Top 7 Best Toddler Sofa Reviews

When looking for a cute new accessory to your child’s bedroom décor, a sofa or chair is the ideal solution. It is just the right size for your little one, is super cute, and can become their favorite place to sit and play, watch television, or read a book. It provides them with a sense of ownership and gives them their own space within your home. Some people want something that they can move around so that they can use it in every room of their home. Others want something that matches their current décor, while others want to choose something designed after their child’s favorite character. Whether it is designed after a Disney character or a Sesame Street character, the idea is to get your child excited about it and make it all their own.

However, there are many different sofas to choose from. Many companies create these little lounging chairs and sofas for children. That is why I decided to do some of the legwork for you and find the best of the best, and provide some key information for you so that you can find a great piece of furniture for your little one. After scouring the internet, reading customer reviews, and doing some solid research on children’s sofas and chairs, I have compiled the top ten sofas on the market today and provided you with all the information that you need to make a decision about which sofa is right for you.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Toddler Sofa

There are a few things that you should consider before buying a toddler sofa. The idea is that not all sofas are equal, and some have advantages over others. Some of the sofas focus on comfort, while others focus on durability and strength. Understanding what you are looking for and what you may use the sofa for in the future is important to consider. Do you want to be able to bring it with you to a friend’s house? Is it important to ensure that it grows with your child? Do you want it to match your décor? When choosing a sofa, here are some of the things to consider:


Many of the sofas are built to be lightweight so that it can be easily brought along with you wherever you go. Some are even light enough for your little one to carry around. If you are looking for a sofa that can easily travel with you, its weight is considered. However, if you are looking for something a bit more durable, you may get stuck with a heavier sofa option.


Many parents want to buy a product that will withstand their child’s aggressive behavior. Kids will be kids, and that sometimes means that they will play hard. Kids do not realize the value of the things that they have. They do not consider that they may break their sofa by jumping on it or crashing down on it hard. That is why you want to ensure that you have chosen a durable sofa and one that can withstand a little roughhousing.


It will be important to consider what your little one will be using the sofa for. Do you see them using it as a spot for relaxing in front of the television or taking a nap? Once you have an idea of how your child will use the sofa, it will be easier to choose one that allows them to get the most use out of it.


You want your child to be comfortable sitting or lying on their new sofa. It is one of the most important features. Everyone wants a nice and comfortable spot to sit and relax. It is one of the key features to consider when purchasing any type of furniture for your home. You want it to be something that looks great but feels even greater.

Top 10 Product Review

1. Delta Children’s Elmo Upholstered Chair

Delta Children’s Elmo Upholstered Chair
This upholstered chair is the perfect choice for your little one between the ages of three and six. It is a comfy chair that meets safety standards and is designed after your child’s favorite Sesame Street character, Elmo.

Features and Benefits

Durable design

This upholstered Elmo chair is made with a hardwood frame and padded seat, so it can withstand quite a bit of use. Even if your little one loves to run and jump into your chair or sofa. It made using wood, which helps retain its shape and increases its overall durability. It sure can withstand some toddler abuse.

Padded Seat

The design also includes a padded seat for additional comfort. Your little one will enjoy sitting in their very own chair that is designed perfectly for their size.

100 % Non-Toxic

The best part of this chair is that it is 100 % non-toxic. Therefore, you will not have to worry if your little one decides to try and eat the arm of the chair. It is made with safe materials and to safety standards, which takes a lot of worry out of the buying process.

Safety Tested

This chair has been tested and has been certified for its safety. It meets and exceeds safety standards, so you do not have to worry about your little one getting hurt.

Perfectly Sized

This chair has designed for toddlers. It is low to the ground, so your little one can easily get in and out of it.

Things We Like

Safety tested and made with safe materials.

Comfortable seat designed with a wooden frame.

Use of Elmo, a popular Sesame Street character.

Things We Don’t Like

Only recommended for children up to 100 pounds.

Less portable than other options.

Delta Children has made a solid Elmo chair that is comfortable and super cute. This family-owned business has designed a chair that is sure to be a family favorite.
Check out the deals on Delta Children’s furniture today and find the perfect sofa for your little one.

2. Melissa & Doug Faux Leather Armchair

Melissa & Doug Faux Leather Armchair
Melissa and Doug have designed a traditional-looking faux leather armchair for your little one that mimics a full-size armchair. It is the perfect size for your little one and can put in the living room alongside the leather couch or your child’s room. It is the perfect size for a toddler or preschooler. It comes in four colors, including coffee, brown, pink, and denim.

Features and Benefits

Comfortable Design

This armchair is built for comfort but does not skimp on the quality. It is an adorable chair that looks just like a full-size chair but is designed perfectly for your toddler. The arms of the chair are padded along with the seat, so your little one can sit and watch television or relax with their knees over one end, and their head rested on the other.

