Top 10 Best Gift Ideas for teenage guys 17

So your boy is about to have his big day, whether it’s his birthday, graduation, or he asks you for a gift so badly but is not sure what he wants, we thought that you might inspire with the ten best gift ideas that perfectly fits for your 17-year old boy. Of course, it will be best if you allow a short time is thinking about that perfect gift to buy. Now that your boy is growing up, you might as well want to upgrade the toys that you used to give him when he was still young. From a toy grader, you must look for a hobby grader. Your body does not want to play with toy graders anymore since they break easily.

Why a hobby grader? You won’t regret every penny that you spend for a hobby grader gift, they tend to last for years, and its parts are replaceable, which is a huge plus compared to toy graders where you pretty much have no choice but to throw it in the garbage can when broken. In picking up a hobby grader, one of the things that you should consider is the brand. The brand speaks about the product itself, always take time to read and search more about the brand name. Trust us; it will surely be worthy of your time and money when you take time to know more about the brand.

Gift-giving occasions will always come around the corner when your boy is about to blow his candle on his day. The toys that we have compiled are made sure to be the only the best among the best options. We are always at your service when it comes to trimming down your choices to only the best and specifically tailored for teenage boys who are about to turn 17. When it comes to parents to pick gifts, we always wanted to be your assistance in pointing you in the right direction.

Whether your young boy is into dirt bikes, RC vehicles, gaming, or sports we are going to give you the golden list of the best product out there, we’re pretty sure that one of these will work out for you and your son. So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Top 10 Best Gift Ideas for teenage guys 17

1. Inflatable Kayak Set

Intex boy gift idea review With eye-catching and cool graphics, your boy will love to have it in his river adventures. The kayak can carry one person who is around 100 kilograms. The kayak is extremely easy to inflate; it comes with a paddle. It’s easy to set up, so probably you won’t spend too much time setting it up before you can start your water adventure. It comes with an 84-inch aluminum oar and comes with a hi-output manual hand pump. This makes a perfect for your boy if he’s so in love with the water.

This K1 kayak comes with a cargo net, where you can store some of your gear and materials needed during your whole sea adventure. It’s a good buy and worth every dollar, except that there will be no space if you would like to carry an extra oar with you. The cockpit has a maximized space where a person under 220 lbs can fit. It can inflate with a hand pump, which is quite comfortable for some users. It is also lightweight, so your 17-year-old son will surely not find it too difficult to carry it with him.

What we like about it

Your son at a teenage age will need something that could complement his adventure self; what we love about this kayak is that it is effortless to inflate and deflate, which adds comfort to the user. This will surely become one of your son’s favorite items when he wants to go out and have some fun on the lake. It has passed the ABYC standards, which makes this kayak reliable and safe to use. Of course, as parents, you always wanted to make sure that your teens are safe when they’re going out to have some fun. Ensuring that the materials they are using are approved and passed the safety requirements is an assurance.

Another thing that we love about this kayak is that it can be hand-pumped in just 5 minutes, and you can use it on the lake. You can watch the birds and get by the lake’s sceneries. You can also take your dog if you want to if there’s still space. The product only weighs no more than 28 pounds, which is quite lightweight compared to the heavier kayak versions.

2. Razor Motocross Bike – Best Gift for Teenage Guy

Razor boy gift idea review You can get anything for your son, he will appreciate it anyway. But if you get him one of the Rocket Electric Motocross bikes, then he will surely love riding on it. This item recommended for 13 years old and above. If your son is more of a rider type, then he will surely fall in love with this bike. It can only speed up 14 mph, though, but if your son is still on the safe speed ride, this will be a perfect fit for him. The product is durable and changeable; the battery lasts for longer hours, so your son will have some real fun with this bike.

It comes with large knobby tires that purposely designed for maximum power transfer, so your boy will never have to limit having fun. It can only speed up to 14 mph, so there’s nothing serious for you to worry about. The riser of the handlebars can be easily adjusted to give your teenage son a comfortable ride. The grips will make from soft rubber grips.

