Cool Gift Ideas for 16 Year Old Boys

So, your son is about to turn to 16- we get it, and we know that you get it that boys in their teenage days just wanted to look cool as possible. The millennial term called “lit” or “slay” means that they like something, if you gave your boy a small gadget or a scooter on their 15th birthday, they have probably uttered phrases like, “’tis lit, dad. Thanks!”. As the technology age continues to arise, your boy probably wanted to be updated with the newest and coolest gadgets and hobby graders available in the market.

If you find it a bit difficult to keep up with their advancing and techie teenage life to get the best and coolest gift ideas for his 16th birthday, worry less for we’re going to reveal the top 10 best and coolest fits that would blow your son’s big day. It’s never costly to spend on something that would make you and your son happy, so why hold it? But we do suggest that you’d be a serious stickler to your budget when it comes to picking toys for your son.

Top 10 best & coolest Gift Ideas for 16 Year Old Boys

1. Nintendo Switch – Best Gift for 16 Year Old Boys

Nintendo boy gift idea review Your teenage son will still look for some fun if he loves to play games whether by himself or with friends, this Nintendo Switch would make his day a certified fun day! The reason why it is called Nintendo switch is that it can be a joystick with controls and a high-quality display screen where your son can listen to music or watch videos. It’s an enjoyable console that does not only let your son play alone, but it’s something that he can share with his family and friends.

It’s one of the best generation of a Nintendo game console type so far based on our research. This Nintendo comes with a dock where you can connect it to your TV screen; if your son wanted a wider screen, then this will be a wonderful feature. You won’t have any problem with the joysticks; the Nintendo switch is completely versatile, you can remove the joystick and play it while the screen is away. This cool gadget will let your son pretty much play everywhere he likes.
What we like about it

The benefit of giving your 16-year-old son a Nintendo is that he will teach that he does not have to play in an isolated area alone since he can have the multiplayer feature that he can enjoy with his younger or elder brother or friends or even his dad. It’s fun to play alone, but even merrier when you are with other people. If your son likes to be alone and isolated, giving him this cool gift will give him a good idea to play with peers.

We’re not saying that being alone is not good, but as a growing teenage boy, it will be helpful for him to mingle. Other benefits that could this console help your son other than providing mere gaming entertainment is giving him the idea of sharing what he has with others. Who knows? Your kids might love to have his channel or a YouTube channel and share what he’s got with the fellow player he hasn’t met before. As parents, your minimum supervision suggested, remind your son not to soak himself playing it almost close to 12/7. This will not only give your son’s eye some great favor but would help the device to last longer.

2. USCOOTERS Booster Plus

E-twow USA boy gift idea review If your teenage son loves to take the rides? This scooter will serve his “ride adventure thirst” some justice. The scooter is electric powered and comes with an 18 mph max speed. The item fully assembled when you order the item, the purpose of the full-assembly feature is to maintain the warranty. The manufacturer will not fix your scooter when the dealer-warranty seal is torn or broken. Its 18 mph is the maximum speed; your boy is going to enjoy his ride adventures with this product.

It also comes with front and rear lights; it comes with a rechargeable braking system, which is a cool feature to have, considering that running out of spare batteries will spoil the fun. Your body does not want when the fun is spoiled, so for him to informed with the scooter’s current battery life- the digital display with let him know. The digital display feature of this scooter does not only inform your son with the bat’s life but the speed and the temperature as well. Parents will always feel safe when their boys are playing with something safe.

What we like about it

This Scooter is foldable, which makes it easy to carry around with you. Your son needs some vehicle that could run around 15 miles; then, this scooter is exactly the model he’s looking for. It is extremely convenient to use and considering its weight, which is only around 29 pounds; this is super lightweight compared to other scooters that we have encountered before. It’s an electric motor, and it can also be a kick scooter, so you can still use it even when out of battery.

