Top 10 Best Gift Ideas for 10 Year Old Girls

So, your daughter’s big day is just around the corner, and you wanted to surprise her on her big day. Every parent would love their children to cherish every year of their lives. For young children gaining age is about getting old, but for parents, it’s something extraordinary and should celebrate. Seeing your ten years old would be something that you keep looking forward to. Making their special days as memorable as it can be will something your young children will thank you for.

As your kids hit double digits, a lot of them will think that they teenagers. They will start to act as if they are grown-ups already. But, of course, they will have a childlike a physical body. They would be emotional most of the time and socialize like grown-ups. You must understand your 10-year-old young girl, so you may be able to support her needs, and so she can grow in the best way. You will start to notice your young girl would be interested in applying a little makeup on her face. When it comes to picking the best gift for your young daughter, you will have to understand the changes that she is currently going through.

Below is the list of Best Gift Ideas for 10 Year Old Girls

1. LED Finger Gloves – Best Gift for 10 Year Old Girls

Luwint girl gift idea review At the young age of 10, her development can mostly trigger by engaging her in games and other recreational activities. These finger light gloves are not only amazing and cool to wear during Halloweens, but when your child is at a concert. There will be seven colors that she can turn on by the button on the wrist. It’s cool stuff that we’re quite sure every ten-year-old girl would love to have. This will fit kid’s hands that are in the age range from 6-12. It comes in a soft black and white fabric.

The batteries are replaceable, which adds to it an overall feature. We do think that this gift item would be perfect since it’s pretty generic and comfortable to wear. The colors purposely made vibrant and bright so that kids will have fun with it. These are a must-have if they need a perfect hand costume for Halloween and other occasions. They can also use this one when they are performing o stage, this is super cute and cool, definitely something that your ten-year-old daughter would love to have.

What we like about it

It’s a cool glove that illuminates bright colors at night. This is a good pair of gloves that your young girl could wear during concerts, dance halls, large entertainment venues, and even when she feels like playing the piano at night. She can wear it when she feels like looking cool. The LED light is pretty bright, and they are like moving lights, so it’s beautiful to look at. Another thing we love about this product is that it can help your child to imagine a lot. She can pretend like she has superpowers when she has the gloves worn around her wrist.

This would make a perfect gift for your child. It went from cotton; this is to make sure that the wearer will feel comfortable. It keeps the hands warm and comes with a lighting setting. Another cool thing we love about this product is that the batteries are replaceable by the time it runs out of batteries. They will be great gloves to have when your ten-year-old daughter at parties. Every ten-year girl will have so much fun to have these gloves!

2. Mega Construction Set

Mega Bloks girl gift idea review Do your daughter love building units when she was younger? Then, she would love this gift item more. It’s a construction set where she could assemble and put things together to form something. This is a cool gift idea since there are many items that she could experiment with. There will be a snowman, sledge, teddy bears, puppies, ski sign, lamp posts, drums, and much more. She’s like constructing that activity that every young American girl would on in a year. This will make an excellent gift idea for a young girl who loves constructing things.

What we love it

We love the fact that this gift item could help your child to use her imagination when it comes to displaying or grouping things. If she imagines it’s winter, she will have to build a figurine that comes with a scarf and winter jacket. The skis and snowman will be perfect accessories. This helps her in matching and mixing things. There will also be ski poles, ski sign, and puppy sleigh. This also improves her creativity at the same time, which is a good thing. This wold makes a perfect gift for any given day and any given holiday season.

3. Derby Roller Skate

Roller Derby girl gift idea review Does your child love to be on the move? This roller skate will help her engage and exercise her leg muscles. She will also be able to learn some new skating tricks as she practices with this rollies every day. It comes with some safety locking buckles, which is a good thing. Though at the age of 10, your child has good coordination. She still got a lot of balancing skills to learn. There will be some comfort pads, and ankle support included. This would make a great gift item for every young girl who wishes to learn how to skate.

What we like about it

This wold makes a perfect gift item for kiddies; we like the fact that your daughter will have some exercise time while having fun. It’s comfortable to wear, and there are various sizes that you can adjust according to your daughter’s feet size. Engaging your daughter in physical activities while she is young will help her to avoid serious health issues like obesity later in life. This will be a good start. Another thing we like about it is that it comes with locks and some safety padding. Your ten-year-old daughter would love this gift item.

