Top 10 Best Gift Ideas for 9 Year Old Girls

Your 9-year-old daughter will be active as ever. She will love to play a lot of games and get active. When her big day is just around the corner, parents will start thinking about different gift ideas that will surprise their young girl on their special day. At the age of 9, your young daughter will be on a developmental milestone. She will be learning skills that would be highly beneficial shortly. She will be able to learn her language, motor, and sensory development. The milestone that your child will go through will mainly focus on her physical, social, emotional, and cognitive development.

Girls will grow faster compared to boys; they will weight more and become taller compared to boys who are at the same age as her. She will start to lose four of her baby teeth every year, and it will placed with a permanent set of teeth. Your daughter will be able to understand longer sentences that are composed of 12 words. They will be able to understand fractions and will understand that carrots are good for her eyes and it is a type of vegetable. She will be able to handle difficult tasks in school, like making her book reports.

When it comes to picking the best gift for a 9-year-old daughter, there will be a lot of things that you should consider. First, you will have to understand the changes and development she is going through, so you may be able to tailor the gifts that you think would support her development. She will be able to control her anger and display appropriate behavior in front of others. She will be caring when it comes to tending to her younger siblings is she has one. Your daughter may still have reoccurring mood swings, but not as frequent as they would before.

Below is the list of Best Gift Ideas for 9 Year Old Girls

1. Maryellen Doll and Book

American Girl girl gift idea review If you young girl into dolls and books at the same time? If your 9-year old’s child primary hobbies include playing with a doll and reading a book, then this would be a fantastic item to consider. It comes with a doll in an 18” size, the posable limbs, and the hair encourages creative play since your daughter can move the limbs, and she can style and brush the hair as well. The novel is about the doll’s adventure.

Maryellen is the name of the doll. In the store, she is a very optimistic and energetic girl. She follows her heart in 1954 instead of following the crowd. What we like about this item is that it encourages creative and active play. Your daughter will have a lot of fun time playing with Maryellen. The doll, Maryellen, is an American girl that comes with a huggable cloth body and comes with movable head and limbs. They come with pretty brown eyes that easily opens and closes. Her blond hair can brush, which we’re quite sure your young girl would enjoy brushing.

What we like about it

We like the fact that your 9-year-old daughter can spend time being creative and imaginative at the same time. She can style the hair and read the books about the doll’s adventure and imagine it as if she is Maryellen. The dress of the doll is authentic and inspired by the 1950s outfit style. The outfit comes with a ribbon, which is playable by your daughter. Your daughter can do Maryellen’s hair to a hairdo. The novel is composed of 224 pages, and Valerie Tripp wrote it. This gift would surprise your daughter on her big day.

Maryellen is wearing a black pair of shoes that were popular in the ‘50s. The tailored bows are so cute and pretty to look at. It is such an adorable doll that is inspired by 50’s outfit. The vinyl arms and legs can be a move in different positions, which is fun. The body of the doll is super soft and huggable; this is truly a wonderful gift that you could lend to your nine-year old’s big day. It stands on 18,” which is quite tall. She also comes with cute baby bangs and blonde hair. Maryellen comes with brown eyes, and they are quite very thick. This would make cute and great value gift items.

2. Girls Cruiser Bike

Huffy girl gift idea review Does your daughter love to enjoy a bike ride while seeing nature? This bike can be ride indoors if you have such a big space and of course outdoors. It comes with safety rear coaster brakes to ensure your 9-year-old child’s safety. The decorated seat is purposely made to create a deluxe effect, so your daughter will love it. It comes with whitewall tires. Your daughter, at the age, of 9 needs a lot of exercises so that she may develop her bones at most. Letting her ride a bike would extremely be beneficial for her body improvement.

What we like about it

Of course, your daughter doesn’t need training wheels anymore. She needs to improve her balance and coordination, and riding a bike would be a great aid to improve these skills. She will find it comfortable to play with this bike. It’s easy to grip and easy to control. This would make your nine-year-old child’s big day perfect.
Another thing we love about this item is that it comes with safety chainguard, which protects your daughter from staining herself with rust. The padded seat is super comfortable to set own. It comes with a classic and great-looking design that every 9-year-old girl would love to ride on.