The benefit of this scooter is that your son will be able to enhance his physical skills; he will fall in love more about fitness and have a good physique since this scooter can be kick powered. This will exercise his calves, knee, and thigh muscles. As parents, we exactly know how important it is to engage our children in fitness. They only have one body; teaching them how to use the scooter well will surely beneficial for them.

3. Shooting Fun Starter Kit

Daisy boy gift idea review The third product that owns our 3rd spot is a teenage boy who loves to shoot. This Red Ryder can shoot pretty accurate at 20 feet distance. It comes with a target fun pack that your son will have fun shooting at. It comes with BBs and some shooting glasses to protect your son’s eyes when shooting. Your boy will have a lot of shooting fun with this gun; it’s accurate and quite affordable. The product recommended for boys that are ten years old and older.

Since your teenage son is about to turn 16, you will only have to give him minimal supervision when it comes to shooting. This long gun will teach your son to have more focus, which he can use later in life. We all know that almost all the things we do in life require focus. Introducing your son to shooting games will aid him in becoming passionate about it. There are a lot of sports scholarships out there that includes students who are good at shooting. Who knows, your son might get a scholarship for his college because of his passion for shooting.

What we like about it

We love everything about this gun, starting from the fact that it is the best budget gift on our list. And its cost does not affect its efficacy; you can try it by yourself and see how accurate it shoots. The target cards are fun as well, the designs are somewhat for very young children, but your 16-year old son will find some cool graphics that he will love to shoot. We have included this shooting gun on our list because it’s not only a fun way for your son to spend some of his spare time, but also teaches him a lot of great values such as focus, accuracy, patience, and speed.

Another great thing about this BB shooting gun is that it is lightweight, it might not give your son the real feels of having a real gun, but this will be a good gun that could accompany him while he practice. This item comes from Daisy- this brand name is known for making high quality and durable products. It comes with an adjustable rear sight, which is quite a cool feature for your son to play. So, what are you waiting for? Go spring out for some action!

4. Amazon Echo

Amazon boy gift idea review The Amazon Echo is a product that is perfectly usable if your son loves audios and music. The product is durable, so your son can still make use of this even by the time he will go to college. This awesome product can play music coming from a different audio platform such as Pandora, Spotify, Amazon Music; I heart radio, and more. Another amazing feature includes voice recognition; it can read and hear your voice even if you are on the other side of your house. For instance, if your son wants to ask the Amazon Echo about today’s weather. He will have to say, “Alexa, what is today’s weather?” then the Amazon echo will answer his question. Cool enough, huh?

There are more features that this device has; it can answer your son’s questions and respond to requests. Even if your 16-year-old boy is playing music using this device, it can still hear your son’s voice even if your son’s away. It also reads audiobooks, reads the news, and reports current traffic. This will make your son’s life more convenient, predictable, and easy. It can control the TVs, locks, garage doors, and light as long as it is compatible and can connect to the available brands that the Amazon Echo can read such as Sony, Philips Hue, Nest, Samsung, and WeMo.

The Echo device is completely hands-free, you do not need to anything much about it, talk and have it do the task for you. Like, “Alexa, open domino and check my order.” Tasks that are compatible such as connecting to applications and appliances is something that this product can do. It can also play your favorite music; you need to ask for the artist’s name or the song’s title. If you don’t know the artist or the title, then you can tell the lyrics then let the device do the rest for you. It’s super cool; we can’t wait for your teenage son to have this too!

What we like about it

With its new and relate-able features, your son will surely thank you for introducing him to it. It is super convenient and comforting to have, imagine having not to stand up, and still, you can switch on the lights. When your son is running late, he can open the garage with the use of this great device. It’s amazing, and we won’t wonder anymore why many parents are buying this product in the market. It’s super sleek and looking good. Your boy’s birthday will surely lit if you buy him an Amazon Echo. Of course, this will work best if your son is a techie and a music lover. We still recommend that introducing this device to your teenage son will do him a lot of favor.

It also comes with an Uber feature; you can call and have a cab fetch you’re where ever you want to go. This item will make tasks a bit easier for your son. The more and more your son uses this echo, the more it gets familiarized with your son’s voice. You can ask the device to check your balance or call someone to send your order. It’s like having an assistant that could do some work for you. This is an amazing item; we won’t wonder why you will buy this, too.

