Best Fire Trucks for kids 2020: Why Should Your kids have it?

Below is the list of Best Fire Trucks for kids

1. Hess Toy Fire Truck

Hess fire truck kids review If your child loves the bells and the whistles, this product seems like the answer to each one of his every need. Unique Hess has been around for decades- it’s a well-established toy manufacturing company, so you don’t have to worry a thing if it’s durable or not. We are huge fans of the Hess toys as well.

We grew up with it!

The best things we love about their trucks are the symmetrical designs and practical features that we grew up in. Not to mention, we still have our Hess toy collection sitting plainly in our houses. It’s more than the just tradition of some families, included mine. But because of the quality, it can serve its consumers. Without further ado, let’s discuss some of the stuff that has brought this fire truck on our number one spot.

High-end sounds and lights.

Three button-activated sound effects come along with this fire truck. Watch your son as he giggles every time he pushes the button and hears the whistles and bells. It also has a pivoting searchlight that will work in both steady and flash modes. It’s more fun because it has a unique Hess gift set. Aside from getting the 2020 Hess Fire Truck and Ladder Rescue, you will also be getting a Hess Rescue Poster from Carillion Press. Get more fired up as your son hears the ignition, emergency siren, and the horns in a single press of a button.


One of the things you can’t argue about Hess products is that they are highly durable and reliable. You can tell that the company has thousands, if not millions of loyal customers, because of its durability. Who would want a toy that will only last for a couple of months or worse for a couple of weeks? That would be an absolute waste of hard-earned money. Hess could not have made this red truck better; it made from high-quality materials, which makes it highly exceptional and durable.

AAA batteries.

What’s worse than looking for batteries that can only purchase from the other ends of the world? That’s why we consider fire truck empowered with AAA bats as a great feature. It will tighten up the fun and will never have to spoil in the long run. We even encountered a review about this Hess fire truck that his son won’t leave the house without it and will always listen to the sirens and horns from time to time. In other words, kids love how it made!

Moveable fire hose nozzles.

This feature further expands the fun your son will have. It has excellent nozzle mobility that can you point in and point out. Along with the LED empowered lights that go with it. What could be more fun? It’s like having a real “putting out the fire” venture inside the house. And oh, this toy can be played both outside of the house as well.

Things We Like

Movable hose nozzles.

Button activated realistic horns and sirens.

Empowered with AAA batteries.

Rotary LED lights.

Things We Don’t Like

Price little high for a model that built in 2020.


Is Hess worth it?

People love to have Hess toys from their collection. So, the answer is an absolute “Yes.” It’s worth the money indeed.

Is it too large for my 4-year-old son?

The dimension of this fire truck is 14.9 x 5.5 x 4.6 inches. In other words, it’s not too large nor too small neither.

Final Verdict

Though the price is quite high, it could last for years. Except that you may have to change its batteries when its juice ran dry. It comes with great quality, that’s why many people are so into it. The advantages you can make out of this product is by far worth the money you pay. In other words, rest assured that you will get what you pay.

2. Bruder MAN Fire Engine – Best Fire Truck for kids

Bruder Toys fire truck kids review Another fire truck from Bruder Company- one of the best and trusted manufacturers of building reliable and realistic red trucks. Bring the rescue spirit within your child as you watch them bring forth the game to a new level with the help if this Fire Engine Crane Truck. It made from Germany, which is known for producing durable products around the United States.

Your child becomes extremely curious and imaginative during their toddler stage; there is some stuff loaded in their minds that they cannot wait to put into play. You can help them nourish their creative skills with the help of the realistic details and functions of this red fire truck- intact in one for your little guy’s fun time.

Perfect for indoors and outdoors.

Some kids prefer to play inside, and there are some who want to take it outside with them. You should not worry that this toy can play both indoors and outdoors. It has to stabilizer legs that store in the back and can load heavy things. Its symmetrical design and mobility features allow your son to make it reach the tallest points.

Excellent Quality.

We couldn’t nail “The best toys for your toddler” better by the selection we have enlisted in this article. And this has excellent and durable quality materials. After all, it’s one of the Bruder’s creations, which automatically suggests that it has a fantastic mechanism inside of it. There are lots of features in the product that lasts for a long time, even if your son frequently uses it. This Fire Engine Crane Truck surely has features that can bring fun to your kid’s eyes. What a way to top the fun, knowing that the toy won’t break easily.

Movable Parts.

