Top 10 Best Gift Ideas for 11 Year Old Girls

At the age of 11, your daughter will love to have wonderful items during her big days. If you are looking for gift ideas that will blow your daughter’s big day, then you have come to the right article to read. We have gathered our top 10 best and coolest gift ideas from understanding the changes young girls at 11 undergo.

With the help of this, we can tailor the gifts that they would love to see. Your young girl will undergo a lot of changes in her 11th milestone. As parents, we want every year they are going to have counted. Giving them gifts will be a good idea, this does not only show your big love you have for your daughter, but toys and items could help your daughter to learn new and valuable skills that she could use when she grows up.

Below is the list of Best Gift Ideas for 11 Year Old Girls

1. Pikachu Costume Dress

Rubie's girl gift idea review Every 11-year-old girl knows about Pokemon; they even played Pokemon using their smart devices. If you think your daughter loves Pikachu, this gift item will become one of her favorites. Pokemon is one of the most popular games that are being played by young children at home. This is a costume dress inspired by Pikachu, the yellow furry character in the Pokemon series. The dress will give real feels to your daughter as if she was Pikachu. There will be leg pieces included, hat, lightning bolt tail, and some glovelettes.

This would make a perfect gift item for every girl who loves Pokemon. Since Pikachu is fighting Pokemon, your 11-year-old daughter will imitate some of his action moves for sure, thus encouraging physical activity. This costume made from high quality; we’re quite sure that you are going love this gift item. It made from high-quality materials, so you can rest assured that the item will last for a longer time.

What we like about it

We like the fact that this gift item comes from Rubie, we’re quite sure that you have heard of this brand name before. Rubie is a reputable company, that’s why we feel confident about this product. They are known for making costumes that are completely durable and made with rental quality, which means that these items will last for long. They have been bringing dresses and costumes since 1950. They haven’t been up and running if they don’t have thousands of satisfied customers that keep on coming back to buy more from them.

This will also be a cute gift item to give during Halloween since it’s cute and looks pretty to be worn by a girl. The costume fits easily around your daughter’s body; she will love this type of costume. Your daughter would be happy to see herself wearing a Pikachu costume in a photo. She’ll come back looking at these photos when she continues to enter the adolescence stage. Another thing we love about it is that it’s comfy to wear. There are various sizes that you can choose from; this will make a perfect gift item for every Pokemon, girl lover.

2. Growing Up Girls

Enesco girl gift idea review This figurine stands around 5 inches in height, which is quite tall. This is a handcrafted figurine and is hand-painted as well. It’s a girl with blond hair. The figurine will be a great addition to your daughter’s collection. It can also use as a cake topper; your daughter would love having this item with her as she grows up. It is well-crafted, and the paints don’t fade easily even long of usage. It’s a special gift that your 11-year-old daughter would love to have.

What we like about it

The figurine is well made and is finely detailed. It comes in soft colors; this is a precious gift item that your 11-year-old daughter would treasure even if she grows up. This is something that would never outgrow your daughter, as long as they see the figurine, they can dance like a little child as if they were still at their 11th age. The numbers written in the figurine do not stand out; they are just enough and never overpowering.

3. Julie Doll & Book – Best Gift for 11 Year Old Girls

American Girl girl gift idea review Your 11 year old would fancy this Julie Doll; it comes with posable limbs that she can move when she is playing with it. The hair is so authentic that can be brushed and styled. This gift item comes with accessories and a paperback novel that they could read. The doll is wearing a 1970 style outfit, which is cute and pretty to look at. The measure of this doll is 18,” which quite tall to have in her collection.

What that we like it

This doll has straight blond hair that comes with a smooth vinyl. On the doll’s hair, there will be a tiny braid at the side. It comes with brown eyes that could open and close. The doll is adorable and pretty well made. The Julie doll can hug; your daughter will love this doll. The doll’s outfit comes with tank top and vest and underwear. It also comes slippers; there will be 224 pages novel that your young girl can read.

4. Unisex Emoji Slippers

YINGGG girl gift idea review Does your 11-year-old daughter like emojis? Then, she will fall in love with these Emoji slippers fluffy house shoes; this is only meant to use indoors. It’s warm and very comfortable to wear fit. There’s a non-slip sole, which is skid resistance; your 11-year-old girl will love wearing this.