Matching Furniture

Melissa and Doug have designed a whole collection of children’s furniture that is sized for your little guy. You can easily find a complementary piece of furniture to match and complete the set.

Strong Construction

High-quality materials were used to make this cute armchair. The chair has been tested above industry standards to be safe and durable. With premium materials and sturdy construction, this chair has been built to last and designed for little ones that do not know their strength.

100 % Happiness Guarantee

Melissa and Doug stand behind their products, so you can find their number on every one of them. If you have any problems, you can give them a call, and they will make it right.

Things We Like

Quality Guarantee.

Made with Faux Leather and Sturdy Base Construction.

Various choices for color.

Things We Don’t Like

Perfect for children under 100 pounds.

Less portable construction.

Melissa & Doug have designed a little armchair that is perfect for children between the ages of three and six. They offer a durable design that mimics the likeliness of a full-size chair. Whether your little one wants to curl up and read a book or play with their favorite toys, this is the perfect armchair for you and your little one.
Check out this faux leather armchair that is designed with a 100 % happiness guarantee. If you are not happy with your purchase, you can talk to their customer service department, and they will make things right. Check out this armchair option online today.

3. Delta High Back Marvel Avengers Chair

Delta High Back Marvel Avengers Chair
If your little one is a fan of Marvel Avengers, this chair is perfect for you. It has a unique design that captures the essence of the Avengers. This high back chair is made with a hardwood frame and has a padded seat. It is easy to wipe clean with mild soap and water and meets safety standards.

Features and Benefits

Made by a Company with Experience

Delta has been making products for over fifty years. They have created products for decades that help to make parenting easier. This chair offers the same quality design and quality as their many products and is built with children in mind.

Sturdy Frame

This chair is made with a hardwood frame and a padded seat. The high back offers great support for your child and can make it a great place to relax. Whether you want this chair for your child’s room or the living room. It is made to last so that your little one can sit back and relax.

Vibrant Colors

The vibrant colors in this Avengers armchair are exciting and sure to awaken your child’s imagination. It will look great in your little lad’s room. Get some matching decals for the walls, and you can easily makeover the room.

100 % Non-Toxic

Plus, the materials are 100 % non-toxic, so you do not have to worry about whether your child is safe using this chair. Delta uses safe materials for your child and ensures that they are mindful about what sources they use. They try to utilize materials that contribute to a better planet.

Things We Like

Made with 100 % non-toxic materials.

Padded seat with high back support.

Durable hardwood frame and padded seat.

Things We Don’t Like

Less portability in the design.

Delta’s Marvel Avengers chair made using quality materials that are easy to clean. The non-toxic materials used are perfect for your little one’s safety and well-being.
Check out all of the Delta armchair designs to find the one that fits your child’s personality the best.

4. Delta Chelsea Chair with Cup Holder

Delta Chelsea Chair with Cup Holder
Delta’s Chelsea chair with a cup holder is designed in a soft grey to match any décor. Whether you are looking for a cute chair for your child’s room or their chair in a common living space, this chair is designed to fit your little one perfectly. The chair also comes with a cup holder and a side storage pocket.

Features and Benefits

Added Features

This armchair not only has a grown-up look in a child-size chair, but it also comes with a cup holder and side pockets for storage on both sides of their chair. It will be a great place for your little ones to leave their favorite book.

Sturdy Design

The Delta Chelsea is built to be sturdy and made with a wooden frame. The fabric is made of a poly-linen upholstery and includes button tufting and contrasting piping. The piping is ideal for additional security in the seams and adds to the overall aesthetics.

Sized for Growing Little Ones

This chair is designed perfectly for kids between the ages of three and eight. Therefore, it can grow with your child. Your little one will love spending hours in their favorite chair. It is sure to be their special spot for all occasions and everyday use.

Trendy Design

Delta has included some trendy design features that make this chair stand out from the rest. It will pair great with modern décor or a more classic look. Add a throw pillow, and you can spice up your child’s room.

Things We Like

Quality design and trendy look.

Additional features, such as side pockets and cup holder.

Easy to clean.

Perfect for children three and up.

Things We Don’t Like

Less portable design.

Some purchasers pretreated the fabric for added cleanability.

Delta has created a cute Chelsea kids chair that is designed perfectly for your child. It comes in a soft grey, so it can easily match your décor and is good for a boy or a girl. The cup holder and side pockets add an additional touch and increase the overall useability of the space. This chair is sure to be your child’s favorite place to be.
Check out all of the top reviews on this product today.

5. Delta Mickey Mouse Kids Chair

Delta Mickey Mouse Kids Chair
This Delta kids chair was designed with the iconic Mickey Mouse character. This chair is designed with years of experience and will be one of your child’s favorite places to play. So many children enjoy Mickey, so it is no surprise that Delta chose him for this comfy and cute chair.

