Top 10 Best Gifts for 4 Year Old Girls

Your young toddler turns into a child, and she will start to discover more things about life. As parents, no one can deny that we are the biggest fans of our children. We always want to cheer for them and stay by their side when they need support. Your young girl, at the age of 4 will have sweet spots. She will love to speak to you and listen when you speak. They will become adorable and will love to spend more time with you. They are super cuddly and cute, and we’re quite sure that you would love going to the mall together with your child.

You might be looking back to the moments when your young child was still a toddler. We have to tell that that at their toddler years, it was both fulfilling and a struggle. They can throw tantrums at you anytime, and you have to handle your temper when handling your child. You deserve applause for raising your beautiful young toddler into a child. But of course, as your young child continues to grow, you can tell that the best is yet to come.

Below is the list of Best Gift Ideas for 4 Year Old Girls

1. Hello Kitty Pink

Thermos girl gift idea review This gift item is perfect for your daughter to stay hydrated. It comes with a button lid and a pop-up straw. Your daughter will love the fact that she can easily carry this bottle. It can keep cold liquids for up to 12 hours, which is amazing. This product is not intended for hot liquids, though; this is only for cold and warm beverages. The ones that your daughter loves to drink. This item can be easily hand washed. The product comes from a reputable name, THERMOS; this is one of the trusted products in the market. The Thermos brand has been around for long to provide people with safe and healthy lifestyle.

Of course, your child does not want to drink warm water when they’re supposed to be cold. Help is a good item that will help your daughter to preserve their drinks. The bottle is super easy to clean; you have to use soapy water and clean the rest. You can use to rinse all parts and allow them to dry before putting them back all together again. Do not leave the liquid inside the container for more than 24 hours for that bottle could only hold the liquid’s temperature for 24 hours.

What we like about it

We like the fact that your daughter can stay hydrated all day long. We know that our young girl at four will love to move around. When this happens, they continuously get thirsty. There’s press the push button that your daughter can easily find on the lid. When your daughter presses the push-button, the lid cover will automatically open. There’s a sipper straw inside the bottle that will easily pop out when your daughter gets thirsty. All parts of the bottle can separately wash and re-assembled. We think that you’re going to love this item.

This is a must-have item to keep your daughter hydrated every single day. We also love the fact that it purposely designed for kids. They are safe and efficient to use. It is such a huge plus that the item has a great and colorful design that every young girl would love to carry around. If your daughter is a fan of cold drinks, she would love the product.

2. Food Groups Pieces

Melissa & Doug girl gift idea review Feed your 4 year old child’s imaginative mind with the different food groups. There will be 21 hand-painted wooden pieces that represent food. Four crates included, so your young daughter could pretend play. She can play as if she’s a cook. There will be cheese, eggs, corn, watermelon, cereal, and more. The food models or replicas can safely keep inside the wooden crates.

What we love it

We like the fact that the items could help your young child to recognize different foods. This is a fun and educational gift item that your 4 year old child can play as if she’s cooking in the kitchen. It’s also a good thing that your daughter could recognize healthy foods from what’s not. She will start to understand that tomato, egg, steak, fish, milk, cheese are healthy, and they are rich in protein that could help them improve their body build. They will also recognize the burgers are tasty, but not healthy. Of course, they need your guidance when it comes to recognizing healthy food groups from what’s not.

3. Magnetic Building Blocks

Magformers girl gift idea review Magformers is a building set that lets your daughter would love to spend long times with it. There will be 18 squares and 12 triangles that come in assorted rainbow colors. Your daughter will have a lot of fun trying to build and create new things out of the standard set. This is an Encouraging some physical activity with your young kids is important. Gift item that we’re quite sure you are four years old will love.

What we like about it

This gift item fosters creative development that allows your child to think and expand more of her thinking so she could build something new.

4. Peppa Pig Tea Time

Peppa Pig girl gift idea review Does your 4-year-old daughter love watch Peppa? Then, your girl would love this product. She will have fun and time and pretend to play as if she’s having a tea party with Peppa. There will be teapot, cupcakes, dinosaur, saucers, and teaspoon included.