5. Guitar Player Pack Bundle

Epiphone boy gift idea review Does your son want to have his guitar? Then this Epiphone guitar will make a great deal as a surprise for his big day. Every dollar spent is worth it for this player pack got everything your son should know when it comes to playing guitar. If you are looking for a way that you can spend your money on a birthday gift, this guitar will surely be worth it. It comes with a guitar strap, clip-on, medium picks, and a gig bag that your son can carry with him when he goes to school.

What we like about it

Who does not want to play Les Paul guitars? If you have been teaching your teenage son how to play a guitar instrument, it will make everything so much easier for him if he had one of these guitars. This is an amazing instrument that has everything your son needs to start playing. It comes with an affordable price tag, and yet it throws amazing sounds. It’s a great starter guitar that comes with cool graphics and styles. Another thing we love about this product is that it comes with guitar lessons that your son can download from the media.

6. Pebble Smartwatch

Pebble Technology Corp boy gift idea review This will be a great gadget to add to your teenage son’s collection. It will him notified with important events in a single glance. Important notifs such as calls, SMS, calendar events, emails, and more This is a certified cool device that has a battery life that could last for up to 10 days. There’s also a built-in microphone that you can use for quick replies and voice notes. These amazing features are super cool that will help your son to become more organized with the activities he has to attend.

What we like about it

Tis smartwatch is water-resistant up to 30 meters, and it comes with a LED backlight that displays clear and vivid colors, which is perfect to protect your son’s eyesight. It can also provide daily reports and can function as a sleep tracker, so your son will be reminded how to get his chores and assignments done so he can have 8 or more hours of sleep.

7. Mini Basketball Hoop

Spalding boy gift idea review This Spalding NBA slam jam over is perfect for your teenage son’s room or his office. It comes with a clean replica of an NBA game backboard; the ball as well as a replica of the real basketball used in NBA. This is a perfect basketball game set if your son does not want to go out to play. This slam jam over can be placed indoors anywhere as long as it has a door.

What we like about it

What we love about this product is that it keeps your teenage son’s physical activities intact and active; whether he’s a fun of NBA players or not, he will love the fact that he will be able to exercise even if he’s at home. This will improve his arm muscles as well as the legs. Your son will do a lot of jumping and can shoot the ball in the ring by the time he wakes up.

8. Xbox One S

Microsoft boy gift idea review Do you want your teens to stay at home during weekends? Well, giving them an Xbox could give them a lot of fun while they are at home. This machine will be able to let your teens play the games that they want to play. It has enough power to run most modern games with ease. There are a lot of ways to have your teens stay at home and prevent them from interacting with their peers too much. But, giving them an Xbox is one of the best ways to truly give them a different hobby. They can also play with other Xbox players online, so it is not that your teen will become a loner if you give them an Xbox. If they have siblings, they can also play with them.
One of the reasons why you should get this machine is that it has an amazing performance. It can give your teens an amazing gaming experience. With its High Dynamic Range technology, the display would have a more luminous and richer colors. It will have a high impact on improving the gaming experience for your teens.

What we like about it

This machine already comes with a full game download. Your teens can start playing right away. They will be able to play the Gears of War 4: Ultimate Edition. Now, they don’t need to make a separate purchase for the actual game. This can help you save money. But, of course, you need to buy a new game later on. The size of this Xbox is smaller, which makes it easy to place and carry. Overall, this product is a solid choice if you want to get an Xbox for your teens.