What we like about it

What we love about this bike is that it comes from Razor, you’ve probably heard the name before. It is one of the award-winning brands in riding products. That’s why we always love to recommend their products to our readers. They are mostly known for making products and items for popular action sports from snowboarding, motocross, surfing, and BMX. We love that the bike represents how your son should have fun and freedom at the same time. This will make a good gift idea for your son.

Another feature that we love about this bike is its torque, chain driven motor. The bike can operate powerfully, and it comes with grip throttle that is easy to control. It is such a huge plus that this does make any unnecessary noise that might distract your son from riding or focusing on the route. This will make a great item if your son has close to none or little driving experience; this will be a safety net for him to practice while having fun. With its safe speed, you will feel at peace while your son is riding on this one.

3. Xbox One S

Microsoft boy gift idea review Your son will surely spend more time with the Xbox console, where he will enjoy seeing upgrades and new features of the next generation gaming consoles. The Xbox One S 500GB Console is a great revision; it can be a blue-ray HD reader and will give you access to Netflix. It’s more than just a playing or a plain game console; it also contains some social features like voice chat and Skype, there will also be apps and other entertainment sources that your 17-year-old boy will enjoy. This will be a perfect idea if your son is more of a fun type of person.

However, if your son does not enjoy sitting and playing on the couch or bed for longer hours, then this will not be a good idea to buy as his gift. You will have to look for another one. The power brick of this console already assembled inside the console, which is quite an advantage, so you don’t have to attach or do it yourself considering how cringy and technical the process will be.

What we like about it

What we like about it is that it’s more than just an upgrade of a gaming console, but can provide tons of entertainment for your son. It’s great equipment to kill some free time if your son is a game and a movie lover. Another thing we love about it is that the video comes with a 4k resolution, which makes it super clear and high quality to watch. This is one of the good cool gadgets you can get for your son, who is about to turn 17 years old.

Another great feature about this Xbox is that it comes with the Battlefield 1 bundle, which is one of the best action shooting games in the past five years. Shooting games can be fun; it improves your son’s eye focus. However, be reminded not to let your son soak playing or watching movies for so long for it can damage their eyesight. Since your son is still 17, it will be great if you can still give them minor supervision when it comes to their playing time. You’re not only doing them a favor but will also make time for the console to rest and to avoid equipment damage due to overheating.

4. RC Quadcopter Drone

DBPOWER boy gift idea review Who does not love to have aerial shots of themselves or in a group of friends? This drone will surely be a lit gift for your 17-year old son. It comes with a built-in wife module that will help you see what the drone currently sees in live video with the use of a mobile device with the use of the app. The video and photo can directly store inside the mobile app, so your teenage son can share it with his friends anywhere he wants. Isn’t this cool enough to have? Why not get your son one?

The 3D Split Screen Function feature of this drone is one of the contributing factors why it’s a good buy. This will allow you to see the aerial views differently. The drone has a headless mode feature as well, which your son does not have to worry about the orientation once the quadcopter starts flying. It’s always a good thing to see the view from a different angle, seeing them from above with the use of quadcopter will be a mind-blowing experience for your son. This is exclusively a great gift idea for your son to have.

What we like about it

You know how much we love it when your son enjoys his big day, and not only drone can do that, but they can stimulate your son’s creative skills. He will get inspired by the views that he will see, it is such a huge plus that it’s good for the eyes to see fascinating and relaxing sceneries. This will also teach your son how to be patient, for he will not learn how to fly the drone overnight; he will have to do it over and over again until he gets it right.

Another great feature about this drone is that it comes with a plug-in interface replacement motors which will save you from buying a whole drone, you can save some of your money and time. It is such a big bonanza that your son does not have to worry about dead motors issues. H can bring some extra motors with him and plug it when needed. This will also come handy when you need to take aerial shots during holidays, family gatherings, and parties.