4. The Family Game

SET Enterprises girl gift idea review This will make a great gift if your child loves visuals? This is a good exercise for the brain as well. It can be played by solo or in the group. The players have to categorize groups and have the fast visual ability. Being older than other players has no edge; it’s about having fast eyesight and being able to categorize things quickly.

What we like about it

We like the fact that this game helps in cognitive and visual development. This is a perfect game to play with family and friends, and even if your daughter is traveling, if she gets bored, she can play this game with you. It improves the mental health of the players, which is a good thing for every ten years old’s brain development.

5. Monopoly Board Game

Winning Moves Games girl gift idea review Girls at this age still like to play fun games. If they are big fans of the Monopoly board game, this one is the right gift for them. You can also join the game and have a lot of fun with your daughter. It is the classic edition of the Monopoly board game. All you have to do is get this board on the table and gather the players around. It is an easy game to play, especially if you have already played it before. A monopoly is an exciting game that is perfect for weekends where you can spend quality time with your daughter.

A monopoly is very popular around the world. People are mesmerized by this game. It was marketed way back in 1935 by the Parker brothers. There are so many players around the world who are very interested in this game until now. It has survived generations and still one of the most played games around the world. So, yes, Monopoly is an exciting board game. If your daughter hasn’t played this game before, you should have them take a look at it so that they are not missing something. It is indeed an entertaining game. There are up to 8 players who can play this game.

What we like about it

We like this game since it can give a lot of fun for every family. Almost every member of the family can join the fun since it allows up to 8 players. The qualities of the components are top-notch. They won’t get damaged easily; that’s why your family can have fun with this game for years to come. Monopoly board game is viral around the world. The fact that it stays popular after so many years speaks for how entertaining this game is. You can teach your fellow family members who are not familiar with this game so that they can also join. This Monopoly board game is more fun if all of the family members are playing.

6. Inflatable Water Float

Intex girl gift idea review Is your family planning to go to the beach? Well, if you are, you might want to bring a couple of accessories with you to make the activity more fun. Giving them an inflatable water float is one of the best ways to make your daughter more excited about going to the beach. The inflatable water float will allow them to relax more while they are floating in the sea. Of course, you can also give one to your other family members if you want to. The price of this water float is affordable so you can surely afford more water floats for the rest of your family members.

It’s not only during beach outings that you can give this gift to your daughter. You can also give it to them on certain occasions. Like, if you have a new pool, giving this water float to them will complete the fun. Also, they would be safer if they have a water float together with them. The water float will help them during certain situations. Like, if they suddenly experience cramps while swimming, they can grab the water float to prevent them from drowning. This is a cool gift for your daughter, even if it’s just a simple water float. They will surely love to bring on any beach outings.

What we like about it

We like this gift idea since it is straightforward. It is just a regular gift and will probably not blow your daughter’s mind. However, it is fun to have. They will still feel happy after receiving this gift, especially if they are about to go to a beach outing soon. Also, if you have a newly built swimming pool at the house, they can make use of this water float. The quality is also good. It won’t get damaged while your daughter is having fun.

7. Princess Castle for Indoor

JOYBEE girl gift idea review A play tent is a cool gift for your daughter. Although they are already nearing their teens, there is no denying that they also like to play frequently. As they get older, they will need more privacy while playing with their toys. They need to create a place where they can hide their toys and other accessories. A play tent will give them what they need. It will provide more privacy while they are playing. They can also put their toys inside this tent. It makes for a good toy storage and playground.
Also, if they want to play outside the house, they can use this play tent. It can easily transport and setup. The poles are durable and will prevent the play tent from collapsing. The assembling process is fast and simple. Your daughter can place this play tent almost everywhere. The impressive ventilation of this play tent will prevent your daughter from feeling too hot inside. The design of the ceiling provides enough ventilation for comfortable playtime.

