Top 6 Best RC Stunt Cars

For the past 10 years, people are continually improving and creating innovations to improve the quality of adventure and entertainment in the remote control racing industry. While there’s much talk going about it, a lot of players will be surprised about the birth of RC stunt cars, these types of cars purposely designed for rigid exhibitions; they can perform amazing stunts in the water and on the rocky land. It is super amazing, actually, and a bit intriguing. If you want to know more about it, in this article, we’re going to give you an in-depth idea about the best remote control stunt cars.

Best RC Stunt Cars 2020

1. Rabing RC Bounce Car

Rabing rc stunt car review
The Rabing Remote Control Bounce Car balances on two wheels and can rotate and steer accurately and quickly. It is more expensive than the 7TECH.

Things We Like

It can balance itself automatically.

It comes with Wi-Fi control feature.

It comes with a unique design.

It can balance and sprint quickly.

It comes with 3 LED lights.

Things We Don’t Like

The car is small .

It cannot jump too high.

The remote made of plastic.

2. 7TECH RC Stunt Car

7TECH rc stunt car review
The 7TECH RC tank battle stunt car is an electric type, which means that you can recharge it when it runs out of battery, which is quite affordable.

It has basic functions just like with other stunt cars and that it can perform dazzling action tricks.

Things We Like

Durable in performance.

Can perform dazzling action tricks.

Has a rechargeable and strong power battery.

Remote can work in 15 meters in distance.

Can perform a 360 degree flip.

Things We Don’t Like

The sound cannot be turned off.

Not recommended for kids younger than 3 years old.

The remote has no included batteries.

3. RC Racing Car – Best RC Stunt Car

Speedi2 rc stunt car review
The Remote Control Racing Car is an electric type of stunt car that comes with flashing lights, which will be appealing to kids.

This recommended for ages 7+.

It is more expensive than the 7TECH.

Things We Like

It can stay up to 25 minutes play time.

It comes with a flashing lights.

It is in the scale of 1/16.

It can run extremely fast.

It’s powerful battery can last long.

Things We Don’t Like

Not recommended for kids under 7+.

It’s difficult to tell if it’s charging or not.

Some of the lights can’t stay on long.

4. SZJJX Stunt RC Car

SZJJX rc stunt car review
It can perform non-stop, even roll over.
Its price is less high than the Remote Control Racing Car.

Things We Like

It comes with soft rubber wheels.

Great for rough terrains.

Can flip to 360 degrees.

It is flexible.

It can perform a non-stop rollover.

Things We Don’t Like

The remote does not come with included batteries.

The instructions on how long should it stays charged is not clear.

The batter comportment sometimes broke.

5. X-Terrain RC Stunt Car

Haktoys rc stunt car review
Since it is an electric type, you can easily charge it whenever it runs out of battery. Experience an all-day fun with this stylish RC stunt car.

Things We Like

It is rechargeable, so you won’t have to look for fuel or new battery.

It has LED headlights and shock absorbing feature.

It charges quickly which allows more fun.

Can do 360° Stunt Rolling and Advanced Stunts.

Easy to control and sleek design.

Things We Don’t Like

Has a runtime of 15-20 minutes.

Need to remove the lid when charging the battery.

Not very durable.

6. Stunt Car SZJJX

SZJJX rc stunt car review
Doing a lot of tricks and turns can get the RC stunt car wet sometimes. Luckily, with this stunt car, it is completely waterproof.

Things We Like

It made of quality materials.

Can do spins, flips, and a tumbling.

Can travel to wet areas.

Travels at a fast speed.

Has a powerful motor.

Things We Don’t Like

A bit slow to charge.

Needs to remove screws for charging.

Should be more durable.

What are RC stunt cars?

Everyone needs a hobby, whether it is playing with your dog, cleaning the backyard, or making wood crafts. Sometimes we need to get out of the usual daily routine. Waking up in the morning, going to work, and then eating your dinner is the routine of most working individuals. Now, if you continue with that kind of lifestyle, you will surely receive a lot of stress, and it will put a dent on your health eventually. That’s why having a way to break from the usual routine and releasing your stress is very important. There are some ways to release your stress. But developing a hobby is one.

Ok, what are remote control stunt cars exactly? Well, these toys could become one of your hobbies once you can give them a try. They are a lot of fun. If you’ve seen cars doing awesome stunts on the TV, you can now replicate them with these stunt cars. Although on a much smaller scale. However, they are just as exciting if you have the right amount of imagination. Well, playing with RC stunt cars is one of the most engaging hobbies that will surely help relieve a lot of stress. So, what makes remote control stunt cars such an exciting activity?