What we like about it

It comes with pouring sounds, and Peppa’s teapot could utter fun phrases that we’re quite sure your 4 year old daughter would have fun playing with this item. This also encourages creative play since there will be Mr. Dinosaur, and she can think as if she’s serving the two with cups of tea.

5. Tow ‘n Pull Tractor – Best Gift for 4 Year Old Girls

Fisher-Price girl gift idea review Young kids always like to put their imagination to work. They are also curious and interested. Kids at this age love to discover everything about the physical world that they are living in. So, if you want to give a gift to your young kids, which will have some impact on them. Toys are the best gift ideas. If you will give them something that doesn’t look interesting, they won’t appreciate it and will probably just lay it down somewhere. Toys are specifically designed to attract the kid’s attention. That’s most of them look colorful and fun. Fisher-Price Little People Tow ‘n Pull Tractor is one good example of a toy that will surely give a lot of fun to your kids.
This tow and pull tractor allows your kid’s imagination to go wild. Yes, they would imagine a lot of fun scenes and situations with the help of this toy’s colorful look and detailed accessories. There are farmer and animal figures included on this toy set. The farmer fits well on the driver’s seat, which will serve as the driver. Also, there is an area behind the track where the animals placed. They can imagine more situations with the accessories available. This toy is quite flexible. Your kids can also place the animals on the ground while the farmer is driving around.

What we like about it

This is a basic toy for young kids. There is nothing special about it. However, these are the kind of gifts that will make your kid happy. It looks fun and interesting. The truck is durable and detailed. Your young daughter will be able to have an idea of how a farm looks like. The farmer drives the truck with the animals at the back. It makes for fun pretend to play together with siblings and friends. The price is also affordable. Get this toy for your kids now.

6. Pond Fish Adventure

TOMY girl gift idea review Do your kids like to go fishing? Well, you can bring them whenever you go fishing on the river, right? No, that is very dangerous. Kids at this age are prone to danger. Even if you are there to accompany them, it is still quite risky. So, why not just let them imagine that they are fishing? Yes, kids have a powerful imagination. With the right toys, they would be fishing on their imagination in seconds. John Deere Farm Pond Fish Adventure is a perfect gift to give to your kids if they want to go fishing. The design of this toy is meant to attract kids. It is colorful and fun to look at. They would be playing with it the moment they get it from the box. There are also toy fishes which they can hunt using the fishing pole.
So, how does this fishing toy set works? Well, it operates by putting the fishing hook on top of the toy fishes. The hook is magnetic, so it will attract the fishes and let your kids catch them. This makes for fun pretend to play with the help of your kid’s rich imagination. There are five fishing sounds and songs which add more to the fun. As a bonus, your kids will begin to learn colors and numbers by playing the game. They have to spin the board and catch the fish where the arrow points to.

What we like about it

This fishing toy set is a cool gift for your kids. If they like the idea of fishing along the river, you can let them imagine that situation with the help of this toy. All they have to do is point the magnetic hook on the fish, and it will instantly stick. Also, if you will have them play the spinning game, they would be able to improve their knowledge about numbers and colors. Overall, this is a nice gift for your kids.

7. Disney Upright Hardside

American Tourister girl gift idea review Getting a bag for your young daughter is also a good idea. With this bag, they can bring their accessories and toys around the house. Although they can’t use it at a school since kids at this age don’t go to school yet, they will still benefit it. They can put their toys and other materials inside this bag for storage. The good thing is this bag comes with skate wheels, which provide easy mobility. So, your kids won’t have to carry all the materials if they want to play in a different area. This is also perfect if your entire family is going to a picnic. Your kids only have to pull this bag during the picnic and set all their toys up. This bag is durable and safe. There are no sharp objects or parts on this bag which can harm your young kids.

This bag has a dimension of 18x13x8. Your kids can store many toys and accessories inside this bag. By letting them arrange the contents of their bag, they will learn some highly essential organizing skills. The skate wheels of this bag will prevent them from carrying the entire bag. All they have to do is drag it to their playing area. The pull handle is dual-tube. It makes for a more convenient pulling bag. This bag made of light materials, which means that your kids won’t be carrying extra weight on their hands.