Even if privacy is quite important for your daughter, who is playing with their toys, it is still important to always keep close supervision. The windows and the ventilation on the ceiling will allow the parents to take a peek at what their daughter is currently doing. You must always be monitoring your daughter while inside this play tent so that you can take immediate action during accidents. The quality of this tent is also top-notch, so your daughter can use it for a longer time. This tent made of safe, high-quality materials.

What we like about it

A play tent will give more privacy to your daughter while they are playing. It will help hone their ability to become independent. They can put their toys inside this tent and play inside without someone disturbing them. Like what we’ve said, the ventilation allows more air to go in and out of the tent. It will keep them cool while playing. Transferring this play tent around is very easy. They don’t have to put too much effort into disassembling or assembling this tent.

8. Kent Girls Bike

Kent girl gift idea review A bike is probably one of the best gift ideas that you could think of your daughter. At this age, your daughter will not be able to drive a car or a motorcycle yet, so getting a bike is a good alternative. A bike is also a lot safer. They will reach their destination faster and easier. This bike made of quality materials. The price is affordable so you can surely save money for it. Like other gifts, you should also take some effort and surprise your daughter with this gift. You can wrap it with a gift wrapper so that they can have fun unwrapping it. The size of this bike is perfect for your young daughter. It has a dimension of 36 inches in height, 50 inches in length, and 24 inches in width.
Riding a bike is great exercise. It will help tone your daughter’s leg and make them appear sexier. If they want to go to a nearby neighbor, all they need to use this bike, and them will arrive faster and more comfortable. As for the weight, this bike only weighs 36 lbs. That is not a surprise since it made of light materials. It has a dual-suspension frame so your daughter won’t have much problem riding it on bumpy roads.

What we like about it

We like that this bike gives a lot of value at its price. It also works as a perfect gift for your daughter. They would surely enjoy riding this bike around the neighborhood or to the school. The dual suspension frame is great for rocky areas. If your family is planning to ride a bike to the mountains for relaxation, this bike is perfect. There is seven-speed gearing, which will provide your daughter with much flexibility. The alloy wheelset is quite durable. They can also withstand those rocky routes. Overall, it is a sweet gift for your daughter. Even its design meant for young girls. It is colorful and sleek. Get this bike now and surprise your daughter.

9. Greek Goddess Costume

Fun World girl gift idea review We all know that girls like to dress up. They want to try on different clothes and see how they look at it. Also, if you give a costume to them as a gift, they will love it even more. There will wild imagination combined with their desire to wear different types of dress; this Greek Goddess costume will make them happy. It has an excellent and detailed design. Your daughter will surely look like a Greek Goddess after trying this costume on. It also works as a costume during school plays. If they are planning to join a school play and it requires a Greek Goddess costume, this one will do. Like what we’ve been saying, this costume will have more impact if you are planning to organize a costume party. Your daughter won’t look different among the visitors since everyone is wearing their costumes.
The quality of this costume is not disappointing; it made of durable materials, which makes the costume last long. There are a couple of accessories that come with this costume. It has a headband, which is one of the most significant parts of the costume. The blue dipped ombre gown is stunning to look at. Your daughter can also add more accessories if they want to. But, this costume is usually sufficient already.

What we like about it

We like this costume as a gift since it looks nice and simple. There are no complicated designs which will make the costume distracting to other people. This is perfect if your daughter likes to read about Greek mythology. They will surely love this costume. If you are planning a costume party, then it is much better. You could have your daughter wear this costume while the visitors are wearing their costumes. It makes for a fun and memorable birthday party. Anyway, if you are looking for a simple and fun gift for your daughter, this costume is one of the best choices.

10. Dress-up Make up Toy

BFOEL girl gift idea review Girls like to improve their looks so that they will appear nicer when in front of people. This vanity trolley will allow your daughters to imagine that they are applying makeup, fixing their hair, and more. Although it is only a pretend play, it will help them learn how it feels like using makeup while they are facing a mirror. As they grow older, they can start realistically apply makeup or improve their hair. This pretends to play vanity trolley is only for entertainment purposes. Girls at this age like to play with toys. It makes them happy and satisfied.