First off, it allows you to do a couple of exciting stunts and forms. That is certainly a lot of fun once you begin applying your rich imagination. The stunt car can perform a tumbling or a spinning action.

What RC stunt cars do?

The remote control stunt cars are purposely designed to be lightweight and compact; they can perform dazzling action tricks that will surely look cool for young children to learn. They can also come with colorful and bright LED lights that will look lustrous when playing with it during nighttime. It can go backward and forwards and can even perform a double-sided running. The stunt car is a vehicle type that has just newly popped out in the last few years. If you’re a parent, don’t be surprised if one day your children will want you to show them how to play some great tricks with the use of the stunt car.

How to guide your children on how to play with RC stunt cars?

Racing RC cars together with your children can be fun; it can also help in creating a stronger bond between the parents and the children. If you’re planning to give a stunt car for your little people on their birthdays, we can say that you’re making the right decision. Aside from this will encourage their creativity; this will also help them to learn the “trial-and-error” process. Since they will not be able to know how to play it smoothly overnight.

This will aid your kids to value the importance of patience and having the courage to not quite until they can perfect a trick if you’re asking how you could effectively teach your kids how to use it. You can use the manual that comes with the RC cars and shows them exactly how to play with it. Who knows, maybe a day or two, you and your kids will be of some racing game in your back garden.

How to choose your RC stunt car?

In this part of the article, we’ll look at the various types of RC cars and the main things that you should consider before you buy an RC stunt car. We’ll be looking at the three most important factors: a) scale b) power source and c) vehicle type. So, we will be starting with the scale or the size, specifically from the largest one-fifth down to the smallest one, which is one-eighteenth. Then, we will be looking at the different power sources, which could be petrol, nitro, or electric and finally we’ll be talking about the different types of vehicles, which helps you determine between a buggy, stunt car, monster, a car, and the various types of remote control cars.

A. Scale.

Let’s start by looking at the different sizes of cars, so keep in mind that the size of RC cars based on the actual size of a real car. So, for instance, if you go for a car, which has 1/5 size, it means that the real car will be divided into 5 sizes, and 1/5 car will be the equivalent one. It is the largest so far from the different scales in RC cars, whereas compared to the smallest one, which is 1/18- it means that it is only one-eighteenth of a size of a real car. We hope that you are getting the base idea of the RC car’s scale.

a. The 1/5 scale.

The 1/5 scale. This scale can be huge since it is the largest scale among the RC cars. It can also be quite heavy, which means that you will need a lot of space or playing or area to play with it. One of the great features of the 1/5 scale car is that they have unleaded petrol engines. This what makes them easy, convenient, and cheap to run. If you choose to go with the 1/5 scale, you can buy normal petrol from a petrol station and mix with a little two-stroke oil, which is also available at the petrol station and you will be good to go.

Another feature that the users can make use of the 1/5 RC car is that it has a big ground appearance. Different substances included in this car, which makes it more suitable for rougher terrain. As the model are larger, you can expect that the parts will be chunkier or bigger. This model is less prone to breakage, especially for stunt cars, there will always be fall-outs and hits against something concrete, so if you’re a beginner, this could help you a lot to familiarize the stunts that you want to perfect.

b. The 1/8 scale.

This is the scale used for high-level national racing. They have big nitro engines or electric motors, which makes them usually faster than 1/5 models. It is highly configurable, so this will be a great choice if you want to model your car. It is also upgradable.

c. The 1/10 scale.

This is considered to be the most popular scale as the models are low-priced but still can run extremely fast. The engine or motor will not be as powerful as a 1/8 scale. The car is lighter, so it can run faster compared to the prior mentioned larger scales.

d. The 1/16 scale.

These cars are perfect if you want a car that you can use in small areas like small back gardens. Since they have a smaller compact size, it makes them easy to transport and also makes them cheaper. You can expect that the engine and motor will be smaller, but you’re still going to get high speeds because of its lighter built.

e. The 1/18 scale.

This is the smallest scale in the RC cars, they are extremely light and usually run by electric power. They are only available in electric versions only. They are small and light, so this will make a perfect choice for children. They have entry-level parts but are enough to run pretty fast. Kids will be amazed to achieve this gift during their birthdays. Teens and adults can also make use of this if they are looking for a fun car. They can use indoors. Don’t mistake these RC cars as toys, though; they might have low-priced, they still carry hobby-grade features.