Features and Benefits

Made with Durable Materials

This chair includes a durable hardwood frame with a padded seat for additional comfort. It is made with non-toxic material and tested for safety. Overall, this seat is designed for safety and durability.

Classic Mickey Design

Many of the Mickey Mouse décors that you find today is from the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. Recapture your own childhood with this classic Mickey design.


This chair includes a padded seat and padding on the arms of the chair for comfort. It is designed to be a perfect fit for your little one. The seat height is designed so that your little ones can comfortably sit in the chair with their feet on the ground.

100 % Non-Toxic

The materials are non-toxic, so they are safe for your kids. The materials that Delta chose were designed to be safe for children and meet safety standards. That way, you do not have to worry about the chair being unsafe for your child and can feel comfortable with them playing in it for hours and even years.

Things We Like

Iconic Character.

Durable and Comfortable Design.

Easy to Clean.

Things We Don’t Like

Suitable for Children under 100 Pounds.

Delta chose the iconic Mickey character for this kid’s chair. It is designed well and will be one of your child’s favorite pieces. They can sit and enjoy a book, watch television, or play with their toys in a chair that is designed just for them.
Check out the Mickey and Minnie Mouse designs that Delta offers as part of their Disney collection.

6. Keet Kids Sofa with Accent Pillows

Keet Kids Sofa with Accent Pillows
The Keet Store has designed a cute and plush sofa for your little ones. It is made of a micro-suede material, so it can be easier to clean than other fabrics. It also comes with three accent pillows designed to fit perfectly to the sofa’s size.

Features and Benefits

Strong frame

This sofa is designed with a strong wooden frame and covered with a micro-suede fabric that makes it easier to clean. This solid design is sure to protect your child’s sofa against wear and tear. Keet understands how active kids can be, so they ensured that they designed something built to last.

High-Density Foam

The high-density foam is perfect for comfort but can also prevent sinking seats or lost puffiness. The idea is that the high-density foam will prevent any breakdown and make it easier for the couch to retain its original shape.

Real Wooden Legs

The couch has four wooden legs that work to support the solid wood base. That means you have to worry less about some plastic legs breaking off. It allows the sofa to last longer and stay stronger.


The micro-suede is easy to clean. Just use dishwashing soap and warm water on the spots to get them out. When you design a sofa for a child, it must be easy to clean. That is why Keet chose micro-suede material. It is easy to match to full-size furniture, and it is easier to clean and keep looking great.

Things We Like

Strong construction.

Solid materials used.

Larger capacity with room for two.

Includes plush accent pillows.

Things We Don’t Like

Larger size makes it less portable.

Keet has designed this cute sofa for your little ones. It is big enough for two little ones or a child between the ages of 1 and 5. It has been designed perfectly for your little ones and includes strong high-density foam for comfort and durability.
This sofa is the ideal choice for your child’s room. Check out the various colors available today.

7. Delta Disney Frozen Upholstered Chair

Delta Disney Frozen Upholstered Chair
Delta has designed a trendy looking Frozen chair for your little one. It is designed with a strong wooden frame, urethane foam, and polyester fabric. This chair is ideal for little ones under a hundred pounds. It is designed to be easy to clean and features both Elsa and Anna.

Features and Benefits

Durable Frame

This chair is made with a strong wood frame and foam stuffing. It has a polyester fabric covering that is designed to be tough enough to withstand years of use. It is comfortable and durable, which is ideal for a piece of children’s furniture.

Polyester Fabric

The polyester fabric can be spot cleaned with warm water and mild soap. That way, you can take care of any spills right away and keep this chair looking great. You want to have this piece grow with your child, and they are sure to have a lot of fun using it.

Meets and Exceeds Safety Standards

This product meets some safety standards and exceeds others. Delta builds products that are safe for children and designed specifically for children. That way, you know that you are getting a quality and safe product.

Popular Characters

Frozen is a popular movie and many girls and boys enjoyed watching it. This sofa chair features Elsa and Anna in front of a pink background. The picture is clean and true to the characters. It is a beautiful background that your little one will love.

Things We Like

Popular Characters.

Tough design.

Easy to Clean.

Built with little ones in mind.

Things We Don’t Like

Less portable because of bulkiness and size.

Delta’s Disney’s Frozen chair was designed by a company that focuses on both quality and durability. This means that your child’s favorite chair will last for years and will be a place where they can go and relax. It will be your little one’s favorite place to lounge and enjoy a good book.
Check out the stellar reviews this product has, and order yours today.

8. Delta’s Animal Chair

Delta’s Animal Chair
Delta has designed a cute and fun character chair for your child. They come in three cute and cuddly designs: a pink kitten, a brown puppy, and a black and white panda bear. These plus chairs are sure to be a hit for any kid between the ages of 1 and 5. Give your child a chair of their own and a place where they can just relax and be themselves.