3. Spider-Girl Costume,

Rubie's girl gift idea review Is your daughter a Marvel’s fan? Then she would love this spider-girl costume. It comes with the character’s eye mask and a costume. This would make a wonderful gift for your child since it matches the spider girl’s costume. It comes from a reputable brand which is Rubie; it has been around since the 1950s. It made from high-quality materials, which is a good thing, so your daughter can still wear it even by the time she turns 10. The clothing made of Polyester.

What we like about it

We like the fact that it’s comfortable to wear. This would make a perfect costume for your daughter’s Halloween party. She would treasure the picture where she has worn the spider-girl costume. This also encourages creative and imaginative play, which helps her to learn new skills that she can use in the future. It made from high-quality materials and ti’s made from Rubie- a trusted brand by thousands of parents.

4. Rabbit Backpck Girl

OFUN girl gift idea review Your daughter would love to have storage where she could keep all her important stuff nice and safe. This Bunny Rabbit backpack is a shoulder drop type of bag, which is a good thing compared to sling bags where the weight of the bag is only focused and shouldered by one shoulder.

What we like about it

The item comes in a cute appearance; it comes with features and storages that every 9-year-old girl would love. It’s kid-friendly and comfortable to have around. It keeps things tight and safe inside the bag. Your young girl can use this for trips or school.

5. Julie’s Egg Chair Set

American Girl girl gift idea review This gift is perfect for young girls who are big fans of American Girl. If they already have the doll named Julie, then they might want to add this egg chair set to their collection. This egg chair specifically designed for Julie. She can sit and relax on this chair after getting tired from performing various activities. There is also a speaker on this egg chair.

The speaker will play music while the doll is relaxing on the chair. Your daughter can also plug their phone into the speaker so that they can play their music. There is an available 3.5mm audio cable on the egg chair. Your daughter can plug their phone or mp3 players on that port. This is a nice feature since your daughter won’t have to settle for the same music over and over again. They can choose the music that they want to play.

It is not only the Julie doll that they can put on this egg chair. They can also let other dolls set on it. This egg chair is perfect for dolls with a height of 18 inches. Also, there is an orange ottoman where the doll can relax their feet on.

What we like about it

We included this egg chair set on our list since it is perfect for fans of American Girl. If your daughter is a fan, this egg chair will be a cool addition to their list. Even if your daughter is not a fan of the show, they can still put their dolls on this egg chair. Dolls with a height of 18 inches can use this egg chair. The orange ottoman that comes with the egg chair will allow the doll to relax even more. Perhaps the best feature of this egg chair is the speaker. The speakers work. Your daughter can plug their phone into the audio cable port and play their music. It makes for a fun experience while they are playing with their American Girl doll.

6. Studio Manicure Play Set

Creativity for Kids girl gift idea review Almost every girl likes to design their nails. We know that the nail is one of the parts of our body where people usually notice. If our nails look dry and dirty, it could give the impression that we are not giving too much attention to our hygiene. However, if you have clean and healthy nails, people will have a good impression on you. That’s why everyone should take good care of their nails. One way of beautifying your nails is by applying some nail polish on it. There are a lot of colors that you could choose from. This is one of the easiest ways of making your nails look good. The nail polish will also help protect your nails from foreign elements.

Now, if you are looking for a good nail beautifying set for your young daughter, look no further. Creativity for Kids Ultimate Nail Studio Manicure Play Set is a cool product for your daughter. It also works great as a gift. You can give this Nail Set as a gift on your daughter’s birthday. Let’s talk about the accessories inside this set. First off, it got a brush. It can use on your nails during the designing process. This set has all the things that your daughter will need. There are three sets of press-on nails, nail dryer, four sets of nail stickers, nail file, and three bottles of nail polish. The nail dryer powered by batteries. All of these substances are safe for your daughter.

What we like about it

We like this nail set since it has all that your daughter needs when it comes to beautifying their nails. There are press-on nails, nail art stickers, nail polish, and a nail dryer. All of these accessories stored in a spa storage bag. They can easily carry all their manicure tools anywhere they want. It works great for nail designing activities, especially if they are going to share it with their family and friends.