The trolley can conveniently move around the house. They can play with it anywhere they want to. For a more fun experience, this vanity trolley comes with light and sounds effects. There are also some accessories that your daughter can have fun with. The hairdryer is truly working. They can blow this dryer on their hair while they are facing the mirror. It makes for a fun and exciting experience for your daughter. It’s another cool gift for 10-year-old girls.

What we like about it

We like this gift for your daughter since it helps their imagination. Every girl is interested in improving their looks. They may want to learn how to apply makeup or how to fix their hair with the blow dryer. This vanity trolley will allow them to pretend that they are applying makeup. The blow dryer on this vanity trolley is fully working. This is an adorable gift for young girls. Let us know what you think about gift ideas for 10-year-old girls. Comment below and let us know your pick!

What can I expect from my ten-year-old daughter?

Your daughter, at the age of 10 will need a lot of sleep due to her major growth spurts. Girls tend to grow faster than boys at their peers. They have developed their gross motor skills and will be able to playgroup sports like gymnastics, karate, baseball, and soccer. This will be great where you should encourage your child to do sports. This will help her to develop good muscle and bone growth. Your daughter’s fine motor skills have also become more honed. At this pace, your daughter will be able to write and draw with better control.

If you think your daughter has a lot of development to make at their fine motor skill side, then a sketchpad would make a wonderful gift item for her. Your daughter will have heightened reflexes, which will allow her to do complex tasks. She also had improved her coordination, which will help her to perform difficult tasks a whole lot easier compared when she was younger. Always take time to have the heart to heart talk with your growing daughter, so you can always keep an eye out for her problems and achievements.

Of course, you don’t have to get so serious when talking with her. You can talk about things she’d like to do in the future. Her celebrity crushes and why she likes them. The places your ten-year-old wishes to visit. This will help her to engage her brain and think about the future. If you start noticing that your daughter starts to compare herself with others, explain to her that every child is unique, and each is special. Encourage her to embrace her flaws and highlights her strengths. If they start talking like, “My classmate is so pretty, I wish I can be here for a day or two!”. Watch out for this kind of statement and help her to cope with her emotions.

To help her with her physique, a family walk would be a great exercise if she’s not into traditional sports. But the way we see it, we think every young girl would love to play Volleyball or Table Tennis. Just help her to get plenty exercise every day, so she may able to avoid health issues later in life. Watch what your child eats if she stuffs herself with too much junk food intake. Explain to her why it’s a bad eating habit — the consequences behind it, as much as possible, stuff your house with fruits and vegetables.

Of course, you can forget about looking at your child’s sleeping habits. For ten-year-old children, they must get 9 to 11 hours of sleep every single day. Especially nowadays that smartphones are no longer an option, but a necessity. Your daughter might spend long hours looking at the screen. If this happens to your child, properly monitor what she’s looking at. Especially at social networking sites, she might expose to issues and videos that she is not supposed to look at yet.


When it comes to socializing with other people, your daughter is more concerned about her peers or the group of people who are at the same age as hers. She would love to listen to music that her peers are listening to. They have an extreme desire to fit in and just become that likable person in the hood. It’s not a bad thing at all, but we do encourage your child that if she does not want to wear something trendy, she does have to wear it even if every single peer she sees has it on. Tell her being different is not bad as long as you know you are on the right track of being morally right.

Having confidence is an essential skill that your daughter must develop. If she has strong and healthy self-esteem, she will be able to handle the potential pressure that other kids might force them to engage in things that threaten their health, morals, and safety.

Commonly, your daughter has the so-called ‘My best friends.’ They love making friends with other girls and have one or two closest friends that they feel most comfortable too. You can befriend her best friends’ parents and maybe have a couple or triple family date together. It will be fun. At the millennial age, almost every ten-year-old loves to use electronics. They will try to use social media. As aforementioned before, protect your children from inappropriate content. Also, check the people they are chatting with, make sure that they are not interacting with insecure people.

It’s important to give your child some freedom and some privacy. If she’s playing with friends, you do not have to monitor her every single move. Let her compromise and solve simple issues without you by their side. This will help her to learn new skills like problem-solving. It’s also important that you teach your child how to maintain eye contact when she’s talking with someone. Good manners are a necessity, as well. Below is the list of gift ideas for 10-year-old girls.

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