The truck cab can tilt forward to reveal a complete engine prototype. Geez! What more can this engine be? It’s attractive knowing that the qualities and parts of it come with incredible mobility features. It comes with a crane unit that it’s not only movable but height adjustable as well. It has a telescopic ladder that lets you have a total firemen life experience. It features a locking mechanism for the hook, which promotes safety for child’s play. There’s no way to spoil the fun when you have movable parts to pinch, push, and pull. It’s fun!

Realistic siren sounds.

Aside from the particular style of the car feature. It can also produce siren sounds that are similar to the real one. Get ready for your son to feel amazed by the things he can experiment with this fire truck. It’s perfect for all the little firefighters, it made from high-quality materials, so there’s no reason for you to worry if you have to change your son’s toys over time. Borders is known for toys that last for years. Provide your little angel with a new fire truck that will amaze him to fire up the game. He will fell in love with the sound and the features that come along with it.

Things We Like

Can be played both indoors and outdoors.

Many movable parts.

Realistic sounds and doors.

Has engine prototype.

Things We Don’t Like

Not recommended for three years old and younger.



AHow tall is the ladder?

The ladder measures up to a couple of feet.

Is it too big for my three-year-old son?

The dimension of the product is 20.5 x 10.6 x 7 inches. Just the right size to put the imaginative mind in play.

Final Verdict

Bruder MAN Fire Engine is more than just a gizmo. It brings the creative side of your little firefighters into play. Many features come along with it. Like any of the high-end toys, it’s priced higher than $50, due to its durability and excellence in quality. It has hundreds of positive reviews. They love it, they recommend it. We recommend it to you as well. It’s worth your money you’ll pay. It was top-notch and branded, so rest assured that it will let your little angel play like a pro firefighter.

3. Bruder Fire Engine with Ladder

Bruder Toys fire truck kids review One of the things we can’t miss out is the birth date of our sons and daughters. Whether it’s your first time to enter parenthood- their dates are seemingly so precious to us. We want to make sure that we do our best to make their childhood time the best as possible- same or better than the ones we have experienced in the past. We correctly dedicate this article to you and your cute little angels. It gives you a great scope of ideas in regards to toys that we are sure will surprise your toddlers. Be sure to check out this product, for we are confident this will blow your kid’s birthday party in no time. Some of the features of this product include:

It comes from a trusted manufacturer.

Another radio control truck in our list comes from Bruder Company. If you have been a long journey of spotting toys for your kids, It may not be the first time you have heard of the company- the simple fact is that Bruder is renowned, and it existed for quite a few decades in the Toyland industry. You don’t want to purchase a toy, and it breaks down tomorrow. Aside from it’s a complete waste of money- it will further disappoint your child. Rest assured that this product is highly durable and is slightly improved compared to their previous product, which is the Man Fire Engine.

Realistic fire truck sounds and accessories.

Let’s face it; every kid would love to hear fancy stuff. Though realistic sounds of the engines and the siren give your child feels, at the same time, you are improving their listening recognition skills. In other words, they can apply the things they hear in a real-life situation, and that is a good thing. It’s a great feature, to say the least, though this may cost you $$; it has a lot of excellent features to bring to the table. It has a quite detailed design and comes in durable plastic. Way to go in firing up your toddler’s birthday party.

It’s portable.

The Bruder couldn’t have made this product better, it is slightly portable, and so your children can easily move it around like it’s rescuing a house on fire. Its great mobility can pass through small alleys and narrow streets. It will further give excitement to your kids as they learn how firefighters live their life. What could even be more exciting than a hose that could produce water spray? Not to mention that It comes with a turntable ladder with a rescue bucket that you can pull down to put off a fire.

It provides the first-hand experience.

As your children grow, their hand-eye coordination should improve. This toy will enhance their flexibility and understanding of how things work. Just like when they slightly pull the door of the fire truck, it will slightly open. It’s the same thing when they open a door in the house, or they open the car’s doors. It’s about learning and having fun at the same time. There are lots of toys out there, but by far we can tell you that this is one of the best. The practical features and the horn sound with it will be surely become the amazing experience your children will experience.

Things We Like

It has a telescoping ladder with a bucket on top.

It comes with durable plastic quality.

The doors can be open; you can put more toys inside.

Thick padded seat cushion.

A lot of practical storage areas and opening compartments.

Realistic sirens and lights.

Things We Don’t Like

Not recommended for three years old and younger.



Where does it get its power?

This Radio control fire truck requires AAA batteries. It’s an excellent vantage since there are lots of AAA batteries around the market.