7. Ultimate Crafting Kit

American Girl girl gift idea review This gift is another cool idea if your daughter likes to design and create things. They will surely get amazed by some things that they could with this crafting kit. It is important to develop your daughter’s creative and imaginative skills while they are young. These skills are beneficial to them, especially if they like to decorate themselves too. If they have good creative skills, they can dress themselves up properly and dramatically improve their physical look. These skills are also useful if they are planning to pursue art courses somewhere in the future. So, if that is what they want, giving this crafting kit is a good start.

With the use of this crafting kit, they can easily make their favorite jewelry design. There are so many accessories included in this kit, which makes the possibilities almost endless. Your daughter can make a variety of craft projects out of these accessories. This crafting kit has embroidery floss, round beads, mini clothespins, elastic cord, twine, spools, mini bottles, large bottles, wooden beads, pearls, buttons, and a lot more. It is truly an amazing kit where your daughter can experience hours of fun. Now, if your daughter doesn’t have any ideas on their minds, there is no need to worry. They can take a look at its inspirational design guide, which is full of crafting ideas. It’s another cool gift for nine-year-old girls.

What we like about it

There are a lot of cool jewelry and craft projects that your daughter can create from this kit. With the help of this kit, they can improve their creative skills by a mile. Developing these skills is important for your daughter. They can put it to good use during art classes or if they are going to take up art courses. Overall, having good creative skills are important in our daily activities. This crafting kit will surely make your daughter happy. It is a highly recommended gift item that will amaze your daughter.

8. Anna and Elsa Backpack

Disney girl gift idea review Sometimes there is no need to overthink the specific gift that you will give to your daughter. This simple backpack could do the trick. At this age, your daughters are still attending school. If you give them this backpack, they will surely appreciate it since they use a backpack almost every day. It would be their best friend when it comes to carrying all their materials to the school. So, if you want a quick and simple gift for your daughter, this backpack would do well. It is usually enough to make your daughter happy.

Now, let’s talk about what this backpack is all about. It is just a simple backpack. It is made of polyester and can hand wash easily. This backpack is quite durable. It won’t go off easily while your daughter is walking around. The straps are adjustable; you can adjust it according to the length where your daughter is most comfortable with. Overall, it is a nice backpack to have. It may not be the most luxurious or expensive gift, but it is enough to make them happy. They will surely appreciate your gift since they use the backpack every day. The Disney princes’ design also looks good. If they are fans of Frozen, then that is even better.

What we like about it

Parents are always looking for a cool gift for their daughters. This simple backpack is one of those cool gifts which will make your daughter happy. Although it is just a backpack, your daughter is using it almost every day for school every day. A backpack is highly important for them. They can put their books and lunch inside this bag. When it comes to durability, this backpack will surely last long. The graphic design based on Frozen characters. If your daughter is familiar with those characters, they will love this backpack even more. So, if you are looking for a good gift that is too expensive or luxurious, this backpack is a perfect candidate.

9. Marvel Metallic Costume

Rubie's girl gift idea review Now, if you think your daughter won’t like the previous costume that we have mentioned on this list, then you might want to take a look at this metallic American dream costume. This costume looks amazing and colorful. Your daughter will attract by it due to its design and colorful appearance. When buying a costume for your daughter, you should try to determine their favorite character. Look at the show that they are frequently watching. You can also ask them directly if you want to. If they have multiple answers, then you have to choose one which has an available costume at the store.

Now, if they answered Captain America, then this costume is perfect for them. Captain America is a trendy character, especially in the Marvel cartoon shows. This hero is a cool symbol. It would be cool if you would dress your daughter in this costume on their birthday. Also, the quality of this costume is top-notch. It is not one of those low-quality costumes that are only good for one use. Your daughter can use this costume on several occasions. It comes with an eye-mask too, which makes a lot cooler.

What we like about it

So, yes, this costume is made of high-quality materials. The design is also accurate. Your daughter will feel after receiving this costume a gift. It comes with an eye-mask, which looks very cool. They can use it for their birthday party while celebrating. It will help them stand out among the rest of the kids at the party. The colorful design is perfect for energetic kids. It will surely match with their happy faces. Also, they wear their costume multiple times since it is very durable. It made by Rubie’s Costume Company, which is a trusted company when it comes to making quality costumes. Your daughter will surely love this fun costume.