Features and Benefits

Unique Chairback

Each one of the designs is original, so it is perfect for families with multiple small children. They can each get their own favorite character, and they will look so cute together in a playroom or living room.

Well-Constructed Design

Delta has designed this chair to be both comfortable and sturdy. It is made with plush fabric to make it soft and comfortable. It comes with a hardwood frame that can hold up for years of heavy use. Plus, it meets and/or exceeds safety standards.

Grows with Child

This chair is ideal for children up to a hundred pounds, so your little one can use the chair for quite some time. It is designed for children between the ages of 3 and 5. It will make sure to be something that they use for quite some time.

Multiple Choices

Delta has created four cute animal designs for this sofa chair. You can enjoy a cute pink kitty with a little bow tie, a brown doggy with floppy ears, a blue shark with sharp teeth, or a cute black and white panda. You are sure to find the perfect design for your little one.

Things We Like

Portion of the Purchase goes to Improving the Lives of Children.

Sturdy Construction.

Easy to Clean.

Designed for Children.

Things We Don’t Like

Less portable than other options, but can still move around the home.

Delta’s animal collection is too cute for words. It is something that your little one will love for years. Choose the perfect animal design for your little one and give them a place of their own to sit and relax. They will spend hours reading, playing, and drawing in this playful kids’ chair.
Check out the cute animal designs and choose the right one for your little one today.

9. Delta Minnie Mouse Chair with Ottoman

Delta Minnie Mouse Chair with Ottoman
Delta has designed this cute pink and purple Minnie Mouse chair with a matching ottoman. It looks like it came right out of Minnie’s house to your living room. You can choose from a fun and playful Mickey Mouse design that is blue and red, just like Mickey’s clubhouse or a pink and purple Minnie Mouse chair.

Features and Benefits

Two Designs

Choose from the Clubhouse Mickey design or a trendy Minnie design. There is an option for both girls and boys. The ottoman creates an additional touch that makes this sofa chair cuter than ever. Just picture your little one in a sofa chair and ottoman built just for them.

Strong Construction Design

This Delta chair is made with a wooden frame and padded seat for comfort and durability. It is the ideal choice for your little one who loves Mickey or Minnie.

Includes matching ottoman

This chair comes with a matching ottoman, which adds to the comfort and style. Your little one can kick up their feet and just relax.

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Design

This armchair and ottoman are designed after the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, so your little one is sure to recognize the “Mousekatool” icon on the ottoman. They can watch their favorite cartoon in their favorite spot of their own.

Things We Like

Durable Frame.

Mickey and Minnie Design.

Comfortable Plush Padded Seat and Ottoman.

100 % Non-Toxic Materials.

Things We Don’t Like

Less portable because of the design, but not too heavy to move.

10. Delta Minnie Mouse Upholstered Chair

Delta Minnie Mouse Upholstered Chair
This Minnie Mouse chair from Delta comes with cute bow decorated side pockets in hot pink with polka dots. It is designed for your little one in mind. If your little one loves Minnie mouse, this is the ideal choice for you. It is perfect for kids between the ages of three and 6 years old and up to 100 pounds.

Features and Benefits

Easy to Match Décor

That hot pink and polka dots are easy to match with other Disney décor pieces to complete the whole room. Your little one with being loving the way her room is all pretty in pink. It is the ideal armchair for your girly girl.

Sturdy Construction

This chair is made with a hardwood frame and padded seat. It is designed to last years of use. The products are 100 % non-toxic, so there are no worries regarding their overall safety for your child.

Includes Side Storage Pockets

There is a storage pocket on either side that you can use to store books or other things that your child loves. That way, they can grab them easily when sitting in a chair.

Slipcover and Padded Seats

The slipcover on this chair is colorful and cute. Plus, the padded seat makes it comfortable for your little one to sit in, so they can play in this chair for hours.

Things We Like

Strong Design.

Cute and Colorful Fabric.

Side Storage Pockets.

Easy to Clean and Non-Toxic.

Things We Don’t Like

Comes in one design.

Bulkier construction.

This Minnie Mouse Chair is the perfect choice for your little one. It is designed to fit your little one perfectly. Having a chair with storage that is just her size is sure to make a big hit. Your little one is sure to spend hours playing and having fun in her own space.
Check out this chair and see why there are so many parents in love with this cute design.

When choosing the right chair for your little one, there are many to choose from. However, these chairs and sofas are not all made the same. That is why I spent so much time looking for the best of the best when it comes to children’s furniture. These top ten choices have been chosen based on their durability, design, comfort, and portability. They are light enough to move throughout the home but sturdy enough to withstand years of use. I hope you find the one that works best for you and your little one.

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