Is it safe for my 2-year-old son?

There are choking hazards that are unsafe for children under three years old. This toy recommended for 3 to 10-year-old children.

Final Verdict

If you could not tell, it’s obviously a good buy. The top-notch features are the pro and can surely amaze your children as you hand this in as their birthday gift. Though it comes with a high, dangling price, we still think that the benefits you will get for it will speak for it.

4. Daron FDNY Ladder Truck

Daron fire truck kids review If your kids can’t get enough of sounds and lights and you want to get it for him at a lower price. The product that earns our 4th spot will be your most ideal answer. It empowered with triple-A batteries, which included. It’s amazing really since they decided to deliver the product alongside with the batteries. It saves you from preparing one, from seeing how it works. Many reviews love it. It is not only typically useful for kids. If you are an office owner living in New York and need a prototype of NY fire truck- this could be an answer to your need.

Perfect Display.

The recommendable design of the truck is elegantly realistic. That’s why whether you plan to make it sit in your collection cab or let your son play with it- rest assured that either purpose works. It is highly similar to the New Yorkers Fire trucks you see parking at fire stations. It comes with a lower price, so if you are looking for a truck for office or home display. Geez! Look no further, and this sounds like the answer to your needs.

Authentic Sight and Sound of New York.

This truck has been a huge hit to all New Yorkers; it produces the same sound with the city’s horn and siren. That is why if you are looking for a perfect and ideal fire truck that matches the NY’s spirit. This could be it! It has a similar look and similar sound as you need!

The loudness of sounds.

It gives authentic feels of a real fire truck trying to rescue and put off a house afire. The sound of it exceptionally loud, hope your son does not play with it when you have your nap. For sure, it will give you thrills. This particular feature of the car henceforth, brings realistic sound, not just in tune, but in volume. It’s like your house is a little city, and your son is a fight fighter. There’s no reason to be so critical about the sound. However, if you’re the type of parent who gets annoyed easily on loud volumes, this may not be the right one to bring as the gift for your child.

The size of the truck.

The dimension of the card is 13 x 3.2 x 4.5 inches, which we think not too big and not too small either. Just the right fit for your kid’s hand to play around. If your son has small hands, this could be an ideal fit for his needs. For sure, he will fell in love with it. Children love sounds; it makes creates feels in their imaginative heads. Firetrucks, either big or small as long as it functions, you kids will love it.

Things We Like

New York’s fire truck prototype.

Comes with a lower price.

Loud volume.

Excellent quality.

Things We Don’t Like

The door won’t open.

The loudness of volume sometimes annoys parents.


Is it tiny?

It’s about 14 inches by three high, as aforementioned before it’s not too small nor too large.

Will the doors open?

No, based on what we know, the ladder can be pulled out, but the doors cannot open.

Final Verdict

It’s a great truck. It may have a loud volume, but if your children love sounds. Why not get it for them. The good things are that it priced is lower compared to the other ones that priced more. It can also play a significant role in the office and home display. Whatever purpose it maybe- this fire truck for sure will not leave you disappointed.

5. KidiRace RC Fire Engine

Kidirace fire truck kids review Kids race has innovated a fire truck that comes with rechargeable batteries, simple control, and will run on the carpet. These features have elevated this product to become a part of the best Remote Control Fire Trucks ever made. The best thing about it is that it can play indoors and outdoors. Watch as your son turns your home like a little city and he’s on the watch to make everything safe for the citizens. It provokes the creativity and imagination level of your child, thus improve his thinking abilities while having fun.

Convenient and easy to use.

Kids race always see to it that children are always at the center of every product they made. The controls are easy and are a kid-friend. It responses instantly in the touch of a button, which is one of the reasons why it attracted a lot of buyers even if it just came out shortly. It has rubber wheels and even runs over the carpet. Isn’t that fantastic? I don’t disagree with you, but if I were a kid, I would love to make things move with the use of remote control. I think this fire engine will encourage your kid to practice racing and thinking skills.

It comes with a 2.4 GHZ tech.

This gizmo is not typical. It does not become the kids’ favorite for no reason. It simply has the features and vintages that would rather bring forth the kids to a higher level of fun. Just do note that if your toddler-aged below three years old, he cannot play with this one yet. The latest remote tech comes along with this product, wit that features your son’s car race many cars even up to six toy vehicles. It does have sound and update remote control fire truck.

Rechargeable batteries.