9. RC Quad Copter

SYMA boy gift idea review Do you want a cheaper gift for your teens? Is the Xbox too expensive for your budget? Well, a quadcopter might suffice. This drone has a camera attached to it, which makes it useful for taking pictures from above. It is quite useful if your teens like to take a shot of beautiful scenery or landscapes. The quadcopter would help them get the best possible shots. If they are going on a field trip or vacation, the quadcopter will enable them to take a shot from the air, capturing the entire view.
It is quite stable while flying in the air. The 6-axis Gyro stabilization system keeps it flying even with the existence of light winds. This feature is important since it makes it useful when your teens need to get a shot from a higher altitude. It has a flight time of 7 minutes, which is enough to let them take a good amount of pictures. However, it would not be a lot of fun if they are going to use it for sightseeing. Seven minutes might be too short for that activity. But, the battery life depends on the number of maneuvers you are going to perform with the quadcopter. It could last longer with moderate use.

What we like about it

Of course, the main reason why you should get this device for your teens is to give them the ability to take shots from the air. That is quite awesome. Yes, it is indeed awesome. Taking pictures from different angles and view is very exciting. You can get this device for yourself too. Don’t get nervous about the controls; you will get used to it once you start working on it. Also, it is not very expensive, to begin with. It is one of the best equipment for photographers. If you are going on a vacation, this quadcopter will come in handy. However, caution should observe too; its blades have a possibility of causing injury to the spectators standing around the area.

10. GoPro HERO4

GoPro boy gift idea review If the quality of the images taken by the quadcopter is not enough, we have something different for you. GoPro HERO4 Session CHDHS-101 can take high-quality pictures. However, it won’t be able to take pictures from the air, that’s for sure. Ok, GoPro HERO4 Session CHDHS-101 is a regular camera that specialized in taking pictures and recording videos. If you are a professional photographer, this camera is for you. It also works great as a gift for your teens. Almost every teen has a social media account nowadays, that’s why cameras are very popular. With this camera, your teens can take high-quality pictures, which they can share on their social media accounts. It can take 8MP photos, which are clear and detailed. Although your teens might already have cameras on their phones, this one is usually more powerful.

Aside from taking pictures, it can also record high-quality videos. It is perfect for parties and weddings. The quality of the video is admirable. The results are very realistic and detailed. GoPro HERO4 Session CHDHS-101 can record videos with a quality of up to 1080p60, 1440p30, and 720p100. Also, its size makes it very easy to carry around. It is quite small and light. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functionality is available for easy transfer of your files. HiLight Tag will let the user mark key moments while they are recording. All in all, its features are quite solid.

What we like about it

One of the things that you will notice on this camera is its smaller size. Yes, it is quite small when compared to other cameras of its kind, which makes it easy to carry and take pictures with. Aside from that, it is also durable and waterproof. Bringing it to any adventures shouldn’t get you worried. It won’t get damaged easily or have its inner parts penetrated by water. The quality of the pictures and videos is also unquestionable. It is a good gift for your young teens. Let us know what you think about gift ideas for 16-year-old boys. Comment below and let us know your pick!

What can you expect from our top 10 list?

Do you need a gift idea? We got it solved for you. We’re not going to convince you about the work we’ve done to filter one product from the other, but we’re just going to nail our list as something that would get your problem solved. We have purposely included items that will fit every parent’s budget and taste. There are ten products we’re going to entail; one of them should work. In describing the product, expect that we’re going to give some highlights and talk about the features of the product. The weighing part will rely on you because one taste is different from the other.

This isn’t a mega list of toys, but products that are actually for teenage boys. Would a water gun fit for a 16-year-old? Your son will most likely be like, “Seriously? A water gun?”. There’s an exception though, if he’s such a fan of shooting equipment or items, then it might work. But based on our research, 16 as age is the year where your boys should get ideas on how they can use their gadgets or equipment to their advantage. If they’re obsessed with a drone, it’s time for them to relate the use of it to real life and not just for fun. They can part-time take shot for a quarter dollar or build a YouTube channel where he can share his experiences and drone adventure with his subscribers and watchers; he will not only learn to make money but share what his passion is.

After all, parents are there to guide and support their child’s passion. In a simpler sense, what makes our top 10 list different is that they can help your son to man up and help them to find their inner passion in life and take responsibility for it. We know you can’t wait to see them, so without further ado, let’s get started!

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