What we like about it

We like the fact that this item can let your daughter move a lot and still have the house shoes on her feet. It’s comfortable to wear, and it will be your 11-year old’s favorite, especially if she is into emojis.

5. Child’s Batgirl Costume

Rubie's girl gift idea review Make your young girl happy with the help of this Batgirl costume. Girls like to dress up. If they are about to celebrate their birthday party, you can give this costume to them. It would help if you organized a costume party. The event will surely become memorable and fun. Also, if your daughter likes Batgirl, they will love this costume even more. Give this to them before they celebrate the party so that they can try it on. You can also give it to them at the party if you want to surprise them on their exact birthday. Anyway, this costume has a very cool appearance, which will delight your daughter. We can say, It’s another cool gift for 11-year-old girls.

DC Super Heroes Child’s Batgirl Costume is not just about appearance; it also has a good quality. It made of polyester. Your daughter won’t be feeling uncomfortable while wearing this costume. It is light and cool, perfect for a whole day’s birthday celebration. They can also join any party games wearing this costume since it is durable and sleek. It won’t hinder their movement or get damaged easily. They can join the games happily and without worries. This costume will also make them look cooler. They will look like a real Batgirl. So, don’t take too much about what gift you should give to your daughter, this costume is enough to make them happy.

What we like about it

This Batgirl costume made into our list since it will make your daughter look cool when at a party. It would be perfect if you will organize a costume party for your daughter so that everyone will be wearing a cool costume. Also, a costume party will make the party more fun and memorable. There will be a lot of scenes that you will have to take a picture of if everyone is wearing a costume. The quality of this costume is not below average. It is quite durable and cool. Your daughter will not end up complaining if they wear this costume for the entire duration of the party.

6. Colonial Girl Costume

Forum Novelties girl gift idea review Now, if your daughter doesn’t like to become Batgirl on their birthday, this costume would probably attract them. Although Batgirl is a popular character and most girls will like to wear it to a costume party, some find them scary and too bland. The Batgirl costume is, after all, has a black color. Now, if your daughter wants a different costume that is more colorful, this colonial girl costume will surely delight them. It is attractive and has a colorful design. Some characters in fairy tales wore this kind of costume. So, if your daughter has watched those fairy tales, they would feel very comfortable wearing this one.

There are three sizes available. You could either choose small, medium, or large. It just depends on your daughter’s current size. There is always something that will fit them. It is made of polyester and is quite durable. The fabric is stain-resistant. It doesn’t attract too much dirt, which is something more preferable, especially if your daughter likes to play party games. Your daughter can also wear it on Halloween. They can add more designs to make it look scary. It also comes in handy during school plays. This costume includes a hat for a more believable colonial look. It is straightforward to wear and will get your daughter going in a minute.

What we like about it

We like to include this costume on our list since it has a high quality. It is also detailed and attractive. Your daughter will look like a colonial girl after wearing this costume. It includes necessary accessories like the apron and the hat. There are a lot of costumes out there that you can choose from, but this one is unique and uncommon. It also works on school plays and on any activity that will require them to wear a colonial costume. This is a cool gift for your young daughter, especially on their birthday.

7. Girls Digital Watch

cofuo girl gift idea review Time is significant in our daily tasks. Almost everything that we do in our life always seems to involve running against time. Like when you go to your office to work, you have to wake up early to avoid getting late. Also, if you have a project to do, there is always an attached deadline that you should comply with. Knowing time is very important. That’s why if you are planning to get a gift for your daughter, getting a watch a smart choice is. A watch will let your kids stay aware of the time. They won’t get late on their daily schedules if they have a watch to keep them informed about the time. Although phones nowadays already have an in-built watch or clock, getting a wristwatch is still a practical thing to do.
Wearing a wristwatch allows easier access to the current time. They won’t have to get their phones from their pockets. All they have to do is look at their wrist. Aside from that, it also acts as an accessory. Your daughter’s wrist will never look boring since this watch is colorful and attractive. It is also comfortable to wear. Germany imported strap is soft and comfortable. It is also environmentally friendly. This watch is perfect for your young girls. It is durable and waterproof too.