10. Blaster Dart Toy Gun

Nerf Rebelle girl gift idea review Girls at this age still love to play with toys and have a lot of fun. If you want to give your daughter something fun and exciting, this toy dart gun is a cool choice. There are a lot of toys at the store that you can choose from. But this simple dart gun will surely make your daughter happy. It has a couple of cool features that will impress your daughter and makes them excited about playing this toy dart gun with their friends. So, if you are looking for a cool toy for a gift, this one is for you. It is durable and made of quality materials.

The safety of your daughters, who are playing, should always come first. This toy dart gun designed for young players. That’s why it is safe to use and won’t harm anybody playing with it. There are two message darts included in this toy. One collectible dart is also available. While playing with this toy, your daughter’s and their playmates can pass secret messages using the dart gun. They can load their messages and fire them to their playmates. A decoder included in this set. This decoder is used to decode the messages from the dart. It truly sounds so exciting. Even adults can have fun with it.

What we like about it

We like this toy since it is fun to play. We know that once your daughter is nearing teens, they will have a higher taste on the kind of toys that they want to play. This toy dart gun is sure to impress your daughters. Its appearance alone will entice your daughter to try this toy out. Let us know what you think about gift ideas for 9-year-old girls. Comment below and let us know your pick!

What can I expect from 9-year-old daughter?

They will feel anxious when they have to perform in front of a large audience for their school. At the age of 9, your daughter will love to read books; they enjoy reading them. If your daughter is a bookworm giving her a book for her birthday would be a great idea. They will often read books that are in the sphere of their interest. When it comes to their language development, they will have a speech pattern that is almost close to an adult’s. Your daughter will enjoy a lot of painting, running games, swimming, biking, and other games that do in a group.

Using simple tools like the hammer will interest them. Of course, you will still have to look after her. She loves active play. Building models, drawing, and making jewelry will develop her fine motor skills. She will love to get dressed, brush her teeth, and get ready to go out without anybody’s help. She will have an increasing interest in joining team sports Buying gift items that are along these lines will make them happy on their big day.

There are many things that you can expect from your daughter. She will feel also become emotional and sympathetic to others. Other’s feelings become her. She does want to see kids that are fighting and will try to resolve it. Just a quick parenting tip, since your daughter is undergoing emotional development always find time to talk with her and her feelings. Encourage heart to heart talk with her and mold her to be open to you. Teach her some of the basic things that would help control her emotions. You can teach her to take a deep breathe and don’t make rash decisions when she’s hungry.

Of course, you don’t have to talk about serious topics and issues all the time. You can ask her about her favorite celebrities and the kind of job she wants to do when she grows up. Talk about the places she wanted to visit. The more you take time to get to know your daughter, the better. This will help you to come up with the best gift idea that would help her have a blast on her big day. There are many changes and development that you should expect from your 9-year-old, but whatever always happens support and stay be your young girl’s side.

How did we choose our top 10 best gift ideas for 9 year old girls?

It’s more than just basing criteria to consider that it’s the best one. But we took the time to understand the milestone development of your nine-year-old daughter, so we can tailor the gift ideas that would help them improve and gain the skills that 9-year-old girls should normally learn. Of course, we also made sure that the products and items that we have included do not only age-appropriate but are made from high-quality materials and are durable.

It’s a good decision to read a review of different products before going to the actual shop or browse online. If you do not have any idea what to buy, there’s a tendency that you will buy the wrong item due to “impulse buying.” Don’t rush yourself when you are choosing a particular toy. We’re quite sure that when you step inside the department, you are going to see a lot of options, and it can get tricky and difficult which item to choose from. It’s better to plan and list the best gift ideas that you could come up with.

There are ten exclusive lists of the best gifts that we have filtered from the hundreds of toys we’ve looked at. We’re quite sure that while you are reading the description of every item, one of them will remind you of your daughter. We have also made sure that the gift items will aid your 9-year daughter to learn and gain skills. We’re quite sure that you want to know about the list we have prepared for you, so without further ado, let’s get started!

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