Do this product sound too good to be true? Wait until you hear that the bats of this product are conveniently rechargeable. What a way to save you from buying triple-A batteries over time. The remote control of the fire truck has a built-in rechargeable battery, and it can charge with a standard mini USB plug. Phew! How convenient this product can get. When fully charged, you can play with the fire truck for up to 30 minutes.

Realistic sounds and lights.

We couldn’t state more positive things about it, but it has too many benefits and features to mention. It has realistic lights and sounds that come with emergency lights when you play with it. No wonder why it can only be up for 30 minutes. It has too many functions to fulfill. Not to mention that it has a siren, horn. And revving engine that sounds similar to the real one. Wow, what a ride!

Things We Like

Has remote control.

Realistic sounds and lights.

Can run over carpets.

100% money back guarantee.

Rechargeable batteries.

Things We Don’t Like

May have steering issues.


How long should I charge it?

It only works for 30 minutes, and you need to charge it for 4-6 hours.

Is it recommended for my 6-year-old grandson?

Yes, it is. It is recommended for three years old children and up.

Final Verdict

Exceptionally worth the buy, it comes with great features that will surely leave your son satisfied. Although we suggest, you contact the manufacturer before purchasing and tell them that you want the newest arrived fire trucks. Since some old products may have steering issues but by other means, this is surely worth the buy.

6. Toy State Ladder Fire Truck

Toystate fire truck kids review Earning our 6th spot is from the creative hands of Toy State. It comes with a hook and ladder-type of a fire truck. Let your little firefighter rescues people in danger from the tall building. The hook and the ladder come with highly functional mobility does letting your child move it from place to the other. It also comes with realistic sounds, music, and vocal phrases. What a great way to teach your little toddler some fire truck songs. It comes with excellent durability, so you don’t have to worry much if it will last long or not.

Realistic Firetruck.

Let your kid’s imagination put into play. It comes with realistic sounds and real-life fire truck features. It put your kid in a little city heading out to save the day. A little Superman as they say. It has moving lights. You can either put it in constant or movable mode. The recorded vocals of it are amazing. It encourages your kids to sing along with it. The emergency siren and horns are realistic does making the reach to our list best RC fire trucks. It comes in a 14-inch dimension, so it’s not too big or too small for your kiddos.

Hook and Ladder Fire trucks.

From the name of the product, you can tell that this type of fire truck comes with a hook and ladder. It can move, so surely it can fire up the play of your son. Give him the chance to save people who are stuck on higher floors. The new lights, sounds, hook, and ladders will further spice up your kid’s imagination. We are quite sure that he will love singing along while moving the hook and ladder of this fire truck. Let your son become one of the road rippers and experience the rush- saving people in need.

Motorized Drive.

Aside from the authentic feels, it can give your child. The classic red color and working hooks and ladder will further enhance the mobility of the game. There’s a center button in this product that, when pressed- it will automatically set up the car to comes to the rescue with matching roaring engine sound effects. This red truck can zoom over to be the first on the scene. You can set it in both forward and reverse drive. The truck styling and the details of the truck are far authentic and realistic. Alongside, with realistic sound effects.

It comes with an AA bats.

What’s awesome is that it comes with free double-A bats. The box lets you have the complete requirement to see if everything works as expected instantly. For us, this is an amazing feature for it saves you from buying another pair of bats. It recommended for children that are aged 3 and above.

Things We Like

Realistic sounds, lights, and vocals.

Has hooks and ladders.

Motorized drive.


Things We Don’t Like

The wheels can’t spin, only forwarded and reversed drive.

The door won’t open.


Do the doors of it opens?

No, it does not open. The hooks and ladders are movable, though.

What is the actual weight of the item?

1.75 lbs without the box.

Final Verdict

At first glance, the toy is very stylish. On the inside, it is well-built. Its price is fairly affordable and is decent enough for the features it can bring to your kid’s world of fun. Although its door will not open. It has a vocal that teaches your kids some phrases while his having a good time.
This wraps up our top 6 recommended fire trucks for kids. We dedicatedly picked from thousands of red truck across the US. We have approximately spent 32 hours on filtering the best from the thousands. We hope you found the reviews helpful and rest assured the products we have included are top-notch and will surely be a big bonanza on your kid’s birthday. Feast your eyes as you watch your son’s eyes dilated as you hand them in their birthday gifts. Bear in mind that kids will not remember the toys and the money you gave them, but the time you spend with them. So, play with them and build a stronger bond with the help of this amazing red trucks. Happy picking, parents!

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