B. Power source

a. Petrol.

When buying an RC car, you can choose between petrol, nitro, or electric. Petrol cars used to be quite costly, but in recent years the prices have dramatically dropped, making them an affordable option. Although still a little expensive than the other options due to the larger size of the models, they’re quite cheap to run. It is normal unleaded petrol makes for two-stroke oil both of these are available at petrol stations, so as well as being cheap to run and convenient.

One of the drawbacks is that the petrol engines use to make a lot of noise. For some, they foresee this as an advantage since it adds to the excitement and can make the whole racing see more realistic. But in case this is being used indoors, and you have your grandparents around, this would be a great disadvantage.

They have big fuel tanks, which also means that they also have the longest runtimes and when they run out, you can fuel them with petrol again. This feature saves you from waiting for batteries to recharge before you can continue playing.

b. Nitro.

RC cars that use Nitro as a power source are all about high-speed racing. The engines run on a special nitro model fuel, which is available in most model shops. There are various nitro fuels that you can try that will boost the speed of the car. It will also give the incredible power-to-weight ratio, making the car run extremely fast indeed.

It can run faster compared to the petrol-fueled RC cars. It needs starters; this is used to ignite when starting. You need to attach the starter to the glow plug in the engine. The next step is to start the car, then detach the glow started. This can also sound fantastic, which can also add thrill to the race.

Once they run out of fuel, you can refill and continue racing. If you’re the type of person who does not want to spoil the fun, then this can make a perfect match for you. One thing to note with nitro cars is that the engines may require a little fine-tuning using the tuning screws. So, if you’re new to the hobby, you will-will need more patience in learning. There are also various videos on YouTube where you can check out and blog in Google that can help you to get the hang of learning.

c. Electric.

The last one is electric cars; these cars are easy to use. You need to charge the battery pack, and you’re ready to go. The only drawback is that when the battery power dies, you will need to wait for it to fully recharged before you can play with it again. Another great thing about it is that it is silent to run. So, it’s perfect for areas which silence is required, such as playing indoors. You don’t want to annoy your parents with a loud roaring noise of the engine. This is what makes electric cars different from nitro and petrol type of cars.

That wouldn’t be just right. There is no engine tuning or fuel involved, so they are also perfect for younger racers. In the electric car category, you will find the brush and brushless type; this refers to how the engine built. The brushed motor usually paired to a nickel hydride battery; on the other hand, the brushless motor usually paired with lithium polymer battery.

We will not go in the technical part of the motor, but you have to keep in mind that brushless setup is quite a lot more expensive than brushed. The brushless ones are incredibly fast, especially when paired with a lithium battery. If a brushless setup is out of the budget, a good option is to start with a brushed; then you can upgrade the motor system at a later date when you are ready to run your RC cars at a faster speed.

C. Vehicle Type

The different type of vehicles is self-explanatory. To talk about some examples, there will be a buggy, a car, a trochee, a stunt, and a monster truck. There are two main things that you should consider when you are deciding which one you should go for. We understand that you come to this site to buy a stunt car, but don’t just proceed in buying one. Without you knowing the factors that you should evaluate so you can make a more educated guess in the buying process.

a. Ground Appearance.

The off-road vehicles will the larger ground appearances, but there’s a little sacrifice in handling. An on-road vehicle will perform better ground corners but will run poorly in the grass. So, there’s a strong need for you to know where you are going to use it. What’s the area like? Is it muddy? Is it grassy? This will help you to choose accordingly.

We don’t want to end up buying an RC car that will not pass your expectations; just do remember that each RC car has its design purpose, and it’s for you to pick what is right. In regards to stunt cars, they can run pretty much anywhere and can do 360-degree flips, which will amaze you. This also comes with LED lights and sounds, which adds more to the total gaming experience.

b. Gearing.

Just like a real car or a real bicycle, they will have multiple gears, and you use lower gears for getting up steep hills, for example, and then higher gears when you want to drive at higher speeds. A radio-controlled car will only have one or two gears, so they must be built with gearing to match their function, so even if you have the same engine in a monster truck in a car. In a straight line on a flat surface, you can expect that the car will be a bit faster as geared for speed compared to the trucks which geared for power and exhibitions like the stunt car.

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