as soothing as possible. Don’t put attention catching items on the bath tub so that they won’t get distracted. They should be savoring the moment and remain calm. However, if your baby dislikes water especially during nighttime, you should skip this method and think of another way.

Read a story

This one is a popular habit of some parents. If your kids don’t feel like sleeping yet, reading a story to them might be the best thing do. Keep your voice low and soothing so that they won’t feel excited. Choose a story that will allow them to imagine a lot so that they will have to work out their brain. The story should also be a calm one. Also, your kid should also keep their attention on your while you are reading the story. After that, your kid should feel sleepy and tired.

Tips for putting your baby to sleep

Sing them a song

Singing a lullaby to them is quite effective. Choose a lullaby that is calm and peaceful. It should be the one that will make them calm and dreamy. If you are not too good at singing, or if singing is not one of your favorite activities, you can just play a song from a speaker. Of course, don’t make it too loud since it will cause an opposite effect. It will make your kid energetic or irritated instead. So just keep it low and as soothing as possible.

Rock them on a chair

Rocking them on a chair or even in your arms is one of the easiest and fastest ways of relaxing and letting your little one stay calm. The repetitive movement can also help them feel sleepy. But, don’t rock them too much, just do it gently. We’re quite sure that it is not the first time that you have rock your baby, so you know what to do. After you notice that they are feeling sleepy already, lay them down in the crib gently and slowly.

Keep quiet

The possible reason why your kid cannot sleep is your making too much noise. As a parent, we tend to get worried if they are not able to sleep well. We will try a lot of ways to make them fall asleep quickly without noticing that we are already making a lot of noise. If this is what you do, you should try to calm down and stay quiet. Your little one might just need a quiet atmosphere to fall asleep.

Make a routine

Following a routine is helpful when it comes to letting your kid sleep comfortably. If they are already used to a certain sleeping routine, their body will adapt to that routine. So, you have to create a sleeping schedule for your little one. It should be a reasonable one so that they will become comfortable with it. Don’t make it too early or too late. Make a schedule for bath time, feeding, and storytelling too, so that they will expect what will happen next.

Remove items from the crib

Some of the items inside the crib will distract your child from sleeping. It is advisable to remove all of the items inside the crib. Make it empty so that the baby can sleep quickly and comfortably.  Also, some of the items inside the crib can also cause suffocation if you’re not careful. It is important to empty the crib whenever your child is sleeping in it. Objects like toys, blankets and even, pillows should removed.

Baby Crib Mattresses

The crib mattress will keep your baby comfortable while sleeping. Even though it is hard to notice, but babies spend a lot of time on the crib. That’s why you have to make sure that they are safe and comfortable inside the crib. Get the best crib mattress that you can buy. It should fit well on the crib and should also have a good conforming ability. Infants can sleep up to 18 hours a day so it, is important to keep the crib clean and comfortable.

Avoid eye contact

Making an eye contact with your baby is a stimulating activity. Don’t make any prolonged eye contact with them since it will tend to excite them, which is the last thing you want if your aim is to make them fall asleep. Keep them calm so that they would be able to sleep.

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