5. Nerf Zombie Blaster

Nerf boy gift idea review Does your son love water guns? If they do, this Nerf Zombie FlipFury Blaster will blow their minds away. Teenage guys, although they are about to hit 17, still got some child spirit in them. Even men in their 50s still want to play water guns; some shy away because of what other people might think about them. But why spoil yourself to have fun, anyway? The FlipFury blaster can be used both for outdoor and indoor fun, which is quite cool.

The design of the gun is mind-blowing as well; it purposely designed for boys. It’s an adorable gift idea that will be perfect for Christmas. The price range can be considered cheap if you try to compare it with other products that are available in the market. Aside from its affordability, it is also portable and easy to pack up, which makes it perfect for your kids to take out with them whenever they wanted to go nearby the beach or lake. It’s a water gun, after all. This will make as excellent gifts for your son, and we can’t wait to hear your feedback about this cool toy.

What we like about it

It’s one of the coolest gun toys around, and we all know that boys can’t get enough when it comes to guns. It is easy to use, and it also comes with some bullets that you can use instead of water, isn’t this feature cool enough to blow your mind? We love Flipbury Blaster because it enhances your teenage son’s physical activity. You exactly know how important for them to move around and have a bit of fun.

Another cool feature about this zombie gun is that its aim can be adjusted into three different positions, if your son is a huge fan of zombie games or movies, he will know how important it is to be able to aim and fire with extreme ease when it comes to battling against these zombies. The Doominator blaster can handle different positions and still be able to stabilize shots, which is quite cool for your son to experience.

6. Maisto Rock Crawler

Maisto boy gift idea review Your son will never want to miss when it comes to RC vehicles; they are fun and cool to control. You can manipulate it to perform tricks, spins, and crazy 320 degree turns, which is extremely mind-blowing. If your son sounds like this, then getting him a Maisto Rock Crawler will be a great gift idea. It can be both played indoors and outdoors, which will be a huge advantage if your place has changed the weather. It is lightweight and can overcome rocks, but not the bulky and huge ones.

This RC vehicle comes with a tri-channel transmitter feature that allows not only your son but three people to play simultaneously with their radio control vehicles which are quite a cool feature. It comes with three motors and a low gearing, which makes a great RC vehicle that could take on rocky roads. If your son likes manipulating Remote control vehicles, then this will be a good gift idea that you could consider to give during your son’s big day. It’s fun to have some ride off-road with the help of this amazing crawlers; the RC vehicle requires 6 AA bats and 3 AAA bats.

What we like about it

If your son loves crawlers, this will be a good pick. However, if your son is more of a ‘racer’ fan, then this will not work out. This does have the speed since it’s a rock crawler vehicle. What we love about the Maisto brand is that they make riding vehicles from durable materials, which means this will not break after fall-off from rocks. The Maisto brand is also known for creating RC cars that are easy to operate, and we know exactly how important manipulation is, after all, it is an RC rock crawler.

Another great feature that we think your 17-year old son will love is that the batteries are replaceable to rechargeable batteries, which can help you to save money and do have to carry extra bats when taking your run on the rocky roads. If you use the 6 AA bats, it will run for a day and 1/2, which is long compared to other RC vehicles out there. It can also run on the grass, carpet, and rocky roads. This will surely bring it to your son’s special day!

7. Driving Racing Wheel

Logitech boy gift idea review If a man is about to choose between a woman and a sports car, his bet will be that red shiny sports car. If your 17-year old son is a big fan of the racing game, then this Driving Force Racing Wheel will take his gaming experience to the next level. This comes with a seat, wheel, and pedals that he can sit on actually and ride as if he was in a real car. The 900° Steering feature is super cool; your son can turn the wheel 2 and 1/2 times, the same as if he was driving in a real car. This is an amazing gift idea for a techie and car lover son. It’s another gift idea for teenage guys.

What we like about it

To be quite blunt, we like everything about it. It can be mounted securely, which means that your son is exclusively safe, playing with it since it stays in place where your son exactly wants it to be. It comes with dual-motor force feedback, which gives you that roaring engine feels when you turn it on, yep, just like the real one. Your son will enjoy performing aggressive maneuvers with this racing wheel.