What we like about it

We like to recommend this wristwatch as a gift for your daughter since it is attractive and durable. We are aware that phones nowadays have an inbuilt watch, so you might be thinking that there is no need for a wristwatch already. However, this wristwatch will come in handy in certain situations. Like when your daughter’s phone runs out of juice, they have a wristwatch to turn to if they want to know the time. Also, this watch is waterproof and durable; it will last for long. It also works as an accessory to your daughter’s wrist so that it won’t look boring or bland. Overall, it is a cool gift for your young daughter.

8. Children Sleeping Bag

Echolife girl gift idea review We all know that night time is very cold. We can’t sleep comfortably at night without using a blanket, especially in winter seasons. That’s why a blanket can be a good gift to your kid if they have a hard sleeping at night. This blanket will effectively keep them warm during a cold night. It will surely delight them. The design of this blanket also fits every girl. Boys can also use it if they want to if it better fitted for girls. The clownfish design is cute and adorable. They will love to wear it if they want to feel warm.
The materials used for making this blanket have high-quality. It is durable and will last longer. Washing the blanket is also not a problem. It can be hand washed or machine washed. The color will not fade quickly. It is perfect for keeping warm on a couch or a sofa while they are watching TV. They can wear this fish-style blanket quickly and easily. All they have to do is insert their bodies inside the opening of this blanket. They don’t have to adjust the blanket to cover their entire body just like a regular blanket.

What we like about it

We do like the fact that it made of quality materials. It will effectively keep your daughter warm in cool weather. They won’t have a hard time sleeping anymore since this fishtail blanket will provide warmth to them. It is easy to use. They don’t have to adjust the blanket. All they have to do is enter their body on the mouth of part of this fishtail blanket. The fish design is cute and adorable. It is something that your daughter would be attracted to. After opening the gift box, they will be surprised with its creative design. If your daughter moves a lot while sleeping, they don’t have to worry about having parts of their body getting uncovered by the blanket since they used this fishtail blanket.

9. Dc Comics Costume

In Fashion Kids girl gift idea review Supergirl is another popular character for kids. This character has been around for a long time now. Almost every girl knows about this character. It is actually like the female version of Superman. So, if your daughter likes Superman, you can give this costume to them. Of course, there are a lot of costumes that you could give to your daughter as a gift. But, we all know that this one is more popular and easily recognizable. Visitors at your daughter’s birthday party will easily recognize their costumes. Like what we’ve said previously, if you are planning to give this costume to your daughter on their birthday, it would be perfect if you will be organizing a costume party. Every visitor will be wearing their costume, which will make the party more fun and exciting.
This Supergirl costume made of polyester. It won’t get damaged easily. Your daughter can join party games freely. Their movements not hampered since this costume is loose and comfortable to wear. It comes in a blue and red dress, just like Supergirl. There are also boots and red cape, which completes the costume. It is from Rubie’s Costume Company, which is a trusted company when it comes to making quality costumes. This Supergirl will also come in handy during school plays and other special occasions that require a costume.

What we like about it

Getting your daughter a costume as a gift is not a bad idea. If it is their favorite character, then they will surely love your gift. The Supergirl character has been trendy. Your daughter will surely recognize it right away. The quality of this costume is also worth mentioning. A trusted company makes it so you could expect a costume that is comfortable and durable. Also, this costume is quite detailed. It has the necessary accessories which you should expect in a real Supergirl costume. It comes with a nice cape and boots, which will make your daughter feel like a real superhero. Overall, it is a nice costume to have.

10. American Girl Figurine

Mega Bloks girl gift idea review Help your daughter complete their story with the help of this American Girl Figurine. With the use of these figurines, they can create their storyline using the figurines as a character. They can make the play more believable by changing the looks of each figurine. Yes, they can easily change their outfits and hair to match the characters that they are imagining. It makes for enjoyable playtime. Also, the figurines have a distinct look. They don’t look very similar, which makes them more appealing. Parents can also join the fun and play with their daughters.

By giving these figurines to your daughter, they can now complete their American Girl story. It makes for a fun and exciting playtime if the characters are present. If they are big fans of the American Girl story, they will love these figurines and will instantly include them in their toy collections. It is not pricey, and the parent can afford them. They don’t have to spend a lot of money to give a cool toy to their daughters.

