4 Differences Between Toy and Hobby Grade RC Vehicles

Whether you are buying for RC battle tanks or stunt cars, every RC drivers need to understand the difference between a toy and hobby-grade RC vehicles. There’s nothing worse than buying something that is not suitable for the exact purpose that you may have, if you are planning to use for combat and racing purposes, then it will be best if you choose a hobby-grade RC vehicle, which has more powerful engine mechanism compared to the toy-grade. If you are still not sure what to buy, we have put this article together, so you will be carefully guided on which of which to purchase once you are inside the actual store.

What makes a toy and a hobby-grade different from each other?

Here’s the thing, they are both RC. One comes under a hundred dollars, where you can buy it a big-box store. On the other hand, you can buy the other one at a hobby store. Most of the stuff or the components that you get from the big-box store is going to be less money expense, most of it will come with a transmitter that will interfere, so you can’t buy many toys. For instance, if you have brothers and sisters who want to play with RC toys, you can’t play it together since the remote control may control both of them, which is a great spoiler.

Durability and price.

Toy-grade RC vehicles may have issues regarding its parts and durability. Let’s say that there will be a lot of people who are going to buy these toys and after two weeks or a week, the toys are already broken. On the other hand, the hobby grade RC vehicles– these type of models usually start at $100 and above, what’s amazing about these type of RC vehicles is that they are waterproof. The RC driver can go in through the snow, mud, dirt, and grass. It also has excellent part support, parts made from high-quality, unlike the toy-grade RC vehicles.

Parts replacement.

Another thing that is amazing about the hobby-grade cars is that its parts are replaceable, which means that you can upgrade any parts in it. The screws and nuts are all replaceable, isn’t that more realistic? Like you have a real car. In the hobby-grade vehicle, you will give a “parts diagram” in which you can see how to replace a particular part. For instance, if you have broken a piece, you can replace it and use the guide for you to do it correctly.

You can replace it with a plastic piece, which is cheaper, or you can buy an aluminum-made one, which costs higher, which around $10 to $15. A lot of the hobby-grade manufacturers keep the same parts, and then you can always get parts for many years down the road.

Differences Between Toy and Hobby Grade RC Vehicles

For instance, if you have a hobby-grade vehicle and you have not to use it for two years, then you just found out that one of its pieces is no longer working. So, what you did is that you went to a store and you buy its broken pieces and guess what? They have the pieces that you are looking for. On the other hand, if you have the toy-grade vehicle, which its parts can replace, once it’s broken, it’s considered gone for good.

When it comes to quality-wise, you are better off with hobby grade vehicles, which are more reliable and durable, not to mention that they could last for years, which is something great. With the hobby-grade, even if you are not breaking with anything, you will know that you are dealing with the right quality. If you drop a toy-grade RC vehicle from 6 feet above, it will eventually break and will end up in the garbage can. On the other hand, even if you drop the hobby grade RC vehicle from above, it won’t break since it made from high quality.

Why is toy-grade RC vehicle even made when hobby graders are better?

This is a good question to ask. The answer would be it’s cheaper. It can be quite useful when you only have one child in the house. This can be perfect for short-term entertainment and for buyers who can’t afford to spend big money yet on hobby grade RC vehicles. Or maybe you are just learning how to control and drive RC cars, and you want to start with something cheaper, then toy-grade RC cars will be a great choice to consider.

Tires. With the toy grader, the type of wheels fixed. If it’s an on-road RC vehicle, then it will be only good at asphalt and carpeted surfaces. It will not be able to run on sands, muds, dirt, and rocky places. On the other hand, if you have a hobby-grade RC vehicle, you will be able to change its tires, which you can buy from stores. If you want it to be able to run on sands, then you can purchase some paddle tires and start running it on the sand.


You can also upgrade the shocks, so the suspension doesn’t bottom out. There are titanium and granite parts that you can choose from. When you buy hobby grader toys, it’s like you’re paying for a one-time fee, and you can enjoy the benefits for years. RC trucks will be a great form of presents during holidays and special events, that’s why it’s always best to spend over a $100, then spending less and throw it in the garbage can once something breaks in it.

With the hobby grade RC vehicles, drivers don’t have to fear to break anything, since they can buy a part replacement, then it will be up and running again, which is amazing. It will make a great choice for parents and uncles to buy for their little people.

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