8. GoPro HERO4

GoPro boy gift idea review Teens nowadays always like to take pictures of their daily activities. They want to take a record of every memory that they are currently experiencing so that they can look back at it later on. With the popularity of social media, everyone just wants to take a picture of themselves and their friends and upload it to those social media sites. It is a new trend nowadays, which your teens might want to get involved in. Giving them a good camera as a gift is one of the best ideas that you could come up with.

Although most phones nowadays have an inbuilt camera already, it is still cool to give your teen a device that specializes in taking pictures. The quality of this camera is also something worth noting. It can take high-definition pictures, which will surely entice your teens to bring it to a party or beach outing. Aside from that, it can also record a high-quality video; you can bring it to any special occasions like weddings, birthday parties, and camping. It also has a lot of bonus features which your teens will love. A built-in video trimming is available, which will allow the users to create short video clips using the camera. This feature is convenient during editing. It is more powerful than the camera on most phones. Whatever you are doing, you can easily make a record of it using the GoPro HERO4 Silver.

What we like about it

There are a lot of good reasons why you should get this camera. Aside from you can take high-quality pictures using it, you can also record a video. The quality of the video is also outstanding. It can record a 1080p60 and 720p120 video easily. If you want a life-like record of your most memorable experiences, this camera is the one for the job. It is a perfect gift for your teens, especially if they are about to go on a field trip or beach outing.

9. MIDI Electric Guitar

Zivix boy gift idea review Is it hard for your teens to learn how to play the guitar? Well, this device will certainly teach them how to play the guitar effectively. Playing the guitar is not easy, it takes weeks and months of practice. If you don’t have the right dedication and focus, you won’t be able to learn it fully. With this device, your teens can easily learn how to play the guitar. It is designed to teach teens effectively and easily. Using the technology that we have today, learning how to play the guitar is made easier. Thanks to the creators of this device, how come up with this good idea.

So, how does this device work? Well, it works with your phone using Bluetooth. An app created which will do most of the work during the teaching process. It has interactive guitar lessons that come at a form of app series. There are four free apps that you will get during purchase. It does feature real strings and frets to give you the feel of a real guitar. The sensors on the jamstik+ will detect your fingers when playing. They will be displayed on the app immediately. If you don’t know how to read music, you don’t need to worry about a thing on this app. No experience is required.

What we like about it

One of the main reasons why you should get this device is if your teens don’t know how to play the guitar yet. If they have already attended some guitar lessons and are still unable to play the guitar properly, they might be something different. Jamstik+ will be able to teach your teens how to play the guitar easily. Although it still needs hard work and dedication, this time, they don’t need to pay a tutor or an hourly fee. This device has a full tutorial on playing the guitar properly. There is no experience needed. Anyone can start practicing right away.

10. Game Capture HD60

Elgato boy gift idea review If your teen is a gamer, or someone that likes to play games then share their gameplay to their friends, they will surely appreciate this gift. It can easily record any gameplay on an XBox, Nintendo, or PlayStation. The settings are straightforward to familiarize with. They would be able to use it in no time. Also, the quality is certainly admirable. It can record a video with a 1080 quality and 60 fps. Also, a commentary feature is available. The user can talk and explain what is happening while they are playing the game. This feature is important since the user can carefully explain or make some comments while they are recording the gameplay. There is no need to have a separate app for the commentary.

After they have created a record of their gameplay, a one-click sharing feature is made available for them. They can easily share it on YouTube, Twitter, or Facebook. This is quite useful if they are making a group or a channel and have followers who watch their videos. Anyway, there is not much to talk about this device other than it gives your teens the ability to record their gameplay easily.

What we like about it

With the popularity of YouTube channels nowadays, your teens will certainly appreciate this device as a gift. If your teen is a heavy gamer, they might have a channel or a group where they like to talk about the games they have played. Using this device, they can easily talk about it using the gameplay that they have a record. Purchase includes the Elgato Game Capture HD60, an HDMI cable, and a USB cable. Get this device now and make a gift for your teens. Let us know what you think about gift ideas for teenage guys 17. Comment below and let us know your pick!

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