What we like about it

You might be thinking that this bag is not a good gift idea for your kid since they can’t go to school yet. However, it has other uses aside from that. It can use as cool storage for their toys and accessories. If they have a lot of toys, they will have a hard time carrying them around the house or playing area. With the help of this bag, they can easily put the toys in the bag and let it roll by pulling its handle. So, the next time that they want to transfer all their toys to a certain area, they won’t have to call you. They can easily do it by themselves.

8. My First Sock Puppets

Creativity for Kids girl gift idea review Since kids are very curious and interested at this age, it is a perfect opportunity for you to teach something that will benefit them at school. There are a lot of skills that you could help your kids improve if you will let them play with these felt shapes. The shapes will also let your kid’s imagination put into work. They can create any objects or animals using the felt shapes. By combining the felt shapes, they could create a dog, a tree, a fish, or just about anything that they could imagine with felt shapes. This set is easy to bring during a trip. Your kids wouldn’t feel bored while they are riding the train or the bus. They could play with these felt shapes together with their siblings and friends.
While playing with these felt shapes, they are developing a lot of skills in the process. They are improving there color, patterns, and shape recognition skills. These skills are important once they start going to school. The ability to reorganize shapes and patterns will help in math and pre-reading. Also, arranging the shapes according to the object or animals they are trying to create improve motor skills and creative thinking.

What we like about it

This gift will not only make your daughter happy but will also help improve their skills. They would have better motor and creative skills after spending some quality time with these felt shapes. There are 100+ pieces of felt shapes included in the purchase. Your kids will surely have a variety of things to objects and animals to create using the felt shapes. Other items that come with the purchase are the portable felt board and the wiggly eyes which can use on your kid’s creations.

9. Brown Bear Felt Figures

Little Folk Visuals girl gift idea review Felt shapes are perfect toys if you want your kids to learn based on shapes. With the help of the different shapes, your kids will be able to learn visually. There are 12 figures on this set. All of them look detailed and fun. Your kids will surely take an interest in these cute shapes. The good thing about these felt shapes is that they easily stick to the felt. There is no need to use glue or tape whenever your kids decide to paste them on the felts. It can makes for fun and continuous and plays, which helps keep your kid’s attention on the activity.
The felts made of polyester. They are durable and colorful. Your kids will surely love to play with them. We all know that kids tend to have a short attention span. Having them stick to a specific single task is a challenge. That’s why it is important to give them a toy that will keep their attention. You can also talk to them while they are playing with the felts so that they can learn more things from the activity. The felts are non-toxic. They are perfectly safe for your kids.

What we like about it

This toy is very affordable. It works great as a gift to your young kids. They will surely feel happy after receiving this colorful and fun felt shapes. Let their imagination put to work with the help of this felt shapes. The felt shapes are appealing to your young kids. They come in animal shapes which are very adorable to look fork. The animals are also named so your kids will learn more about the shapes that they are playing with. There are 12 fun figures which your daughter can learn about. Give this felt shapes to them now and let them play with the fun figures.

10. Thomas The Train

Nickelodeon girl gift idea review Giving a scooter to your young daughter is not a bad idea. The scooter will help them develop strength and balance, which are essential for a growing child. Also, they will have a lot of fun while they are getting all those benefits. If you think about it, giving a scooter is not a bad move. Don’t worry too much about their safety since this scooter specifically designed for kids at this age. This scooter comes with three wheels. There are two wheels at the back which help keep the balance. The scooter is kept close to the ground to make it safer for kids.

So, if you want your young daughter to start moving there more, this fun scooter will make them do that. They should do some physical activities while they are young to improve their motor skills and also burn some calories. If you allow them to sit all day doing nothing, they are run the risk of suffering from obesity. Encouraging some physical activity with your young kids is important.

What we like about it

This scooter is one of the best gifts that you can give to your kids at this young age. It will make them feel happy. While they are using this scooter, they are improving some of their physical skills, like balance, strength, and coordination. All of those skills are highly essential for a growing child. You should discourage them from sitting or sleeping too much. They need to move their bodies to burn some fats. The two wheels at the back of the scooter help your kids maintain the balance when they are playing. Let us know what you think about the best gift ideas for 4 year old girls. Comment below and let us know your pick!