What we like about it

These are just simple figurines designed according to popular characters. However, they do have an appeal to young girls. If your daughter is a fan of the American Girl story, this one is a must-have. It is not expensive, after all. You won’t be worrying much about the money that you will be spending. These figurines are sure to make your daughter happy on their birthday. Let us know what you think about gift ideas for 11-year-old girls. Comment below and let us know your pick!

What to expect from my 11-year-old daughter?

At her 11th milestone, your daughter will need a lot of your guidance and protection, as always. You’ve probably started to notice that your child has growing independence from the family. She will start to become more responsible for the tasks given to her. She will have a high interest in making friends with other girls who are of the same age as her. Peer pressure will also start to become stronger this year, so always take time to speak with your daughter, so she can feel more open to her peer problems if she has one.

One of the best gift ideas that you should consider is a product or an item that could boost the confidence of your young daughter. When she has confidence, and she feels good about herself, she will be able to resist the negative peer pressure nice and easy. She will be able to make better choices and can easily walk away from negativity. Always take time to acknowledge her talents or the good deeds she is making. Never fail to compliment how good she looks in a dress. This will help her increase her self-esteem.

Buying gift items that would encourage your young girl to do sports would be another great gift idea. This will help in keeping her active, thus molding a healthier body built. She will thank you later for the body she has. Encourage her to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables and refrain from taking her to a fast-food restaurant, yes they are sure yummy, but unhealthy for your growing young daughter. Buying her a book about nutrition will also be a good idea, if she’s interested in learning more about living a healthy lifestyle, she will fall in love with that type of gifts.

Physical changes of puberty are going to show now. Establishing health friends will become important for your child. For them, thinking and learning are essential so they can get good grades. They are going to face academic challenges at school; you can help them by tutoring them at night time, or just making an effort to see and check if they can handle their assignments is something that they would appreciate. They will become more independent and will have a clearer understanding of their environment.

Your 11-year-old daughter has an increased attention span, so you will be able to talk with them for a longer time. As parents, the best thing you can do to assist your child’s development is to be positive parents. We’ll give you a few parenting tips that would help you handle your young girl at 11. The first advice is to spend time with your child, ask her about her friends, the challenges she might be facing at school, and her accomplishments. When you have successfully done this, you will be able to pick the best gift item that your daughter will for sure love to have. Be involved with her school activities, if they have school events- you must make time to attend. Meet her teachers and ask about your daughter.

Encourage your child to involve herself in sports or become a volunteer for a charity. Your daughter will be able to learn some spiritual, emotional, and physical development. Be open to him and ask him about dangerous things that her peers might be forcing her to do gambling, smoking, partying until dawn, or binge drinking. Of course, you don’t talk about serious things; you can ask your daughter what she wants to do when she grows up. Whatever it is, support it as long as it can do good on her. Ask her where she wants to go on vacation. Getting to know your daughter is an excellent and beautiful experience, try your best to keep their heart close to you.

Teaching your children to sense what’s right from wrong is important, so they may be able to handle a particular situation even if you’re not around. Take your 11-year-old daughter when you are cooking or cleaning. This will help her when the time comes; she needs to live by herself. You can also meet your daughter’s friends’ families and have a cup of coffee. You can assign a date so that you can have a family date altogether. It would be funnier and merrier than ever since your daughter can mingle with her friends while she is with you.

Teach her to be kind to people, and offer help when she can, tell her what to do when others are disrespectful. Explain to her that not all people are going to be kind, even if she has a golden heart, she must realize that not everyone has the same heart like hers. Also, teach your children some ways she can save her money and maybe invest it shortly. She will not be able to multiply the money she has, but teach her some of the possible ways she can. She can invest the money to buy a camera and share her talents with the world and grow a YouTube channel. This only works when your daughter has a passion for video making and interacting with her subscribers.

Your 11-year-old will gain more independence and will be able to handle bigger tasks. You can encourage your child’s physical development by letting him do safe climbing and jumping ropes. You must engage a young girl in various sports so they may be able to develop fully. Just balance everything you teach your kid, and you’ll be every to get the hang of being an 11-year-old parent.

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