Why do I need to understand my child’s development when buying gifts?

Some parents rely on the product itself. When it says it is four years old appropriate, they buy it. There’s nothing wrong with this practice, but knowing the development and the skills that your 4 year old girl must learn at her 4th age is extremely important. Don’t just stuff her gifts that are just age-appropriate. Buy gifts that could help your young girl learn the necessary skills that she can make use of by the time she grows up.

What can I expect from my 4 year old child?

Fewer tantrums, yes. There will be ups and downs as your child enters her 4th milestone; it’s’ going to be a roller coaster ride. So, hang on, we’re quite sure that you can get it and you can handle your child with a much calm mind. Your 4-year-old child is full of energy; they are naturally curious and talkative. They are curious to know what’s going on. They will have felt that they are secure, and sometimes they feel small and insecure. As parents, we know how heartbreaking it is for our child to feel insecure, so don’t forget to shower the young 4 year old girl with compliments. She’s going to love it.

When they have accomplished something, whether they have learned how to balance on one foot, they will love to show it off to their parents. Their little and creative accomplishments are all that they have, so make sure you cherish and show excitement for them. Cheer and make your little girl as if she was a princess, unraveling the word. Of course, there will be times when your 4 year old girl can act all sassy and bossy; she wants to feel like she’s in charge. You’re going to face a lot of challenges at your daughter’s 4th milestone, better prepare for it.

Your daughter will be undergoing emotional and spiritual development, so don’t be so hard on your kids. If they can’t understand how you feel, then just let that slide and take time to calm down. Your young girl is still coping with the changes and development she has for herself, as well. Take time to understand that your 4 year old girl is different from the other girls, so when you think like comparing her to her elder sisters or other kids, stop. Every child is unique and special. Your young girl has only got her family to look after and cherish; her so make a balance in disciplining your child and making her happy.

How do 4 year old kids socialize?

At the age of 4, your child will display more independence in brushing her teeth and getting herself dressed. She’s cooperative and demanding at the same time. She wants to rule, but when she likes the idea offered by her parents, she’s co-operated like a sweet potato. Children are always adorable to look at, and when you make them happy, they even get cuter. But of course, parents should positively discipline their children. Teach them good manners, say “Thank You” when someone gives something to them.

There are times that your daughter might have a terrible or bad day, which is completely normal. Their childhood will not be about rainbows and sunshine; there will be dark clouds and storms as well. Your young girl might get rude sometimes and will tell you to shut up. When you emotionally react, the more chance that your young girl will misbehave. We’re telling you’re this, so you can tailor your gifts that are going to help your child to foster and adopt the changes she’s going to face. Your young girl will be interested in making friends with other children her age.

You will start to notice that she loves pleasing her friends and will have that one person who she can call her best friend. They will understand that food is important to fuel their bodies with energy. They also start to understand that money is used to exchange for goods and items. They will start to understand the daily and routinary things they witnessed every single day. She will develop a little sense of ownership; she will love to own things as if they are her own. She will start to have an interest in acting, dancing, and singing.

The 4th milestone will full of learning for both sides of the child and the parents. Just a quick parenting tip, learn to handle the situation calmly. When your child is acting lavishly impossible and childish, don’t reply it back by being too emotional as well. Treat the problem or issue with a calm mind. When you can do this successfully, you will notice that your parenting life can be so easy. Your young girl will start to develop feelings of sadness, sympathy, and happiness. She will know that someone is in pain or someone is happy. She will love to talk about creative ideas.

Gift items that would further improve her creative brain will surprise her on her big day. She likes talking with her parents and friends and will talk about “tall tales.” She’ll love making up stories and will make an extension if she has to.

How will my 4 year old child improve physically?

Your young daughter will be able to hop forward with the use of a single foot. She will find this in, and fun and will do it over and over again in front of her parents. She can throw a small ball for about 10 feet. Your young girl at the age of 4 will be able to use the spoon and the fork. She will learn how to pedal a tricycle. She would love to engage herself in a lot of movements. She likes to draw, paint, model, paste, and to build. There are a lot of fields that she would love to test and see if she likes the water.

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